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Modoru Redgrave

Alex M.'s page

Goblin Squad Member. FullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. No posts. 4 reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters.

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Nice Mix of NPCs

****( )

The NPCs shown here provide some great characters that can fit into just about any campaign to add that extra touch of flavor that will make that next quest or story arc memorable. Each appears to be well balanced and provide a few hooks to get adventurers involved with them. There is even info for a nefarious ratfolk clan and their leader. Now I just have to find the right time to add them to a new story arc...

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Good Potential For the Right GM

***( )( )

I ran Masks about a month ago and found that while it is a fun module, as other reviewers have stated it is built on a single track (though there are a few alternatives, all lead to the same place). For the GM that can take this module and add to it or blend it into a home game, there is a lot of potential here for not just Masks but the entire trilogy. Another of my favorite points is that this module is role-play heavy for a good two-thirds. It was very welcome to have the opportunity for our usual Pathfinder Society players to add a little more depth to their characters.

I would totally run Masks again, but I will want to augment part of it to give players a few more options to move the plot along.

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Great Intro Leading to Further Adventures


I got into Pathfinder via the Intro mods of Pathfinder Society. About a year into playing, I found myself gravitating towards modules and discovered Crypt. My players throughly enjoyed the adventure - so much so that many of them have stuck through it's sequels (Masks of the Living God and City of Golden Death). It's a classic dungeon crawl, but more so thanks to the city of Kassen being a hub for pure role-playing.

If you are looking for a first level module that can help gel a group together, be sure to give this one a shot!

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Good Things Come In Small Packages

****( )

In reading through all the various options that this 12 page gem has to offer, one of the first questions that comes to mind is 'Would I use this in a home game?'. The answer is a resounding yes. Each of the core races/classes, plus many of the popular 3rd party races/classes are covered and provide options for your characters and/or players to spice up the usual leveling experience.

Favored Class Options utilizes the rules from the core Pathfinder books (Advanced Player Guide and Advanced Race Guide) to give players options outside of either gaining a skill point or hit point each level. Not yet playing through a home game with these options, I can not attest to their game balance. That said just reading through the various options makes me excited thinking about their use in-game (for instance, adding more time to the duration of an alchemist's mutagens or giving a Psion just a bit of help on saving throws).

All in all, for the price it's worth checking out to give your home game some spice and make it just that much more memorable.

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