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Cairn Wight

Almagafor's page

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I'm loving Urf for some reason :)

Slide this in here.

Background Kellendross:
Kellendross of the House Rasivrein was born to one of the lesser daughters of the house. As a member of the minor nobility he grew up privileged, but always looking up. As a male, his prospects for advancement in the matriarchal society of the drow were poor. He trained with the house blademasters was found to be a proficient and talented hunter; so, in keeping with the house traditions and source of power, he became a slaver. Kellendross would often venture onto the surface for night raids and the tunnels of Nar-Voth in search of Duergar. He began to grow in popularity among the lower ranks of the house, attracting the soldiers and slavers to him. He was cautious, but the matriarchs began to notice. Unable to simply kill the rising star for political reasons, the ruling females ordered him to raid an area that had been overly quiet for many months. Thinking that it would be a simple affair, Kellendross took a few soldiers and ventured out. In the tunnels of Nar-Voth he learned the treachery of his own house, Duergar descended on him and his men and the slaver became the slave.

Betrayal ate at the scion of Rasivrein, even as the gray dwarves tried to break him. Taken to the slave market he was bought by Alak Marduin Kels, a specialist in combative specimens. Alak was a owner and trainer of gladiators and Kellendross was taken to his academy. At first rebellious and unwilling to learn the ways of the school, the elf made friends of the champion of the school, the troll warrior Trusk. Taken under Trusk's guidance he learned to fight in the ways of the arena. More importantly he learned of the glory that he could attain, the honor of the sands. Still he holds hatred in his heart, and he vows to win his freedom and claim his vengeance.

Stats Kellendross:
Male Drow Ranger 6
NE medium humanoid (elf)

Str 16, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 13
Base Attack +6/+1, CMB +9, CMD 21
AC 21, Touch 13, Flat-footed 18
Fort +5, Ref +10, Will +4
HP 45 (6d8 + 6 + 6 (FC))
Speed 30ft
Init +5

Feats: Drow Nobility, Improved Shield Bash (b), Endurance (b), Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Drow Nobility, Shield Master (b)

Traits: Ease of Faith (+1 to Diplomacy and is class), Wicked Leader (+1 to cha checks vs evil creatures, if cohort is evil max level is 1 level lower rather than 2)

Skills: Acrobatics +7 (4 ranks + 3 Dex), Climb +7 (1 ranks + 3 class + 3 Str), Diplomacy +11 (6 ranks + 3 class + 1 Cha + 1 trait), Intimidate +8 (4 ranks + 3 class + 1 Cha), Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +6 (2 ranks + 3 class + 1 Int), Knowledge (Nature) +5 (1 ranks + 3 class + 1 Int), Knowledge (Religion) +2 (1 ranks + 1 Int), Perception +13 (6 ranks + 3 class + 2 Wis + 2 racial), Ride +10 (4 ranks + 3 class + 3 Dex), Stealth +12 (6 ranks + 3 class + 3 Dex), Survival +11 (6 ranks + 3 class + 2 Wis), Swim +7 (1 ranks + 3 class + 3 Str)
Background Skills: Handle Animal +8 (4 ranks + 3 class + 1 Cha), Knowledge (History) +3 (2 ranks + 1 Int), Knowledge (Nobility) +3 (2 ranks + 1 Int), Linguistics +3 (2 ranks + 1 Int), Sleight of Hand +5 (2 ranks + 3 Dex)
+1 Cha checks vs Evil

Languages: Common, Drow Sign Language, Dwarven, Elven, Undercommon

Spells: Ranger (CL 3, 1st 2)
Memorized: 1st Longstrider, Resist Energy

Special Attacks: Favored Enemy (Aberration +4, Humanoid (Dwarf) +2)

Special Qualities: Combat Style (Weapon and Shield), Elven Immunities, Favored Terrain (Underground +2), Light Blindness, Spell-like Abilities (at will Detect Magic, 2/day Dancing Lights, Deeper Darkness, Faerie Fire, Feather Fall, Levitate), Spell Resistance 12

Combat Gear: Mithral Breastplate, +1 Longsword, +1 Light Steel Shield, MW Hand Crossbow, 10 Bolts, Cold Iron Morningstar

Other Gear: Explorer's Outfit, Deluxe Dungeoneer's Kit, Ranger's Kit, Pathfinder's Kit, Wand of Cure Light Wounds (50 charges), Potion of Spider Climbing, Potion of Bull's Strength, Oil of Bless Weapon x2, Oil of Shield of Faith (+2) x2, Potion of Cure Light Wounds x2, Bandolier, 107gp, 5sp

Special Abilities: Darkvision 120ft, Keen Senses, Hunter's Bond (Animal Companion), Poison Use, Track +3, Weapon Familiarity, Wild Empathy +7


Animal Companion: Wolf

Medium Animal

Str 14, Dex 16, Con 15, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6
Base Attack +2, CMB +4, CMD 17
AC 18, Touch 14, Flat-footed 14
Fort +3, Ref +3, Will +1
HP 21 (3d8+6)
Speed 50ft
Init +3

Feats: Dodge, Mobility

Skills: Perception +5 (1 ranks + 3 class + 1 Wis), Stealth +6 (1 ranks + 3 class + 2 Dex), Survival +2 (1 ranks + 1 Wis)

Tricks: Combat Training, Attack (all), Flee

Abilities: Evasion, Link, Low-Light Vision, Scent, Share Spells

Attacks: Bite (+ 4, 1d6+ 2 + trip)

Here's my submission, trying for a Last of the Mohicans vibe.

Alren Stormseeker Background:
Long are the memories of the people. When the darkness came and the people went to the distant and light filled lands, some remained. Many turned to the protection of the earth, but in the deeps they changed and turned toward the dark. Some remained in the lightless lands, and here they found the tribe. The people who remained took the tribe under their protection and the tribe and the people became one, became the clan. The clan wandered the fields and forests, the long-lived and the short-lived, together. When the light returned so too did the people, but the people of the clan and the people returned had grown apart. The long-lived could not reunite with their cousins. So, the long-lived stayed with the clan. With the rise of the the great cities of men, the short-lived made overtures to their cousins but they too had grown apart. The short-lived could not return to the realms of men; so, they too stayed with the clan. When then the great light fell and the star metals rained over the lands of the clan, we knew it was a great moment. Our path was set by the stars. We remained nomads, hunting game and gathering from the fields, but now we traded with newcomers to the land. The tribes of men and the clan had long been at peace, then the new men came. They called themselves the Technic League and they made war on the clan. Our numbers, always few, withered. Finally, the League stopped making war on the clan, we were too weak to care about. Now the last of the clan wander and seek our destiny. I am among the long-lived, my wife was short-lived. I have outlived my wife, my son, and one day I shall outlive my grandson. I will find my children a place of peace, where they may flourish without the threat of the League. I will fight.

Alren is tall and lean, long black hair frames a face weathered by hard living. His pointed ears are studded with bone jewelry and his nose had been broken at least once. Dark armor and cloak help to conceal his frame and make it harder to distinguish him against the wasteland. When fighting he carries a curveblade and bow and covers his face with black stripes of war paint.

