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Absinthium's page

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Anonymous Visitor 163 576 wrote:

Why not just keep track of what you roll, and perform a chi-square test?

Mathematics is really way more reliable than witchcraft.

Eh. Physical science experiments have the benefit of being instantly observable, and at times more visually satisfying.

I plan to also check my dice, both with mathematics and dark witchcraft, and see if it differs, and what my trends are.

On a slightly different note, I would advise checking the see through dice, if for no other reason then to check assumptions

What character keeps dying? Lol

I had read that this particular AP was a 'killer-AP', and so was looking at preemptive advice on whether it needed adjustment. I should also point out that the players involved are all relatively new, with minimal game time.

Also, the only one I expect to be taking the skald buffs are the fighter, since the cleric and wizard see the restrictions of the raging song as A VERY BAD THING, so will not take it, even after it was explained on when you should take it and when you shouldn't. There response is bad, not taking it.

So, with that in mind, is it still, have no worries and carry on?

Will a Cleric, TWF fighter, Skald, and wizard have a lot of difficulty getting through the AP? The edition in question is the anniversary edition.

Should I make any adjustments to the encounters scaling up or down, and is there any advice I should tip them at character creation?

I think the quasit, playing to her strengths, using good tactics, has a high probability of killing one or two of the party, and if things happen to go very poorly, result in a TPK.

I would suggest going through with the explosive runes, if you know, numerically, it WILL not kill them, and then, after healing, taking a break, going back to town, or otherwise recuperating, having them experience CR2 worth of kobolds, using spot on tactics. This will especially drive home the lesson, much more so, then explosive runeing them, and then moving into boss fight.

Indeed. That was very forgetful of me. So, probably not worth it for the other effects>? Especially given arcane spell failure chance when casting the bard spells in medium armor.

I had a thought, what about a 1 level dip into bard, both for inspire courage to go on top of Skald song, and for the extra first level spells. With a minimal loss in build strength. The one thing that WILL be sad is a single level delay in rage songs. It also, however, adds the use of banner of the ancient kings ability.

I have several ideas for roleplaying a Skald, however, while I like my couple ideas, I'm on the verge of scrapping them, simply because I cant quite see how to go from head - table.

So, what are some ideas that I can adapt, for roleplaying a Skald. Concept is a human, from a barbarian tribe. Seriously considered taking a page from the Aiel, from the eye of the world series, but.....well, don't want to just blatantly rip it off, for the one, that doesn't seem entertaining, and two, seems cheap in any case.

What I am looking at being able to do is lay a tv down flat, and have maps displayed from my computer, and have my players play on it. I would like to be able to have fog of war, and I was hoping for some suggestions.

Dmitri_Rem wrote:
I am interested.

Awesome! PM sent

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Bumping to see if I can get any one interested in a game.

Seeing if anyone would be interested in the Midland/Odessa area to play

I have a level 5 Paladin/1 cleric, chose grease for level obe spells, but wasn't sure what to do with the other three levels, plus generalized advice on Paladin spell choices.

Drop touch ac for firearms? Seems stupid to me anyway, without having read the firearms rules. What, bullets phase past supernatural scales like finger of death? Bleh

I think I will have the summoner and dibolist be 'lost' magics for now, and as the party encounters them in the old kingdom ruins, being able to gain levels in them as if maybe a prestige class. Im even tempted to turn down the leveling gains on bab, restructure a/c gains, and leave the crunchy powers as they are, which will make it so that a level 1 has a chance to hit a level 10, but still leaves the liklihood of any given battle to be unquestioned.

How would you define power prgression? In Palladium the world is designed with a much gentler bell curve, while PF seems to grow by a linear line constantly going up. Was considering handling psionics as Palladium handles it, as a 'mind' mage, with a new spell list, possibly converting some of the powers and giving them a level. Im more curious about how you adjusted some of the rich setting material to fit Pathfinders 3.5 mindset.

I have started a new pathfinder game, and have pretty much decided to run my campaign world as something very similar to Palladium fantasy, but was curious if anyone has ever tried something similar before, and fishing for thoughts, opinions, etc.

Any players looking for a game, or GM's looking for players? Have 2-3 players, looking to see if we can get a few more, or join another group

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