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Aardvark DM's page

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Actions not taken, are actions not performed:
You didn't say it, you didn't do it.


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About Aardvark DM

I just want to make sure there is an understanding on where I'm coming from as a GM, so there are no incorrect assumptions due to my lack of clarity.

When I play, I consider the game to be one about taking actions, and you can't assume an action that has in game consequences is taken unless declared. If there are rules for it, then it should be accounted for. If it is assumed you ate, then you should mark off a ration.

If you didn't say you used Survival to find food, then you didn't do so.
If you didn't say you were moving stealthily, you didn't do so.
If you didn't say you prepared different spells than the ones the day before, you must have kept the same ones.
If you didn't say you slept, you are fatigued or exhausted (these I'm not certain of, I can't seem to find sleep rules for anyone other than prepared casters).
If you didn't set up a watch rotation while you slept, then you all get the -10 to your perception checks for being asleep.
If you didn't say you when and where you mapped, you don't have a map.
If you didn't search for something hidden, you won't find it.*
And if you didn't say you told the party what you saw/learned/know, they don't know.

I see Perception as two facets, Searching and Noticing. Noticing is to catch something happening (birds stop singing, wind got suddenly colder, a shout down the hall, though I include those using Stealth because sneaking is an action). Searching is an action that needs to be taken, as the environment stays the same, but now you are using patterns of finding things that cause it to require a move action to perform. Again, Stealth is the exception, as you can always choose to actively try and spot something using stealth if you think it is there.

From the other perspective, there are no rules for bathroom functions, so no declared action required. No rules for breathing, unless there ISN'T air to breathe, no declared action required. No rules for sharpening your weapon (There are whetstones in the CRB, but they do nothing, and there are no rules for a blade dulling), so no declared action required.

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