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Hoary Muntjac

AbsolutGrndZer0's page

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber. 1,098 posts (1,217 including aliases). 3 reviews. No lists. 1 wishlist. 5 aliases.


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Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Loren Pechtel wrote:
Chris Lambertz wrote:
Removed a post. File sharing/piracy isn't OK here.

Huh? Scribd is a pirate site????

It's a long out of print book, I thought the link was legitimate.

Even if it's out of print, unless it's being distributed via legal channels, it's still not legal.

For example, a group I was with years ago that shared PDF scans of West End's Star Wars d6 game once directly asked West End if it was okay, and paraphrased, their answer was that while it didn't bother them since they were out of print, they must say that no it's not okay, because it very much does bother LucasFilm and Wizards of the Coast who now hold the license (and then to expand that to today, I'm sure Wizards of the Coast would say a similar thing, they might not care specifically if you pirated their Star Wars books being that they are all out of print, BUT they still have to say no, as now Fantasy Flight Games holds the new license)

In the end, unless it's become public domain, being out of print does not make sharing a book outside of approved channels okay.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Dylos wrote:
AbsolutGrndZer0 wrote:
Um okay, so... why is Combat Expertise a must? It's melee weapon only, at least as I am reading the feat on d20pfsrd so you can't use it with guns...
It is required for Improved Feint and Two Weapon Feint.

Ah, those pesky worthless but required feats...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Owen KC Stephens wrote:
AbsolutGrndZer0 wrote:
how does this compare and contrast to the ninja (where by the way I am here asking this after I saw an ad on d20pfsrd's ninja page) in general terms?
The shadow warrior is a fighting class. It has a full +1/level attack progression, all martial weapons (though a focus on and good reason to use exotic weapons), and some shadow powers. The shadow powers of a shadow warrior are more like a ranger's nature power or a cavalier's order -- they alter its flavor and focus, and in this case expand the class's Stealth utility, but it's still primarily a fighting class rather than a sneaky class.

Cool, thanks! Addding it to my wish list now then :D

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Rynjin wrote:
redward wrote:
Rynjin wrote:
Will McCardell wrote:

It's a 250 page text-heavy book. The fact that there are so few errors is remarkable. Check out the Shadowrun 5e core rule book, and you'll see what I mean :)


Just because someone else did it worse, does not make this book better.

250 pages isn't even a lot of pages. I've seen 800 page novels with less blatant editing mistakes than this.

I don't know how you could possibly think that's a valid comparison.

How is it not?

Both are published works. Both have an editor, or team of editors working to make sure mistakes don't make it to print.

Is it possible to head off all mistakes? No.

But missing THIS MANY? Somebody dropped the ball. Hard.

Devil's Advocate (I've not read the ACG) but you want to see a total editor was on vacation so we just published it novel, check out the First Edition of Laurell K. Hamilton's Incubus Dreams. It was re-edited for the paperback version, but the hardcover copy was nigh unreadable except for those people (like me) who are able to naturally correct mistakes in their head without consciously noticing them (it's why I could never be an editor! I don't even notice the mistakes, because my mind automatically corrects them). It wasn't until after I read the book and read about all the issues, then went back specifically looking for them that I saw just how horrendously bad the book's editing was.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Jack Assery wrote:
About one page per class, making up 1-2 archetypes and some option for others (rage powers only for barbarian, with only one good power with a level 6 and rp prerequisite). There is a couple options people think are good, like the mutagen fighter or exploit wizard, but it was mostly ineffectual.

So then the majority of the book is still the new classes? :( Sounds like I might just have to get the archetypes off of d20pfsrd or Nethys then... which is sad, I want to support Paizo when I can, but I just can't justify buying an entire book that I am going to more than likely completely ignore 90% of it.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

OKay, so then I have a question for those of you that have the book. As for the "new classes" I have no interest whatsoever. I think we have enough classes already, what I want is more archetypes to work with and customize the classes we already have.

That said, I do see a lot of talk about archetypes in this thread, so how much of the book is the new classes and how much would still be viable if I were to completely ignore the new classes?

