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Air0r's page

Goblin Squad Member. 379 posts. No reviews. No lists. 2 wishlists.


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thanks Castilonium, I just wanted to make sure their wasn't some wierd rule I was missing.

if you have levels of two martial initiating classes (say harbinger and stalker or something), is there anything preventing you from learning stances/maneuvers from the same discipline for both classes?

from page 31 Path of War:

"Counter: A counter is a fast, usually defensive maneuver that is used to prevent or respond to your opponent’s actions. A martial disciple who dodges just beyond an ogre’s reach is using a counter."
[cut some irrelevant text about iron tortoise using shields here.]
"Counters are immediate actions that you attempt during an enemy’s turn. Usually, your foe must make a specific action, such as an attack against you, for you to use a counter."

also, same page:
As this is bound to come up at the gaming table at least once in a while, a player or the DM will roll a natural 20 against a creature or player and the decision to use a counter will arise. Relax, here's the answer. Counters may be used against a critical hit except if the threatening attack roll was a natural 20. Critical hits from weapons with extended threat ranges (such as rapiers) can be countered if the threatening attack roll was not a 20."

that side bar is what makes me answer the way I do.

most counters come after the attack roll, but before the result is revealed, if I recall (don't have it open in front of me).

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some occasional 'side quest' style adventures have their appeal, but otherwise that home stretch to 20 would be a great place to settle into.
also, your own setting could be nice. it just needs a solid draw though. (also, leave no adventuring stone unturned; underwater, unique planes if any, heck, even some info on surrounding space just in case some starjammer inspiration hits you)

so, aegis soulknife can work really well. because of all the multiclassing you will likely be doing, Student of the Astral Suit and Fighter's Blade feats will be important as soon as possible. also, because of all the blade skills you have your eyes on, you may need to pick up Extra Blade Skill a few times to make up for lost levels and to be able to do some of that at a reasonable level. you will not have a bunch a free feats going this route though.

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I'd like some cerulean seas inspired adventures. (I am planning on running some players through a cerulean seas game, where after a few levels a massive starjammer ship, not sure what type yet, crashes into their sunken planet, releasing things that had been sealed away deep in the planet. but, now there is all this tech that no one knows how to use, and maybe even survivors if they act fast enough. like within a week fast? not sure)

also things with odd starting levels; most adventures I make up in my home games start at level 3 (past that point where an unlucky roll can one shot a character).

I dig it. you should get a small piece of fiction written up to go along with that art too. like a page or so.

Forrestfire Studios is working on a warlock class called 'Avowed'. It is good.

bloodrager (maybe with primalist archetype) is very barabarian-like and has no alignment restrictions.

So, does everyone just get the Technologist feat for free?

LMPjr007 wrote:

Normally, we don't like to do MORE classes for Pathfinder, but then hybrid classes were created and I became REALLY interested it what we could make. And then these two ideas popped up, and you can guess what happened next.

Guardian Protector = Paladin + Summoner

Herald = Cavalier + Bard

Interested yet? Coming soon from LPJ design and BEST of all we will be releasing playtest version that you can use and test out.


machinesmith + Cavalier= mobius mount

machinesmith + bard= replace standard spellcasting with the machinesmith prototypes, a mobius instrument that can double as another mobius item.

PossibleCabbage wrote:
The longer a rules question thread gets, the probability of a debate about what exactly the Magus is doing with his/her hands approaches 1.

That is a lot of interest about what they do with their hands. That is private info, thank you very much.

Small detail related to the Imp's poison. You have it described as soporific, which means to induce drowsiness or sleep. Was this an accident?
Should the imp get an alternate spellcasting option like some of the other monster classes?

for the feats:
Powerful Gaze: "The range of the gaze attack for you chose for
Ability Focus increases by 30 feet."
'for' should be 'that'

I could swear I saw a random grammar bit that caught my eye earlier, but, can't find it again.

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I have mixed feelings about the Hot-Blooded trait.
one one hand, it is nice. but on the other hand, it kind of feels like a must have have trait for kineticists.

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sadie wrote:

mekka2000 wrote:
What would be PERFECT should be a sheet for Spheres of power things. Not a new character sheet for each classe, but at least 1 sheet where you can put your spheres, your talents, caster level, spell pool, ...
Vote for Spheres of Power has been noted. I do actually keep a big list of all the stuff people ask for most often, even if I only work my way through the list slowly.

you can go ahead and put in a vote from me as well then.

