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Ebon Acolyti

Aardvark Barbarian's page

517 posts. Alias of Troy Malovich.

Maps: SStar Sunday, 23 Rova 4712 | MM Fireday, 14 Pharast 4714 | CotCT Fireday, 18 Gozran 4708
Actions not taken, are actions not performed:
You didn't say it, you didn't do it.

Between Sturm and Z’ael’s determination to explore the Necropolis and what all lies within, the odd assortment of allies managed to cobble together an effective crew for doing just that. Once you all agree on a name, it is time to register for the lottery that will provide the assignment you are awarded as to where you have permission to explore. Singing up under the title ‘Architects of Fate’, the priests of Pharasma scrawl the name on two matching tokens, they hand one to you, and the other is placed within an urn between them. They then ensure that you all hear and understand the three basic rules of the Necropolis exploration.

Rule One - Remember How This Came to Pass:
The Plague of Madness was unleashed upon the city of Wati while religious authorities were engaged in infighting. This rule is a reminder that the necropolis remains a holy place, and those who engage in needless conflict and banditry are not only criminals, but accursed.

Rule Two - Every Slave’s Hut Is a Memorial:
Every structure within the necropolis is a testament to the people who lived and died in the city. Explorers must not desecrate or vandalize standing structures and tombs, but preserve them as the memorials they were intended to be. Some structures may be trapped or decrepit, but willful and unnecessary destruction will not be tolerated.

Rule Three - Honor the Departed:
The dead should be treated with dignity and respect. If the interred need to be disturbed to recover an antiquity or relic, they should be returned to their resting places carefully. It is understood that the ancient dead are often brittle, but there is no need for the contents of a sarcophagus to be summarily dumped on the ground. This rule does not apply to the undead or other abominations.

After explaining the rules, they finish with a word of warning, ”Failure to comply with these rules can result in, but is not limited to, expulsion from the necropolis, a ban on continued exploration, seizure of recovered valuables, and arrest and prosecution by local authorities.”

The Pharasmins wait until after all registrants have applied before they begin the ceremony of drawing lots. The lottery’s opening ceremony takes place in the Sunburst Market in the center of the living city of Wati, between the Grand Mausoleum and Abadar’s Sanctum of Silver and Gold. The bustling desert city of Wati is near bursting with excitement. Adventurers from every corner of the Inner Sea region have assembled here beneath the hot Osirian sun to explore the tombs of the city’s necropolis, waiting only to be assigned their first sites for exploration. Surrounding the participants, the public has gathered to observe the ceremony as well. There is a festival-like quality in the air, and numerous street vendors are hawking goods and refreshments to participants and spectators alike. Some merchants have even brought what can only be considered adventuring gear to sell as last minute convenience items to explorers, while others advertise that they’ll buy recovered treasures and antiquities from those who visit their establishments.

In front of the imposing edifice of the Grand Mausoleum, an immense awning has been erected between decorated pillars in the market to provide shade for the priests of Pharasma overseeing the lottery. Beneath the awning, two urns sit atop a table elevated a few feet above the ground on a wooden stage constructed for the event. The high priestess of the Grand Mausoleum, Sebti the Crocodile, sits behind the table, while two acolytes confer with her at either side.

Numerous adventuring groups stand in small clusters near the stage, made up of multiple nationalities and races. Most keep to themselves, but some teams engage in quiet conversation with other teams, mostly speculating about what they’ll likely face in the necropolis.

The ceremony begins when the high priestess of the Grand Mausoleum rises to her feet and looks over the crowd. Sebti seems surprisingly young to hold such a distinguished position, but she has a confident air of authority. After calling for silence, she begins with an invocation to the Lady of Graves, followed by a brief history of the founding of the necropolis. Sebti concludes by saying the following.

“Let the lottery begin! Although many of you have requested specific sites to explore, we must leave these matters to fate. The Lady of Graves is a far better judge of destiny than we of this mortal sphere. The gates of the necropolis will open at sunrise tomorrow. Use this evening to prepare yourselves for the task ahead. Let these rules guide you in your endeavors in this holy place: remember how this came to pass, every slave’s hut is a memorial, and honor the departed. May you go with the Lady’s blessing.”

After Sebti returns to her seat, the two acolytes accompanying her each draw a wooden token from one of the urns on the table. The first token identifies the adventuring group, matching the token that group received when it registered for the lottery. The second token determines which tomb is assigned to that group. A single representative of the chosen group is then summoned to the stage to present the token his group received at registration to one of the acolytes. Once the group’s identity has been confirmed, Sebti shows the representative the location of that group’s first exploration site on a map of the entire necropolis. She also gives the representative a smaller, sketched map that shows the site’s location in relation to the necropolis gates. Once a group has received its assignment, the process repeats with a new group.