Alren Stormseeker Stats:
Male Elf Ranger 1// Rogue (unchained) 1
N medium humanoid (elf)

Str 13, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 14, Wis 14, Cha 10
Base Attack +1, CMB +2, CMD 16
AC 1, Touch 1, Flat-footed 1
Fort +4, Ref +6, Will +2
HP 11 (1d10 + 1)
Speed 30ft
Init +4

Attacks: Curveblade (+5, 1d10+1, 18-20/x2)
Shortbow (+5, 1d6, x3, 60ft)
Branched Spear (+5, 1d8+1, x3, reach, brace)
Dagger (+5, 1d4+1, 19-20/x2, 10ft)

Feats: Power Attack, Weapon Finesse(b)

Traits: Forlorn (+1 to Fort), Stargazer (campaign)

Skills: Acrobatics +8 (1 rank + 3 class + 4 Dex), Disable Device +6 (1 rank + 3 class + 2 Int), Knowledge(Local) +6 (1 rank + 3 class + 2 Int), Knowledge(Nature) +6 (1 rank + 3 class + 2 Int), Perception +8 (1 rank + 3 class + 2 Wis + 2 racial), Ride +8 (1 rank + 3 class + 4 Dex), Stealth +8 (1 rank + 3 class + 4 Dex), Survival +6 (1 rank + 3 class + 2 Wis), Swim +5 (1 rank + 3 class + 1 Str), Use Magic Device +4 (1 rank + 3 class)
Background: Handle Animal +4 (1 rank + 3 class), Knowledge(Geography) +9 (1 rank + 3 class + 2 Int + 3 trait), Knowledge(History) +3 (1 rank + 2 Int)

Languages: Common, Draconic, Elven

Special Attacks: Sneak Attack +1d6

Special Qualities: Desert Runner, Elven Immunities, Favored Enemy (Human +2), Low-Light Vision

Combat Gear: Elven Curve Blade, Dagger x2, Studded Leather Armor, Shortbow, 20 arrows, Elven Branched Spear

Other Gear: Explorer's Outfit, Light Horse (Riding Kit), Ranger's Kit, Dungeoneering Kit, 25 gp

Special Abilities: Finesse Training, Keen Senses, Track +1, Trapfinding +1, Weapon Familiarity, Wild Empathy +1

Interrogator Kaplan approached Roderick and lifted his chin so that he was forced to meet eyes with his questioner, "I would know what strikes terror in your heart, what plays through your nightmares?"

"Aside from you?" the quip was half-hearted at best, then his eyes took on a distant look. "That thing on Malfi, it... when it burst from Baronet Santos, killed four of those acolytes who had come to the party. Their disguises were good, but not enough armor underneath... I can still hear the screams of the guardswoman as it ripped her arms off and..." he sighs, "That creature is what I fear."

The file on the Malfi pleasure cult indicates that he might be referring to a daemon of the Prince of Excess. It had manifested near the end of the investigation as the forces of Inquisitor Mara closed in on the ringleaders at a ball attended by many of the local nobles and a few visiting dignitaries.

"That's why I contacted you about the smuggler, I didn't want something like that to get out again. Didn't want..." he rubs the back of his right hand, the skin is overly smooth and unweathered, like it's newer than the rest of his hand. A brief look at his dossier shows that he was burned attempting to fire a plasma pistol that one of the fallen acolytes had dropped while fighting the daemon. His money allowed him to seek high quality treatment and replace the damaged flesh.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

When you next see him Interrogator Kaplan is wearing an Arbites uniform, it would of seemed odd to think of the overly fastidious Kaplan in such a uniform but he fills it nicely and it appears tailored. He leads you to an interrogation room more reminiscent of a precinct fortress than the Tricorn Palace. Behind a pane of armored glass sits Roderick in a state of half undress, his chest is bare and while one could never describe him as muscular he is excellently toned. Electoos dance along his flesh, they appear to be criminal in origin but the quality of their workmanship is far above any ganger's means. He looks up at the armored glass after a few moments, though if he senses your presence it is hard to determine.

“There's our boy, honorable inquisitor. We rounded him up in the guise of Arbites, not really necessary though, he was curled up with some pretty little thing and quite asleep when we arrived. Maintained the cover just in case though. He's dropped his name and a few connections, if we were actual Arbites we'd likely of let him go by now.” The interrogator smiled, “If we were actual Arbites. If you don't mind honorable inquisitor, I'd like first pass at him.”

The interrogator nodded without waiting for acknowledgement and produced a vox bead, “Tapped into my own network, any questions just speak into it and I'll get answers. His full file is on the desk there.” With that the interrogator went through a side room and into the interview chamber.

“Good evening Lord Kaplan,” he began but was quickly cut off by a string of invectives. Raising a hand for silence, Interrogator Kaplan continued, “do you know why you've been brought in?”

“Oh, I truly don't know” the young noble said in that tone of practiced boredom that only those born into power and money can properly enunciate, “maybe that thing in Dross hive? But I've already cleared that up with the Administratum, big misunderstanding really.”

The interrogator smiled and shook his head slowly, the noble's visage began to grow irritated. “No, Lord Kaplan, not that at all.”

“The skycar then, I already paid for all the damages.”

“Wrong again, Lord Kaplan.” The interrogator's slow shake of his head was a measured movement, long practiced to draw out a specific, desired response. By the look of irritation on the noble's face, it appeared to be working.

“Maybe that shipment from the underhive? As I told the commandant, I'm sure that the proper papers were simply misfiled.” Lord Kaplan was maintaining his calm, but a practiced eye could see his mind turning over, trying to figure out the situation and why this low level arbiter would be so brave to bring in someone of his station. “If not that, then I simply have no idea what you could want to talk to me about.”

The interrogator's grin nearly touched his ears, he clearly enjoyed his work. “Oh, I'm sure you do.” Interrogator Kaplan reached into his pocket and withdrew a small object, no larger than his palm, and tossed it almost cavalierly onto the table. The young noble eyed it a moment, not quite understanding what he was looking at. The look of puzzlement faded first into one of recognition, then terror. The small object was a simple, stylized, “I”.

“No.” Roderick's voice was firm, but the tiniest tremor shook it. “No, not again, I was cleared of suspicion, cleared of charges. I served my Emperor three times and that was supposed to be it, you weren't calling me again.”

The interrogator reached down and recovered his Rosette, “Now that's not quite right, little lord. We said we'd let you go on your crimes against the citizens of Fenksworld. The next time we cleared you of any wrongdoing on that little incident on Malfi. That last time you volunteered, used one of the old dead drops to alert us to that xenos artifact smuggler, I was kind of proud of you when I read that.”

“Yeah, volunteered so you wouldn't surprise me and drag me into another of these waking nightmares.” Roderick sneered.

“And today you get to volunteer once more, little lord. It seems that the Emperor needs a little sociopath like you once more.” the Interrogator chuckled. Roderick sank into his chair, deflated. After a moment Interrogator Kaplan subvocalized over the vox bead, “Anything you would like to ask now that I have him broken down for you sir?”

Oh, if we were going to vote for ordos, Hereticus is my favorite. Tend to have lots of investigation and end up dealing with demons and xenos anyway.

Also, might we be casting an eye toward the Ascension rules?

EDIT: Seth86: You need to roll for Imperial Tarot, I just noticed.

Radavel: Mechanics are done, aside from random powers which I'd like to do at the start of play and bonus gear. So I'm essentially good to go, I just want to flesh out my background which I'll try to do after work today.

Seth: Looks good to me, you do need to indicate which characteristic advances you took. I might pick up Ciphers(acolyte), it makes some shadowy stuff a little easier for the group as a whole, though its not strictly necessary.

Goal for tomorrow: Interview write up

Imperial Tarot: 1d100 ⇒ 47"Violence solves Everything" +3 to WS

Random Minor Power: 1d100 ⇒ 76Trick

Roderick Kaplan

Homeworld: Noble

Career Path: Dreg -> Outcast -> Outlaw -> Renegade, Nascent Psyker

WS 34, BS 40, S 31, T 28, Ag 40, Int 31, Per 34, WP 31, Fel 52

Wounds 12, Fate 2, Corruption 0, Insanity 0, Movement 4/8/12/24

Characteristic Advances: BS Simple, Ag Intermediate, Fel Intermediate

Skills: Speak Language (Low Gothic, High Gothic), Literacy, Ciphers (Acolyte, Underworld), Blather, Charm, Deceive +10, Awareness +10, Dodge, Concealment, Common Lore (Imperium, Underworld)

Talents: Ambidextrous, Melee Weapon Training (primitive), Basic Weapon Training (Las, SP), Pistol Training (Las, SP), Sound Constitution (x1), Peer (Administratum, Nobility, Underworld)

Traits: Etiquette, Nascent Power, Supremely Connected, Vendetta, Wealth

Gear: Autogun w/1 Clip, Autopistol w/1 clip, Brass Knuckles, Quilted Vest, Poor Quality Clothes (Street Clothes); Chrono, Filtration Plugs, Photo-Contacts; Long Las w/ red dot laser sight w/ 2 charge packs, Hardened Body Glove, Frag Grenades x6, Blind Grenades x2, Photon Flash Grenades x2

Gelt: 125

Warchest Wish List: Reinforced Footlocker w/ Biometric Lock, Several Sets of Clothing ranging in quality from Poor to Best, Chameleoline Cloak, Synskin, Mars Pattern Mark IV Command Laspistol w/red dot laser sight, Stun Grenades

I'm working on a face with ranged skills, I was going assassin but scum is so much more appropriate. Working on crunch, backstory, and the interview but have been working a second job this week and haven't had much sit down time.

