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Alathea Sedai's page

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Full Name

Alathea Neribar


Ebou Dari


Wilder 7/(former potential) Aes Sedai 4

current stats:
hp 50/59, weaves remaining 6/6/6/4/4/2/1






appears to be mid-20s


currently Manetheren (?) in a mirror world


former Accepted

About Alathea Sedai

Alathea is a short, slender young woman with dark skin, long dark hair, and large dark eyes. Given her choice, she prefers to dress in her native Ebou Dari fashion, preferring dresses with plunging necklines and colorful pettycoats, and is partial to red. She is pretty, and has a friendly and open face.

A world away from her upbringing as an Ebou Dari farmer's daughter, Alathea was once an Accepted of the White Tower, and was considered a likely candidate to soon be raised to Aes Sedai. Since then, however, she's had a falling out with a Sister of the Red Ajah, and no longer considers herself a part of the White Tower, though it is unlikely that the Tower shares her opinion.

Alathea is outgoing and makes friends easily. Once she befriends someone, she can be a touch overprotective of them, and has a bit of a tendency to be a bit clingy.

Ability Scores:

Str 8
Dex 8
Con 12
Int 11 (10, +1 for level 8 ability score increase)
Wis 19 (18, +1 for level 4 ability score increase)
Cha 14

Reputation 5 (+2 for Wilder level 7, +3 for Aes Sedai level 4)


defense 15 (10 base, -1 for Dex 8, +6 for 7th level Wilder bonus, +1 for 4th level Aes Sedai bonus)
Fortitude +6 (+4 for 7th level Wilder bonus, +1 for 4th level Aes Sedai bonus, +1 for Con 12)
Reflex +5 (+5 for 7th level Wilder bonus, +1 for 4th level Aes Sedai bonus, -1 for Dex 8)
Will +15 (+5 for 7th level Wilder bonus, +4 for 4th level Aes Sedai bonus, +4 for Wis 19, +2 for iron will)

Other Combat Stats:

hp 52 (+1 per level for Con 14)
initiative +1 (-1 for Dex 8, +2 for duelist feat)
base attack bonus +5 (+3 for level 7 Wilder bonus, +2 for level 4 Aes Sedai bonus): melee +4 (-1 for Str 8), ranged +4 (-1 for Dex 8)


acrobatics +3 (4 ranks from regional skill choice, -1 for Dex 8)
composure +16 (15 ranks, +1 for Con 12)
diplomacy +4 (2 ranks from duelist feat, +2 for Cha 14)
heal +19 (15 ranks, +4 for Wis 19)
intimidation +6 (+2 for Cha , +4 for Aes Sedai presence)
knowledge: arcana +5 (5 ranks)
profession: farmer +6 (2 ranks, +4 for Wis 19)
sense motive +5 (1 rank, +4 for Wis 19)
speak language: the Old Tongue (fully trained, 2 skill point bought)
weavesight +15 (15 ranks)


duelist (regional feat)
extra talent--healing (level 1 feat)
multiweave (level 2 Wilder bonus channeling feat)
sense residue (level 3 feat)
tie off weave (level 5 feat)
extra affinity--air (level 5 Wilder bonus channeling feat)
iron will (Aes Sedai level 1 ability)
extra affinity--water (level 7 feat)
extra affinity--earth (level 3 Aes Sedai ability)
extra talent--elementalism (level 4 Aes Sedai ability)
extra affinity--fire (level 9 feat)
identify ter'angreal--(spontaneously developed(!))

