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Portable Fish

Aaron aka Itchy's page

189 posts. Alias of Itchy.


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You can also look at the Pathfinder Tales Suggested Reading Order. I was maintaining this list until budgetary constraints forced me to stop my Pathfinder Tales Subscription.

Please note that the reading order suggested by Dave Gross is NOT entirely chronological.

2 people marked this as a favorite.

*Ackbar* It's a trap! *Ackbar*

Alice in Blunderland wrote:
Adobe is wanting to be finnicky adding maps. Would people be fine if those were added in an included folder?

I agree with others above. Any way you get it out there is fine. Let us know where to find it when it's all said and done! I'll give it a read and try it out on my table (or at the very least, mine it for encounters to throw at my players).

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Fergie wrote:

Voting for a third party is a symbolic act. It says that you believe in the system, just not the candidates. It is like choosing RC Cola over Coke and Pepsi.

Boycotting the vote is also a symbolic act. It says that you find the system to be invalid. It is like choosing not to drink soda at all.

Either way, you're almost guaranteed to have almost zero intended effect on the outcome of the election. There is just too many things stacking the deck in favor of the two candidates.

Scott Betts wrote:
The point isn't that the deck is stacked in the major parties' favor, and thus your vote won't matter. It's that you effectively are stripping a vote from one of the two candidates that stands a chance of being elected, making the actual outcome of the election worse for yourself than if you had just voted for a major party in the first place.

I respectfully agree and disagree with you, Scott. I agree that you are effectively stripping a vote from one of the two candidates that stands a chance of getting elected. Absolutely true.

I disagree that it makes the outcome worse for yourself. I do not believe that either of the major candidates has my best interest at heart. Since things will be just as bad for me regardless of who gets elected, the outcome for myself is the same; neither better nor worse.

Fergie wrote:
I have voted for Ralph Nader in the last three elections, and while I could pull the lever with a clear conscience, I also figured out that it had about as much effect on things as flushing my toilet.
Scott Betts wrote:
People with that mindset are, collectively, responsible for the country electing Bush over Gore in 2000. I'm not sure why you think that situations like voting for Nader have no effect. The people who voted for Nader ended up responsible for eight years of President George W. Bush. You, or those like you, if you didn't reside in Florida, could have prevented that, but chose not to because they either a) thought their "symbolic action" was more important than the reality of electing a President, or b) didn't bother to think about the consequences of pulling the lever, and decided to reassure themselves that they have a clear conscience anyway.

Every person who voted in the 2000 and 2004 elections are collectively responsible for the country electing George W. Bush. Everyone who votes in the election is exercising their political muscle and at the end of election day, somebody wins the presidency. We all share the responsibility for that decision.

I think that symbolic actions are tremendously important. Symbolic actions are all that we have. Due to the electoral college, all US voting is symbolic. Likewise, a clear conscience is tremendously important. If you don’t listen to your conscience, what DO you listen to?

When I voted for a third party in the last election, my vote said “I disagree with what the Republicans are doing and with what the Democrats are doing. I will not support them, so I will vote against them.” The candidate I voted for did not get elected. The two major parties got the message: “There are people out there who don’t support you.” Also, the people who voted for Nader didn’t vote for George W. Bush. They voted for Ralph Nader.

This November, I will not vote for Barak Obama or for Mitt Romney. I will instead vote for someone else. Will they win the presidency? Unlikely. Will I still be able to say, with a clear conscience, “I didn’t vote for him,” when the president and congress passes more invasive legislation? Yes. Will I still be responsible for the results of the election? Yes, along with everyone else who voted in the election.

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76) You were studying the theory of teleportation spells with a classmate. He chants and gestures and before you can duck out of the way, you appear in a room where a group of strangers are attacking a fire elemental. You have no memory of the past week.


Go Joe!!

I have been so impressed with everything that have bought from Rite Publishing that I am backing this one. I am glad that you had a level that I can afford on my Rappan Athuk induced shoestring budget.

I wish I could afford the $100 pledge, but I can only throw in $15 for the pdf's this year.