Background package: Latent Psyker (if it's cool)

Let's see what I have to work with, stats will inform on a few things.

Base Rolls: 2d10 ⇒ (6, 9) = 152d10 ⇒ (5, 3) = 82d10 ⇒ (4, 7) = 112d10 ⇒ (6, 5) = 112d10 ⇒ (8, 6) = 142d10 ⇒ (4, 3) = 72d10 ⇒ (10, 6) = 162d10 ⇒ (5, 6) = 112d10 ⇒ (8, 9) = 17

Wounds: 1d5 ⇒ 3

Fate: 1d10 ⇒ 6

Reroll on lowest: 2d10 ⇒ (4, 6) = 10

Sorry, pulled a long shift after class and couldn't get to computer until just now. Do you still want to run the interrogation interview?

Alright, after reading the players guide and rolling it around in my mind I'm looking at Elf Ranger//Rogue(unchained) with Stargazer trait. Probably Forlorn as his other trait but I'm not 100% on that. Wandering nomad and getting to be one of the last of his clan, knowing that adaptation is the key he came to Torch to try to learn more about the sky peoples.

Copy,let me look at some mechanics and see what brews up in this head of mine.

Interrogator Kaplan returns with an accordion file slung under one arm.

"Ah, inquisitor, I was just looking for you. I think I have the perfect candidate." He rifles through his file and produces a small stack of papers. He hands them over for perusal, the first page is a basic biographical with an attached pict of the candidate, a kaff ring marks part of the page. The pict is high quality and taken at a low angle, snapped surreptitiously by some agent. The subject is a bit on the tall side, but hard to place exactly from the pict, and lean. He has black hair and deep green eyes and a disarming kind of smile. Well dressed, clearly aristocracy, holding a glass of amasec in one hand and talking to someone just out of frame. He appears to be in his early to mid-twenties and is good looking, well proportioned and symmetrical features.

"That," Kaplan gestures "is one Roderick Kaplan." The interrogator looks up briefly, "no relation. He's sector nobility, lives on Scintilla now but has hopped around a bit. Family made money as rogue traders before intermarrying and getting land and position, I believe one of his fourth cousins still runs the old fleet. He's the third son of a third son, but wealthy and has some connections. Roderick first came to our attention during an investigation into a pleasure cult, details on the arbites report page 3 and the inquisitorial report page 9. The boy, well I say boy but he's older than he looks, probably in his late thirties what with rejuvenat treatments. Anyway, the boy had gotten bored rich kid syndrome and with a few friends started hunting gangers for sport, not the safest game to be sure. We looked into it and found no personal connection to the Ruinous Powers, but pulling that thread did unravel a bit of the tapestry. The full details are on page 14, but it seems that the father of one of the other hunters was loosely tied to said pleasure cult. Well, we purged the cult and a few more that may have been compromised, young Roderick got rounded up and interrogated but ruled clean by Inquisitor Valen. We decided to let the boy off and keep him on tap until we found a use for him."

Kaplan nods, "Anyway, just give the word and I can have him brought here for an interview within the hour."

Kinda thinking an adaptive tribal, kinda like the native Americans. From a traditional hunting/gathering culture that has learned to keep up with the times like the East Coast and Midwest Indians did with learning to use guns and the Plains Indians did by adopting the horse.

Ranger or Slayer on one side, other side will be a bit trickier. How would one feel about Gunslinger as my second class in this context? Not really trained from his culture so much as learning to use the weapon out of necessity. Later segue into more advanced weapons as they become available.

Interrogator Kaplan will comb his dossiers and find a suitable candidate or two for the honorable inquisitor.

At work right now but I'll look at my books when I get home and see what strikes my fancy

Interrogator Kaplan has many contacts and would be happy to furnish the honorable inquisitor with investigators, psychics, rogue traders, cannon fodder, or skilled members of a strike force if the inquisitor would provide more details on his needs.

Which system? Dark Heresy I assume, but I can do Rogue Trader, Only War, Deathwatch, or even Black Crusade if you're a really radical inquisitor.

Dot for interest, let me read the players guide and see what I can come up with.

I would be happy to join in.

Blur is handy for stealth purposes, a minor cloak of displacement even better. They both give you concealment which lets you stealth and stealth is part of a move action. So, just by moving with either of those going you can stealth, gives "hit and fade" a whole new meaning. I've run and fought people with that set up and it's like fighting the Predator.

Derric wrote:
I'm going to go off a limb here but I'm guessing Shalelu is no longer with us (she's still alive but she's not traveling with the group) correct?

Short answer: correct

Long answer: If an encounter gets too hairy or you need prodding then she's in the area, but I want to keep her a light touch for now.

Works for me

Thought I might plant this here in case you call me up.

Zadkiel Background:
Memories were hazy things, twisted, out of reach. He had sinned, that was something that was certain. And, he had been judged. The first thing he knew with clarity was the sensation of falling, air passing over his broken form and growing heat. He was unsure how long he fell, he had learned to measure time from the moment of impact. His body was as broken as the crumbling building the he dragged himself from. A church of some kind, long since abandoned. The whole city seemed abandoned, he heard no voices, could smell nothing but rot and dust. He slept in fits and starts as his body healed, the light was inconstant and muted. Wrapping himself in tattered cloth salvaged from a ruin and clinging to a staff fashioned from a flagpole he wandered endlessly and aimlessly. Streets seemed to go nowhere, great meandering paths that looped back on themselves. He grew stronger and began to heal but had not needed food or water since the impact. The sensation of being watched started on the third week of his wanderings, at first he thought that he was going mad from isolation, but the feeling persisted and grew stronger. Becoming sure, he began to double back, lay false trails, leap between buildings, and lay in wait for the thing hunting him. On the fifth week, he saw a shadow move as he lay in wait for his stalker. On the seventh, he made a net and set a trap. He caught his foe on the eighth week.

At first, he dared not approach it. He thought he knew what the thing was, thought he remembered. The knowledge remained just out of reach though. The creature looked almost pitiable in that net, struggling against the cold iron he had woven into it. He approached and tried to remember what words sounded like, the creature spoke first. It begged him for his help, mewled like some new-born thing, and called him “fallen one.” That was the first new spark of memory since the church. “Zadkiel,” that was his name, he smiled as he embraced the memory of his name. He spoke with the creature at length, questioned it, considered torturing it but found little point. Finally he released it. When the thing stood, without the net to constrain it, it revealed the fullness of it form. It was a she, by any standard attractive, the featherless and torn wings and the tail did not detract from that. Zadkiel searched his memories as she began to speak and one word drew to mind, “succubus.” She was reasoned enough, playing a victim, almost begging Zadkiel to help her escape. She called herself “Flamebreaker,” and did not try to use magic to influence Zadkiel who she called “Fallen One.”