Class Abilities:

simple weapon proficiencies (Wilder level 1)
light armor proficiencies (Wilder level 1)
the One Power: Spirit affinity (Wilder level 1)
the One Power: Warding talent (Wilder level 1)
block: must be frightened (Wilder level 1)
bonus channeling feat: Multiweave (Wilder level 2)
slow aging (Wilder level 3)
bonus channeling feat: Air affinity (Wilder level 5)
iron will (Aes Sedai level 1)
Aes Sedai presence (Aes Sedai level 1)
Resources (Aes Sedai level 2)
extra affinity: Earth affinity (Aes Sedai level 3)
extra talent: Elementalism talent(Aes Sedai level 4)

Using the One Power:

affinities: Spirit, Air, Water, Earth, Fire
talents: Warding, Healing, Elementalism
weave save DC 14 + weave level
weaves per day 6/4/4/3/3/2/1
bonus weaves per day 0/2/2/1/1/0/0

Weaves Known:

foretell weather (Cloud Dancing levels 0-3)
raise fog (Cloud Dancing levels 2-8)
warmth (Cloud Dancing levels 0-3)
sense shadowspawn (Conjunction level 0)
arms of air (Elementalism levels 0-12)
fireball (Elementalism levels 2-6)
harden air (Elementalism levels 0-5)
light (Elementalism levels 0-3)
opening the way (Elementalism level 2)
tool of air (Elementalism levels 0-4)
delve (Healing levels 0-3)
heal (Healing levels 0-9)
heal the mind (Healing levels 1-4)
rend (Healing levels 0-4)
renew (Healing levels 0-4)
restore (Healing levels 2-6) (from Prophecies of the Dragon)
sever (Healing level 6)
disguise (Illusion levels 1-4)
eavesdrop (Illusion level 1)
mirror of mists (Illusion levels 0-2)
barrier to sight (Warding levels 1-10)
circle of silence (Warding levels 0-9)
cut weave (Warding level *) (from Under the Dragon's Banner)
master ward (Warding levels 4-12)
shield (Warding levels 3-7)
ward against people (Warding levels 2-11)
ward against the one power (Warding levels 3-12)
ward against shadowspawn (Warding levels 1-10)


Common: Ebou Dari dialect
Common: Midlander dialect
Common: Taraboner Dialect
the Old Tongue


In the real Cairhein?:
fine red gown (courtier's outfit)
fine gray riding dress slashed with red (courtier's outfit)
fine red dress with white accents (courtier's outfit)
fine blue dress with red trim, cut raggedly about a foot above where the bottom hem should be (courtier's outfit, "trimmed" by Jasper)
fine green dress of Domani cut (courtier's outfit, gift from Jasper)
fine cloak (traveller's outfit)
light warhorse
strongbox with 92 marks in cash
914 marks in credit or in a bank?
threadbare and plain farmwoman's dress (peasant's outfit)
sa'angreal +4: jeweled belt
ter'angreal: Well, stores 3 Weave levels worth of the One Power
ter'angreal: Dreamring


Jasmine's character questionnaire:

Where was your character born? On a farm outside of Ebou Dar, where she subsequently lived until she was 14 years old.
Who raised her? Alathea was raised by her parents, Ereg and Elina Neribar. Although she had an older brother, Ralin, he was too young to help raise her.
What was happening in the region when your character was growing up? Although it happened years before her birth, the fallout of the Whitecloak War was still having some effects on Altara.
Does your character have any relatives? Alathea comes from a large family. In addition to her parents, Ereg and Elina, and her older brother Ralin, she has/had four younger siblings: Ambria, Kalvan, Iselle, and Elissi. She has a multitude of cousins, uncles, and aunts, although she's only really close to her uncle Jakwin, who being close to her own age, she considers more of a brother than an uncle.

What are your character’s immediate goals? What would she like to do in the coming year? Alathea wishes to return to her own world, and to marry Kodokura. Beyond those two goals, she has little idea of what her place in the world should be anymore.
What are her long-term goals? Alathea knows that Tarmon Gai'don is coming, and she wishes to do all that she can to ensure the Dark One's defeat, even if that means reassessing all that she once held dear.
What type of person would be her ideal mate? Alathea is interested in all kinds of people, but ideally, she'd choose someone who is intelligent and caring. She's pretty sure that she's found that in Kodokura.
Is there any race, creed, alignment, religion or the like against which she is strongly prejudiced? Alathea has no tolerance of Darkfriends. She's suspicious of the Seanchan, although her knowledge that they're not generally Darkfriends is the only thing that keeps her suspicion from becoming hatred.
What is her greatest fear? That another person that she cares about succumbs to madness like Ralin did, and that she is unable to help. That Kodokura is likely to come to this very fate keeps her awake at night, though she is determined to do what must be done before he reaches Ralin's end.
What is the one task she absolutely refuses to do? If given enough reason to do something, there's few tasks that Alathea won't do. She's not afraid of any kind of manual labor, and she's willing to learn new things for new tasks.

