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Akaizhar's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 41 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 3 Pathfinder Society characters.


Liberty's Edge

PM sent, thanks!

Liberty's Edge

Thanks Sean, I'll try that one :)

Liberty's Edge

Congrats on the new position!

Liberty's Edge

I prefer to fill out my char sheets on the computer and I found a decent char sheet here: . The problem is that when it is printed out, it doesnt allow you to put a "-" in the negative stats, it only colors them red, and the print is so tiny its hard to read sometimes. For some reason it also counts all knowledge skills even if you dont have a rank in them.

Does anyone have a better fillable char sheet that is not based in Excel (hate Excel with the passion of a thousand burning suns...)?

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Congrats Eric!

Great pics Robyn, looks like it was a lot of fun :)

Liberty's Edge

Ah very good, thanks for the info CatBunnyGnome (great name btw).

Liberty's Edge

Can someone please explain the reroll that is available after GenCon. The information I have so far is you can reroll characters that have played 3 or less scenarios, but how it works (especially on your character on the Paizo site) is confusing...

Yeah I know, a newbie thats confused, big surprise! :P

Liberty's Edge

Congrats Dave! It would be an honor to play at your table someday :)

Liberty's Edge

Akaizhar wrote:
Im playing with ability scores now and am getting conflicting info, is a score of 7 -2 or -4 for the modifier?

Nevermind! I was looking at the wrong chart :)

Liberty's Edge

Im playing with ability scores now and am getting conflicting info, is a score of 7 -2 or -4 for the modifier?

Liberty's Edge

carn wrote:

Whats the reason for Str 10?

As witch can nearly always influence each combat, each round with evil eye, sleep, healing touch (vs undead) or by casting spells and can use a crossbow, which uses dex to hit and has no str dam penalty, and does not carry armor and can replace str with int for combat maneuvers due to prehensile hair hex, i never saw any reason for str to be anything but 7. Fear of poisons or min/max angry GM?

I kept it at 10 for RP and Encumbrance reasons. 20 Intel drops the other stats too low for my liking. I prefer to have a more well rounded character. Yes it gives 1 more to DC and 1 more lvl 1 spell, but in the long run, with saves, and encumbrance, and many other factors, I decided it wasnt worth it.

Liberty's Edge

Gondolin wrote:

- «Yes but how do you know she is a witch?»

Go classic. Quarterstaff and a cat familiar.

Then, to see if she is made of wood...

- « build a bridge out of her.»

What also floats in water... Churches! Lead! A Duck!

So funny...

Anywho, thanks everyone for the excellent discussion.

I think I'm actually going to try one this weekend just to see if it will be a bit to tough for her top play out of the gate (or to get some tips for her).

Liberty's Edge

Very good point, thanks CRobledo :)

Liberty's Edge

Also, do we even need Wis above 10 for this character, or is it a waste of 2 pts?

Liberty's Edge

Oh she doesnt like being on the front line, even in computer games! She would rather stand in the back and piss enemies off ;)

Liberty's Edge

Great idea with the xbow Maggie, I think I'll suggest that :) I'll also look at some sort of wand or scroll or something for the things she's weak against. Thanks!

Liberty's Edge

Great advice, thanks guys. Keep it coming!

nosig wrote:

would be better to match the witch to your significant other ... ask her what she'd like and be sure to listen.

Be sure and suggest an Elf....

Oh it is what she wants, she doesn't like the fragile little Elfies.... :P

Liberty's Edge

+1 to Monty Python fans...

So I'm trying to get my significant other interested in PFS and wanted to help her build a Witch (I may play one as well depending).

1) What do you guys think of Witches in general? Helpful to parties, a detriment, etc. (ps: I know this is kind of a difficult class for a newbie)

2) What is the best weapon for a Witch starting out?

Here is the general build I have so far:

H. Orc (Shaman type Witch)
Str 10
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 18 (16 +2 for H. Orc)
Wis 12
Cha 8

First feat will be Extra Hex, and taking Raven or Owl for familiar.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Liberty's Edge

Corvus Cailean wrote:

*starts serving drinks and singing the battle cry of freedom in halfling*

*raises his stein* Cayden Cailean smiles on you little one.