Zadkiel was not disposed to helping her, but thought that she might be his only way of leaving this ruin and so agreed to help her escape. Over the next few weeks they talked at length and Zadkiel learned much of the world from Flamebreaker. According to her, they were in a maze. She had done something to anger this “Lady of Pain” and been cast here, how he had arrived was lost on her however. Zadkiel had his suspicions about his origins but refused to voice them with the demoness. Working together they scoured the ruined maze for a portal, an escape, but found nothing. It kept coming back to the church. They camped in its ruins for a week while Zadkiel studied the building, he felt different here, like someone visiting a home they could never return to. He dug and sifted and finally found a symbol of the god that had once drawn its worshipers here. Flamebreaker disliked the symbol, feared it. Zadkiel held it and it felt like the heirloom of a family member. Climbing to the top of the church with Flamebreaker, Zadkiel looked down on the hole in the roof his plummeting body had made. He took up Flamebreaker in his arms and, holding tight to the holy symbol spoke one word and leapt.


Zadkiel Questions:
Five friends/allies/contacts
Flamebreaker – A succubus, who for some reason was mazed by the Lady. She helped introduce Zadkiel to the ways of Sigil and has formed a loose alliance with the divinely connected amnesiac. Zadkiel harbors feelings for her but keeps them well concealed and attributes them to the shared ordeal of the maze. She herself has distanced herself from her demonic kin and sought employment in Sigil.
Tobit Longstride – An aasimar ranger and Sensate who Zadkiel met early in his time in Sigil. The two took a liking to each other over a few mugs and Tobit agreed to help Zadkiel recover his memories.
Krora the midwife – A human resident of the Hive, she tended to Zadkiel's wounds after his escape from the maze. She is the only one aside from Flamebreaker who has seen his scars. She calls on Zadkiel occasionally for odd jobs.
Qin Fai – Human Godsman and craftsman who provides Zadkiel with money and jobs in exchange for any new memories he recovers.
Astoril the Scribe – Elven Dustman, lives near Krora and has been attempting to convince Zadkiel to join the faction.

Five enemies/rivals
Kartha – A gang leader who met Zadkiel not long after he escaped the maze, he accosted the “clueless” for money and Zadkiel nearly beat him to death. Kartha only survived because Zadkiel's anger was turned on the gang members who moved to help their downed boss.
Tethas Mir – Zadkiel's “rival” for Flamebreaker's love. The Taker known as Tethas clearly is unaware of Flamebreaker's true nature, knowing her as the half-elf barmaid Elsbeth. Tethas is trying to win out over Zadkiel, though Zadkiel is more concerned for Tethas's soul than anything.
Copper Man Wright – A merchant and loan shark who maintains that Zadkiel owes him money from a prior life. Zadkiel maintains otherwise.
Agatha – An astral deva who has been less than helpful to Zadkiel. She hasn't taken direct action yet, but worked through intermediaries.
Speaks-in-Truths – A devil who Zadkiel has also managed to somehow piss off. His action has been even more indirect than Agatha's, but perhaps more damaging.

Long-term character goals
Find out who he really is, why he fell, what his connection to Aoskar and Flamebreaker is.
Regain whatever power he had that was lost to him, only strength can keep him safe.
Convert Flamebreaker from evil, chaos is less problematic.

Desired Items
Mithral Breastplate
Merciful Longsword
Longbow of Endless Ammunition
Boots and Cloak of Elvenkind
Laurel of Command

His largest motivation is his lack of coherent memories, finding out who he was and who he is is Zadkiel's greatest concern.
Zadkiel is generally forgiving and willing to extend trust to others, though he keeps watch just in case.
There is a sense of wanderlust to the fallen one, he's constantly moving about, changing where he sleeps or even what ward he's frequenting.
Zadkiel has been known to be possessed of a righteous anger at times, as in the case of Kartha.
Zadkiel fears becoming lost, he clings to his attachments tightly while seeking new ones to confirm his existence. He's not wild about the philosophies of the Sign of One or the Takers.

Does the character have family? Are they close? Still alive?
Zadkiel isn't sure if he has family, he thinks he does but has no idea where. The Cage is as good a place as any to start looking, and he's been searching the records of the fall of Aoskar. Aoskar's name plays through his thoughts, he doesn't think he served him directly, but he feels a connection to the lost god.

Zadkiel Appearance:
Zadkiel stands 6'2” and weighs 200lbs. He doesn't look as heavy as he is, his muscles are wiry and he carries little fat on his body. With hair like burnished gold and pale flesh, he seems otherworldly. Eyes that sparkle like tourmaline and lack pupils are constantly alert and, with his strong jaw and high cheek bones, lend a patrician look to his features. Typically Zadkiel keeps his hair long, shoulder length, and pulled back in a loose ponytail. He keeps a tight goatee and pencil thin mustache, his facial hair darker, a light brown. He prefers black and silver clothing, white if silver can not be found, in utilitarian cuts. His inhuman features are not typically off-putting and most consider him attractive.

His studded leather armor is black and of better quality than appearance would suggest, he keeps it mostly concealed beneath a tunic and cloak. The longsword, dagger, and shield all look borrowed and of lower planar craftsmanship. The crossbow is more mundane, likely from a prime. When one sees Zadkiel without his clothing the tapestry of fine white scars across his body is almost pitiable; however, the worst scars are two angry red things that run from the top of his shoulders to his mid back, almost certainly from severed wings.

Zadkiel Stats:
Male Aasimar Inquisitor of Rulership (Sanctified Slayer) 1
N medium outsider (native)

Str 14, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 13, Wis 16, Cha 16 (+1 on Charisma checks with Outsiders)
Base Attack +0, CMB +2, CMD 14
AC 15 (17 w/shield), Touch 12, Flat-footed 13 (15 w/ shield)
Fort +3, Ref +2, Will +5
HP 17 (1d8 + 1) (Double Max at 1st)
Speed: 30ft
Init: +6

Attacks: Longsword (+2, 1d8+2, 19-20/x2)
Dagger (+2, 1d4+2, 19-20/x2)
Light Crossbow (+2, 1d8, 19-20/x2, 80ft)

Feats: Weapon Proficiency (Longsword)(Inq Prof), Improved Initiative

Traits: Armor Expert (-1 to armor check penalty for worn armor), Natural Born Leader (+1 to Leadership Score; Cohorts, followers, and summons have +1 morale bonus to will saves vs mind affecting effects)

Skills: Acrobatics (1 rank + 1 Dex), Diplomacy +9 (1 rank + 3 class + 3 Cha + 2 racial), Intimidate +8 (1 rank + 3 class + 3 Cha + 1 stern gaze), Knowledge (Planes) +5 (1 rank + 3 class + 1 Int), Knowledge (Religion) +5 (1 rank + 3 class + 1 Int), Perception +5 (+ 3 Wis + 2 racial), Sense Motive +8 (1 rank + 3 class + 3 Wis + 1 stern gaze), Stealth +7 (1 rank + 3 class + 3 Wis), Survival +7 (1 rank + 3 class + 3 Wis)
Background: Knowledge (History), Linguistics +2 (1 rank + 1 Int)
+1 on Charisma Checks with Outsiders

Languages: Abyssal, Common, Celestial, Infernal

Spells: Inquisitor (0th at will, 1st 2)
Known: Inquisitor (0th 4, 1st 2)
0th – Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Guidance, Light
1st – Bless, Divine Favor

Special Attacks: Studied Target +1

Special Qualities: Acid Resistance 5, Cold Resistance 5, Darkvision 60ft, Electricity Resistance 5

Combat Gear: Studded Leather Armor, Longsword, Dagger, Light Crossbow, 10 Bolts Heavy Wooden Shield

Other Gear: Explorer's Outfit, Iron Holy Symbol (longsword wrapped in chains), Dungeoneering Kit, Pathfinder's Kit, Journal, Pen, Ink, 9 gp, 9sp

Special Abilities: Daylight (1/day, CL 1), Domain (Nobility(Aristocracy): Noble Visage +1), Monster Lore, Skilled (+2 to Diplomacy, Perception), Stern Gaze +1

Looking at submission and Ljos should be Tiefling(beastbrood)

Didn't see any other errors on my submissions, but I'll keep looking :)

Waiting on one set of votes and to see if I hear from Damien, I'll give until Friday then I'll proceed.

Copy, I was working on a common background for two concepts so that it was usable whichever way you swung on your decision. How does one feel about Leadership later on?