I am particularly interested in what I saw about the "Eldritch Scion" and wonder how it compares to the "Cabalist" from Super Genius Games?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Uncle Taco wrote:

The Eldritch Scion's Eldritch Pool replaces the arcane pool, but I was wondering if it also means that archetypes that modify the arcane pool do not stack with it.

For instance the last sentence of Eldritch Pool says

Eldritch Pool wrote:

This has no effect on the eldritch scion’s skills or skill points. This ability replaces arcane pool, and abilities that modify arcane pool also modify eldritch pool.
The Greensting Slayer archetype modifies the arcane pool. Now normally, I know if two archetypes touch the same class feature, then they cannot be taken together, but the wording on Eldritch Pool specifically allows abilities that modify arcane pool to also modify it. So ultimately, my question is: can I take both of those archetypes at the same time?

Hmmm, I would say yes because of the abilities that modify arcane pool also modify eldritch pool part, but, that's just my opinion of how I'd rule in my own games.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

So, I was thinking about this lately (as in just now), but why has Dungeons and Dragons always said that "vermin" are a - intelligence?

Charles Darwin, 1871 wrote:
It is certain that there may be extraordinary activity with an extremely small absolute mass of nervous matter; thus the wonderfully diversified instincts, mental powers, and affections of ants are notorious, yet their cerebral ganglia are not so large as the quarter of a small pin’s head. Under this point of view, the brain of an ant is one of the most marvellous atoms of matter in the world, perhaps more so than the brain of man.

Is it their size? A blue whale's brain is larger than ours, but they aren't more intelligent.

This article explains how an insect brain works, explains when their behavior is instinctual and when it's actually learned, and why it's very hard to quantify intelligence.

So, is it just Gygax and Arneson didn't know any insect biology, decided that insects are so undeniably stupid that they don't even rate a 0 intelligence and are in fact no more intelligent than a reanimated corpse?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
claudekennilol wrote:
Scythia wrote:
Bandw2 wrote:

at people who are like "how do they even know?"

only female cats have multiple colorings.

My male Siamese cat, with both dark and light brown fur was female? Learn something every day. :P

I think what you meant is that only female (and the rare XX male) cats are calico.

He misspoke (or was misinformed). Because of feline genetics almost all Calico (official definition of calico being having fur of white, black, and orange (each color can vary by shade)) cats are female. It is extremely rare to have a calico male. Your two-toned cat was not a calico cat.

Right, it's calico because the calico genes are only carried on the X chromosome, so the cat must have TWO X genes with the calico trait to be a calico... something that a male cannot normally have. However, the male calico are XXY, known as Klinefelter's Syndrome. It can affect all species, even humans. I said this earlier in the thread, but am repeating it since you said the "rare XX male" which is mispeaking yourself, since an XX is female.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Terquem wrote:

The part that was left out, the part that years later, Dear claimed he used the whole "D&D" thing as a way of keeping the real possible people involved from suspecting he was on to them, I believe is the most important part of the story. Also, the unconfirmed story that an Editor at Dragon magazine had spoken to Dear about how the detective would use the D&D spin to his advantage, would also be interesting to get to the bottom of.

All in all, it might make a very good drama.

Particularly if it is sensitive to the problems Egbert was realy dealing with, acceptance, understanding, a feeling of isolation. Growing up different.

Dear, I believe is aproaching 80 years of age, time is limited.

Well, right if they told the WHOLE story and not just straight from the book as published, that would be a good movie that would give the truth behind the D&D scare of the 80's, but if it was just straight from the book as written, then it would just be pure oh look D&D is evil, it nearly killed this boy!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I decided to create a feat based somewhat upon the Kitsune's Fox Shape feat... This way, while I know I CAN just GM fiat her the ability, as I said, I prefer to keep it somewhat fair, plus this way there's no reason a player couldn't play such a concept too.

Cat Shape

Prerequisite: Cha 13, catfolk, Catfolk Exemplar

Benefit: You can take the form of a cat whose appearance is static and cannot be changed each time you assume this form. Your bite attack’s
damage is reduced to 1d3 points of damage on a hit, but
you gain a +10 racial bonus on Disguise checks made to
appear as a cat. Changing from catfolk to cat shape is a
standard action. This ability otherwise functions as beast
shape II, and your ability scores change accordingly.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Was the first line intended to make us all immediately think of Ron Perlman, saying "War. War never changes."

