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philipjcormier wrote:

I was also told that HeroLab also has a problem with you being able to buy magic items beyond the Fame level if you have the cash listed on hand. For example, I had bought a Ioun Torch with a 1L character paying GP. Ioun Torch is only 75GP but the character did not have the 5 Fame minimum.

Correct. Hero Lab does not enforce (or even let you know you are breaking) the rules for having enough fame to make a purchase. Would be a nice improvement if they would add it.

Agent Eclipse wrote:

You can Favorite them with the plus in the right corner which will put them in your Favorites on your profile


You could copy the link from the timestamp in the top right as well.

Thanks for these suggestions. If you favorite them, is there any easy way to see only the favorites from within a particular thread? That is, to see only those favorites from a particular scenario's gameplay thread, and not jumbled together with all the other favorites I may have clicked at one point or another elsewhere on

Is there a way to bookmark or otherwise save specific posts within a PbP game? I'm noticing that when a game takes weeks or months to unfold, I often find myself wanting to quickly find an old piece of information (maybe something from the mission briefing, or a background Knowledge check that we made early on) and am not finding any way to do that other than just wading back through the old posts. There's gotta be a better way, right?

blahpers wrote:
Scroll it. That way you can solve the problem for all three casters without burning a slot.

Problem with a scroll is that you can't use it if you are in a silence effect. You can get a riffle scroll but then it will be more expensive.

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I would think that a rod of blanking-on-the-name metamagic (the one that lets you cast without needing verbal components) would be more useful. Doesn't take up a spell slot and you have it for when you need it.

Hope this one includes some Ganzi feats or archetypes.

Hoprah has joined another scenario but I can offer a variety of level 1-2 options (depending on party need) or a 5 Warpriest if we are going high.

How soon do you plan to start?

Thanks y'all for the answers re applying GM chronicles, much appreciated.

What are the rules about applying GM credit to a character that is currently playing in a PbP game? For example, if I have PC who is currently playing a PbP game and I GM a face to face table, can I assign the GM chronicle to that PC, with the understanding that it will not apply to the character until after it finishes its current PbP table (and applies the chronicle for that PbP game)?

** Venture-Agent, Georgia—Atlanta aka Abraham Z.

Also in area B, the dragon has a breath weapon but there's no indication of how frequently he can use it. Does that mean every round?!?

And does the breath weapon (Negative energy) heal the cinderghosts at the same time as damaging the PCs (and possibly the phoenix too)?

** Venture-Agent, Georgia—Atlanta aka Abraham Z.

In area B, the phoenix can cast Greater Dispel Magic at will. Can he use this to target a specific spell (e.g. Energy Resistance or Planar Adaptation) in an area? And if so, would he have to know exactly what spell the PCs had cast (he does not have Spellcraft trained)?

Much of this encounter relies on fire dmg, but it's very likely that any but the least prepared party will have sufficient fire resistance to just ignore the fire dmg, and the phoenix will see that when he casts Fire Storm as his first action. The whole situation gets a lot more tense if he dispels their resistance, but it's not clear to me from the wording of both dispel magic and greater dispel, whether he can even do this.

Also, is it too much of a jerk GM move to do this, even if the spell does allow it? (It is seeker tier after all...)

I'm running this Saturday morning, so any suggestions prior to that would be especially helpful.

If a creature attacks a PC with an attack that does 6d6 fire, and also another 4d6 fire from burn if they fail their save, and the PC has, say, Fire resistance 20, when does the resistance apply? Do you A) add the total dmg together first (10d6-20)? Or B) do you take 20 off each separately? I assume A but can't find a rules explanation for one over the other.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
Part A is still available until Part B releases. If you can get in a table before then, you will be fine. I highly recommend asking around your local lodge and seeing if you can drum up enough people to play. The 3 table minimum means you don't need even 20 players to make it happen.

Huh, ok so it doesn't have to be at a Con, just needs a minimum of 3 tables to run? But version B will launch in early January? Or just some time in 2018?

And is it worth trying to get version A under the belt before that? It may be tough to do here locally - most of our Atlanta lodges seem to be averaging 1-2 tables a game day right now (damn you 5e!) and I imagine that some people already played it at DragonCon this year. Would getting 3 tables together online be an option?

So if I've missed 8-99 A so far, has the ship sailed or will there be other chances to play it? Or is it the sort of thing where once B has launched that's the end of A?

Bigguyinblack wrote:
GM Aerondor wrote:

And because my link doesn't show up in the recruitment thread...

[url] vcAtl6mc/edit#gid=0]signup sheet for Sages[/url]

You mean signup sheet for Sages

Me and GMAndrew would sign up but we are 1 - 3 xp short with no real chance of making up the difference in time.