Question: Is there an arena here? If so, are there professional gladiators?

If the answer to both of those is yes then I have a backstory for both a drow and a troll (pending ok) that I'd like to submit.

Here's my submission.

Ranulf Backgrounds:
Hailing from the city of Absalom, Ranulf Ortensan grew up on the streets. Making his living through theft and odd jobs he was eventually caught by the city watch. On account of his age and lack of violent crime, and thanks to a kindly sergeant, he was given probation of a sort and employed by the watch. Coming of age within the city watch, he dedicated himself to serving the law. He showed talent as an investigator and moved to a special investigative division. On one of his first solo cases he was responsible for tracking down a serial killer who had left signs of the occult at his crime scenes. Running into a dead end and lacking clues, Ranulf consulted Professor Lorrimor who was lecturing at the city university. With the professor's aid, Ranulf tracked down the cult of Gyronna and arrested those who were not killed. Now, with the professor's death, Ranulf has taken a leave of absence and set off for Ustalav.

Ranulf Stats:
Male Half-Elf Slayer 1
LN medium humanoid (human, elf)

Str 13, Dex 16, Con 13, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 12
Base Attack +1, CMB +2, CMD 15
AC 18 (16 no shield), Touch 13, Flat-footed 15 (13 no shield)
Fort +3, Ref +5, Will +2
HP 12 (1d10 + 2)
Speed 30ft
Init +3

Attacks: Longsword (+2, 1d8+1, 19-20/x2)
Dagger (+2, 1d4+1, 19-20/x2)
Morningstar (+2, 1d8+1)
Light Crossbow (+4, 1d8, 19-20/x2, 80ft)

Feats: Skill Focus (Perception)(b),

Traits: Teacher's Pet (campaign, +2 to Knowledge (Religion) and is class), Vagabond Child (+1 to Sleight of Hand, class)

Skills: Climb +5 (1 ranks + 3 class +1 Str), Knowledge (Local) +5 (1 ranks + 3 class + 1 Int), Knowledge (Religion) +7 (1 ranks + 3 class + 1 Int + 2 trait), Perception +11 (1 ranks + 3 class + 2 Wis + 2 racial + 3 skill focus), Sense Motive +6 (1 ranks + 3 class + 2 Wis), Stealth (1 ranks + 3 class + 3 Dex), Survival +6 (1 ranks + 3 class + 2 Wis)
Background Skills: Profession (Constable) +6 (1 rank + 3 class + 2 Wis), Sleight of Hand +8 (1 ranks + 3 class + 3 Dex + 1 trait)

Languages: Common, Elven, Undercommon

Special Attacks:

Special Qualities: Elven Immunities, Favored Class (Slayer, Rogue), Low Light Vision, Studied Target +1, Track +1

Combat Gear: Studded Leather, Heavy Steel Shield, Longsword, Dagger, Morningstar, Light Crossbow, 10 Bolts

Other Gear: Explorer's Outfit,

Special Abilities: Adaptability, Elf Blood, Elven Senses, Keen Senses

How would one feel about a straight troll going martial down the line?(ranger, fighter, or slayer)

Here's the Gunslinger I mentioned, based him a bit on Japanese monks of the late Sengoku period.

Ragnar Ruriksson Background:
Ragnar was raised by his adoptive human father Rurik Wolfgarson in the Duchy of Alkenstar. Born in the nation of Ustalav and left for dead by his infected lycanthrope mother, Ragnar was found by Rurik who loved the boy like his own. Rurik was a simple man, a blacksmith by trade and an immigrant from the Lands of the Linnorm Kings and had two legitimate and one natural child of his own. Rurik's wife, Xenia, was Ustalavic and noticed the odd signs of Ragnar's inhuman nature. Worrying for the safety of his son Rurik moved the family to Alkenstar in an attempt to suppress the changes in young Ragnar. Rurik and his children learned the art of gunsmithing and adapted well to life in the Mana Wastes. At 19 Ragnar joined the militia and learned how to fight with a rifle, after 4 years of meritorious service he was discharged. Ragnar had seen much death in his time and sought to find some measure of peace. He renounced the world and took up residence in a monastery, dedicating himself to a search for enlightenment. While in the monastery he had a vision, a call to travel to the Worldwound and use his skills to fight against destruction. After gathering some of his old gear from his militia days he set off with the first caravan for Mendev to join the crusaders.

Ragnar is tall but slight at 6'3” and 170lbs. His skin is slightly smoky in tone and his hair is bluish black. His eyes are blue with hints of gold around the pupils. He dresses in simple robes with hand and foot wraps with his armor over the top, typically in blues and reds, keeping his face clean shaven. Though he used to shave his head in the monastery he now has grown a loose pony tail. When he shifts, the gold in his eyes fills the whole of his irises. The holy symbol of Irori is clearly visible around his neck.

Ragnar Ruriksson Stats:
Male Skinwalker Warpriest of Irori 4// Gunslinger 4
LN medium humanoid (human)

Str 13, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 12, Wis 16, Cha 10
Base Attack +4, CMB +5, CMD 18
AC 19, Touch 14, Flat-footed 15
Fort +6, Ref +6, Will +7
HP 52 (4d10 + 12)
Speed 30ft
Init +3 (+5)

Attacks: +1 Pistol (+9, 1d8+1, x4, 20ft, misfire 1/5ft)
MW Scimitar (+6, 1d6+1, 18-20/x2)
Cold Iron Dagger (+5, 1d4+1, 19-20/x2, 10ft)
(2 claws +5, 1d4+1, x2)

Feats: Gunsmithing (b), Weapon Focus (Pistol)(b), Quick Draw, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Reload (b), Precise Shot (b)

Traits: Ease of Faith (Diplomacy +1 and class), Touched by Divinity (Irori, Healing, Cure Light Wounds 1/day CL 4)

Skills: Acrobatics +10 (4 ranks + 3 class + 3 Dex), Diplomacy +6 (2 ranks + 3 class + 1 trait), Handle Animal +6 (1 rank + 3 class + 2 racial), Heal +8 (2 ranks + 3 class + 3 Wis), Knowledge (Religion) +5 (1 rank + 3 class + 1 Int), Perception +10 (4 ranks + 3 class + 3 Wis), Stealth +4 (1 rank + 3 Dex), Survival +8 (2 ranks + 3 class + 3 Wis), Swim +6 (1 ranks + 3 class + 1 Str)

Languages: Taldane, Kellish, Sylvan

Spells: War Priest, (0th 4/at will, 1st 4, 2nd 2)
Memorized: 0th Create Water, Detect Magic, Light, Mending
1st Bless, Divine Favor, Magic Weapon, Protection From Evil
2nd Cat's Grace, Spiritual Weapon

Special Attacks:

Special Qualities: Blessings (5/day, minor, Healing, Law), Channel Energy, Deeds, Favored Class (Gunslinger), Fervor (1d6, 5/day), Grit (3 max), Nimble +1

Combat Gear: +1 Mithral Chain Shirt, +1 Pistol (heirloom), MW Scimitar, Cold Iron Dagger, Wand of Cure Light Wounds (50 Charges), x2 Potion of Cure Light Wounds, x2 Oil of Bless Weapon, x3 Powder Horn, 30 Fire Arm Bullets, 10 Cold Iron Fire Arm Bullets, 30 Doses of Black Powder, x5 Paper Alchemical Cartridges

Other Gear: Silver Holy Symbol, Bandoleer, Monk's Outfit, Light Horse, Riding Kit, Deluxe Dungeoneering Kit, Pathfinder's Kit, Gunsmithing Kit, 12 gp, 5 sp

Special Abilities: Aura (Law), Change Shape, Gunsmith, Low Light Vision, Sacred Weapon (1d6), Speak with Animals 1/day

Dot for interest

Noticed a few things on my crunch (Like I didn't pick any feats beyond bonus, that's what I get for posting at 6 am). Updated here

Brother Alator Stats:
Male Half-Orc Slayer 4// Inquisitor of Abadar(Cold Iron Warden) 4
LN medium outsider (native)