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Terquem wrote:

Now we just need someone to secure the rights to "The Dungeon Master" from William Dear before it is too late.

The Dungeon Master

I own this book, have read it three times (Egbert and I were almost the same age, he was one year older than me. He started playing in late 78, early 79, whereas I began playing D&D in 1976)

Dear's book would be a great film

Eh, not so much... that book wasn't hilarious like Dark Dungeons is, and in fact it was that book that really set off the whole D&D is evil craze in a lot of ways. There was a LOT more to the story, but it was left out in order to protect Egbert's privacy (which is noble, don't get me wrong) but... that left D&D as the scapegoat for all that happened... and it lit the fire under the religious right.

It's kind of the same reason the D&D community hates Mazes & Monsters. Because, plain and simple, the kid in Mazes & Monsters is mentally ill. If it wasn't D&D fueling his illness, it would be something else. But, the movie (and the book it was based on) doesn't tell you that. They just tell you how evil D&D is and how it's the root of all the problems when it's not, it's just the chosen "outlet" for already existing mental issues. (And I'm not judging anyone here, I have my share of mental issues in my family and myself)

So, unless they worked with William Dear to put the WHOLE story, even the stuff he left out of the book in the movie, then that movie very much would do more harm than good, because as I said that's the book that lit the fire.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Ravingdork wrote:

Because it allows you to have a CL of X. If the prerequisite is < X, then you meet the requirement.

It's kind of like how some abilities have feat prerequisites; the prerequisites don't differentiate between bonus feats and standard feats, or fighter feats and metamagic feats. As long as you have the feat AT ALL, you qualify.

The same thing goes for caster level. Caster level requirements are almost never specific (and if they are, it's usually to specify arcane or divine). The source of the caster level or the limitation of it is inconsequential. All that matters is that YOU have said caster level AT ALL. This is why aasimar fighters can craft magical items without having to take Master Artisan (they have a caster level from their racial daylight spell-like ability).

Okay, I have a specific for you...

Changelings descended from a green hag may take "Object of Desire" which gives them a +1 Caster Level to Charm Person and Charm Monster. SO, does that count too? So, a level 8 witch can take (with the retraining rules you can take feats that you qualify for NOW but did not at the original level, says so in the FAQ last I checked) Improved Familiar and get a level 9 required familiar?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Okay, had an even more hilarious thought... she'll be a ninja and pretend to be the witch's familiar. The witch in question being a cartomancer, who therefore doesn't have a familiar. :P

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hmm i'd say if the character is a dwarf then Torag would be good, but Torag is really about protecting the dwarven people (or your people, for the humans that follow him)... whereas Iomedae's paladin code is alllll about killin bad stuff.

Faiths of Purity pg. 26, Iomedae Paladin Code wrote:


The paladins of Iomedae are just and strong. Their
mission is to right wrongs and eliminate evil at its root.
They are crusaders and live for the joy of righteous battle.
They serve as examples to others, and their code demands
they protect the weak and innocent by eliminating sources
of oppression, rather than the symptoms. They may back
down or withdraw from a fight if they are overmatched,
but if their lives will buy time for others to escape, they
must give them. Their tenets include:
• I will learn the weight of my sword. Without my heart
to guide it, it is worthless—my strength is not in my
sword, but in my heart. If I lose my sword, I have lost a
tool. If I betray my heart, I have died.
• I will have faith in the Inheritor. I will channel her
strength through my body. I will shine in her legion,
and I will not tarnish her glory through base actions.
• I am the first into battle, and the last to leave it.
• I will not be taken prisoner by my free will. I will not
surrender those under my command.
• I will never abandon a companion, though I will honor
sacrifice freely given.
• I will guard the honor of my fellows, both in thought
and deed, and I will have faith in them.
• When in doubt, I may force my enemies to surrender,
but I am responsible for their lives.
• I will never refuse a challenge from an equal. I will give
honor to worthy enemies, and contempt to the rest.
• I will suffer death before dishonor.
• I will be temperate in my actions and moderate in my
behavior. I will strive to emulate Iomedae's perfection.

