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AkaKageWarrior's page

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is there any way for raising the DC for the various critical hit feats, like Staggering Critical?
DC is usually 10 + BAB vs Fortitude.


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What about:
Preferred Spell (Fireball)?

Does that work for a domain-only spell?
If yes, you can use any spell slot above and incl. 3rd level to spontaneously cast fireball. Including metamagic!

Okay, you need heighten spell as a prereq.

Just talked to the other player, and when I told him that I'm thinking of playing a druid, he told me that a saurian druid is a must have... Well, this is something I don't like at all, maybe in a campaign where dinosaurs are typical animals, but we're playing in a world where even dragons are more common. So only for min-maxing, meh.

Thinking druid melee-shaper with ape companion now (tiger later), sounds okay, fits the campaign better. Any ideas for archetype?

The ranger animal companion is a little too squishy at level 4.

Is there any other class out there with a full animal companion?

Thanks so far guys!

I usually don't like it, when other players summon like crazy or have a whole zoo with them - but mostly because it slows down the game for everybody else.
But in a 2-man party I might consider the summoning druid with his pet...
"The wolf pack": druid has wolf companion, wildshapes into wolf, summons some more wolves... surely not the optimum, but sounds somehow cool.

Still open to more ideas!

Thanks for the advice!
I forgot to mention: alignment must be good, so no undead stuff.
The alchemist / barbarian combo sounds interesting, I'll have a look at that.


as we can't get all players together, we're playing a 2-player campaign on the weekend.

We start at level 4, 8000gp.
Races allowed: only core rulebook
Classes etc: only Paizo stuff: CRB, APG, ARG, Ultimate series

The other guy will surely play a spellcaster, so I need a character that is:
- melee capable
- versatile
- healing would be nice

My 1st thought was paladin, but I'm playing that in another campaign, so I want to try something else.

Any ideas?

Thanks so far, gimme some more, please! :)

A friend of mine just travels the world by bike, having a 11.6" Lenovo Thinkpad with him. He's quite happy with it.

Wow, thanks for the replies so far!

Hoping for more,


we recently had the question coming up:
A monk using a reach weapon and doing a whirlwind attack - can he attack using the reach weapon PLUS attack adjacent foes with unarmed strikes?

One of our players said yes, because the monk doesn't need to have free hands for unarmed strikes...

Your opinions?


Hello tablet-using role-players!

Please be so kind to answer the following questions, to learn from each other, to help noobs getting their stuff together.

To keep the answers readable, please quote/copy/paste from this initial post!

  • 1) Hardware / tablet

  • 2) Operating System

  • 3) Which of the following do you use for in-game input:
    pen / stylus / touchscreen keyboard / HW keyboard / mouse / anything else?

  • 4) list of apps and usage:

  • 5) How happy are you with your above mentioned setup? Please rate it on a scale from 0 (worst) to 10 (best).

  • 6) Any additional comments? Things how you might / will improve your setup?

Thanks for your time!

Hi there,

I'm thinking of buying a Windows 8 notebook with touch screen.
(I need Win 8 for work.)

So I'd like to use it for gaming sessions:
- character sheet as pdf
- scribble on that with a digitizer pen for changes like hitpoints, notes, buffs, ...

What kind of software do I need for that? Or has Win8 everything needed for that? Like using Acrobat + some "overlay" for writing with the pen?


Your party's wrong. Period.

1. Perception
2.+3. Stealth & Acrobatics
4. Survival

A fighter in mithral full plate with full move, stealth, acrobatics?

Grick wrote:

The Space, Reach, & Threatened Area Templates at use this house ruling.

Nice, thanks for the link!

Concerning which squares a creature can (whirlwind) attack, is this right?
(open spoiler please)

O = origin, square of attacker
X = can attack
- = can not attack

medium creature with lunge can attack those squares (24):

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 - - - - - - - - -
2 - - - - - - - - -
3 - - X X X X X - -
4 - - X X X X X - -
5 - - X X O X X - -
6 - - X X X X X - -
7 - - X X X X X - -
8 - - - - - - - - -
9 - - - - - - - - -

medium creature with lunge & reach weapon can attack those squares (40):

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 - - - - - - - - -
2 - X X X X X X X -
3 - X X X X X X X -
4 - X X - - - X X -
5 - X X - O - X X -
6 - X X - - - X X -
7 - X X X X X X X -
8 - X X X X X X X -
9 - - - - - - - - -

large creature with lunge & reach weapon can attack those squares (96):

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1
1 X X X X X X X X X X X
2 X X X X X X X X X X X
3 X X X X X X X X X X X
4 X X X - - - - - X X X
5 X X X - - - - - X X X
6 X X X - - O - - X X X
7 X X X - - - - - X X X
8 X X X - - - - - X X X
9 X X X X X X X X X X X
0 X X X X X X X X X X X
1 X X X X X X X X X X X

Edit: damn, sorry, formatting got lost due to non-courier font in actual post. :(

community domain: 1st level power calming touch removes fatigue

paladin's lay on hands mercy. anyway to combine paladin and barbarian alignment wise?

