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Sir Holton

Alma's page

333 posts. Alias of FrenchFry.

Full Name





Paladin/2 HP 28/33








Lawful Good






Disciple of Righteousness

Strength 16
Dexterity 10
Constitution 14
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 7
Charisma 18

About Alma

Male human Paladin 3
N Medium humanoid (human)
Init 0; Senses Perception -2
AC 20 (+8 Armor +2 Shield), touch 10, flat-footed 20

HP 33 (1d10+2) (1 skill point invested)
Fort (3) +9, Ref (+1) +5, Will (3) +7
Special Abilities Aura of Good, Aura of Courage [Immune to fear, ally within 10 feed gain +4 Morale against fear], Divine Health [Immune to all diseases] Detect Evil (at will) Smite Evil (1/day swift) +4 to hit +1 Dmg if Target is evil. Divine Grace (Cha Bonus to Saving Throws.), Lay on Hands 5/day (1d6 healing), Mercy: Sickened

Speed 20 ft


Special Actions
Str 16 (+3)
Dex 10
Con 14 (+2)
Int 9 (-1)
Wis 7 (-2)
Cha 18 (+4)

Base Attack +3; Melee Touch +1; Ranged Touch +1
CMB +4

CMD 10+3+0+1 = 14
Power Attack, Cleave, Weapon Focus (Great Sword +1 Atk)
Rich Parents, Sacred Touch
Skills : Ride +4, Intimidate +6, Diplomacy +5, Sense Motive +2


PP – 0
GP – 1,250
SP – 3
CP – 3
Carrying Capacity: Light – 76 lbs; Medium – 77-153 lbs; Heavy = 154-230 lbs; Current – 105 lbs (Light) (22 lbs (Light) without backpack)
Weapons – Long Sword MWK +7 to hit 1D8+3 dmg.
Great Sword MWK Silver imbued +8 to hit 1d10+3-1
Armour – Half Plate MWK (+8), Heavy Steel Shield (+2)

Other Combat Gear –
Scrolls –
Potions –
Wands –
Other Magic Items –
Mundane Gear
Backpack : Trail Rations (2g) Silk Rope 50' (10g), Waterskin (1g) Bullseye Latern (12g) 10 pint of Oil (1g) Grappling Hook (1g) Light Horse (75g) Bedroll (1s) Saddle 10g

Alma, was something of a rebellious youth. He thought not of the consequences of his actions. He valued the freedom of do as he pleased. This is when he met Jezabelle. She was beautiful with her long brown hair. Whenever, Alma was near her, he felt only the desire to be as upstanding as he could possibly be. She tamed him with a look. He had plans to marry her, though her father Mosiah knew of the mischief Alma was capable of. Burned down barn here, a broken up tavern there, this was not the person Mosiah wanted Jezabelle to marry.

Alma had spent some time in prison for the destruction of the marketplace owned by a prominent official. Alma claimed he was setup, but the evidence indicated otherwise. Alma knew most people didn’t trust him, he saw their hateful gaze. Alma went before Mosiah officially asking his daughters hand. Mosiah strongly refused. Both men were heard yelling at each other. A scuffle began. What happened next depends on who you believe.

Alma claimed that while there were harsh words, he left without further incident. He claimed that he went for a walk out of the city, and at that time, he saw a celestial being who commanded Alma to become a beacon of light.

The city guards claim that Alma killed his would be father-in-law in cold blood.

The only truth that is not in dispute is that Mosiah was found hanging from a tree outside his home.

Alma was accused and convicted of murder. When Alma was being sent to prison, Jezabelle helped him escape, but told him she couldn’t be with a man who killed her father. Alma knew that Jezabelle loved him dearly, why else would she help him escape.

Alma swore that he was not responsible for her father's murder. He promised her he would change how people viewed him. And from that day forth he was determined to shun even the appearance of evil. He soon joined the order of the Mithril Rose to become a paladin. As a dedicated servant of Iomedae and advocate of good, he will not stop until all evil beings are vanquished.

Alma is a Human Paladin who stands 6'1. He has short brown hair in his early 20's.

Experience: 4920

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