Str 14, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 13, Wis 16, Cha 10 (+1 on Cha checks vs orcs and humans)
Base Attack +4, CMB +6, CMD 18
AC 19, Touch 14, Flat-footed 15
Fort +6, Ref +7, Will +7
HP 48 (4d10 + 8)
Speed 30ft
Init +6

Attacks: +1 Longsword (+7, 1d8+2, 19-20/x2)
MW Shortsword (+7, 1d6+2, 19-20/x2)
Cold Iron Morningstar (+7, 1d8+2)
MW Composite Longbow (+2) (+8, 1d8+2, x3, 110ft)

Feats: Alignment Channel (Outsider(evil))(b), Favored Judgment (Outsider(evil))(b), Two Weapon Fighting (b), Power Attack, Dodge

Traits: Chance Encounter (Campaign), Influence (+1 trait to Diplomacy)

Skills: Acrobatics +7 (1 ranks + 3 class + 3 Dex), Climb +6 (1 rank + 3 class + 2 Str), Diplomacy +6 (2 ranks + 3 class +1 trait), Intimidate +11 (4 ranks + 3 class + 2 racial + 2 stern gaze), Knowledge (Arcana) +5 (1 rank + 3 class + 1 Int), Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +5 (1 rank + 3 class +1 Int), Knowledge (Local) +5 (1 rank + 3 class + 1 Int), Knowledge (Religion) +5 (1 rank + 3 class +1 Int), Knowledge (The Planes) +5 (1 rank + 3 class +1 Int), Perception +10 (4 ranks + 3 class + 3 Wis), Ride +8 (2 ranks + 3 class + 3 Dex), Sense Motive +12 (4 ranks + 3 class + 3 Wis + 2 stern gaze), Stealth +10 (4 ranks + 3 class + 3 Dex), Survival +10 (4 ranks + 3 class +3 Wis), Swim +6 (1 rank + 3 class + 2 Str)
+1 on Cha checks vs humans and orcs

Languages Taldane, Orc, Abyssal, Hellit

Spells: Inquisitor (0th at will / 1st 4 / 2nd 2)
Known: Inquisitor (6/4/2)
0th Create Water, Detect Magic, Light, Read Magic, Sift, Stabilize
1st Bless, Divine Favor, Interrogation, Shield of Faith
2nd Invisibility, Spiritual Weapon

Special Attacks: Sneak Attack +1d6, Studied Target +1

Special Qualities: Darkvision 60ft, Favored Class (Slayer), Judgement 2/day, Slayer Talents (Ranger Combat Style (Two Weapon Fighting), Orc Ferocity, Rogue Talent (Bleeding Attack))

Combat Gear: +1 Chain Shirt, +1 Longsword, MW Shortsword, Cold Iron Morningstar, MW Composite Longbow (+2), 20 Arrows, 20 Cold Iron Arrows, Wand of Cure Light Wounds (50 charges), 2 Potion of Cure Light Wounds, Oil of Bless Weapon, Bandolier, Iron Holy Symbol

Other Gear: Courtier's Outfit, Signet Ring, Jewelry, Traveler's Outfit, Pathfinder's Kit, Deluxe Dungeoneering Kit, Riding Kit, Light Horse (Combat Trained), Studded Leather Barding, 147 gp, 5 sp

Special Abilities: Abyssal Scourge, Detect Alignment (at will), Domain (Nobility(Aristocracy), Intimidating, Noble Visage +1), Orc Blood, Track +2, Track Teleportation, Weapon Familiarity

OK, here's two for consideration.

Ljos Narrative Background:
Yami knelt at the base of the founder's statue clad in his smallclothes, beside him two other supplicants did likewise. A great crash reverberated through the chapel as the door to the nave slammed. In strode the angriest looking beast of a troll that Yami had every seen, its blood red eyes scanning the supplicants in quite anticipation. The smell of urine struck Yami's nose, one of his fellows had lost control of his bladder. The troll loomed ever closer, long strides carrying it with sickening grace across the marble floor etched with silver filigree. As it drew closer Yami noticed it's garb for the first time, a plain tabard over chainmail, the symbol of the order emblazoned on the right shoulder. The troll came to a halt with the supplicants well within reach. It knelt and met eyes with the boy to Yami's left.

“You stink of piss, orc-blood.” the creature's voice was like grinding stone, “I prefer my dinner clean, are you hear to ruin my dinner?” The half-orc supplicant bolted for the exit, the troll followed his movements with a steady gaze until he was gone. The gaze moved to the girl beside Yami, “And you, by what right do you bear the flame?” The girl's mouth worked up and down but only a high pitched squeak could be heard, her fear robbing her of voice. The troll merely laughed and turned his gaze to Yami. “Why are you here fiend-born? Think you can fight the calling of your blood?”

For a moment Yami was silent, but he kept his eyes on the troll. At last he found courage enough to speak. “I'm here to follow the founder, he fought the call of his blood.”

The troll lunged and seized Yami, lifting him from the ground by his neck. “You think you're like the founder? I would laugh if you weren't so prideful! The founder didn't always fight the call of his blood, he nearly brought about an apocalypse before he turned to the light. He sought, and found, redemption! You think you're as worthy as he was, boy?” With each question the troll's grip grew tighter, Yami's lungs began to burn but he forced himself to speak.

“Everyone deserves redemption, no matter how monstrous.” The last word was scarcely more than a whisper, Yami's vision clouded and he lost consciousness.

He dreamed then, of a great war to the north, of a fiery figure guiding him there. He dreamed that his sins were forgiven, that he had atoned, that he would be remembered for the good and not the evil he had done.

Yami awoke some time later, still on the marble floor, his head cradled in the girl's lap. He tried to speak but his throat was raw and painful yet. The girl spoke first, “After your eyes rolled into the back of your head, he smiled, said you passed, said you could join the order.”

Yami coughed and forced words through, “And you, did you pass?”

She nodded, “I found my voice just as you lost your sight,” she blushed, “I screamed at him to let you go, I think he was surprised cause he did. He said that I passed too. Oh, I'm Myri by the way.”

Yami smiled a moment, “I'm...” Myri placed a finger over his lips to silence him.

“Sergeant Reynard, the troll, he said that whatever your name was before doesn't matter. He said that your name is Ljos now, and to tell you 'Welcome to the Order of the Forgiving Flame.'”

Ljos Background:
Born in the nation of Taldor and growing up an orphan, Ljos lived as a bandit for a time but joined a cult of Urgathoa when his sorcerous powers began to manifest. His turning point came with the influence of Dame Illysia Valmont, a paladin of the Order of the Forgiving Flame.” The order was founded by a tiefling who had once been an evil spellcaster but had found redemption and fought, and died, as a paladin. Dame Valmont had tracked down the cult and following the tenets of the order, sought to grant redemption to those cultists who remained among the living. She managed to save Ljos and a few others from damnation at the cost of her own life. Following that Ljos traveled to the headquarters of the order in Absalom, following 3 years of repentance and another 4 years of training he was knighted and moved around the Inner Sea Region, mainly Cheliax. In his adventures he typically partnered with Myri, a fellow knight of the order who had joined at the same time as Ljos, and a cleric of Sarenrae name Markam. With his growing skill he underwent further training, learning the Kellit language, and joined a small contingent of the order heading for the Worldwound.

Ljos stands at 6'2” and weighs 180lbs. His eyes resemble those of a wolf and he has teeth resembling a carnivore. There is a scent of strawberries hanging in the air near Ljos. He dresses plainly and with utilitarian gear, typically in colors of gold and white, he keeps his clothing very clean with liberal use of prestidigitation. He keeps his facial hair well trimmed, it tends to resemble fur otherwise, and he plucks his whiskers regularly. There is a slightly inhuman flexibility in his movements and his fingernails are naturally black.