TPK is not common.
It should only happen if the party does a big or a lot of mistakes. If these mistakes are not so obvious, some warning by the GM (via NPCs or whatever) are fair.

If you find an encounter is unbalanced and might kill the whole party without their fault, you can always improvise: reduce monsters' hitpoints, send some help, ....

HawaiianWarrior wrote:


As for better armor, yeah it would be smart, but unfortunately I'm pretty deep into roleplaying this character as opposed to advanced technology.

She also hates money...
Sad that the system would break down so quickly from such a small thing.

Combining all that with your not so optimized character (even with the wrong ruling concerning the buckler - and even worse the ranger archetypes!!!!): bad idea, friend.

2 major questions arise:
- do you contribute to your party's success or just barely surviv with using up too many resources from the other party members?
- do you have fun playing that character?


I guess (I don't know any adventure path) there will be some dungeons, so try to get that terrain too.

You know that you don't get the buckler's AC bonus when using a weapon two-handed? AND you get -1 to attack.
Better get better & magic armor. In fantasy RPG you can make any armor look like you want it to look - ever heard of the chain bikini? ;)

Using that leather armor for role-playing reasons is like coming with a knife to a gunfight in the real world.
If you can use better equipment without any significant penalties, then do it.

For leveling, take the next ranger level for the feat and the will save, and prepare for horizon walker.

Selective Channeling first!
It the best low-level multi-target ranged healing.
We had it so often recently that our cleric could not use healing channeling in combat because there were too many monsters around also getting healed - becaus he did NOT choose that feat.

telepathy? anti-magic shell?

FrozIntime wrote:

I am a dwarf monk lvl 4. Do not get any magical items.
Stats are:
Str 18
Dex 18
Con 21
Int 19
Wis 20
Cha 12
How should I build my monk?


In our group we use quite high stats I thought (17/16/15/14/12/10 for example), but this is ridiculous! :)

As blackbloodtroll said: martial artist archetype with barbarian multiclass sounds good.

Fighter would be nice for feats and BAB. Styles!

Ninja for more ki powers.

Cleric for some use of your probably high wisdom.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
blackbloodtroll wrote:
Do not shame me with such a thread.

Page 2 was a little like sesame workshop... :)

Gandal wrote:

I don't use Herolab, i do all the maths when building magic items myself.

Adamantine weapons are automatically masterwork, so they have a non magical +1 to hit (only).
So, from the corebook:
Adamantine bastard sword +3000 gp (cost of the sword itself not included)
+1 enhancement +2000 gp
Keen property +2000 gp
for a total of 7000 gp if this is what you were asking.


Matthias wrote: creati ng-magic-weapons

"A magic weapon must have at least a +1 enhancement bonus to have any melee or ranged special weapon abilities."
So keen would need to be +1 keen so 8000gp

Adamantine cost:
Weapon +3,000gp

looks like you nailed it.


Quath wrote:

So as far as I can tell, the question breaks down to: can you gain a bonus to an ability you do not have yet?

Common sense tells me: no.

Shifty wrote:
AkaKageWarrior wrote:
... at the time you're getting that talent.
Which is a pretty important point, because thats when the bonus is applied :p

That's why I felt the urge to add that! :)

Shifty wrote:
Quath wrote:
But no where does it say that the "and granting all other favored terrains a +2 increase to the favored terrain bonus" from the first instance of the ability doesn't apply to the second instance.
Because they are NOT your favoured terrains.

... at the time you're getting that talent.

Vaellen wrote:
For Urban campaign uberness stack the Rogues favored terrain ability as much as you can and then take 3 levels of Horizon Walker for Terrain Dominance. You will tear enemies apart. Grab the Boots that add to the favored terrain bonus for extra carnage.

This is something I don't understand.

I don't see how Terrain Dominance allows you to stack all these bonusses.
Please explain.

Quath, this is so obviously clear, just listen to all the others.
Maybe take a break from it, have another look at it again tomorrow.

Jiggy wrote:
Hm. I was thinking a halfling oracle with 18 DEX, middling CHA, and 12 STR at level 1. Start with Weapon Finesse, then EWP:ECB at 3rd, bump STR to 13 at 4th, and take Power Attack at 5th.

