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Agarthian Storyteller's page

2,155 posts. Alias of Dragonborn3.

About Agarthian Storyteller

Juno & Maru: The Enhancers
Tamara: Material Mimic
Shara: Juggernaut

Adsila's Room/Indoor Garden

Kitty and Michael's Theme

Ice Wing Racial Features:
Type: Outsider (Native) (3 RP)
Size: Medium (0 RP)
Base Speed: Normal Speed (0 RP): The race has a base speed of 30 feet.
Ability Score Modifiers: Standard (0 RP) (+2 Dex, +2 Cha, -2 Wis)
Languages: Linguist (1 RP) Common, Ignan, Auran, any
Racial Traits:
- Ice for Blood (5 RP) turns cold damage into healing on a 1:1 basis
- Emissary (1 RP)
- Focused Study (4 RP)
- Nimble Attacks (2 RP)
- Elemental Affinity: Cold(1 RP)
- Elemental Immunity(Cold) (4 RP)
- Elemental Vulnerability(Fire) (-2)
- Spell-Like Ability, At-Will: Beast Shape I(Medium bird only) (6 RP)
Total RP: 25

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