The process seems to take forever, as every token drawn fails to result in your group being called. Eager ears listen intently, only to be let down when the name does not belong to your hodgepodge group. Finally, it comes, the call rings out so that it feels like the only sound in the raucous throng of adventurers, merchants, and citizens, ”Architects of Fate! The Tomb of Akhentepi!”

Now that your name has been called, a representative is expected to approach the stage to receive your assignment. Who will be the representative for the Architects of Fate?

Maps: SStar Sunday, 23 Rova 4712 | MM Fireday, 14 Pharast 4714 | CotCT Fireday, 18 Gozran 4708
Actions not taken, are actions not performed:
You didn't say it, you didn't do it.

Here is the discussion thread for my Mummy's Mask Campaign. Feel free to chit-chat, work on linking backstories, and how you came together as a group to decide to searh the buildings of the Wati Necroplois.

Also, agree on a team name.

I will be starting a Mummy's Mask campaign, and have a few players already from a previous campaign. So I will be looking for anywhere from 2-4 more players depending on how many I need to fill out the group (6 total PC's).

I'm sorry, but this recruitment is only open to those given the invite to apply to the game. I realize there is a wall of text to pore over, but I like to be up front about the games I run and the expectations. I will not put a hard set 1/day or 1/every other day posting expectation, but I am looking for active players to help keep the game going. If you know you may not have time to post, at least offer as much in the discussion thread. Nothing worse than silence when trying to see if someone will be posting or not.

Character Creation:
I'm actually a rather strict GM, and don't always follow the 'say yes' style of DMing.

That being said, I'll allow just about anything Paizo from the SRD (feats, traits, gear, etc...). There are a few exceptions nonetheless.

No 3PP. Nothing personal, just that I end up having to review every component and don't want to have to cherry pick which ones I do or don't allow. The safest answer is just avoid them all.

CRB races only as a base, but with a reasonable argument I may allow something outside the core to be played. Given the location and society of the AP, of the non-core I am more inclined to allow Catfolk, Gnoll, Ifrit, Oread, and Sylph.

No Gunslingers, or Asian-themed classes (Ninja, Samurai, or Monk). None of the classes from the Advanced Class Guide, my unfamiliarity with them will make it hard for me to adjudicate them accordingly.

I may be okay with AN (as in only 1 per group, 2 would be pushing it) evil character, as long as they can play well with others and have a reasonable argument as to why they would work with the group to accomplish the AP's goals.

Ability scores will be rolled using 4d6 drop the lowest, 7 times drop the lowest roll. If the total is lower than 15 point buy or a total modifier of +5 you will reroll. Also, if the total modifier is higher than +12, you will reroll. This helps alleviate the disparity that can happen based on rolling.

Starting wealth will actually be rolled, but since the AP assumes the PC’s are already a team for some reason or another, I will be giving a lump sum of extra gold to the group, as spoils from their last job, to divide as they see fit.

1) A nat 1 on a skill check gives an additional -10 to the roll.
2) A nat 20 on a skill check gives an additional +10 to the roll.
3) The take 10/20 mechanic has been removed.
4) Weapon Finesse is a free feat for all (treat it as a quality of a finesse weapon).
5) Leadership is a free feat at level 9, but cohorts will be recruited out of the NPC's met within the game, based on character interactions. They will be controlled in combat by the player, but they will be RP'd by the GM.
6) All PC's get an extra skill point at 1st level in either a craft, perform, or profession.
7) Group stealth, when sneaking as a group, the stealth total is the average of all those sneaking.
8) Aiding the best, when aiding another on skills or ability checks the highest roll is the base, all others are aiding.
9) Crafting Magic Items does not require a feat, only the appropriate level to attain the feat of the item type being crafted.
10)All magic items have a chance of being either Cursed or Intelligent

Cursed/Intelligent Magic Item Rules:
The determining rolls will be made in the Gameplay thread under GM rolls spoilers.

1-5% means it's Intelligent
6-25% means it sheds light
96-00% means it is cursed

Armor, Shields, Rings, Rods, and (non-consumable) Wondrous Items:
01% means it's Intelligent
96-00% means it is cursed

All others (including consumables):
96-00% means it is cursed

When crafting, a Nat 1, will make a cursed item (as well as if you fail making an item by 5 or more). Every item can be cursed.

For Intelligence, first is a Nat 20 on the Skill check when crafting:
if it's a weapon, rolling 17-20 on a second d20 means it's Intelligent
if it's an Armor, Shield, Ring, Rod, or (non-consumable) Wondrous Item, rolling a 20 on a second d20 means it's Intelligent.
No items other than weapons, armor, shields, rings, rods, or (non-consumable) wondrous items can be intelligent.
Intelligent items will be within one alignment step of their crafter.

About me as a GM:
I just want to make sure there is an understanding on where I'm coming from as a GM, so there are no incorrect assumptions due to my lack of clarity. I use every rule in the book that I am aware of, and those I don't use will be adressed as houserules. I expect the players to be cognizant of, at the very least, the rules that apply to their character. If you have a ranged weapon, regardless of being an archer, you should take into account the firing into melee and firing past cover rules.