Sounds like you could save some point-buy points by starting with dex 17 and bumping dex to 18 at 4th.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

"I'm dead and i'm totally out of idea of what to do now..."

What a great statement! :)

Nice build!

A couple of questions, though:

"Remember that when making a Whirlwind attack you can make a 5' step during its execution"
Really? Because it's stated as a full-attack action, not a full round action.

"You have the option to invoke the traditional Rage"
Wow, just found: "instead she may". amazing!

What about AC? No heavy armor, no shield!

In one of our campaigns I'm playing a halfelf paladin.
It's really fun, go for it!

I actually play a straight core paladin, smite, lay on hands, the spells, the auras, the divine bond (weapon) are all great abilities!
I'm fighting with a one-handed high-crit weapon ("great scimitar" from D&D 3e sandstorm, exotic weapon feat from ancestral arms from APG) and a buckler, so that I can easily switch to taking the weapon into both hands for more power attack oomph.

Right now we're level 8, I found that in the early levels with less smites/day a higher strength was really useful. As was- and still is - cleave.
Later on I'll go for the critical feats.

Just start playing and improvise a little if necessary.
By improvising I mean things like: PCs doing more damage than expected? The ogre has some 20hp more. Players complaining "ogres always have x hp!"? Your answer: "Like you humans do?" ...

goblin + paladin = very bad idea

Tell your DM you want to play something else.

If not possible: have a look at the paladin archer.

Tell him to change his ways and to learn the rules and to read the core book - or quit.

How boooooring can that be? An RPG where a player is not allowed to say anything? Except for out of game stuff?
Let him play such a character, and if he talks to the other players about in-game stuff, his vow of silence is broken.
What about talking to that guy? Other characters can't just walk up to that deaf guy and tell him anything. Okay, maybe he's reading lips - but in combat the other characters might be more than 30ft away, or just not able to face him.

Let him play, be bored, get on the other players' nerves and fail.


Jiggy wrote:

As per the aforementioned blog, those maneuvers are made without weapons unless you have a weapon with the Trip property. If you're using a flail, for instance, you can employ it in drag and reposition maneuvers and apply all relevant bonuses.

But where can I find that in the rules?

Or does that blog count as "rules"?

kinevon wrote:


Really, while the ability to avoid being tripped is minor, the addition of drag and reposition turn the trip build with a trip weapon into even more of a small scale battlefield controller.

But the reposition and drag maneuvers are made without weapons, right?

So it's just BAB + Str (+ feat bonus)?

HaraldKlak wrote:

Well you might also consider taking the armor off when sleeping... You could have an armored coat ready, if you are in a rush in the middle of the night.

Using your god-given powers just to save yourself the trouble of taking your armor on and off seems a bit lazy to me.

Sure, but every now and then you have to "survive the night", a rest you desperately need although you know chances are high to expect encounters.

HaraldKlak wrote:

Although an armor of comfort has the additional benefit that you can soil yourself without staining the armor. So it would also let the lazy (yet disgusting) paladin heed the call of nature, without having to waste time removing his breachers...

Disgusting... but LOL!

Umbranus wrote:
As someone already said there is the comfort armor enchantment.

Ah, I didn't get that! Just found it, but I have to talk to the GM, as we only use CRB, APG, UM, UC.

Thanks again!

I'm more interested in finding solutions for the fighter - without the access to spells.

As armor training does not mention sleeping in armor, it seems the only way is with either mithral medium armor (which becomes light), or with mithral heavy armor AND the endurance feat.

Isn't that just awesome?! At level 11, a fighter with armor training and mithral full plate can be as stealthy and acrobatic as anybody else without armor.
I love it!

But what about sleeping in armor? Anything I've overseen?
There the paladin with the fatigue mercy seems to be better off. Sleep in armor - LOH - fatigue gone...

Is that so difficult?
Just put him in the same level and give him as much gold and let's play.
When he's there and playing with you guys, just let him have the same fun that you do.
Nobody (GM, player, party) has to worry about playing/saving/protecting another squishy - just play.

That's the way we do it for some years now, as most of us have jobs and family, and we're even living about 250km apart. If we get at least 3 (of 5) players together, we play. Next time those who missed a session get the same xp and wealth the others had, so we're always even.

Just play whatever you like, the GM should take care that you have a fair chance. That's how we did it over the last years. When we didn't have a rogue, the GMs took care that there weren't any or too many traps, or that we could somehow solve or ship around the problems we encountered. (But mind: we have not played a non-self-made adventure (how do you call that?) for the last 20 years or so...)

Anyway, we usually agree on having a tank and a healer.

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