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Alejandro Torres's page

Pathfinder Legends Subscriber. 12 posts. 1 review. No lists. 1 wishlist.


Pathfinder Legends Subscriber
Charles Scholz wrote:
Is this 3.5 compatible, or is it just for Warhammer?

It`s closer to Chaosium BRP, so if you play Call of Cthulhu, you won`t have much trouble adapting to the DH rules (still, not totally compatible).

Pathfinder Legends Subscriber

Is there a release date for this one yet?

Pathfinder Legends Subscriber

Personally, I play Orks in 40K, so far, I`ve not played anything in WHF, but the Battle for Skullpass starter set is waiting for painting, so of course, I`ll play the goblins.

Sadly, my poor boys have not won a single game!! But I hope to change that trend with a few heavy hitters and the new rulebook.

However, my great joy in this hobby is converting, most of my squads have at least a few custom jobs (I`m working on a gretchin mob right nw, and the funniest grot is holding a gun dramatically, but the gun is one of those joke flag guns! of course, instead of writing "Bang!" on it, I will use the "Dakka" glyph)

My goblin army from the WHF starter will be completely modified to be the "X-gobs", not a parody of the X-Men, but a X-mas themed army! I just hope to finish them by December...

Pathfinder Legends Subscriber

Thanks! I saw it as "Pre-order"...

Pathfinder Legends Subscriber

So, is there a release date?

Pathfinder Legends Subscriber

Thanks, Vic! I`ll stick to a single shipment, being this the only product still in pre-order, I think the additional cost is better spent in more stuff instead of shipment.


Pathfinder Legends Subscriber

I feel your pain...

I`m in exactly the same position, I preordered everything in the Dark Heresy line, (alongside with a lot more stuff) and this one is holding everything!

My Boyz need their Codex!

Pathfinder Legends Subscriber

Smurf experiment? Let`s see, i mean, let`s smurf!

Pathfinder Legends Subscriber
Set wrote:

And twenty years later, Tim Burton decides to re-open the scars by giving us a Batman movie with bat-nipples and gratuitous crotch and @$$ shots. Ugh. More costume please!

Erm... Tim Burton was not involved with the Bat-franchise at that point, he drew the line with the mutant Penguin and the almost-revenant Catwoman in Batman Returns.

The bat-nipples were Joel (boycotted until the end of time) Schumacher`s "contribution", along with the "back to Adam West cornyness" and the "neon/UV lights everywhere" stuff...

Pathfinder Legends Subscriber

I have a couple of friends who are really keen to play...

We`ve been expècting this game for a lobg while. Personally, I really want to let them loose against some Orks, or maybe Chaos Cultists...

Pathfinder Legends Subscriber
Saurstalk wrote:
Now there's a character I'd like to see more of!

So do I!

I`m converting miniatures from the Justicar team (mostly using Games Workshop pieces and some Green Stuff), and I plan on converting their stats according to the Miniatures Handbook (Jus is ready, NTW).

So far, Jus and Escalla figs are finished, and I have the pieces for Enid and Morag.

Pathfinder Legends Subscriber

It was 2e, in Dragon 270 (High Level Characters)

Artax: 7th Level Mage
Yeagar: 8th Level Fighter
Piffany: 8th Level Cleric
Nodwick: 21st Level Henchman

There are rules for the Henchman class in the third Nodwick TPB, "Songs in the Key of Aiiieeee!", but I`m not sure if they are 3e or 3.5...

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