While an inquisitor wouldn't be beholden to the Paladin's code, it's still a good idea of what Iomedae expects of her paladins, an inquisitor should at least try to live up to that when he can.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Owen KC Stephens wrote:
Oceanshieldwolf wrote:
Owen KC Stephens wrote:
That's being corrected as we speak, and everyone will get the updated version free.

[Emphasis most certainly by me] Seeing as a purchased PDF that is updated is updated in one's downloads automatically, does this mean something else? ;)

No, it means exactly that. But some folks haven't had a purchased pdf be updated, and might be worried they should wait to buy this to make sure they get the update.

And they shouldn't. They should buy it now. :)

Yeah, that's one of my favorite things about buying PDFs from Paizo. But, it's good to see clarification for those that might not know how awesome Paizo is yet in regards to PDFs.

On a note about the actual product, how does this compare and contrast to the ninja (where by the way I am here asking this after I saw an ad on d20pfsrd's ninja page) in general terms?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Yeah, I agree with Iomedae, in fact if you know someone who has Faiths & Philosophies, it has a really cool in-world Iomedae propaganda spread that's a spot on parody of how certain religions can be so anti-everyone else, but it I think would give you some good insight into being a witch hunter of Iomedae :D

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Taenia wrote:

Look at Kitsune + Fox shape feat for comparison. Have it cost a feat and it should work out, both would use the same spell and be limited in a similar fashion.

Keep in mind that as a sorceress she won't be able to cast in animal form without an equivalent of Natural Spell.

Ah, yeah that sounds like it might work... kind of a Catfolk version of the Kitsune's feat (which I have already houseruled to grant you "wild shape" to allow the taking of Natural Spell, just cause the way i see Kitsune in Japanese legend they are consummate sorcerers, so making them unable to cast spells just doesn't make sense to me.)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

That's what I thought... :( Maybe I'll switch out one or two of her catfolk racial traits for it.

Hmmm... Thinking of trading Cat's Luck and Sprinter... thoughts anyone?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Bandw2 wrote:

only female cats have multiple colorings.

Uh... what? I think my childhood cat who was a black and white cat would be interested to know he was a female cat. Unless, you mean something different about "multiple colorings" like maybe calico?

However, even if you DO mean calico, male calicos do exist, they are just extremely rare, generally have impaired vitality and are almost always sterile (In fact, they have Klinefelter's Syndrome)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I am working on an NPC (catfolk) with the extra ability that she can turn into a common housecat at-will. While I can GM fiat her this ability, I'd prefer to find a way to do it within the rules. Class wise, she's going to be a sorceress, which while that would allow her to have the spell Beast Shape II, it wouldn't be at will and the duration is really small. Part of her concept is that she spends most of her time in common housecat form and others don't know she's anything other than a strange white Turkish Angora cat.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Wow, that's awesome, never realized that it was that non-specific about where the CL comes from...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Secane wrote:
Dread Knight wrote:
My only advice would be to pick up the Blood of the Angels book which has the original Whimsy Subdomain in it and just run with that one instead of the the one from Inner Sea Gods.

From Additional Resources

"Subdomains: all subdomains on page 27 are legal except the whimsy subdomain"

That option is closed off. :(

Oh, well yes if you are running PFS. But, most people tend to assume you are NOT running PFS, at least outside of the PFS part of the messageboards. Especially when PFS makes rulings that contradict the RAW and the official clarifications of that RAW (case in point, that a half-orc (and other races with multiple racial subtypes) can take "orc only" AND "human only" (or other exclusive subtypes as they have) options... FAQ says yes, PFS says no)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Samy wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
AbsolutGrndZer0 wrote:

So then they don't actually have the circuitry unless it's 'active' when they are using their nanite surge or such, or is that part of what requires an actual Disguise check, to hide the 'tattoos'?
The tattoos are only active when they're naniting

I think there's some confusion about what "active" means. The initial question seems to equate "active" with "visible", so that androids do not normally have visible circuitry, but when they use their nanite surge, the circuitry becomes visible. James' comment seems to agree that there's a change when the nanite surge is used, but I'm not sure he means the same thing with "active" as the original poster.

My impression was that the androids always have visible circuitry, but that it glows when they use their nanite surge. This from the "Ecology of the Android":

Each android bears a set of unique markings that resemble tattoos but are in fact a kind of biological circuitry. When androids use their nanite surge ability, these markings glow

So instead of


the circuitry goes


when nanite surge is used.