What is her favorite color? Red. She also likes blue and green.
Describe what she would wear if money were no object? Dresses of Ebou Dari cut in fine wool or silk, with some decoration but not too much.
What is her favorite food? Drink? She doesn't have a strong preference, although she's developed a taste for spicy things. She enjoys ice peppers, and is amused when others can't tolerate them quite as well as she can.
What is her favorite animal? Pigs. Although she didn't really enjoy working with most of them on her family's farm, there was one among them that took a liking to her. He was a huge boar, but he was always eager to see her, and liked to follow her around whenever he could. She named him Cyrin, and was heartbroken when her father sold him for slaughter. She's always been fond of pigs ever since.
What habits of her friends annoy him most? Rudeness. She can appreciate that her friends might not like some of the things that she or other people might do, but there's no reason to be unpleasant about it.

Traits (rank each trait from 1 to 10):
• Courtesy 8 (being polite and courteous is very important to her)
• Valor 5 (she doesn't seek out glory, but if she's forced to do something valorous, she won't hesitate)
• Self-sacrifice 8 (if she can help another at her own expense, she likely will)
• Generosity 7
• Sobriety 7 (she does like alcohol, but she doesn't find many chances to partake)
• Calm temper 3 (though she tries to keep her temper in check, she's not very good at it)
• Optimism 5 (she considers herself a realist, and believes that bad things are bound to happen, but good things as well)
• Curiosity 5 (if there's a way that a thing is traditionally done, then that's good enough for her)
• Forgiveness 5 (only if she believes that the other person is truly repentant)
• Cheerfulness 6 (she can be moody, but when she's happy, she's very cheerful)
• Patience 3 (this isn't her strong suit)
• Honesty 8 (though she no longer holds out hope that she will take the Three Oaths, she thinks it best to try to live by them)
• Helpfulness 6
• Loyalty 9 (once she's made a friend, she's extremely unwilling to give them up)

What would be her job in modern society? A doctor or a nurse. Someone who helps people get better.

Introduction Questions
Do you have any nicknames, street names, titles, or aliases? Just shortenings of my name, like Lath or Thea.
What is your full birth name? Alathea Neribar
Where do you live? I used to live on a farm outside Ebou Dar, then in the White Tower in Tar Valon. I don't know where I'd call home, now.
Why do you live there? I used to be an Accepted of the White Tower, and before that, I was a farmer's daughter.
What is your citizenship status? I am a citizen of Tar Valon.
What is your most obvious blessing or strength? I am able to channel the One Power, and I cannot imagine not doing so. I am blessed by this.
What is your most obvious flaw or weakness? I am impatient and tend to lose my temper.

Physical Traits
What is your general body type, frame, bone structure, and poise? Slender and short.
What is your skin colour? Dark olive.
What is your hair colour? Black, or near to it.
What is your hair style? Long and unbound, but well-cared for. It's naturally wavy. In extreme circumstances, I tie it back.
Do you have any facial hair? No, but I had an aunt who did...
What is your eye colour? Brown
How attractive are you? I've been called pretty, but I'm not as attractive as many of my Sisters or other women I've met.
What is your most distinguishing feature? My hair? I've always had lots of thick, glossy hair. My mother told me I was born with it.
Do you have any scars, tattoos, or birthmarks? None of note. Lots of scars from incidental injuries from working on the farm, but they're all small and faint.
What is your handedness (left/right)? Right.
Do you wear a uniform? Not anymore. I don't belong to any organization that requires one.
What kind of clothing do you wear? I prefer dresses cut in the Ebou Dari style, but I'll wear what I must.
What sort of vocal tone do you have? Melodious, but it becomes harsh if I'm angry.
Do you get sick? No more than usual.

