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Neolandis Kalepopolis

Alagor Faelan's page

256 posts. Alias of Mihajlo Velickovic.

Hi, I read quite a bit of other threads and FAQ's before posting this, and I really hope I did not miss an answer somewhere.

I run a real-life campaign set in Forgotten Realms, and using PF rules, for quite some time now. One of the players had to drop-out due to various issues - point is, he actually still wants to play, but has problems coordinating schedule with the rest of us.

We have agreed to continue his PC in a "offshot" of the main campaign, where I would run a solo PbP for his character only. We both have decent knowledge of Paizo boards, and IMHO this would be the best place to continue.

I'm planning on making a new Solo Campaign Thread for him (and me, as GM), without recruitment.

Now my question is - would it be OK if I ran a PbP here for him in our own native (non-english) language? I believe I've noticed several german or french language threads here, but I am not sure, so I wanted to check with whomever is in charge if that would be acceptable?

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