Ahhh, yeah that's what I meant... so it's obvious that they have these "tattoos" so at the very least even if you think they are human, you'll be like "whoa, strange tattoos, bro"

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Yeah, I REALLY like the old Whimsy, but... damn that's way too powerful. Although, their completely replacing it instead of just fixing the issues of it kind of sucks.

Me personally, I would use the old Whimsy still, but balance it with "maximum bonus of half your level" that way, at level one you could only get +1d6 but then at level 12 you can get the full 6d6 bonus, which by then that's not so bad.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Thazar wrote:
Once or twice the items in a box were wrong. One time something was there that was not what I ordered and they said I could keep it as a free bonus. And one time an item was missing and they shipped it back out to me right away.

This has happened to me twice (though I can't speak for the cards, I can speak for Paizo's stellar customer service when it comes to subscriptions in general), and yes both times they shipped the correct item out immediately for free, and let me keep the mistake item. The first time it happened, it was even a book I was going to be ordering the next month anyway (Haflings of Golarion), so then I just had to buy the PDF (which I did!) so I am very happy with how they handle the rare mistakes. As for the other item that didn't interest me at the time (Kingmaker maps folio), I still keep it safely tucked away in case I or a friend ever do run Kingmaker, we'll have the maps!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
James Jacobs wrote:
AbsolutGrndZer0 wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal wrote:
Question regarding Androids in general. While they are described as, for the most part, passing for human; does this mean they get any bonuses to Disguise checks to pass as human, or just that they don't take the 'other race' penalty to Disguise checks?
They do not. They suffer the standard penalty for disguising as another race. They look like humans, but they have trouble acting like them. Kind of an uncanny valley thing.
So then they don't actually have the circuitry unless it's 'active' when they are using their nanite surge or such, or is that part of what requires an actual Disguise check, to hide the 'tattoos'?
The tattoos are only active when they're naniting, but their flesh and bodies and eyes and blood are all different two. There's lots of subtle differences.

Cool! Can't wait to get the Iron Gods AP, I had to quit subbing for awhile but Iron Gods I had to resub for... Numeria and Alkenstar are my two biggest loves in Golarion.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Ken 418 wrote:
Oh, thank-you for that and thanks for mentioning the pdf... I'm kind of a hardcopy kind of guy but will definitely pick up this pdf!

Yeah, I know what you mean, I love actual books, but then on the other hand I don't have a van to carry all my Pathfinder books to games, not to mention with all my other RPGs plus novels I read (I am a book packrat!) I'm like totally running out of room in my house for all these books. So, PDFs are nice to be able to load up all my books on my laptop to take to games.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
James Jacobs wrote:
Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal wrote:
Question regarding Androids in general. While they are described as, for the most part, passing for human; does this mean they get any bonuses to Disguise checks to pass as human, or just that they don't take the 'other race' penalty to Disguise checks?
They do not. They suffer the standard penalty for disguising as another race. They look like humans, but they have trouble acting like them. Kind of an uncanny valley thing.

So then they don't actually have the circuitry unless it's 'active' when they are using their nanite surge or such, or is that part of what requires an actual Disguise check, to hide the 'tattoos'?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

*Dies* It's out! Now I just wish I could get a group together to play it... :(

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Slaunyeh wrote:
AbsolutGrndZer0 wrote:

PRO - I am a feminist, and so I can see where allowing a female character to take on the mantle of Thor is a good thing for equality in comics.

CON - I am a huge fan of Norse Mythology before I ever heard of Marvel's version of Thor, and I've not read more than one or two issues in my entire life, and only because they were crossover issues with titles I did read. So, for me making Thor male is like... O_o cause Thor is male. Thor is not Freya, Thor is not Hel, Thor is Thor. Thor is male.

There are not-dumb ways to combine the two. And, to be fair, we don't know if they are going for one of those.

(Though the official statements aren't filling me with confidence.)

Oh yeah, I know but from what I've seen so far, it looks like those are kind of what I'm looking at. But of course, as I said I've never really been much of a fan of Marvel's take on Norse mythology anyway, so I am probably biased toward the "CON" a lot more.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I am of two minds on this new female Thor...