I hope that we get lots of pledges. I hope we get to the Player's Guide and to the Bestiary!


Which raises the question: "What was on that arrow?"

I'm sure we'll find out in the next strip or so, but I'm curious what you think?


I am really hoping that I can find 4 players to run Carrion Crown while I am at the NCO academy. If I can find them, I will be throwing some money your way. :)

If I cannot find them, I will have to wait until I start the campaign later. :(


Hmmm... I'll have to check that program out.


1 person marked this as a favorite.

I am very interested in paper minis, especially since I am in the military and tend to try to take an AP with me on any deployment or TDY.

Paper minis are a lot easier to get and transport out in the field. Just print 'em up before hand, stick 'em in an envelope, and send an email home when you need 'em shipped out. At the end of the deployment, take all your pennies, dimes and quarters out of them, and leave them behind.

One thing that Rich Burlew did with his paper minis for OOTS Kickstarter supporters was to make mounts mountable! He drew them with a little dotted line in the middle or slightly "forward" of the middle. You cut the dotted line and fold that portion the other way, creating a small flat space that can hold your PC!

Good art is a huge plus and would go a long way toward influencing me to purchase. Also including (or selling them as) line art so that I can color them in myself. I made that last part bold because the more I think about it the more I like it. It allows those of us without the time or talent to paint minis to effectively "paint" our own minis.

What creatures would I want?
-Sets of PC races drawn up in the different base classes (including 3PP classes)
-the entire Animal companion list (with size variations)
-Summon Monster list (in Fiendish and Celestial form)
-Summon Nature's Ally list
-Sets of common enemy races with different weapons (orcs, kobolds, goblins, humans, lizardfolk)
-Minis of some of the creatures that we are not likely to see come to plastic, or that are very expensive in plastic or metal:
--Dragons of different sizes and colors,
--the Jabberwock,
--the Bandersnatch (standard and frumious),
--elementals of different types in different sizes,

I'll stop there for now. After seeing how expensive the Pathfinder Battles sets are, I am very strongly inclined to move to paper minis for my home games. If I have to choose whether to spend money on gaming material and have paper minis or buy plastic ones and have no leftover funds for gaming material, I'll take the paper minis.


"Excuse me, sir. A Xeno-what?"

There's a Slumbering Tsar coloring book? Was this a Paizocon only thing? That's pretty cool!


I'm sorry to hear that you are sick. Get well soon! My prayers are with you as well!


I'll be honest, I wasn't going to fund this one because I'm stretched thin financially already.

Then I noticed on your kickstarter page that you are in the Army. I have to support a fellow servicemember-gamer. So I pledged what I could afford (digital only).

Thanks for serving, and here's hoping that we make those stretch goals!!


If not willing to pay $30-$40 for a new book, how about $6?

I believe that Veil of Truth: Space Opera Rules and Setting (PFRPG) PDF from Eridanus Books may have what you are looking for.

I cannot attest that it does have the weapons you are looking for, I don't own the book. But as I was reading the Free RPG day adventure, I got the sense that these items would be appropriate. You could always send a PM to jmberaldo here on the boards to find out.


Necroblivion wrote:
Aaron, I think you are probably correct. We've kept our pricing at very reasonable levels to combat that.

The reasonable pricing is the only reason I was able to pledge. You guys were my last pledge for 2012.

Necroblivion wrote:
Also, on a related note -- we are 666% funded as of right now. Somewhere, a demon lord laughs.

That's awsome and appropriate!

Somewhere = The Temple of Orcus in Rappan Athuk, of course!!


Approximately $1400-ish to get another miniature. Only a few days left, folks. Let's get some more pledges!

I think a lot of folks are maxed out after the Rappan Athuk Kickstarter. I know that I have to cut back on my gaming budget severely for the rest of the year.


Keeping the Butter theme, a friend of mine once wanted to start a band called "The Undead Buttermuffins."

As far as I know, he wouldn't mind you using the name. I would buy whatever your first product was and give a copy to him if you were "Undead Buttermuffin Publishing," or something like that.