What are your opinion of home? I miss the simplicity of living on the farm, but not the hard work. Most of all, I miss the closeness of family.
Did you witness any historical events? I've seen the aftermath of the Aiel attack on Cairhein.
Were there any traumatic experiences in your early years (death of a family member, abandonment, orphaned at an early age, etc.)? When my brother went mad from being able to channel, and I was unable to do anything about it. When my father abandoned me because he was afraid of my own ability to channel.
What was childhood like for you? I grew up on a farm, and although it involved a lot of hard work, it was nice. We always had enough food, if not much luxury. Having a large and close family was the best part of growing up.
Did you have any childhood friends? Almost all of my neighbors as a child were in some way related to me, and I became friends with most all of them. My closest friends were my brothers Ralin and Jakwin, although Jak isn't really my brother.
Are you still close to them or have you grown apart? Ralin is dead, and Jakwin never could stay in one place for long, although when he does come back, we're very close. The rest of my family is still back in Ebou Dar. I haven't had a chance to go back, and I don't know if I want to face the rejection again. I'm afraid of what they think of me: do they think me tainted, like my father does? Do they fear me as an Aes Sedai, even if I'm no longer a part of the Tower? Do they see me as someone distant and uncaring?
Do you have any deep, dark secrets in the past that may come back to haunt you? Not anymore, I don't. I used to fear what others would think if they'd learn that my brother could channel.
How do you view the heroes/legends of your country? The heroes and legends of Altara have never had much to do with farms and farmers. Although they make good stories to tell, they have little influence on normal life.

How did you get along with your parents? I loved my parents, and wish that they still loved me. I don't think I can forgive them for abandoning me.
How would your parents describe you? They probably never speak of me anymore. They might think of me as tainted and dangerous.
Have you begun your own family? I haven't. I think that someday I might like to.

Do you have any great rational or irrational fears or phobias? Not that I can think of.
What are your attitudes regarding material wealth? It is nice to have money, but it's not necessary to have a lot.
Are you greedy or generous? I like to share what I can. I was raised sharing everything I had with my family: clothes, food, what little wealth we had. I think that that's the best way of doing things.
How do you generally treat others? Until another proves otherwise, they're worthy of kindness and respect.
Do you trust easily (perhaps too easily) or not? There is no such thing as trusting too easily. Unless they've shown otherwise, all are worthy of trust.
Do you act differently than you feel (concealing your true thoughts)? It is sometimes a necessity, especially in a place like the Tower.
What is your favourite treat (dessert)? I don't care for sweets that much, but I enjoy fruit. Especially oranges.
Do you favour a particular cuisine? I don't have any strong preferences, but I like my food spicy.
What are your favourite colour(s)? Red, blue, and green.
What is your favourite bard song? Although I probably shouldn't, I like bawdy drinking songs. They remind me of Jak.
If you have a favourite scent, what is it? I like the smell of clean country air. It reminds me of home.
What is your favourite type of animal? I like pigs. Not that I'd want one as a pet, but the farm once had a pig who took a liking to me, and I remember him fondly.
Do you have a good luck charm? No. Luck is what one's actions make of the world.
Do you have a "Black-and-White" view of reality or can you see shades of grey? I don't think that there are many people who are truly evil or unquestionably good. All of us have both dark and light within us.

Important people in Alathea's life:

Ereg Neribar: Alathea's father, a farmer on the outskirts of Ebou Dar. Ereg was a loving father to Alathea and her siblings, and a devoted husband to his wife. Things changed for the worse for him with the death of his eldest son, Ralin, at the hands of a mob due to his channelling-induced madness. After Ralin's death, he became withdrawn and distant, as if his son's death had killed something inside of him as well. He took it poorly when Alathea began to channel as well. Unable to accept what he saw as a taint on his family, he took Alathea into Ebou Dar and left her at an inn, telling her to find what work she could. He hasn't seen Alathea since driving away.

