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Keyra Palin

Aerys aka DM Stephen's page

16 posts. Alias of terok.


Anton, you are not sure where to begin, the city is just to large to start without any clues. You do find one potion of reduce person for sale. The Alchemist you talk to says he can have another made for you in a couple of days.

The day is mostly quiet until that evening when Aerys walks in the door with another women. They spot you and ask if they can join you.
Hello me friends. I would like to introduce you me old captain, Kassata Lewynn. She has a proposition for you.

She introduces herself and asks if she can buy you some drinks. SHe tells you a little about herself, she is the captain of a ship named the Last Hurrah and has heard about the city that you seek. She is a Free Captain of the Shackles and is hoping to ally with you to get to the city and explore. She is offering you 500gp each, 1000gp each once the city is found. She will also supply you with 6 of her sailors to use as guards or to help with your attempts to find the city. She tries to be as friendly as she can including flirting with several members of the party but you get a sense that she knows she doesn't have the strongest case to build but she makes it clear that her sailors need you and you would be treated well. She also makes sure you understand that she can set up a swift river route back to civilization to a fast trade route, hoping that will be another selling point...

Why bring trouble where it doesn't exist today? If it starts a fight I will be the first on board with destroying far it has seemed to be an almost neutral party. Of course you all have dealt with it more than we have.

Niɱ wrote:

Nim does not know what to make of the news that the RMD has been keeping company with the other castaways.

@ Aerys I have no idea. Why is it not here now? Has it been coming and going? The same times each day?

It comes and goes at various times, but it has been here the last two evenings. Maybe it has seen you all and decided to stay away?

I am not sure exciting is the word I would use, more like nerve wracking. It is an interesting creature though. The lizard was a nice touch though.
Do you think it will be back now that you are back?

Either that or we kill the Mountain Devil before we go into the mouth it spoke of. We could get it here to talk and all of us could ambush it...between all of us we should be able to finish it. Then the only real threats would be the Singing bird women and that b%@&~ who stuck us here.

I agree with Sasha. Let's kill them all, the Devil, the crazed wood b!*&&, and Ieana or whatever she is.

Aerys comes to with a gasp as Mihai fixes some of her wounds...

Mihai...Anton!, she hugs you both You are a sight for sore eyes. Where are all of the Cannibals, did you drive them off?

As you give her the story of what happened she shakes her head, I will never underestimate you all, you have proved your might again. I hope the others are okay as well but I agree, we should go for them in the morning.


She sits back down looking ashamed, The berries are helping. Anton was kind and brought them to me. Nora had also known of my condition and kept it in confidence. Thank you for offering and keeping my confidence as well. Maybe I was wrong, at least about the few of you...I would welcome the help.
Sorry, Anton has been working this bit of RP for sometime as well, there is an RP reward for helping each of the castways which I have changed up we will figure something out around it possibly.

Cracking her knuckles again, Give me 30 minutes alone with the creature and I will have him talking! smiling at are not sure if you really believe she is capable of it, but it seems to be a good show.

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Yep Aerys slugs the man back with all of her force behind it...
I hope you like trying to eat with no teeth, ye flesh eater!

unarmed strike 1d20 + 5 - 1 + 1 + 1 ⇒ (16) + 5 - 1 + 1 + 1 = 22 dam 1d3 + 2 + 2 + 1 ⇒ (3) + 2 + 2 + 1 = 8

Yeah, I am ready to break some Cannibal skulls!


As Aerys looks on your offering, some tears come into her normally hard eyes...Do you really think they might work? It has been so hard dealing with this and trying to survive on the island.
Thank you Anton, you have been a friend to me and asked nothing in return. If there is anyway I can repay you...just ask. If this works I can finally be free has been so long.

She gives you a big hug!

Retcon to the night before.
It seems a little odd for her but Aerys suddenly hugs Anton. He seems to be giving her your newfound bag of berries...

Anton Green wrote:
Completely emotionally exhausted from the events of the day, Anton walks into his sanctuary to find strangers, and stops. At Aedalis's words, the grief-stricken halfling gives a barking laugh. "Dangerous?" He sobs and covers his eyes, waving his other hand at them. "I'm sorry, I just... I'll meet you later, I can't do this right now." He runs off into a familiar part of the jungle nearby, somewhere tranquil where he can compose his thoughts about his loss.


After some time alone, you feel a hand on your shoulder, Aerys squeezes it and then sits down by your side on the log, You did well by me little man, so I will return the favor.
Nora was liked well by all of us. This damned island will be the death of us, unless you and your friends stay strong and help to get us through this and out of here. I don't know what happened...I probably don't want to know by the looks of it.
We all die at some point, the main thing is how we live the journey. We need you Anton....I need you. Stay strong for us.

She says little more other than wrapping her arm around your shoulder and allowing the silence to take hold of you both.

Luckily, the way back to is clear of dangerous predators. You stumble into Aerys who helps to take Nora out of Nim, tired arms.

What happened to you all, and poor Nora., a tear comes to her eyes and she puts a tender hand to her face, She was of kind nature, she will be missed.

Jask seems particularly hard hit. Gelik looks over at two new arrivals, sitting near the fire who look up at you with some trepidation...from their general condition they also look like they have been shipwrecked or at least had a very bad time recently. Their faces are sunburned and peeling and they look a little sickly.

Aedalis & Mihai:

You have gotten the impression that the other castaways look up to these 5 as their saviors and pretty much their leaders. When they arrive they are covered with blood and look like they have been through you guys need any details on the castaways or have you read over some of their interactions with them?

Aerys hesitantly answers you is a book I am writing. It is a story about overcoming great challenges and facing great odds, not unlike what we are facing now. It is probably nothing you would really be interested in.

It is pretty obvious by now that Aerys is still suffering from something, Nora has seemed pretty tight lipped about it other than to say something about her being sick...she just seems to be struggling most of the time...


Late that day as you are tending to Aerys she admits to you her condition.
I have been at the bottle for too long. I can't stand this feeling...the shakes, the pain....I have heard that Viper Nettle berries can help with the recovery...I am guessing you don't have anything to drink do you??? Well I suppose if you happen to run across any of these berries while wondering about the island could you get me some? It would be a great boon to soon as I can get better I will certainly put my fighting skill to use defending the camp!

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