I am very intrigued by all these products. I have been reading through the Carrion Crown AP for the last couple of months. I am hoping to find enough gamers (and time) to run Carrion Crown while I am away at the NCO academy.

I have set them aside until I find out if I am acutally going to have the time to run a Carrion Crown campaign. If so, then I will pick them up. If/when I get them, I'll also try to get reviews written ASAP.


I like the Magic Missle and Cure Light Wounds feats. I agree with the request for more spell focused bullet points.


TPK Games wrote:

Top 10 Reasons to buy the Ship of Fools

1. You are a carp DM, and want to seas the day!
2. Because you and the buoys need an adventure to run!
3. You can actually use the saying that there is fungus amongus.
4. You need something to read during your aquaholics anonymous meeting.
5. Because not buoying it is simply unfathomable!
6. Your devocean to slaying zombie mariners is unparalleled.
7. You scurvy dogs need a good dose of vitamin sea.
8. Because it's aboat time for some real ship to go down!
9. You want to add a tinge of fear to the phrase "motion in the ocean."
10. Because you want to run an entire session talking like Quint from Jaws…

Face it, your players are going to wet themselves when the ship hits the fin!

This make me like your company just that much more!


I found it hilarious!!

This isn't a cheap option, but Herolab allows you to print a PDF version of your character sheet, which you could then use on the iPad and print off for your GM.


DSXMachina wrote:

I take it, that it will be by USPS rather than Fed-Ex or other carrier? As I have managed to get a friends military address and it works differently for different carrier companies.

EDIT: Sorry about all the questions, it's just I have never backed a Kickstarter before. But this is too awesome to pass up. After pledging Amazon didn't give me the opportunity to put in an alternate address, does this happen after the completion date?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: When the Kickstarter is complete you will get a survey asking for your relevant information (T-shirt size, Orcus or Tsathogga miniature, mailing address, etc). If I remember correctly, this is when you will be asked to pay your shipping costs.

Thanks! I'll keep an eye on my email from time to time.


lonewolf-rob wrote:
Aaron aka Itchy wrote:
Rob, I looked over that page and I did not see the Inner Sea World Guide listed. Is that book covered yet? Just curious since our group is considering purchasing Herolab, but one of my players is branching out into the Red Mantis class, and I wanted to be able to make up his character sheet properly once he gets there.

The material from the Inner Sea World Guide is pretty fundamental to just about any game set in Golarion. Consequently, that material is included as part of the *core* package for Pathfinder. No add-ons are necessary to obtain that content. :)

Looks like we'll have to make sure that gets added to the website!

Thanks for a quick answer!! I'll be at your website late this year/early next year!

lonewolf-rob wrote:
Trinite wrote:
So, for those of us keeping score at home, what would it currently cost to buy "The Whole Kielbasa", i.e. all of the HeroLab Pathfinder packages all at once?

You'll find a complete run-down of all the available Pathfinder add-ons for Hero Lab on our website at the URL below (the ARG hasn't been added yet): packages

Please note that these are all add-ons. The initial product purchase ($29.99) would include the core Pathfinder files, covering the core rulebook, assorted other player-focused material, and lots of miscellaneous GM content. For example, it includes all PFS content, APs, GMG, etc.

Hope this helps...

Rob, I looked over that page and I did not see the Inner Sea World Guide listed. Is that book covered yet? Just curious since our group is considering purchasing Herolab, but one of my players is branching out into the Red Mantis class, and I wanted to be able to make up his character sheet properly once he gets there.

Considering means that I am working the budget numbers. Rappan Athuk has destroyed my gaming budget for the rest of the year, so I'm looking at this as a late Christmas present/ Early Birthday Present for myself.



For those of us not attending Paizocon, when should we expect to be hearing from you about scheduling a Skype interview? Thanks!


@DemonicEgo: I'm in the same boat as you, except that I have continued to do proofreading after college. And I got my application in on time. ]:)

While I was deployed to Iraq, working in the command post, I kept myself busy by proofreading papers for some of our officers who were working on Master's Degrees.