PRO - I am a feminist, and so I can see where allowing a female character to take on the mantle of Thor is a good thing for equality in comics.

CON - I am a huge fan of Norse Mythology before I ever heard of Marvel's version of Thor, and I've not read more than one or two issues in my entire life, and only because they were crossover issues with titles I did read. So, for me making Thor male is like... O_o cause Thor is male. Thor is not Freya, Thor is not Hel, Thor is Thor. Thor is male.

So, I think I will see where they take it. If they do it well, I can only look at it with the PRO part and see it as "alternate history" that it has always been for Marvel's take Norse Mythology. If they do it badly, well... then I'll stick with the CON and... continue to not read Marvel's Thor comics.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
boring7 wrote:

That's likely to affect their ability to be resurrected.

That was taken into account by this...

Half-Construct wrote:

A half-construct race is a group of creatures that are artificially enhanced or have parts replaced by constructed mechanisms, be they magical or mechanical.

A half-construct race has the following features:

Half-constructs gain a +2 racial bonus on saving throws against disease, mind-affecting effects, poison, and effects that cause either exhaustion or fatigue.
Half-constructs cannot be raised or resurrected.
Half-constructs do not breathe, eat, or sleep, unless they want to gain some beneficial effect from one of these activities. This means that a half-construct can drink potions to benefit from their effects and can sleep in order to regain spells, but neither of these activities is required for the construct to survive or stay in good health.

As for...

Anyways...I can think of various problems androids have, but they're the kind of thing ALL science fiction glosses over (immortal androids running out of disk space, how exactly a cyborg beats telomere decay, etc.) so it's hardly fair to bring it up against these folk.

Well, it would depend on how advanced the android/robot is and also on the technology of the setting. The GURPS Bio-Tech book may not call it telomere decay (I admit I had to Google that) but it talks about why DNA deterioration occurs and suggests sci-fi ways of dealing with it (to justify the "unaging" advantage) with genetic manipulation.

Then as for the memory thing, if you use the rules for "neural net" computers then they are based on their complexity (which then governs the IQ of the robot character) and not their hard drive size, because it's just like a human brain at that point. So then you have the question, would an immortal human have unlimited brain capacity for memories?

But then the Pathfinder version are made with technology AND arcane magic, so in a way it's even more justifiable to ignore reality.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
boring7 wrote:


"We used to be human, but now we don't understand other humans and get a -4 penalty to sense motive because..." Reasons?

They have no souls anymore, therefore they don't have empathy. I took that from the Paizo android because it did kind of fit the original personality design.

-Half-construct...? Seems like they're just straight constructs to me.

Well, in GURPS I made her (as it says in the "dark secrets" there originally was only one) as a robot with "living flesh" and such. By GURPS rules the only way to tell she's not human at that point is autopsy level surgery. As for making her (them) in Pathfinder, the ARG pretty much says why I made her (them) a half-construct instead, because as a player race a full construct is too expensive. So, by those rules they are half-constructs, and it really works well because of the whole "living flesh" thing from the original GURPS version.

Otherwise, I assume the ARG rules are correct and it looks fine. They are certainly tweaked for wizarding.

Yeah, the original GURPS version she was not a magic user, but she had a very high intelligence for all that entails in a high-tech space pirates campaign. Repairing fusion reactors, etc. So then when I was making her for a more fantasy based campaign, that's when I decided a magus would be fun, but I like the Cabalist archetype from Super Genius games, so then I saw the Impossible bloodline is just perfect.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

If anyone is interested, later I'll post the girl mentioned in the "dark secrets" section. She's a Bladebound Cabalist (Impossible Bloodline) Hexcrafter Magus. :D

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

When I was making a Pathfinder version of a character from my GURPS campaign world (which the 'home base' of the characters is on a planet called Omega-7 located in the Alpha Centauri system, kind of a cross between Nar Shaddaa from Star Wars and Omega from Mass Effect) I created this race, because while I love the androids in the Inner Sea Bestiary, they don't really fit my vision of these androids. So, thought I'd share it with you all (feedback is welcome)

Alpha Centauri Android (Half-Construct (7RP), human)