When I play, I consider the game to be one about taking actions, and you can't assume an action that has in game consequences is taken unless declared. If there are rules for it, then it should be accounted for. If it is assumed you ate, then you should mark off a ration.

If you didn't say you used Survival to find food, then you didn't do so.
If you didn't say you were moving stealthily, you didn't do so.
If you didn't say you prepared different spells than the ones the day before, you must have kept the same ones.
If you didn't say you slept, you are fatigued or exhausted (these I'm not certain of, I can't seem to find sleep rules for anyone other than prepared casters).
If you didn't set up a watch rotation while you slept, then you all get the -10 to your perception checks for being asleep.
If you didn't say you when and where you mapped, you don't have a map.
If you didn't search for something hidden, you won't find it.*
And if you didn't say you told the party what you saw/learned/know, they don't know.

I see Perception as two facets, Searching and Noticing. Noticing is to catch something happening (birds stop singing, wind got suddenly colder, a shout down the hall, though I include those using Stealth because sneaking is an action). Searching is an action that needs to be taken, as the environment stays the same, but now you are using patterns of finding things that cause it to require a move action to perform. Again, Stealth is the exception, as you can always choose to actively try and spot something using stealth if you think it is there.

I merely would like to hear other's opinions of this because it has come up two days in a row for me in two different games.

Often, for sake of expedience, there are certain assumptions made in character. Typically these are things like going to the bathroom, eating, drinking, sleeping, preparing spells at a set time, sharpening your weapon, etc..

Sometimes the assumptions can go larger than that. A request for a character to draw a map of where they explore by an NPC, can it be assumed it is done without mentioning it, because it is a re-quest and has a reward? What about sharing of knowledge or information? If the party sage makes a 30 knowledge check on a DC 12 creature, is it safe to assume they automatically tell everything they know to the rest of the party?

If not to any of these, do you play them out or require they be played out in character? Do you as a GM or player make it a point to mention eating rations or buying a meal? Do you ask if they are mapping or state you are doing so at the times you do it? Do you require they say what they know, or do you share the info as your character would?

What is the cutoff for what is assumed and what should be declared?

I hope it does not show what side of this discussion I am on, as I'm trying to present an unbiased question.

We are fairly early into the second book (about 1/5 to 1/4 the way in), and lost a player due to scheduling/workload. We are the tortoise over the hare when it comes to rate of posting, and slow and steady will win the race. We tend to slow down, sometimes as low as 2 posts a week on average, but posting more often is not discouraged. Despite how busy I have ever gotten as a GM (run 3 PbP's, play in 9, run a TT, work full time and go to college part-time), I have not bowed out, and barring sudden life-changing events, am not likely to do so.

Currently the party consists of:
Human Cleric
Human Bard
Halfling Fighter/Rogue
Dwarf Fighter

We could use a full arcane I would imagine, but it's not necessary as we have most roles covered.

Character guidelines:
Level 4
Core races only (Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half Elf, Halfling, Half-Orc, Human)
Classes Allowed are all PF classes except: Gunslinger, Ninja, Samurai, and Antipaladin.
20 pt buy
2 traits (AP trait not required)
WBL: 6,000, no more than half on any single item
(though I would prefer the guidelines of "25% on weapons, 25% on armor and protective devices, 25% on other magic items, 15% on disposable items like potions, scrolls, and wands, and 10% on ordinary gear and coins" be considered).
HP/lvl are rolled or half, whichever is higher (of course max at 1st).
Encumbrance, Vision/Light, and Rations will be tracked by the players.

Only houserule: 1's and 20's on skills equal -10/+10 to the roll respectively.

The submissions will be viewed by the current party and myself, and the decision will be made by all of us. The group is about to head into a battle that they have already had to retreat from, and have prepared themselves and returned. Feel free to read any of my games to get an idea of how I run them, and especially feel free to read the events of the first book to get an idea of what's happened thus far (it went through 2 other GM's before I got a hold of it). But with close to 1700 posts, you may not want to, or even wait until selected.

Maps: SStar Sunday, 23 Rova 4712 | MM Fireday, 14 Pharast 4714 | CotCT Fireday, 18 Gozran 4708
Actions not taken, are actions not performed:
You didn't say it, you didn't do it.

14 Rova 4712

Heidmarch Manor is located in the Alabaster District of Magnimar, not far from the city’s easternmost gate. The manor grounds are surrounded by a stone wall, but the front gate hangs open during the day—visitors are always welcome to the manor, which has recently come to double as the first Pathfinder Lodge in Varisia.

As a Pathfinder Lodge, there are frequently members at some time or another always coming and going. Applicants preparing to take the test at the Grand Lodge, members looking for a place to stay as they move on to further locales, sometimes better known agents deliver updated policies from the the Decemvirate or exchange tomes between lodges.