I also wrote a Memorial Day speech for one of the officers. He had asked for ideas of what to speak about, so I wrote what I thought was a decent intro. He told me that he basically took what I wrote, tweaked a few words to make it fit the Columbus Ohio area and added "thank you" to the end.

Now I proofread all awards submitted by my Nat. Guard unit.


And now, let the interview process begin!!

I hope that the competition/ interview process doesn't involve duels to the death. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE (editor for JBE)!!!

My death as a result of fighting to the death over an editor position, would really upset Dearest Wife. And you don't want to upset DW...


SWEET!!!! I just sent this to all my players. Ever since I picked up and started reading this book, I have made it legal play in my game. My GM has done the same, but I'm the only one in the group who owns a copy. Now I hope everyone gets a copy!

That reminds me, I need to write up a review for this book...


Ravenmantle wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
I justify it as 'I am getting a huge collection of dungeon levels to insert into ANY campaign I like'.
That's how I intend to use Slumbering Tsar and Rappan Athuk. It's so packed with awesome stuff that, even if I won't be able to run the dungeons themselves (my players aren't fond of megadungeons), I can pick of choose the stuff that fits my game. So even if I won't be able to play the entire megadungeon *pouts* these books are still tremendous tools for my games.

+1 to this. My players aren't all that interested in megadungeons either, but I can drop in levels from these as side quests, as places to visit when the players go off in a direction that I had not planned for, etc.


Endzeitgeist wrote:
Joined as a b-day present from me to myself.

Happy Birthday!

Weird Al's Birthday Song:

Happy birthday
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday
Happy birthday to you

Well, it’s time to celebrate your birthday, it happens every year
We’ll eat a lot of broccoli and drink a lot of beer
You should be good and happy that there’s something you can eat
A million people every day are starving in the street

Your daddy’s in the gutter with the wretched and the poor
Your mama’s in the kitchen with a can of cycle four
There’s garbage in the water
And there’s poison in the sky
I guess it won’t be long before we’re all gonna die

Happy birthday
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Well, what’s the matter little friend, you think this party is the pits
Enjoy it while you can, because we’ll soon be blown to bits
The monkeys in the pentagon are gonna cook our goose
Their finger’s on the button, all they need it an excuse

It doesn’t take a military genius to see
We’ll all be crispy critters after world war III
There’s nowhere you can run to, nowhere you can hide
'Cause when they drop the big one, we all get fried

*spoken*(come on boys and girls, sing along, ok? )*spoken*

Happy birthday
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Wow! (background screaming, sound effect)

There’s some punk in the alley and he’s looking for a fight
There’s an arab on the corner buying everything in sight
There’s a mother in the ghetto with another mouth to feed
Seems that everywhere you look today there’s misery and greed

Of course you know the earth is gonna crash into the sun
But that’s no reason why we shouldn’t have a little fun
So if you think it’s scary, if it’s more than you can take
Just blow out the candles and have a piece of cake

Happy birthday
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Happy birthday
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(happy birthday!)

And a pinch to grow an inch!

lyrics by "Weird Al" Yankovic

Here is your birthday present from me: Many thanks for your many reviews. I find them useful and informative. I have modeled my own review writing style loosly upon your reviews and Dark Mistress' reviews.


Necroblivion wrote:

Yeah, I'll try to time our future Kickstarters a little better, but I'm still more than pleased with how things turned out. A lot of people are saying they plan to start with our intro adventure, then go through the Bleeding Hollow, and then into Rappan Athuk.

To that I say, your players will hate you, but it sounds like a hell of a good time.

This is pretty much my plan as well, when I get around to this adventure and Rappan Athuk...


My request is that you get them up here after you make them there. Some of us aren't able to make Paizocon, but would still like to get the news!


ulgulanoth wrote:
no, he saw V use the epic spell on the black dragon, so he knows V killed 'em all

Which does not preclude him from being promoted in the near future.

