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Paracount Julistar

Alistair Corinth's page

53 posts. Alias of DukeRuckley.

Full Name

Alistair "Amycus" Corinth


Human (Chelaxian/Varisian)


Inquisitor (Preacher) 1




6' 1", 158 lbs




Chaotic Good




Korvosa, Varisia


Common (Korvosan), Varisian


Office Assistant to a Tax Collector, Preacher

Strength 12
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 12
Wisdom 15
Charisma 14

About Alistair Corinth

Senses: Perception +6

Initiative: +3

Hit Points: 9/9 (1d8, +1 Con)

Melee: Morningstar, +1 (1d8+1, 20/x2)
Melee: Dagger, +1 (1d4+1, 19-20/x2)
Ranged: Dagger, +3 (1d4+1, 19-20/x2, 10 ft.)
Ranged: Longbow, +3 (1d8, 20/x3, 100 ft.)

Armor Class: 17, flat-footed 14, touch 13 (+3 Dex, +3 armor, +1 shield)
Saves: Fortitude +3, Reflex +4, Will +4
Defenses: +1 Dodge to AC and +1 Reflex when adjacent to two allies
Resistances: None
Immunities: None
Weaknesses: None

Base Attack Bonus: +0
Combat Maneuver Bonus: +1
Combat Maneuver Defense: 14

Size: Medium
Speed: 30 ft.

Human Racial Traits:
Heart of the Streets: Humans from bustling cities are skilled with crowds. They gain a +1 bonus on Reflex saves and a +1 dodge bonus to armor Class when adjacent to at least two other allies. Crowds do not count as difficult terrain for them. This racial trait replaces the skilled racial trait.

Inquisitor Class Features:
Proficiencies: An inquisitor is proficient with all simple weapons, plus the hand crossbow, longbow, repeating crossbow, shortbow, and the favored weapon of her deity. She is also proficient with light armor, medium armor, and shields (except tower shields).

Monster Lore: The inquisitor adds her Wisdom modifier on Knowledge skill checks in addition to her Intelligence modifier, when making skill checks to identify the abilities and weaknesses of creatures.

Stern Gaze: Inquisitors are skilled at sensing deception and intimidating their foes. An inquisitor receives a morale bonus on all Intimidate and Sense Motive checks equal to 1/2 her inquisitor level (minimum +1).


Level 0 (at will, DC 12): Daze, Detect Magic, Guidance, Light
Level 1 (2/day, DC 13): Cure Light Wounds, Expeditious Retreat


Liberation (Revolution): You are a spirit of freedom and a staunch foe against all who would enslave and oppress.

Liberation (Su): You have the ability to ignore impediments to your mobility. For a number of rounds per day equal to your cleric level, you can move normally regardless of magical effects that impede movement, as if you were affected by freedom of movement. This effect occurs automatically as soon as it applies. These rounds do not need to be consecutive.

Powerful Persuader (Su): At 8th level, when you make a Diplomacy or Intimidate check, you can roll twice and take the higher result. Using this ability is a free action. You can use this ability once per day at 8th level, plus one additional time per day for every 2 levels beyond 8th.

Judgment (1/day):

Destruction +1: The inquisitor is filled with divine wrath, gaining a +1 sacred bonus on all weapon damage rolls. This bonus increases by +1 for every three inquisitor levels she possesses.

Healing 1: The inquisitor is surrounded by a healing light, gaining fast healing 1. This causes the inquisitor to heal 1 point of damage each round as long as the inquisitor is alive and the judgment lasts. The amount of healing increases by 1 point for every three inquisitor levels she possesses.

Justice +1: This judgment spurs the inquisitor to seek justice, granting a +1 sacred bonus on all attack rolls. This bonus increases by +1 for every five inquisitor levels she possesses. At 10th level, this bonus is doubled on all attack rolls made to confirm critical hits.

Piercing +1: This judgment gives the inquisitor great focus and makes her spells more potent. This benefit grants a +1 sacred bonus on concentration checks and caster level checks made to overcome a target’s spell resistance. This bonus increases by +1 for every three inquisitor levels she possesses.

Protection +1: The inquisitor is surrounded by a protective aura, granting a +1 sacred bonus to Armor Class. This bonus increases by +1 for every five inquisitor levels she possesses. At 10th level, this bonus is doubled against attack rolls made to confirm critical hits against the inquisitor.

Purity +1: The inquisitor is protected from the vile taint of her foes, gaining a +1 sacred bonus on all saving throws. This bonus increases by +1 for every five inquisitor levels she possesses. At 10th level, the bonus is doubled against curses, diseases, and poisons.

Resiliency 1: This judgment makes the inquisitor resistant to harm, granting DR 1/magic. This DR increases by 1 for every five levels she possesses. At 10th level, this DR changes from magic to an alignment (chaotic, evil, good, or lawful) that is opposite the inquisitor’s. If she is neutral, the inquisitor does not receive this increase.

Resistance 2: The inquisitor is shielded by a flickering aura, gaining 2 points of energy resistance against one energy type (acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic) chosen when the judgment is declared. The protection increases by 2 for every three inquisitor levels she possesses.

Smiting: This judgment bathes the inquisitor’s weapons in a divine light. The inquisitor’s weapons count as magic for the purposes of bypassing damage reduction. At 6th level, the inquisitor’s weapons also count as one alignment type (chaotic, evil, good, or lawful) for the purpose of bypassing damage reduction. The type selected must match one of the inquisitor’s alignments. If the inquisitor is neutral, she does not receive this bonus. At 10th level, the inquisitor’s weapons also count as adamantine for the purpose of overcoming damage reduction (but not for reducing hardness).

Character Traits:
Deft Dodger: You gain a +1 trait bonus on Reflex saves.