With all the comings and goings, it is rare that anyone has much of an opportunity to have a moment or two to get to know one another. You are sure there's a few regulars, even here and there you recognize a local Magnimaran you think you've seen before. Early in the day as you move around the Manor house and grounds, the majordomo delivers a request from the Venture Captain herself

Greetings, fellow seeker of adventure!
You have come to my attention as someone who possesses a certain amount of skills and interests that make you an excellent addition to a highly specialized team I’m putting together for a matter of grave import, not only to the Society, but to Varisia as a whole. Please report an hour before noon to Heidmarch Manor—you will be compensated for your visit, but that reward will pale in light of the riches that await you should we come to an agreement on my proposition to you. I look forward to meeting you soon!
—Sheila Heidmarch

Maps: SStar Sunday, 23 Rova 4712 | MM Fireday, 14 Pharast 4714 | CotCT Fireday, 18 Gozran 4708
Actions not taken, are actions not performed:
You didn't say it, you didn't do it.

Here is the discussion page, so we can come together in one place to go over preferences and plans for the campaign.

As I mentioned in the initial PM, I have the following AP's that I would be able to run.

RotRL (old version)

I run a CotCT and S&S here on the forums. One of the invites went to one of my CotCT players. Two invites went to people with whom I play in a RotRL here on the forums.

So far I have received an affirmative from four of you, so we have enough to start even if I do not get a yes from the other two.

Maps: SStar Sunday, 23 Rova 4712 | MM Fireday, 14 Pharast 4714 | CotCT Fireday, 18 Gozran 4708
Actions not taken, are actions not performed:
You didn't say it, you didn't do it.

Here you may discuss all things discussable.

Maps: SStar Sunday, 23 Rova 4712 | MM Fireday, 14 Pharast 4714 | CotCT Fireday, 18 Gozran 4708
Actions not taken, are actions not performed:
You didn't say it, you didn't do it.

King Eodred II has died, Geadren Lamm brought to 'justice', riots were quelled, an 'Assassin' caught and later rescued by a local vigilante, and the body of a missing Shoanti retrieved from dark passages. Now all that's left for the hapless heroes is to lie down and get some much needed time off. I wonder how long it will last.

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Maps: SStar Sunday, 23 Rova 4712 | MM Fireday, 14 Pharast 4714 | CotCT Fireday, 18 Gozran 4708
Actions not taken, are actions not performed:
You didn't say it, you didn't do it.

Vague memories of the night before come as flashes of light and sound, disrupting whatever peace you have found in the dark recesses of your unconsciousness. There was ringing laughter of a wild night, the heavy aroma of stew, ale, and perfume. The sound of woman’s cry for help, being beset upon in dark alleys, drinking too much to remember the night before, and recognizing a certain familiarity in the tales of a press-gang drugging.

Everything begins to come back into focus, the creak of old wooden floors. There are sounds of many footfalls, maybe folks running along the docks, and the periodic wash of salt air as the wind blows it over the port. One thing doesn’t seem to feel right, however, as the gentle sway feels like it belongs to that of a swinging hammock, and not the boards on which you lay. Realization slowly creeps in, that these things are not coming from tavern floors, or Port Peril alleyways. These are the accoutrements of a vessel at sea.

The sound of heavy boots nears, and the dark is pierced suddenly by the bright glow of a lantern. The light digs into the space behind your eyes, and introduces a piercing headache. The dull throb makes the swaying feel as if the drink is still in control of all your motor skills. As your eyes adjust, you are fully woken by a loud angry crack rending the stale air. The noise brings you to a sense of understanding, as you realize you sit in the back of a ship’s hold, and the sound is the tell-tale sign of the kind of attention you don’t want from a boatswain.

Finally adjusting to the lantern in the darkness, you see before you a group of men, six rough looking sailors armed with saps, but the one in the lead looks the most threatening. He is of a decent height, with a medium, greasy, black beard. He wears a long black jacket, and swirls a wicked looking whip in his right hand. His face appears to be a grimace of pain, held in by yellowed teeth, but upon further inspection is clearly an unsettling smile. He cracks the whip once again for effect. “Still abed with the sun over the yardarm? On your feet, ye filthy swabs! Get up on deck and report for duty before Cap’n Harrigan flays your flesh into sausage skins and has Fishguts fry ye up for breakfast!” His grimace of a smile grows as the crowd of thugs behind him chuckle at the idea of the punishment offered.

With the threat before you, the instinctual grab for the means to defend yourself finds you empty handed. You are fully aware of your vulnerability, no armor, no weapons; they even took your coin. Only one of you has anything beyond the clothes on your back, which turns out to be a simple healer’s satchel, and it doesn’t look like it would be as much help in a fight as it would be after one.

Bringing you back to the situation as it stands, the Bosun cracks his whip again, “Well, what d’ye be gawking at? Get to movin’ or ye be feelin’ the taste o’ the lash long before the Bloody Hour!”