Ljos Stats:
Male Tiefling Paladin 4// Sorcerer (Destined Bloodline) 4
LG medium outsider (native)

Str 14, Dex 14, Con 14, Int 13, Wis 11, Cha 18
Base Attack +4, CMB +6, CMD 18
AC 17, Touch 12, Flat-footed 15(+1 to AC on surprise rounds)
Fort +11, Ref +8, Will +9
HP 48 (4d10 + 8)
Speed 30ft
Init +2

Attacks: +1 Longsword (+7, 1d8+3, 19-20/x2)
MW Composite Longbow (+7, 1d8+2, x3, 110ft)
Lance (+6, 1d8+2, x3, reach)
Cold Iron Morningstar (+6, 1d8+2)
Dagger (+6, 1d4+2, 19-20/x2, 10ft thrown)

Feats: Eschew Materials (b), Power Attack, Arcane Armor Training

Traits: Exposed to Awfulness (Campaign), Redeemer (When acting as sponsor for evil creature seeking redemption, grant +3 bonus to their will save)

Skills: Diplomacy +10 (4 ranks + 3 Cha + 3 class), Heal +4 (1 ranks + 3 class), Knowledge (Religion) +5 (1 ranks + 1 Int + 3 class), Linguistics +2(1 ranks + 1 Int), Perception +2 (2 ranks), Ride +9 (4 ranks + 2 Dex + 3 class), Sense Motive +6 (1 ranks + 2 racial + 3 class), Spellcraft +6 (2 ranks + 1 Int + 3 class)

Languages: Taldane, Abyssal, Infernal, Hellit

Spells: Sorcerer (0th at will / 1st 7 / 2nd 4)
Known: Sorcerer (6/3+1/1)
0th Detect Magic, Light, Mage Hand, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost, Spark
1st Alarm (b), Magic Missile, Shield, Sleep
2nd Bull's Strength

Special Attacks: Smite Evil (2/day, +4 to Damage, +3 to Hit), Touch of Destiny +2 (6/day)

Special Qualities: Aura of Good, Bloodline Arcana (Luck bonus on saving throws after casting “personal” spell), Darkvision 60ft, Favored Class (Paladin), Cold Resistance 5, Electricity Resistance 5, Fire Resistance 5, Fated +1

Combat Gear: Mithral Shirt, +1 Longsword, Dagger, Cold Iron Morningstar, Lance, Masterwork Composite Longbow (+2), 20 Arrows, 20 Cold Iron Arrows, 2 Oil of Bless Weapon, 4 Potions of Cure Light Wounds, 2 Potions of Enlarge Person

Other Gear: Wand of Cure Light Wounds (50 charges), Heavy Warhorse (Combat Trained) (Military Saddle, Saddlebags, Studded Leather Barding, 2 days Feed), Deluxe Dungeoneering Kit, Pathfinder's Kit, Grooming Kit, Explorer's Outfit, Silver Holy Symbol, 2 Map Cases, 5 sheets of Paper, Charcoal, Ink, Inkpen, Bandolier, 2 spare Waterskins, 196 gp, 8 sp

Special Abilities: Aura of Courage, Detect Evil (at will, CL 4), Detect Thoughts (1/day, CL 4), Divine Grace, Divine Health, Lay on Hands (6/day, 2d6), Mercies (Remove Fatigue)

Brother Alator Background:
Alator is the only child of the orc ranger Zeljka of the clan Bloodtusk. His mother had retired from adventuring only a few months prior to the birth of Alator (then named Kurgan) and none in the tribe knew of the boy's parentage. Following his birth his mother raised him in the harsh methods of the orc, but tempered it with an apprenticeship of sorts, teaching the young half-orc the ways of tracking and stalking. He never truly took to the ways of the ranger however and found himself drawn to learning less esoteric things than the ways of nature. When he was nearly a man grown, Alator's mother took him on a hunt into the Worldwound. Venturing deep into demonic territory, they picked off lone demons or small groups of cultists, but there luck soon ran out. They attempted to kill an incubus but it dodged the deathblow meant for it and quickly summoned two goat-like demons. Zeljka sacrificed her life to save her son and slew the incubus. Alator ran, narrowly evading death or capture. It was in the wastes that he was saved by a mysterious woman. She lead him out of the Worldwound and to Mendev where a patrol picked him up. Noting a small medalion that Alator's mother had given him years previously, the leader of the patrol to him to the home of Duke Osric Meneleas. Duke Meneleas was a crusader originally hailing from Taldor; and, unknown to Alator, the boy's father. The duke and Zeljka had been companions in an adventuring party prior to the birth of Alator who eventually developed an affection for one another. Following Alator's conception, Zeljka had left without a word but had taken the Duke's medallion. The duke accepted his son and took him into his home, showing him the ways of nobility and the church of Abadar. Taking his current name, the boy learned the ways of the inquisitor and upon reaching manhood took position as a wandering constable. Now approaching his middle years, Alator wishes to do more in the battle against the demons than hunting infiltrating cultists. He has enlisted as a crusader.

Alator is a bit smaller than his orc bretheren, standing at 5'8” and 170lbs. His eyes are a dark brown, almost black, and his skin tends toward grey over green. He typically wears simple clothing in greens, browns, and subdued yellows but does have more stylish and garish clothing when he represents his father or seeks to throw his noble birth around. He keeps a close beard, partially because he declines to shave, partially to hide his more bestial features.

Brother Alator Stats:
Male Half-Orc Slayer 4// Inquisitor of Abadar(Cold Iron Warden) 4
LG medium humanoid (human, orc)

Str 14, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 13, Wis 16, Cha 10 (+1 on Cha checks vs orcs and humans)
Base Attack +4, CMB +6, CMD 18
AC , Touch , Flat-footed
Fort +6, Ref +7, Will +7
HP 48 (4d10 + 8)
Speed 30ft
Init +6


Feats: Alignment Channel (Outsider(evil))(b), Favored Judgment (Outsider(evil))(b), Two Weapon Fighting (b)

Traits: Chance Encounter (Campaign), Influence (+1 trait to Diplomacy)

Skills: Acrobatics +7 (1 ranks + 3 class + 3 Dex), Climb +6 (1 rank + 3 class + 2 Str), Diplomacy +6 (2 ranks + 3 class +1 trait), Intimidate +11 (4 ranks + 3 class + 2 racial + 2 stern gaze), Knowledge (Arcana) +5 (1 rank + 3 class + 1 Int), Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +5 (1 rank + 3 class +1 Int), Knowledge (Local) +5 (1 rank + 3 class + 1 Int), Knowledge (Religion) +5 (1 rank + 3 class +1 Int), Knowledge (The Planes) +5 (1 rank + 3 class +1 Int), Perception +10 (4 ranks + 3 class + 3 Wis), Ride +8 (2 ranks + 3 class + 3 Dex), Sense Motive +12 (4 ranks + 3 class + 3 Wis + 2 stern gaze), Stealth +10 (4 ranks + 3 class + 3 Dex), Survival +10 (4 ranks + 3 class +3 Wis), Swim +6 (1 rank + 3 class + 2 Str)
+1 on Cha checks vs humans and orcs

Languages Taldane, Orc, Abyssal, Hellit

Spells: Inquisitor (0th at will / 1st 4 / 2nd 2)
Known: Inquisitor (6/4/2)
0th Create Water, Detect Magic, Light, Read Magic, Sift, Stabilize
1st Bless, Divine Favor, Interrogation, Shield of Faith
2nd Invisibility, Spiritual Weapon

Special Attacks: Sneak Attack +1d6, Studied Target +1

Special Qualities: Darkvision 60ft, Favored Class (Slayer), Judgement 2/day, Slayer Talents (Ranger Combat Style (Two Weapon Fighting), Orc Ferocity, Rogue Talent (Bleeding Attack))

Combat Gear: +1 Chain Shirt, +1 Longsword, MW Shortsword, Cold Iron Morningstar, MW Composite Longbow (+2), 20 Arrows, 20 Cold Iron Arrows, Wand of Cure Light Wounds (50 charges), 2 Potion of Cure Light Wounds, Oil of Bless Weapon, Bandolier, Iron Holy Symbol

Other Gear: Courtier's Outfit, Signet Ring, Jewelry, Traveler's Outfit, Pathfinder's Kit, Deluxe Dungeoneering Kit, Riding Kit, Light Horse (Combat Trained), Studded Leather Barding, 147 gp, 5 sp

Special Abilities: Abyssal Scourge, Detect Alignment (at will), Domain (Nobility(Aristocracy), Noble Visage +1), Intimidating, Orc Blood, Track +2, Track Teleportation, Weapon Familiarity

Also kicking around an idea for a Gunslinger, but haven't decided on if it's worth pursuing yet.