Reviewman wrote:
Lirya wrote:
Air0r wrote:
I was doing a simple class DPR comparison recently. By level 8 many martial classes seem to be right above 100 to about 138 (in the case of the barbarian). Admittedly, my calculations didn't take nat 20s, nat 1s, or misses into account. (this definitely caused a skewed result for unchained rogues who were dual wielding, who are looking at something close to 180 on a full attack with average damage and no misses)

I don't know how you reached that high numbers, but using Elite Array + normal WBL I think only really maxed out natural attack builds or heavily buffed ones come anywhere close to this Striker. It is too much and some of these options need to be nerfed.

** spoiler omitted **...

He got those numbers because he didn't actually calculate DPR. He didn't calculate misses, so he's describing average damage assuming each attack lands.

oh yeah, I looked over my math again and remembered i had done the math over a 2 round span to better show oof how some classes with recharging abilities might have less longterm damage even if they can hit harder for 1 round. so yeah, half those numbers i mentioned if you are only talking 1 round. my bad.

just don't forget some of your older reading material when writing this. I am of course talking about 'the Book of Erotic Fantasy' from the 3.5 era.

Lirya wrote:

I was looking at some math for the Striker, and with Alternative Unarmed Training, Improved Critical, Deadly Hand, Finesse Training, Heavy Arms Training, Launching Counter, and Set Up Strike (and 8 talents in Boxing + Open Hand) I can get above 140 DPR (against enemies that can fall) with a 10th level elite array character.

140 DPR is enough to 1-shot a typical CR 10 monster according to Monster Creation, and it is way more damage than typical martial characters are able to pull off.

I think especially allowing a x3 crit multiplier to stack with Deadly Hand, the +2 accuracy from Equipment Sphere, and the damage dice increase from Heavy Arms Training should be considered for nerfing. There are some similarity with PoW Broken Blade where various unarmed damage increases that individually looked acceptable. However, when each of the factors in the damage calculation grows the end result grows exponentially due to them all being multiplied with each other.

I was doing a simple class DPR comparison recently. By level 8 many martial classes seem to be right above 100 to about 138 (in the case of the barbarian). Admittedly, my calculations didn't take nat 20s, nat 1s, or misses into account. (this definitely caused a skewed result for unchained rogues who were dual wielding, who are looking at something close to 180 on a full attack with average damage and no misses)

Noticed a spelling error in the Mystic Mimicry feat (in the Woodlands release): "This breath weapon takes the shape of a 60-foot line or a 30-foot cone, chosen when you breath."
breath should likely be breathe.

Additionally, speaking of pseudodragons:
What happens to their sting attack if they become larger (whether through spells or powers such as expansion, or even just aegis levels)? specifically, would it have reach?

I figured it out after i noticed an endzeitgeist review of a revised bloodforge.

New questions!
in the true dragons release there is a curious feat chain: humanoid form followed by half-dragon form. seems super cool, though one line struck me as odd:
"natural weapons (though you can only retain the ones
appropriate to your new size)"
What does this mean exactly? what natural weapons would be inappropriate to your new size?
for example, by 3rd level any of the dragons in that release (and pseudodragons, oddly enough) can have these two feats selected. some would be tiny size (such as black dragons or copper dragons) and some small. because you are capable of selecting a medium form, would this mean that all of your natural attacks would be inaccesible at this point?
going the other way with this, once you get to higher levels your dragon form will be larger than medium...

Hold on, I got you:
The Nightmare archetype from PoW:E gives you access to the Black Seraph martial discipline (the intimidate focused one).
then you can focus on eventually picking up hurtful and cornugon smash. among other things.

last bump


I'd tend to agree that monkey goblins count as goblins for the purposes of prerequisites and whatnot. if nothing else just take adopted.

Dreamscarred Press's Bloodforge introduced the Mixed Blood feat. their latest release, Bloodforge Infusions: esoteric energy introduced the same concept as a trait (though i notice some differences).
Is the trait a form of retcon of the feat, or are they both intended to exist alongside each other?

so, I'll be doing an iron gods game soon and the DM okays my android soulknife (Brutality Blade) concept.
two questions that I have:
1) they still have access to normal blade skills, right?
2) The Manifest Rage Blade ability mentions that it can be used to add special weapon properties (such as flaming or keen) to your blade. Can this be done at level 1, or would you need to wait till level 3 to make use of this part of the ability?

thanks for the replies!
So, I am basically making two attack rolls when combining disrupt with gun or just two damage rolls?


any new news?

medic is out.

DSP's Forgeborn and Noral please?

Recently I was looking at the Grammaton archetype for cryptic, when I saw that their disrupt pattern gets a strange change:

"Disrupt Pattern

The grammaton is only able to use the disrupt pattern ability when making ranged attacks with a handgun."