Maps: SStar Sunday, 23 Rova 4712 | MM Fireday, 14 Pharast 4714 | CotCT Fireday, 18 Gozran 4708
Actions not taken, are actions not performed:
You didn't say it, you didn't do it.

Here is, of course, the discussion thread.

Once everyone has checked in, we will go over some optional rules suggestions and see what everyone's thoughts on it are. I wouldn't mind getting the input of the understudys as well, but I don't require it.

I cannot contain myself any longer, and have decided to run a Skull & Shackles PbP here on the forums. Recruitment will close one week from today (on the 5th of May).

I am looking for four players who can post regularly (ideally every 24 hours). I understand slow posting on weekends, and I myself will not often post on Fridays and Saturdays (Game night and Family night respectively). I am fairly active on the boards, and check them frequently, and though I may not always have time to post a response I often enjoy just following IC dialogue amongst the PC's.

Character creation guidelines are as follows:
20 pt buy
Core races only (Dwarf, Elf, Gnome, Half Elf, Halfling, Half-Orc, Human)
Classes Allowed are all PF classes except: Paladin, Gunslinger, Ninja, Samurai, and Antipaladin.
2 Traits, one of which must be from the S&S player's guide
Average starting gold (Guns are allowed, but not common)
HP's are max at first, and either rolled or take half at each level after, decided BEFORE each roll is made.

The characters should be willing to act as pirates. I'm not saying I'm looking for a gang of vicious cutthroats, but the law-abiding goody-goodys should be kept to a minimum. I won't be expecting the 'RP during recruitment' aspect of everyone gathered in the Formidably Maid. I would, however, like to see a background included as to what brought you to Port Peril in the first place.

I run combats with a linked map, and turn-based (not group action). I feel that many of the rules of the game are balanced off how they interact in turn and based off their area of effects. I realize this may slow down the posting speed waiting on any individual to go. That being said, if someone does not take their turn within 24 hours of it coming up, then they will be delayed. If they do not post before the round ends, their turn is forfeited.

If there are any more questions, please feel free to ask and i will try to get back to you as soon as I can.

I am involved in multiple PbP's here on the forums (Playing in 8, Running 3), and was able to see them all under one campaign tab in my main alias. I could do this by clicking my name at the top "Welcome" link, then the single campaign tab, and voila, there they all were.

Now, I have to go into the aliases tab, then further into each alias, and finally under the campaign tab for each one. This is just to see if there are any updates. I have to do this 10 different times, where before it was only once.

Is there any way I can get back the ability to see all of them under one alias (preferably the one that is the main for my account)?

I will be running CC in a few weeks, and have been working on converting it to 4E. I was wondering if anyone out there has already done so, and if they have any notes or hints that would help out?

It is a normal day like any other on Athas. The immense sun overhead beats down with an oppressive heat, the light of it reflected off the sand causes you to squint and shade your eyes as best you can. You sweat but it evaporates almost before you can tell that it’s there. Every once in a while a cooling bead may make it down to your temple or the middle of your back before it completely dries up. Periodically, a small gust of wind passes by, bringing with it the heat of a potter’s kiln and a gritty reminder of Athas’ ever-present sand. The sand is not only everywhere, but after each little gust, it’s even more so in the miniscule collections of moisture at the corners of every eye and mouth. If you could gather enough liquid you could spit or blink it away, but what’s the point in wasting the moisture over just a little grit?

Anton Oasil:
Since you’ve tied together what you know of your mentor’s disappearance, granted to you in your sleep, you have been aimed at your destination. The large city-state of Urik looms ahead, like a beacon of finality. As you near your heart races and your thoughts spin about what you will do to the men that had taken Oasir away. Thoughts of vengeance run through your frame, tensing your muscles, clenching your fists and jaw, eyes narrowing to those of the hunter. Nearing the gate, lorded over by two hulking Half-giants and three of Hamanu’s minor templars, your thoughts come back to the now. You realize that first you have to find the men that did it, and then figure out how to get to them. There are still so many questions that need answers, but you first have to answer the one just given to you.
“What’s your business in Urik.” The forward templar asks. It is difficult to tell if he’s asking as the one with the most authority amongst the three, or as the one with the least.

The streets of Urik are very clean; at least as far as sun-baked sand strewn streets can be that is. Thanks to an associate of Akilina, a fellow merchant, you were allowed to enter as one of his slaves. Once inside the city Marakento, the merchant, set about his business in the usual manner letting you know to do what you needed and stay out of trouble. You could tell, by the way he said this last, that you had gotten as much out of his favor to Akilina that you would and you were on your own. At first it was a little rough, but after a couple days you had found an odd job or two to secure some food and water for yourself. For the nights you stayed in beggar’s palace, a den of rot and decay with half-crumbled walls and ramshackle hovels nestled in the back of the foreign quarter. This day your spirits were a little higher though. This day you had a lead on the mercenaries. You got word from an Elven scarf vendor, Tharelen, who knows a guy that claims to be in the know about all the groups that hire out of Urik. The man claims to be an ex-member of one of them, who now arranges jobs for them. You are waiting to meet him at a tavern in the Old District called the Kirre’s Horn. A man, or more accurately a dwarf, matching his description, three parallel scars running from his left eye and replacing the ear on that side of his head, walks up to your small table. With a gruff voice and an air of authority, he asks. “I was told you were the man, what was looking for me?”