He is the one who initially set up the deal where V could make the bargain with the IFCC. Now he knows just how far reaching the effects of that temptation were and is likely eligible for promotion.

"Where am I"

"The Pit of Despair." *coughs* *clears throat* Don't even think about trying to escape. The chains are far too thick.

Looks like V is back in the game!!

Well... maybe not.


Awesome! Here's hoping we can get there!


Skeeter Green wrote:


You guys broke $180k, you get Gods and demons now! Congrats!

I just noticed that and was going to post here, but Skeeter Green beat me to the punch.

*pours another cup*

Punch, anyone? Here's hoping we finish in the top spot!

*drinks punch*


Brian_007, when do you think they will be able to get Ian Fleming to do an audio commentary on some of the James Bond films?

Oh, wait:
Ian Lancaster Fleming (28 May 1908 - 12 August 1964)

I think Qarr (the imp) will be seeing a promotion in the future.

Or he'll be consumed by someone more powerful than him. Could go either way.

Rite Publishing wrote:
Rite Publishing policy is to never comment about plans for future books. This has to do with that I am the only full-time Rite Pub employee, and the rest are all freelancers, who have day jobs; The second is that when I do compilation books for print it has a roughly 4 month solicitation cycle.

I'm glad I found this before I posted the same question. I'll just make sure that I am setting aside a little money each month while waiting for my players to finish The Shattered Gates of Slaughtergarde and The Red Hand of Doom. If there is a compilation of Faces of the Tarnished Souk then I will purchase it. If not, I will just buy the individual documents and make my own compilation.


Which reminds me that I have other Rite Publishing books to finish reading and reviewing...

I did get the gaming paper adventure (but through the kickstarted, not by going to a FreeRPG day event), though I have not had time to read through it yet. When I do (which will be at least a week away) I will see if I can get a review up for it as well as for the other Free RPG stuff that I have not downloaded yet, but which are in my queue.


Interesting! Since I'm planning to run Carrion Crown soon, I'll have to keep my eye on this...

One of my players is using the rules in Ultimate Magic to write up some pretty cool higher level Magic Missle spells (one very similar to what Halo of Stars sounds like). I'm going to pick this up to read through. I have already notified him to see if he is interested.

$1.00 is an easy impulse buy.


Thunderbird8804 wrote:
mem0ri wrote:

I'm actually rather surprised that so many people in this thread think that "lying for good" is not an inherently dishonest or immoral act. It's classic "ends justify the means" Machiavellian philosophy and it definitely does not jive with being a Paladin.

That's me ... and as said above, every DM is different. I would, however, strongly disagree with anyone who states that it's ok to "lie for good".

I don't think you realize just how wrong that is, and how much even you disagree with it, so here's a simple scenario to illustrate.

You're a paladin who's protecting a family of innocents from a tyrannous lord. You've stopped and holed up in a house for a bit while you think about what to do next. Stopping here seems fairly safe because nobody in the village looks like they're going to give you up to the authorities, and you've got the family well hidden so that even if the house was given a once over they wouldn't be found. Then a bunch of heavily armed, shady looking characters that are part of a very large military division that's searching the town knock on your door and ask if you've seen the family (the one you're hiding). Fighting isn't going to work, you're quite outnumbered and outgunned, and they would probably guess that something's up if you attacked them. So what do you do: lie, or tell the truth?

Tell the truth. "Yes. When I was out in the field yesterday, I saw them beseeching a mighty warrior for aid to protect and hide them. After they walked into the town I lost sight of them."

LMPjr007 wrote:
Undying Legacy of the First Ones is available here in print exclusively from for only $5. We do plan to release the PDF version for free in the near future.

Awesome! You rock! I have shopping carted it, it will arrive with my next subscription shipment.


Kthulhu wrote:
Ok then. Gimme an Orcus/Tsathoggua challenge coin!

That would be AWESOME!!

For those not familiar: Challenge Coin


Dale McCoy Jr wrote:
I'm also working on getting print copies available at DriveThruRPG. But that is a few weeks away yet.

Very cool!

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