Death to slavers everywhere!

Liberty's Edge

Deadmanwalking wrote:
Akaizhar wrote:

I can see many many uses for that.

Can someone answer my second question?

It applies while they are in melee. So, while they are within someone else's Reach or that other person is within theirs. If, by their current placement, someone could make a melee attack on them, or they could on someone else, then the -4 applies.

And, when you get a +6 BAB, switch out your Slingfor a composite longbow with an appropriate Str bonus, since the sling requires actions to reload, while the bow does not (letting you make full attacks with it). The sling'll likdely be fine till then, though.

Great, thats what I needed to know! Thanks Deadman :)

Liberty's Edge

I can see many many uses for that.

Can someone answer my second question?

Liberty's Edge

blackbloodtroll wrote:

Carry a sling. The great thing about a sling is, no matter how you pump your strength, you will always get full strength to damage.

Also, carry a net. There are just so many times when a net is very useful.

Oh! I didnt even think of carrying a net... great idea!

Liberty's Edge

blackbloodtroll wrote:

What's your build?

What's your God?
What's your Race?

Str 16

Dex 12
Con 13
Int 10
Wis 16 (14 +2 racial)
Cha 10
(Wearing Scale Mail main weapon is Great Axe.)

God is Cayden Cailean - using Exploration Domain (Door Sight really helped in today's scenario!)

Race is Half Orc

Liberty's Edge

Greetings all.

I posted before about some ranged Inquisitor questions I had, however, I decided to go the Melee route.

I did my first scenario (had a blast btw!) today with him and found that it would be nice to have some sort of ranged as a "backup" or for sneak attacks, difficult terrain, etc. I do have a sling and ammo, but I wanted something with more punch, so here are some questions (note: this is for PFS):

1) Shortbow vs Repeating Crossbow - my thoughts are the pros for Shortbow is the different types of ammo (blunt arrows for skellies, smoke arrows, etc) plus adding str modifier (str 16). The pros for the Crossbow are rate of fire, ability to shoot prone, and greater range. What do you guys think would be better? I have no intention of using any feats for ranged.

2) How does the -4 work for in melee enemies. Does that mean if they are approaching me, they are casting without anyone else in melee with them, or if I see them first the -4 does not apply? Obviously if they are fighting with my comrades, it applies, but I was confused as to when the -4 starts.

3) ?

4) Profit

Thanks for your help!

Liberty's Edge

Thanks Alexander :)

Liberty's Edge

After finishing a scenario, when you get your chronicle sheet, do you just get all the items in the "Items Found During This Scenario" section, and the associated cost is what they sell for? Therefore you can choose to sell them or keep them.


Are they now available for purchase at the costs listed?

Liberty's Edge

This is great info, especially for a new player like myself. Thanks for posting this!

Liberty's Edge

MacFetus wrote:

The short answer is: all of them. :)

If you look at the skill description, it tells you which knowledge applies to which creatures.


If the Inquisitor wants to know something more than the basic abilities of the more common creatures, ranks in the appropriate knowledge skill are needed.

Ahh very good. Thanks for that information and that chart, that is very helpful!

Liberty's Edge

I am making an Inq and I'm new to Pathfinder. Can someone explain which Knowledge skills apply to Monster Lore? The Inq gets a bonus (Wis modifier) to that Knowledge skill when trying to ID monsters, but it doesnt specify which one(s). It says "varies".

*brain melting*

Liberty's Edge

Thanks for all the great info everyone. This is really a great community!

Now free your slaves or I'll shoot you in da face!

*raises a stein to Cayden*

Liberty's Edge

lalallaalal wrote:
Aren't you required to have a deity for Society play?

Actually yes. I just confirmed that with one of our GM's, so I misread the PFS guide. Sorry for the confusion!

Liberty's Edge

Deadmanwalking wrote:

Even if sticking with a cause, LN looks deeply wrong for a freedom fighter, IMO. Chaotic Alignments seem more appropriate.

Cayden Cailean is fun, and playing an Inquisitor of his sounds neat.

Yeah, I agree, I wasnt quite sure which alignment to take since I'm new to Pathfinder. Thanks for the help with clearing that up Deadmanwalking! I think I'll go with CG.