Elina Neribar: Alathea's mother, originally Elina Taboran, the daughter of a minor merchant, married into a farming family. Elina left her relatively comfortable life for love when she married Ereg Neribar, a somewhat prosperous farmer. She's maintained close contact with her birth family, including her much-younger brother Jakwin. She's shy, and deferred in many things to her husband, but she loves her children. She's unhappy about Ereg's exile of Alathea, but she understands and shares her husband's fears in doing so. (Since Elina is Jak's sister, I'll leave her to Jak to detail if/when he can return to the game.)

Ralin Neribar: Alathea's older brother, deceased. Ralin and Alathea were close: together with their uncle Jakwin, they were all but inseperable. He was always kind and patient with his younger siblings, teaching them the things he'd learned and helping them with their chores when he'd finished his. But upon becoming a teenager, he began to change. At first, it was subtle: he became colder and more selfish, unwilling to share or talk like he used to. And things began to happen around him. Maybe it'd be an unexplained bruise on a rival for a neighbor girl's affection or a sibling unwilling to do their chores, or a sudden change of mind when Ralin wanted something from someone. Things got worse: as the unexplained happenings grew more serious, his behavior became more erratic and dangerous. Finally, he could no longer hide his channelling and madness, and was killed by an angry mob during a visit to the city.

Ambria Neribar: Alathea's younger sister. Ambria was born a year after Alathea. Being so close to Alathea in age, the two sisters developed a somewhat adversarial relationship. Although they'd come to each other's defense in the face of an outside threat, they'd usually compete fiercely for the affections of a likely boy, for the day's less-undesirable chores, or for the nicer of the dresses that their mother made for them. Ambria hasn't seen Alathea since their father took her into Ebou Dar returned without her. Just before Alathea's departure, she and Ambria had started to see more eye-to-eye.

Kalvan Neribar: Alathea's younger, and after Ralin's death, only brother. Kalvan was always the baby of the family, even after his two younger sisters were born. As the youngest--and then only--boy, he always received special treatment. Born five years after Alathea, he was the first of Alathea's siblings that she helped raise. Although he looked up to Alathea, he never saw her as a real caretaker--they were still too close in age for them to relate to each other as anything other than brother and sister.

Iselle Neribar: Alathea's second-youngest sister, born seven years after her. Iselle was never a healthy child, and died before turning two years old.

Elissi Neribar: Alathea's youngest sister. Born eight years after Alathea, she was still very young by the time Alathea was abandoned in Ebou Dar. Even at a young age, though, she was a wild child, getting into trouble at every opportunity. She liked getting dirty, running off into the fields, and teasing everybody.

Jakwin Taboran: Alathea's uncle, youngest brother of her mother. Jak is close in age to Alathea and Ralin. As children, they were very close, and the three of them would often get into mischeif together. Jak left home around the time of Ralin's death, and has since been wandering in and out of Alathea's life. The two of them are still very close. Although he is her uncle by blood, Alathea considers Jak to be her brother.(The specifics of Jak should be written by Jak himself, if/when he can return to the game.)

Yuli Kovayar: Alathea's closest friend from her days in the White Tower. Yuli had been a Novice for several years when Alathea arrived at the White Tower. The two Novices quickly became friends, spending as much time together as possible. They studied together, commisserated over each other's troubles, and shared whatever gossip they'd heard with each other. When Yuli was promoted to Accepted less than a year after Alathea's arrival, they made an effort to remain friends, and despite the difficulty, maintained their relationship. Alathea was also promoted to Accepted after a number of years, and they were considered to be likely to become Aes Sedai at around the same time. At the times when one or the other have left the Tower, they've kept in touch as best they can. Yuli has expressed interest in joining the Blue Ajah, and despite her intent, remained with the loyalists when the Tower split. The last that Alathea has heard, Yuli remains in the Tower.

Kodokura: Alathea's confidant and lover. Best described by Kodokura himself!

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