Like any of your outings, this was a good day to be outside. Any day you are given trips to practice the hunt are good days, and worthy of the plans and diagrams that make the others so happy. The hunt would be better if you did not always get tied to the end of Hlanast the Slayer’s arm. He hunts well enough for an Elf, but whenever you get ready to take the prey, he holds you back with the pesky braid of hair. He does not seem to have been a good choice for a hunting partner, he doesn’t seem to like you, and always brags that he has trained well and could kill you without a care. He obviously is not focused on the prey. Other than the irritation of his presence, today was a good day to hunt. The little gusts kept the prey covering their soft wet eyes, and they would also often break off into small groups of one or two to duck in alcoves or in their hovels. One such pair split off again, a human female slowed by age and one of the little ones called Halflings whose legs could not outpace you. They were so unaware that they were even hunted, chattering away about the value of beads. Once they looked back, but there was no way they caught sight, as they did not try to lose you in the turns of the next couple passages. The chance was upon you, you knew this corner and they had walked into a long blind alley. Once they turned the corner, you would speed upon them and strike before they knew you were even there. As you tense your legs for the pounce, once again the Elf stops short, bringing you up lacking. After a quick reprimand in Kreen, which you aren’t sure he understands yet he always sneers when you do, the two of you head back to the compound. As you near the end of High Quarter, a man in clothing much like your superior’s, yet with much more useless baubles attached to it, strides out of the Templar District. He approaches Hlanast and shows him a placard with the symbol of your superior on it. “I’ll be taking ‘it’ from here, you can go.” He tells the Elf.
“I think I should escort her to wherever you are taking her, your Justice.” Hlanast suggests heavily.
In response the new man yanks the binding from off Hlanast’s arm, “I think I can handle it. It has only known the soft of the walls inside, so it doesn’t pose a threat.” At this he walks away pulling the braid behind him. He will make an awful hunter, with the way he stomps like a mekillot as he walks.
After a little ways he speaks, “DO…YOU… UNDERSTAND… WHAT… I’M.. .SAYING?” so loud a blind Kestrekel could find him. Mumbling afterwards “or are you just another stupid savage like the rest of your kind?”

Morthak the Mad:
Here it is, the walls of Urik climb out from the sands in tall straight lines, like mountains, but not like mountains all uneven and rocky, kind of like them tall and sturdy, almost like, well… walls. The faces of them covered in fantastical friezes of a great lion, demolishing its enemies, most likely the Lion of Urik, Hamanu himself. Not actually himself, per se, as they are just art, but like him in representation, but then again he may not even be a lion, most likely he isn’t. Who would make a lion a Sorcerer-king? The line you are standing in seems to be taking forever entering the gate, a caravan approaches, they have a long talk with the guards at the entrance, then they go through all their wares. Money changes hands, most of the time, at least most of the time that it moves quicker. The times that no money is paid seem to take forever, why would they stall them so long? Are they trying to find the money, or is it just to try and teach them a lesson for not having the money already? Once you get inside you’ll be able to find these raiders that you have hunted for so long. At least you were told they were here, most assuredly by the merchants each on a travois bearing inix, or it could have been the Half-elven crodlu trainer behind you. Nonetheless, you are certain that you’ve finally come to the right place. Only two more in front of you, then it’s your turn, at your eagerness you feel the sun’s rays filling you with its power showing you that supports your choice. The sun that has dealt with you harshly, but always looked over you. The sun that fills you with its radiant power, to show you that you are a vessel of its….. Why are they yelling, what’s all the fuss? Something must have upset the Templars at the gate. The merchants try to pull weapons from hiding amongst their howdahs, but before they bring them to the fore one gets his head crushed by a Half-giant’s club, as the other gets peppered by arrows from the towers above. As the battle quickly begins to die off as fast as it started, the second half-giant taking the reins of the inix, one of the Templars points at you and shouts, “You! Are you with them?” looking around you and behind you asking “Where are the goods you are selling?”