1a) Does this mean that I am adding my Disrupt Pattern and Enhanced Disruption damage to my gun attacks?
1b) Insights that modify disrupt pattern would still go off, right?
1c) Does handgun mean just any gun or specifically one handed guns?

Unrelated to the above:
2) Would this archetype count as a gunslinger for the purposes of the 'special' line of the Gunsmithing feat (a feat they get for free)?
3) Couldn't you literally take the Psionic Repair talent (or similar abilities you could grab from multiclassing) and then just repair you gun of it's broken condition, basically right away?

Ssalarn wrote:
Air0r wrote:

my previous game died due to schedule conflict. That said I have looked at the half-dwarf and am curious about why they are psionic? Nothing wrong with it, but it seems kinda left-field.

Related: "Their sterility removes them from one of the most fundamental aspects of being alive."
this struck me as an very odd detail. not bad, just... weird.

Will their be some alternate racial traits for half-duergar?

Sounds like they're based on the Dark Sun Muls, which are bald and sterile dwarf/human hybrids.

I can see that now (but didn't notice before)!

Still thinking a half-duergar options would be fitting too.

my previous game died due to schedule conflict. That said I have looked at the half-dwarf and am curious about why they are psionic? Nothing wrong with it, but it seems kinda left-field.

Related: "Their sterility removes them from one of the most fundamental aspects of being alive."
this struck me as an very odd detail. not bad, just... weird.

Will their be some alternate racial traits for half-duergar?

Player Killer wrote:
Does anyone know if this conversion ever got made?

it did not. their are pathfinder products made for it though!

So did this get handed off to another company, shelved for later, or something else?

any new news?

while i absolutely love the Moonlight Meditant, the "In Wolves' Clothing" ability seems to give a lot all at once at level 4:
8 temporary HP (more as you level) that you can continuously refill with successful attacks
+10 foot to all speeds
deflection bonus equal to Con mod (as long as you still have temp HP)
size boost (later levels this grows, but that isn't a big issue later)
also the size boost doesn't come with penalties (this is also fine)

also, would this archetype have access to feral heart blade skills (the ones that make sense anyway)?

any new news?

ASharkInAPanzerNamedShark wrote:
How easy is Akashic to use, in your experience? Does it mesh well with the other two and Vancian spellcasting as a whole?

It is very easy to use. Pick you effect, turn it on, leave it on (if it is like that), and maybe invest some essence (low levels you can only invest 1 essence per veil, though as you level you can eventually invest up to 4 at high levels, maybe more if you have class features or a feat that allows it).

That is my experience anyway.

As for the other two, they all work quite well. I have almost considering knocking the core book's classes out of the game in favor of DSPs classes

Tienmo wrote:

i want to convert a Martial Artist (from Tripod Machine)to something like the Stalker from PoW. I've seen the Archetypes for non-martial Classes, but what would I have to get rid of from the Martial Artist to give him Maneuvers and Stances?

could you link us to the class (if it is available d20PFSRD)? that could help.

Tienmo wrote:
sorry if this doesn't belong here. but i looked on the message boards pertaining to Martial Training feats from PoW. my question is if you are playing a Stalker, could you use Martial Training 1 to get the Cursed Razor discipline and then would it be considered one of your disciplines? if so, then i could use the Stalker's natural progression of martial maneuvers for Cursed Razor, correct?

I do not think it works that way.

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taig wrote:

Entries into Legendary Games' drawing: Gerald, Bardess, Air0r, and DJEternalDarkness.

there are a lot of pages to wade through, do we PM them or the other way around?

quoting the abilities would probably be helpful. I think there is a feat that lets you pick a single psionic feat and always count as focused for that feat. probably easier than going mythic.

Me and a friend are having different interpretations on how paladins spellcasting works, and we would like to see who is more accurate.

My interpretation: you need 8 hours rest followed by 1 hour of meditation to gain your daily spell slots/prepare your spells. And that this process can be done once (except to fill spell slots that are empty and unused).

His interpretation: you only need 1 hour of meditation to get your spell slots/prepare spells. And this process can be done as many times in a day as you want, providing as many spell slots as you need.

for reference:

2 people marked this as a favorite.

yay, I won a thing (with a 3)! sent PMs. it's just Pyromanic press and dire rugrat for 3, right?

Sir Antony wrote:
I would argue Frostbite wouldn't apply in that case, as it refers to the winter wolf's bite, not "...makes a bite attack..."

probably. would be cool though.

the new version of the Woodlands PDF still has the Winter Wolf's scent ability as not matching between rules text and the chart.

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