Talented Organizer (Milani): You gain a +1 trait bonus on Sense Motive skill checks, and Sense Motive is always a class skill for you.

Acrobatics +1 (0 ranks, +3 Dex, -2 armor)
Bluff +6 (1 rank, +3 class, +2 Cha)
Climb -1 (0 rank, +1 Str, -2 armor)
Diplomacy +9 (1 rank, +3 class, +2 Cha, +3 skill focus)
Disguise +6 (1 rank, +3 class, +2 Cha)
Intimidate +3 (0 ranks, +2 Cha, +1 Stern Gaze)
Knowledge: Planes +5 (1 rank, +3 class, +1 Int)
Knowledge: Religion +5 (1 rank, +3 class, +1 Int)
Perception +6 (1 rank, +3 class, +2 Wis)
Ride +1 (0 ranks, +3 Dex, -2 armor)
Sense Motive +8 (1 rank, +3 class, +2 Wis, +1 Stern Gaze, +1 trait)
Stealth +5 (1 rank, +3 class, +3 Dex, -2 armor)
Swim -1 (0 ranks, +1 Str, -2 armor)

Note: Knowledge skills gain additional +1 to identify monsters.

Point Blank Shot: You get a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with ranged weapons at ranges of up to 30 feet.

Skill Focus (Diplomacy): You get a +3 bonus on all checks involving the chosen skill. If you have 10 or more ranks in that skill, this bonus increases to +6.

Weapons: Morningstar, Dagger, Longbow (40 arrows)
Armor: Studded Leather, Buckler
Tools and Skill Kits: None
Mundane Gear: Backpack, spell component pouch, caltrops, flint and steel, hemp rope (50 ft.)
Magical Gear: None
Potions: None
Scrolls: None

Money and Treasure: 3 gold pieces

Experience Points: 0
To Next Level: 1000

Appearance and Personality:
Alistair is a tall man of half-Chelaxian, half-Varisian descent, though he looks more like a Varisian. He has dark hair, cut in a medium length, and a dark complexion. His eyes are dark as well, though there is a hint of kindness behind them. The only Chelaxian feature that is prominent, is Alstair's pointed chin. Alistair wears simple and presentable clothing during the day where he works. By night, he disguises himself in a simple gray cloak, hiding his face so that he won't be recognized.

Alistair is a little bit naive about the ways of war and battle, having never been in much of a fight before. He knows how to use a bow, but hasn't had to kill or even injure anyone yet. He prefers to remain undiscovered by authorities of the law and has typically blended in with a crowd to disappear when he needs to make a quick retreat. Alistair views nobles with distrust and a little bit of disdain. He despises the way they flaunt their wealth while those of the lower-class struggle to afford their next meal.

Motivations and Aspirations:
Alistair hopes to gain enough followers to truly overthrow the current, corrupt Korvosan government and install a new, more fair government. He wishes to do so through peaceful means, but is willing to fight if necessary. Alistair sees himself as the face of the revolution, but not necessarily the brains or muscle behind it. He wants to find people of a like opinion to fill the holes that he cannot.

Alistair was the result of a tryst between a poor Varisian woman living in Korvosa and a Chelaxian man who left her shortly after the affair began. His mother tried to care for him as best she could, but by the time he was three years old, she no longer had money to do so. She was forced to give him up, choosing to leave him in an orphanage run by priests of Sarenrae.

Alistair grew up in this orphanage, never being adopted. The priests tried to raise him in Sarenrae's faith, and though Alistair felt much of the same ideals as Sarenrae and respected her, he did not take to the religion strongly. By the time he was a teenager, he spent most of his time out on the streets, where he accepted occasional small jobs for a little bit of coin. These jobs were eye-opening for Alistair, as he grew to learn about just how bad the dichotomy is between the upper and lower class in Korvosa. It wasn't long before he met a small group of people, planning an uprising. The people called themselves the The Awakening.

Alistair joined this group and became involved in all sorts of activities designed to rally more people to their cause. The group used lawless tactics, usually revolving around damaging the property of a noble. By the time three years had gone by, most of the group had been captured and thrown in prison and a few had even been killed. The Awakening, finding themselves without numbers and unable to attract anyone to their cause, disbanded and went their separate ways. Alistair didn't realize it at the time, but most of The Awakening hadn't really been in it for the cause, but rather to simply cause trouble and mayhem.

But Alistair kept his resolve, anyway. He was determined to find a way to change the ways of Korvosa so that the lower class citizens wouldn't have to suffer any longer. He convinced the priests of Sarenrae to send him to a small school run by the religious monks of Irori. At this school, he studied history and religion, hoping to find some information on the best way to form a successful revolution. That is when he came across the god of rebellion, Milani.

Alistair began to worship Milani almost exclusively, though he still held some of the notions of Sarenrae, such as glory and honor. Milani became his focus, and when he turned 22 he finally felt ready to start the process to begin a revolt. But first he needs some followers. He decided to begin by preaching the religion and ideals of Milani to those of the lower class. He is currently working during the day as an office assistant for a tax collector, who himself answers to the Magistrate of Commerce, Garrik Tann. In the evening he disguises himself and puts on his cloak and heads out into the lower class area of the city to preach the ways of Milani and try to convert people to his cause. As of yet, he has had limited success. Occasionally he'll hear murmurs of agreement, yet no one seems willing to act.

Adventuring Companions:
Lucadeno Jeggare
Rica Hismar
Alejandro Endrin

Kingmaker of Korvosa
Kingmaker of Korvosa OOC

Character Progression:

Level 1: Point Blank Shot, Skill Focus (Diplomacy), +1 skill point (FC)

Feats of Interest: Weapon Focus (Longbow), Precise Shot, Rapid Shot

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