Liberty's Edge

Midnight_Angel wrote:
Akaizhar wrote:
What about Cayden Cailean?
Hmm... Cayden is a CG deity. How does this sit with your char being LN?

I can change it, I havent played this char yet so I'll just have to tweak the backstory, no biggie.

Liberty's Edge

What about Cayden Cailean? Looks like fun being a drunken brute type god. Would be fun to RP that :) Still get the travel domain with him.

Would also open up rapier for close combat if I needed it.

Liberty's Edge

Ah ha! Thanks for that tidbit of info. I didnt even think about that... Which would you recommend Blackbloodtroll or Cheapy?

Liberty's Edge

blackbloodtroll wrote:
What is your god?

I have none (with GM approval). I fight for a cause instead of a God. Being Andoran, that cause is freedom (hate slavers) and democracy.

Liberty's Edge

Hokay so! Here is what I have come up with. Also, I am using this character for PFS so keep that in mind...

Stats as above
Alignment: LN
Archtype: Heretic (add Wis mod to Bluff and Stealth)
Domain: Exploration (Travel)
Traits: Fast Talker (+1 Bluff)
Hunter's Eye (no penalty for second increment) - This is from
Andoran faction in PFS
Sacred Tattoo (+1 Luck on save rolls - replaces Monster Lore)
Feat(s): Point Blank Shot
Equipment: Scale Mail, Short Bow, Spiked Gauntlet

Bluff 8
Intimidate 7
Knowledge Arcana: 4
Perception: 7
Stealth: 10
Survival: 7

Fort 4
Reflex 4
Will 6

Any tweaks you guys can see?


Liberty's Edge

Thank you everyone for your excellent advice! I will continue to build him tonight and post the "final" draft for your inspection :)

Liberty's Edge

I am new to Pathfinder and am trying to build a lvl 1 Inquisitor for PFS. Here is what I have so far:

Str 13
Dex 16
Con 12
Int 10
Wis 16 (14 +2 H. Orc racial)
Cha 10

He will be a H. Orc, ranged (shortbow), Alignment - prefer one of the neutral alignments. Now here are some questions...

1) Spells - For a brand new to Pathfinder character, what is recommneded for their first spells (4 lvl 0 and 2 lvl 1)? I assume Cure Light Wounds would be one of the first two lvl 1 spells.

2) Feats - Since I'm running ranged, I was thinking Point Blank Shot to start the path to Multi Shot. I will be in Scale to start with so I can take some hits if they come at me, and with Point Blank I'll get a bonus when they do. Please let me know if this is a good choice or not.

3) Domains - I was thinking either Feather or Travel.

4) Can someone please explain "Sacred vs Profane" in the judgements. All of the Judgements in the book say +Sacred. I cant find info on which would be better.

Thanks in advance for any help :)

Liberty's Edge

Midnight_Angel wrote:

The inquisitor is a spontaneous spellcaster, much akin to the Sorcerer (or Bard)... only that he uses Wis as his spellcasting stat.

This means, while you do not need to memorize your spells, you will only have a very limited spell library. If you choose CLW and Shield of Faith as your known Level 1 spells at character creation, those are all the Level 1 spells you'll know... until you gain levels and add to your repertoire.

At 5th, 8th, 11th, 14th, 17th and 20th level, you will be able to swap out one spell from your repertoire for another one of the same level.

Excellent info, thank you for explaining that to me Midnight_Angel! Much appreciated.

Liberty's Edge

Good morning all! I am brand new to Pathfinder and am about to build an Inquisitor. I'll put the stats etc in the Advice forum once I get these questions answered on the rules.

As I read the spell section for Inquisitor, I am somewhat confused. Do Inq's spontaneously cast whatever spells they know (with the "per day" restriction") like a Sorc, or do they choose which spells like a Cleric per day?

My Inq at first level will have 4 level 0 spells and 2 level 1 that he can cast per day. Lets say I choose Cure Light Wounds, and Shield of Faith for my 2 lvl 1 spells for that day, can I then swap out Shield of Faith for Bane the next day?

Thanks for your help everyone!

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