Hey Edward, I'll be playing Sages at the GA PFS holiday party and will be happy to run it for you and Andrew and whomever else face to face at Giga sometime after the new year. - Abraham

I'd like to try GM-ing PBP but I could really use a guide that explains the practical stuff in a non-technical way. Like: how to set up the maps or handouts or put icons on a map or create the initial area for the game that includes separate threads for gameplay, discussion, etc.

** Venture-Agent, Georgia—Atlanta aka Abraham Z.

Kevin Willis wrote:

Not to mention there are quite a few changes in how animal companion and familiar archetypes work in the material reprinted from earlier softcovers. While it may not require additional errata, PFS needs to decide how to handle rebuilds/changes for affected players.

(Speaking as someone whose Irori-sent white tiger will apparently no longer be able to be the Totem Guide he was for levels 1-10.)

What's happened to Totem Guide? Looks the same to me or am I missing something?

wraithstrike wrote:

I don't think this actually grants total concealment since line of sight is not removed. You need to remove line of sight, and nothing in the feat says that it does that.

That makes sense - I'll run it that way - thanks.

Ciaran Barnes wrote:
What level are they? Just curious.


** Venture-Agent, Georgia—Atlanta aka Abraham Z.

Makes sense - I'll do that - thanks.

Yep, agreed. But I'm prepping a scenario where this could happen to the PCs, want to be sure that I adjudicate it correctly. It seems like the principle to follow is: effect occurs when it first happens, and again at the start of the PC's turn (unless something specifically says that it occurs at another time, such as at the end of the PC's turn)?

Lightning Stance provides 50% concealment, the same as total concealment. Total concealment, besides giving a 50% miss chance, provides immunity to AoO. Does this mean that Lightning Stance also gives immunity to AoO, even though it doesn't specifically say that it gives "total concealment"?

** Venture-Agent, Georgia—Atlanta aka Abraham Z.

Should the PCs be told the troop rules or do they have to figure them out for themselves?


If a PC gets bullrushed into lava, he or she immediately takes 20d6 fire damage (ouch). They then continue to take 20d6 for each round of exposure, and 10d6 for 1d3 rounds after they get out of the lava. But when do you apply this damage? For example, if the PC is knocked into the lava in round 1 (and they immediately take 20d6), do they take another 20d6 at the start of their next turn (i.e. before they have a chance to get out)? Or do they get their actions first, only applying the next damage at the end of their turn? And when would the post-immersion 10d6 start to apply?

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Add me to the list of Safari users. Also would love an iOS version of Wayfinder.

** Venture-Agent, Georgia—Atlanta aka Abraham Z.

Great points and I had completely missed the bull rush in high tier. Thanks.

** Venture-Agent, Georgia—Atlanta aka Abraham Z.

In area A (the first fight), what's the point of the hazard? Unless the PCs have no fire resistance at all, it won't do any damage to them. There's mention of the consequences of falling in the crevasses but I can't see anything in the encounter that would cause that (e.g. no bull rush, etc.). Also, as far as I can tell, the avalanche legions have no fire resistance at all, so they will be affected by the hazard. Mechanically speaking, it seems like damage to the earth elemental troop appears to be the only effect of the hazard but it seems unlikely that this was the intention.

GM Andrew wrote:
Magabeus wrote:
GM Andrew wrote:
I've thought about making my next Classic character take the "Non-Core Challenge" though. No feats, spells, races, classes, equipment, or items from the Core Rulebook unless it forces it upon you (like an oracle getting all cure or inflict spells). I guarantee that's WAY more tough than playing Core. ;)
Now that is a challenge, the lack of stat boosts will hurt, maybe a kineticist... I am intrigued
I've discussed it with my local community some and the general consensus is that Occult classes tend to fare best in this challenge, kineticist probably being the best just due to being their completely own set of rules.

Now not only do I want to make a character that takes the Non-Core Challenge, I want to get a whole party together that does it! Who's in?


If no one objects, I’ll take Mogmurch. I’ve been wanting to play an alchemist but haven’t yet.

Thanks for having me. I don't have a strong preference for the order but if chronological order will make for a stronger story arc, then I suppose I would prefer that.


Oh right, I forgot that it wasn't a level 1. It's been a while since I played it. Yes, if selected I'll use a GM replay to play it again.

I'd like to play! I'm an experienced PFS player and GM but I'm new to PbP - I just started my first game about a week ago and so far I'm loving it. I'm really enjoying the way that it allows for much more roleplaying than you get in a typical PFS gameday at a noisy game store.

You can see a sample of my roleplaying style from that game at this link.

For character options: I have a 0xp nagaji draconic bloodrager that is ready to go. Or a 0xp half-elven amnesiac psychic who is just about ready to play. On reflection, the amnesiac is probably a better fit for spooky...

Thanks for considering me.