Advanced Ability Traits (+2 Str, +2 Dex, +4 Int, -2 Cha) (4RP)
Natural Armor +2 (3RP)
Fast Healing 1 (6 RP) (Can be traded for Marionette Possession (Constructs Only) at-Will)
Elemental Vulnerability (Electricity) (-2 RP)
Darkvision 60 feet (2 RP)
-4 penalty to Sense Motive (-1 RP)
+10 to Base Speed (1RP) (Can be switched out for Impossible Sorcery (+2 Cha for all sorcerer class abilities with Impossible Bloodline)
Sterile (0 RP)

Their story is that they were human technomancers who used a combination of technology and arcane magic to turn themselves into androids to live forever, in theory. They are in fact unaging however the price for that is they do not get aging bonuses UNLESS they find some other game way to gain the ability to not age. So no 1000 year old level 1 androids with massive bonuses to mental stats and no penalties.

They look completely human, and don't need to do disguise checks to appear human.

Due to the methods of their creation, it's very common for them to be sorcerers of the Impossible bloodline.

As far as anyone making new ones, the methods that were used to make them are known only to a select few and for whatever reason, every one of them refuses to do so.

The Dark Secrets of their Creation:
Okay, so initially in my game there was only one of these androids, and in my game I keep it that way, but the above is kind of a modified history to make it more usable by others. So in my world, my single android of this type was a young girl whose father wanted to make himself immortal by creating a robot body for himself, but he needed someone else he could trust to do the conversion. So, he did the conversion on his daughter (bonus, she'd be immortal too and he'd never have to lose her). As part of the conversion he programmed her with the knowledge to do it to him, but the horror of what he'd done to her and the excruciating pain of the conversion process drove her just slightly crazy and after performing most of the conversion on him, she didn't do the final steps. Now, she's able to do the conversion to others but refuses to because she believes that she is just a copy and that the original girl is dead. But not just dead, her soul was annihilated completely by the process.

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Hmm someone mentioning Bard made me take another look, and I could go Arcane Healer and Sound Striker... Arcane Healer cause Flyby Healing (free touch attack on allies to deliver heals plz k thx) and then sound striker "SKREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" DAAAAMN that bird just burst my ear drums...

EDIT: Ooooh and Songhealer too... but it's not compatible with Arcane Healer...

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Hmmm, yeah actually Scout would be great, and as far as i can tell, it seems technically ninja can take rogue archetypes as long as they have and can replace all the same features, and currently scout is therefore the only valid one.

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Ken 418 wrote:
Is there another Cheliax sourcebook that has replaced this one and is in print?

Not yet, no. But as a PDF (I own it myself) it's great and well worth the price, especially since as of this posting it's on sale!

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

So, does this have info about crafting robots finally, or are those still out of the scope of players actually creating them?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Fergurg wrote:

Just because it needs to be said:

Most Christians, like myself, recognize Jack Chick for the false teacher he is; the Bible literally says that false teachers have a special place in Hell reserved for them, so these are not words we use lightly. His brand of conspiracy theorizing and denigrating all those who disagree with him - and in some cases, those that agree with him but take issue with his harsh tone - makes life difficult for me.

I have no intention to give him a platform, so I will not watch this movie, which has been approved by Chick. For for those who do, please remember that Jack Chick represents Christians in the same way that the Rocky Horror Picture Show represents biologists.

Okay, while you have every right to not watch it, I think you don't understand the beauty of satire. Yes, he approved it, but that's what makes it so wonderful. The movie is making fun of him and he doesn't even realize it.

I am Christian, I grew up playing RPGs in the late 80's and throughout the 90's. We laughed our butts off at the Dark Dungeons chick tracts. By presenting it in movie the way this movie seems to be. The guy behind this movie is a reporter for The Onion.

I don't see it as giving Jack Chick a platform, since that was never the intention, nor is it the result. The intention and result is 100% pure satire and laughing at the idiocy of the 80's RPG scare.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Ravingdork wrote:
AbsolutGrndZer0 wrote:
Ravingdork wrote:

Generally caster level requirements can be ignored by adding +5 to the crafting DC.

This is NOT the case in constructs, however, as Ultimate Magic makes it clear that constructs are an exception to the general rule.