Despite its fearsome reputation as being strictly regimented and bearing the most powerful army, the city of Urik is actually not a bad looking place. Everything is laid out in neat and orderly rows, most of the buildings being built to the same dimensions. You could see, however, that over time it would probably become dull and drab, every street and alleyway looking like the one before it to the point of madness. At least it’s somewhere safe… well, safer, than the open wilds. Getting in was the easy part, all you had to do was tell the Templar some fireside tale of visiting your sister and her new baby. You looked innocent enough, and you’re certain the way the other one was looking at you that the question about which quarter she lived in wasn’t for security reasons as much as personal ones. Now that you are inside, you just need to find somewhere to stay or, as Quib would suggest, someone that you can sell a sob story to. Wandering the streets, looking for some idea of where to go from here, you hear a voice call out from your right side. “Hey! Don’t I know you from somewhere? I swear I don’t forget a face.” Looking over you see a man dressed in traveling gear, his head wrapped in the traditional wrap, and his eyes covered by the thin-slit goggles that are typically worn to protect the eyes from sand and sun. It’s the scar you recognize. The one that starts just under his eye, and runs to his jawbone, crossing his mouth where two teeth both on the top and bottom are missing, knocked out by whatever gave him the scar. He was in the camp that night; you remember the way he would leer as he subconsciously stuck his tongue out the four tooth window whenever he thought you weren’t looking. You see realization dawn on him, his mind sifting through the alcohol-jumbled memories came up with a face. “You’re the one that killed Galaro, and stole some of our spoils.” He grins, the leer returning “Oh, you’ll pay for that, I’ll make sure of it.”

Today was the day that you guys had planned for all month. The slave-breeder would be away for a week and you had an inside man to get you into the compound. There were at least ten slaves, composed of three young Muls, two dwarven studs and five human women. You and Calodas, your Half-elven friend from the grove, have been successful in the freeing of two other parcels of breeding slaves. Calodas is one of the few you have met that has been so adamant in helping your cause, claiming it to be from understanding the plight of the half-breed. This one has taken fine tuning and greasing a few palms, since it was a Templar breeder. Your usual tricks have worked up to this point, the secret entrance through the slave quarters, the disguises in their same hiding places, even the half-giant guard that likes you guys enough to always let you pass his watch post when he’s on duty. You’ve come this far, and all appears to be going better than expected. It is only a few more houses before you get to the compound, the whole of it as it was planned. You see it up ahead, and right on time the front gate opens. Out comes a hulk of a half-giant, one of the few things you can rely on to keep muls in line, he is followed by two Templars, though they look to be low in station. It is after these last two that the Templar slave-breeder emerges astride an impressive crodlu. He is followed up lastly by another half-giant, who pauses long enough to close the gate behind him before falling back in line with the entourage. Giving the group enough of a lead to get out of sight, you and Calodas head for the side entrance you were informed of by one of the Templar’s disgruntled servants. Giving pause enough to make sure no one will see you, you ease the door open slowly. Hanging on the inside of the door, is the beaten and bloody form of the same servant that told you of the entrance. Realization strikes like a hammer, you were discovered, and turning you now see that the group that had just departed were coming at you from different avenues. They had to split up to try and cover most of the escape routes, but they didn’t know about the one you were actually going to use anyways. There is a small opening into the back of another house’s yard that is too small for a half-giant, and you think you can get there before they reach you, but it might just be too late. Calodas turns to you, sadness in his eyes and you know it’s not for himself, “I’m sorry we did not free your people. You go, get as far as you can; I will guard your escape.” At this he begins to change, his skin hardening to black chitin as his arms and legs multiply, the front two becoming enormous claws, while from his back grows a long segmented tail ending in a pincer. Before the change finalizes he adds, “I know by my sacrifice you will be able to come back and free them at another time.”

Here is the OOC/Discussion thread for the Dark Sun game.

Character Rules:

- Ability Scores: Roll 4d6 drop lowest, roll 7 times take top 6. Before racial modifiers, your total modifiers should be between +6 and +12. Any higher or lower, and you will need to reroll.

- Books allowed: Core Rulebook, APG, UM, and the Psionics material from Dreamscarred Press.

- Races Allowed: Mul, Thri-Kreen, Half-Giant (These three are posted in my profile), Human, Elf, Half-elf, Halfling, Dwarf.

- Classes Allowed: All classe from the allowed rulebooks except Alchemist, and Paladin/Antipaladin. All divine classes will follow either the elements or the Sorcerer-Kings.

- Starting Money: Average gold for the class. All money/prices in the books will be relabeled from Gold to Ceramic, Silver to Bits. Any silver in the game will be worth 10 CP, and gold worth 100 CP.

- Traits/Feats: 2 Traits, and everyone gets Wild Talent as a bonus feat.

- Equipment: All things initially made of metal must be made of a different material (bone, wood, obsidian). Athasian specific weapons are in my profile. If you roll a natural 1 on an attack, with a non-metal version of an item, you can choose to reroll the attack roll, but the weapon automatically breaks after the attack is resolved. For non-metal versions of other items, if you roll a 1 on the skill check you are using it with, it breaks.