I'd like to be considered as one of the new to PbP players. I'm an experienced PFS player and GM but I'm new to PbP - I just started my first game about a week ago and so far I'm loving it. I'm really enjoying the way that it allows for much more roleplaying than you get in a typical PFS gameday at a noisy game store.

You can see a sample of my roleplaying style from that game at this link.

I've played We Be Goblins Free before - but I think it's evergreen? - but don't remember much except that it was a TPK! And that role playing goblins was lots of fun. I haven't played any of the other WBG series.

Thanks for considering me.

lemeres wrote:

so i might as well ask, since the original question was answered so thoroughly by mr. brown- if you are taking a "5' " step, and move that far, can you draw your weapon?

Not without Quickdraw. Or using a move action. But you can't 5' step, draw as part of the 5' step, and then full attack. The rules clearly indicate that - if you have at least a BAB of +1 - you can draw a weapon for free as part of a move action to move. However, ymmv, I see people disregarding this rule pretty often.

My first attempt at rolling dice in a browser: will it work?!? 1d20 ⇒ 10

And if it does, which boon might I win? 1d4 ⇒ 1

Sorry I haven't posted my character yet, been working on the build.

Btw, what does it mean to dot and delete a post?

Louise Bishop wrote:
I could share my Dragon Disciple/ Bloodrager if you would like to glean from it. I always love looking at builds and finding inspiration from them.

I'm working on a Bloodrager/DD at the moment and would like seeing your build if you don't mind sharing it. Thanks!

Got it - many thanks!

Ok, first question, I've started editing my PC's profile online but I can't find any option to create an alias for that PC. Any suggestions? Thanks!

I'm going to play a Nagaji bloodrager. I have his basic info sketched out but still figuring out how to put it on here. I may have a few questions about how to do that and I appreciate y'all's patience - I'm not new to PFS but this is my first time playing PbP.

Is there still space in this game? I'm an experienced PFS player and GM, but I'm brand new to PbP. Looking forward to it!

My only character in tier 4-5 is Tull, a Half-orc Warpriest 4 Bloodrager 1. Tull has some problems with anger management, which are frequently expressed through his passionate advancement of the cause of Desna. In his view, people are not sufficiently respectful of the Goddess of Dreams, which is why he often charges into battle crying, "Fear the butterfly!"

I would like to join if there is still a spot. I am an experienced PFS player/GM but I have not played PbP before and am looking forward to getting into it. We have a small baby at home, which is great, but has made it much harder to make it out to game days.

If selected I will be bringing Otto, a level 6 Oread Goliath Druid, accompanied by his faithful Elasmotherium companion, Ron. Otto adheres strongly to principles of order and tidiness; he became a Druid because the natural world is clearly unacceptably unkempt and disorganized, and he looks forward to the day when all the forests will be laid out according to a nice grid plan.

Reflecting this emphasis on orderliness, Otto will shortly (at level 7) become a Hellknight Signifier.

He and Ron joined the Pathfinder Society as a way of furthering their quest, to find and bring home the escaped/lost family "dog" (in actuality, another of my characters, a Kitsune who stays in fox form). Their mission has not been helped by the fact that Otto does not appear to realize that his quarry is not actually a dog.

I'd like to be added to the waitlist too please. I'm an experienced PFS player/GM but have not tried PbP before and am looking forward to seeing how it works. If a spot opens up for me I will likely play a brand new level 1 Nagaji bloodrager or a brand new level 1 Half-Elven Psychic, though I also have other options if need be.

** Venture-Agent, Georgia—Atlanta aka Abraham Z.

In Encounter A, the scenario itself calls for Medium air elementals at low tier, and Advanced Large ones at high tier, but the stat blocks at the end list stats for small and medium air elementals.

** Venture-Agent, Georgia—Atlanta aka Abraham Z.

On p. 7, in the discussion of Diplomacy with Capt. Beysal, the request that she accept a bribe "counts as lengthy or complicated aid" which should increase the DC of the check by 5, but it doesn't appear that this modifier has been added to the DC given in the text.

** Venture-Agent, Georgia—Atlanta aka Abraham Z.

I was wondering if I should offer the party things like Barkskin or Resist Energy, stuff that is 10 min/level duration, meaning that it will last only 1 hour with Zephyr casting. I suppose that could be rationalized if he is on the ship with them and casts just before they ambush the elementals, or if the party decides to attack the elementals when they arrive at the dock. Similarly, if he goes on the ship with them to the Tower, he could cast these buffs before they disembarked and went inside. But these are pretty significant advantages (especially if anyone has the idea to have him cast Protection from Energy (Electricity)), so I don't want to skew the whole scenario if that wasn't the intention. When I played it I don't think we got any spells cast (can't remember if they were even offered), but we were a pretty min-maxed group, which I think this group (that I'm running for) may well not be.

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