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Got a background I'm working on, doing a narrative background and will have crunch after that. Have a full concept, just getting everything right is taking a little bit.

Waiting on a few votes and still haven't heard from Damien.

Ok, I had extended recruitment to Friday and here we are. I'm closing recruitment now. Will the current players please PM their two votes for preferred recruits, I'll announce as soon as votes are in.

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I'll try to keep it smooth for you, cause I love the journal.

Ok, for your consideration:

1. Tiefling Paladin/Sorcerer, lawful good (naturally). I ran a tiefling pally sometime ago and loved it, I've always wanted to revisit the character or someone like him. I've shopped this idea around a little bit but I think Wrath would be a great AP for him. He's an all loving kind of hero, believes that all are worthy of redemption (aside from undead and demons), and is the first into the fire and the last out. Sarenrae seems the most likely deity.

2. Slayer/Inquisitor, race undecided, lawful neutral. Fills out the skill monkey slot pretty nicely and I've been wanting to run a slayer for a while now. Thinking a kind of divine warrior/detective, road worn but still trying to do the right thing.

3. Human Gunslinger/Oracle, starts neutral good. He's cursed, he's going to hell, and he's going to make a difference before it happens. Or, that's what he thinks. I picture this one as starting good intentioned, but you know about what they say the road to hell is paved with. He made a deal with a (the) devil to fight evil, but payment is coming due.

4. Hunter/Fighter, race undecided, true neutral or lawful neutral. This one is a straight up mercenary, in for the pay and glory. Likes to work as a forward scout or long range support, but happy to get up in the fight when called for. Some skill monkey but not as much as I could do.

5. Elven Slayer/Kineticist, Lawful Evil. This is because I'm usually the token evil guy on table top and I think this combo would be hilarious. Cautious, cunning, and ambitious but loyal to his allies and caring for his subordinates. Why would he fight evil? Because this is his world as much as it belongs to the good guys, and he wants to protect it. He's not evil out spite, or because he serves some dark power, or even selfishness. He's evil because he believes the ends justify the means, any means.

Just tell me which one(s) you like and I'll flesh out with background and crunch.


Ok, question, can I submit more than one character concept?

Derric: Yeah, that's probably the best way to put it for now. And yeah, the journal is going to be a little tricky, but the insight into Derric's thinking when he starts experiencing this should be an amazing read. And I have no problems with him keeping a journal, just don't let it fall into the bad guys' hands ;)

Derric: It's kinda hard to explain without giving away too much. Essentially, I'll have the events as your characters are currently experiencing them, where you have full agency, and what "might" of happened, where it's narrative. Right now I'm planning for the weirdness to be only narrative but that might change over time. The characters who have the weirdness happening to them will have two sets of memories, a complete memory of the "now" and a partial memory of the "maybe". Initially it's going to account for the party members suddenly changing and the new characters showing up. Later, it will let me show you what's going on with the villains when you're not around or what's happening in Sandpoint when you have moved on, stuff like that.

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So as a bit of a teaser on what I'm working on for the game:

I'm writing up foils for your characters, NPCs who complement and contrast you and are likely to be nipping at your heels for a while. I've got one for Derric all ready to go, next on the list is one for Kiko.

Next is the way I'm handling the weirdness of switching GMs, I plan on some little spoiler boxes of information to twist your characters' perceptions of reality. Looking to show them alternate pasts and presents and possible futures. Also lets me show you what's going on "offscreen" so to speak.

Any thoughts?

I'm going to run one game and have applied for a few others and I'm trying not to over commit myself so I can't promise I would be available, but:

I like the thoughts of Into Darkness and The Dragon Kings. I haven't played in a good Darklands dungeon delve in Golarion in a long time and there's a lot of promise there. Could also have characters be from the Darklands themselves which could be interesting. Something that is initially set in Tian-Xia really makes me want to do something political, get my Romance of the Three Kingdoms on.

Wild Wasteland could be interesting but I'm not all that read up on the region, though if memory serves Alkenstar is where the guns are from and I do love gunslingers.

Earthfinder: I think this would depend on when it was set in our own timeline, the thought of a Shadowrun/Pathfinder hybrid does strike me as something cool though.

Helikon: I have no problems with hunters or witches. We do have one hunter applicant, but I care more about backstory than crunch so that's not a problem. Submit what you'll think you will have the most fun with. I'll vote for the two submissions that I think I can do the most with, how the current players vote is up to them but in cases of a tie background will win.

Kamenhero: Reskins on traits are generally not a problem, it looks good and fits with the concept.

I have two thoughts for characters.

First: Tiefling Paladin, follower of Sarenrae. I ran something like this once before and loved it. Best described as a "Noble Demon" and "All Loving Hero." Willing to give just about anyone a second chance and the first to forgive. Former bad guy who saw the light and now is trying to seek, and grant, redemption.

Crunch: Going to be a bit tricky, Tiefling Pally is a bit sub optimal as far as builds are concerned. One of the Tiefling bloodlines and the Redeemer (typically Half-orc) Paladin archetype might help get up to par. Might multiclass or prestige, gotta feel it out and will be more clear as background comes together.

Quote: "The people may leave me, but I will NEVER leave the people."

Second: Elf Slayer, Lawful Evil. Best described as "Affably Evil" or maybe a "Punch Clock Villain." He's evil more from just being really selfish than being maniacal, though his concern for self extends to his (few) friends and family and he's not trusting. Also, kind of against killing, though that's because he believes killing something ends its usefulness to him rather than any altruistic motive. Other than his friends, everyone else is a tool to be used.

Crunch: Pretty easy by comparison. May dip as a spellcaster but probably straight slayer.

Quote: "I would rather betray the world than be betrayed."

If anyone can identify where and who I ripped those quotes from, they get a prize for their coolness and literary knowledge.

Ok, Paizo hasn't yet made the switch to have me as GM and I haven't heard from Damien yet, so I'm going to extend recruitment until Friday.

On how recruits will be chosen: Each of the current players will vote for two recruits, I'll vote for two. Votes will be sent to me as PMs. I'll check the totals and the characters with the most votes are in, if there is a tie then I'll make the call. I want the current players input and I think that's the best way to do it.

I like all the submissions so far.

Leo: If you want to switch characters it's up to you. I have a slight preference for you remaining Leo though.

Hey, not a problem. I've been trying to get set up to take over a Jade Regent game, otherwise I would already have a character concept for you. I'll be following with interest.

Kamenhero: Give me a background write up. I like the idea for a kami based aasimar, I'm working on an NPC with a similar concept, though I was eyeing angelic bloodline for certain thematic reasons. The kami are kind of a weird lot, so I don't see any problem with any of the aasimar bloodlines, or even some tiefling bloodlines for that matter.

Potential Recruits: What I want most is a background, we can get to crunch later.

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Yes, recruitment is officially open. Potential recruits have until Wednesday 1200 US Central to at least get a hat in the ring and a background for my review.

Has anyone heard from Damien Tarrant? Do I need to send a PM?

Rishana: Looked at background, I like what you have. If you're selected the leopard will be fine, no need to change that.

Gohei: I'd like to get a look at your witch if they are already built.

Kito: Changing your mystery is fine, just have the original stuff documented where I can find it. I have plans for all current characters so if they rebuild I need to know what changed. Increases in stats due to higher point buy, new skills, stuff like that is no problem. Changing a mystery or something on that level of change I do want though.

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