Ah, okay cool thanks... so hmm is there any way to increase your caster level for magic items with traits or feats? Cause while I can wait until level 12 (it's only one more level) for a character I am working on to be able to craft clockworks, I'd like for her to start with some (like seriously you can bond with a clockwork familiar at half the level you could actually make one... seems... weird)

You use your highest caster level for determining whether or not you meet the construct prerequisite, regardless of whether it is from class, a racial spell-like ability, is circumstantial, or whatever.

So things like the orange prism ioun stone and the Spell Specialization and Varisian Tattoo feats should help.

Well, while I see what you are saying, I'm not sure your actual examples are right except the orange ioun stone, since those all increase your CL only in certain cases. So, how does being able to cast Evocation spells at +2 CL help me craft a clockwork familiar?

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Liz Courts wrote:
AbsolutGrndZer0 wrote:

Check out this... fully authorized by Jack Chick himself (which that in and of itself is hilarious, because the guy who asked for the rights is a frickin' writer for THE ONION!)

You mean this one? :D

Nice, you are selling the DVD! That rocks, I am actually getting the digital download from the official website the 14th, but I might get the DVD sometime too. :D

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
BlackOuroboros wrote:
On the one hand, this is really funny and I want to watch it. On the other, it seems like beating a dead horse; does anybody take these claims seriously anymore?

Yeah, while it's died down SOME it's still somewhat of an issue. Plus, this movie is for us, the players to laugh at those times. The fact that it's fully authorized by the people we are laughing at because they take themselves so serious, so all we have to do is present what they say 100% straight and let the laughter commence.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber
Ravingdork wrote:

Generally caster level requirements can be ignored by adding +5 to the crafting DC.

This is NOT the case in constructs, however, as Ultimate Magic makes it clear that constructs are an exception to the general rule.

Ah, okay cool thanks... so hmm is there any way to increase your caster level for magic items with traits or feats? Cause while I can wait until level 12 (it's only one more level) for a character I am working on to be able to craft clockworks, I'd like for her to start with some (like seriously you can bond with a clockwork familiar at half the level you could actually make one... seems... weird)

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Okay, going to go ahead and ask this here, because I think this is something that should be put in your guide...

"Special" requirements... like

Clockwork Steed wrote:

The creator of a clockwork steed must start with crafted clockwork pieces worth 3,000 gp. When building a clockwork charger, the pivot can be built for any size lance, typically Medium.

CL 12th; Price 29,000 gp (33,500 for a clockwork charger)

Feats Craft Construct; Spells bull's strength, geas/quest; Special creator must be at least caster level 12th; Skill(s) Craft (clockwork) DC 20; Cost 16,000 gp (18,750 for a clockwork charger)

Is the bolded part ignorable with a +5 DC, or not? I would want to say it is since it says in the base rules that only the actual crafting feat is really MANDATORY but then when it specifically calls it out like that... makes me wonder.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

I play clerics in tabletop the same as I do in MMOs. I buff and I heal, I do what the party needs me to do at the time. I really think that "only heal in combat" or "never heal in combat" is all just as another person said, theorycrafting (and I hate theorycrafting in RPGs especially MMOs, just cause it looks good on paper doesn't mean it works in reality) and that both in tabletop and MMOs, you should do what works best for you and your party.

Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

The only one I have (I had to cancel all my subs for awhile) is People of the North so it's the only one I can really comment on, but I really like it. As for what you said about setting neutral, People of the North has a LOT of stuff about Irrisen and such, sure... but really... all of it boils down to "People of a really cold place". For example, the "Erutaki" people? Real world equivalent, they are eskimos. Ulfen are pretty much your vikings from Scandinavia. Snowcaster elves? Arctic elves. Expanded rules for winter survival... A new archetype for a magus devoted to defending witches may or may not be useful in your campaign. So, really pretty much everything in the book can be used for any campaign, as long as you have themes that fit you can file off the serial numbers and the majority of the book I think would be very useful (even if the new magus archetype wasn't)

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Gamerskum wrote:
Baba Yaga is also not human but a Hag.

Baba Yaga is human. She was born a human woman in Russia, became a witch, became mythic, etc. Then she came to Golarion. Her full story is in the Reign of Winter AP, complete with full CR 35 stat block that plainly says "Human" not "Hag"

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