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Radi Hamdi

Aaron Lockley's page

80 posts. Alias of loimprevisto.


Mech Pilot

About Aaron Lockley

Info from Previous Game:
REF +5
HP 19
AC (/In-Mech AC) 19/25 +4(dex) +3/+10(armor/mech) +2(shield) +0/-1 (size/mech)
BAB +3
CMB +5/8
CMD 19/22 (STR+DEX+BAB) (+2 vs grapple & trip)

Proficiencies, Traits and Feats:
Dirty Fighter (+1 damage when flanking)
Child of the Streets (+1 to sleigh of hand checks, class skill)
Mech Operation (Campaign Bonus)
Mech Weapon Proficiency (Campaign Bonus)
Shields and Light/Medium Armor proficiency (Class)
Simple/Martial Weapons proficiency (Class)
Personal Firearms Proficiency (Human bonus feat)
Mech Expert (1st level)
Skill Focus: Ride (Fighter 2)

Acrobatics +4+1+3=+8
Climb +2+1+3=+6/+8
Craft (Mechanical) +2+3+3=+6+2=+10
Craft (Structural) +2+1+3=+6
Diplomacy +1+3+3=+7
Intimidate +1+1+3=+5
Knowledge (Engineer) +2+1+3=+6
Linguistics +2+2+3=+7
Perception +1+1+3=+5
Ride +4+3+3=+9+2+3=+15
Stealth +4+3+3=+10
Sleigh of Hand +4+1+3=+8+1=+9
Survival +1+1+3=+5

Class Abilities
Tactical Awareness (Ex): At 2nd level, a tactician gains a +1 bonus on initiative checks. This bonus increases by +1 for every four levels after 2nd level (to a maximum of +5 at 18th level). This ability replaces bravery.
Armor Training 1 (Ex): Armor check penalty and max dex with armor is improved by 1. No speed penalty for medium armor.

Mech gear
Greataxe (Huge) 40

Personal gear
Mech Pilot Armor 50
Heavy steel shield 20
Cold Iron Battle Axe 20
Potion of CLW x2 50
Mechanic's Tool Box 100
Passport 10
Issued items

HP: 40
Speed: 40' (50' with boosters)
Attack: Slam 1d6+4
AC: +10(armor), +4(dex), -1(size) (Touch 13, Flat-footed 19)
Special Qualities: Hardness 10, Armor Bonus 10
Saves: Fort +6
Str 18, Dex 10, Con -

Communications: Enables communication with allied mech 60' and within LOS.
Ejection System: Swift action to exit the mech.
Climate Control: Comfortable in harsh climate.
Basic Navigation: +4 circumstance bonus to navigation checks.
Noisy: +5 circumstance bonus to detect mech by hearing, -5 circumstance penalty to sound-based Stealth.
Boosters: +10 speed, 10 rounds total each day.

Aaron was a bastard. He was hardly the only one of his generation; the war years had been difficult and the invading Riviurans had fathered quite a few children in their wartime conquests. His family was always poor, Aaron hated depending on charity and always promised himself that some day he would make something of himself and not leave his family to live in squalor. Aaron enjoyed school and went whenever his family could afford to send him. He had a very short temper and when others would taunt him over his ethnicity or poverty he would come out swinging. He attended classes often enough to read and write and he had a fair head for numbers, but he clearly didn't have the temperament for a future as a scholar.

Like countless soldiers before him, Aaron saw the military as the path to glory- and he burned for it. He wanted all the privileges of rank; the money, the fame, respect, and *especially* the power. A short time ago he looked at his options in life and figured he could either wager his street smarts against the established gangs and go into a life of petty crime or take his chances with the military's harsh meritocracy. He swore his oaths and hasn't looked back sense.

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