- Magic: Knowledge: Arcana is only a class skill for arcane casters. Any other class that has it on their list replaces it with Knowledge: Psionics. All arcane casters add Bluff to their skill list, this can be used when casting (preserving only) to make others believe that you are using Divine or Psionics instead. Any spell that produces food or water only creates 1/4 of the result. All potions come in the form of fruits and berries, if you find them, odds are it's a potion.

- Preserving/Defiling: All arcane casters defile unless they choose to preserve. When defiling an arcane caster increases their spell level by 1, but they destroy a 1 sq radius of land/level of the spell. Anyone caught in the radius of the defiling, besides the caster suffers the same penalties as being fatigued for 1 rnd/level of the spell cast, but using an effect that fatigues them does not make them exhausted.

- Domains/Favored Weapons: The Domains and Favored weapons of the Elements and Sorcerer-Kings will be posted in my profile.

After throwing the idea out there, I've decided to run a Dark Sun PbP campaign using Pathfinder rules.

It will be a sandbox style game. I would like to see a lot of character dialogue, and would prefer the PC's to have their own goals to assist in driving the story. I'm not an effective optimizer, so I would appreciate if the PC's weren't over the top.

All the base races from the core Dark Sun material will be allowed (and only those).
Mul (conversion to be posted)
Thri-Kreen (conversion to be posted)
Half-Giant (conversion to be posted)

I will be using Dreamscarred Press' Psionics rules

Ability scores will be 4d6 drop lowest, roll 7 times take top 6. Before racial modifiers, your total modifiers should be between +6 and +12. Any higher or lower, and you will need to reroll.

All classes will be allowed except Alchemist, Paladin/Antipaladin. Divine classes will follow either the elements or the sorcerer-kings.

I'm strict, so things like encumbrance and food/water will be tracked.

I will leave the recruitment open for 2 weeks, and decide based on character submissions.

EDIT: The game will begin in the Urik region, so please include how/why you are in Urik.

I'm thinking of running a Pathfinder PbP set in either the world of Athas or Krynn.

Let me know if you're interested in playing either (and which one).

I'll base it off the preferences to decide which one I run.

Also, if your vote is for DragonLance let me know whether you would prefer during the War of the Lance, Post WotL, or Post War of Souls. I won't run the Fifth Age stuff (pre-war of souls with all the Gods missing).

After a campaign has been determined, I will introduce the character creation guidelines. Though I will say, that regardless of game, ability scores will be rolled.

Also, I tend to run a little sandbox style, and prefer a lot of dialogue between Characters.

Maps: SStar Sunday, 23 Rova 4712 | MM Fireday, 14 Pharast 4714 | CotCT Fireday, 18 Gozran 4708
Actions not taken, are actions not performed:
You didn't say it, you didn't do it.

The wars fought over ownership of Lake Prosperity have waged for almost as long as anyone can remember. This latest one has run its course for going on three years. Both sides have suffered many losses. The forces of Legio Sus and the Ozelenti people have managed, on multiple occasions, to advance the lines, pushing across the River Fortune. Each time the hold was unable to be maintained. Supply lines crossing the river caused delays, and each time the Klimites were able to push the forces back into Ozelenit.

The latest battle was the last of a few drives to take back the Ozelenit side of the river. The Legio has managed to take a little at a time, and this last one, although lost, was successful enough to reclaim the land up to the river. The Legio took heavy losses, not much in the way of soldiers, but many mercenaries and local militia. The biggest Legio loss was one of the Mobile Command Platforms, a seige tower with added defenses, used to survey the fight from a higher vantage point. It was taken down by a well aimed shot from a trebuchet.

The Legio has set up camp at the last rally point, tents aligned in organized rows by company. The usual after battle details are organized, wounds healed, and orders handed out. Just after evening chow, a task comes down from higher.

"Tribuni Anguticlavii! There's an order come down the line. It seems that with the fall of the MCP, the command box with the stamped orders was lost. It wasn't found amongst the wreckage and we need it recovered. If the Klimites get their hands on it they will be able to get some of our plans from it. We'll send some men your way, take them to the site and recover the orders." Minor Quest, recover the orders from the wreckage. 750xp

Roedd and Booj:
"Hey you, beast... and... you, runt! There's a team going to the front this afternoon. We need supply recovery. Go with them, pick up and bring back whatever weapons and armor is still salvagable. Go now, quickly, that minotaur over there, he's the one who knows where exactly you're headed. Report to him!" Minor Quest, 50xp/piece of salvaged gear.

Jacen and Yuriel:
"Hey there Tirones. There's an order come out tonight, some officer has himself a task and of course can't do a thing by himself. I'm tasking you two to provide a little protection. It seems he has an 'important mission' and will need an escort of men. I imagine the two of you can handle it? You seem to do well enough when the fight is on, let's see if you can manage to babysit an officer." Minor Quest, ensure the officer returns with his quarry. 600xp

"Armand! Hey friend, how's it going, that's great. A lot going on tonight, you notice, I'm sure you did you got the eyes of a hawk don't you, of course you do. There seems to be a ruckus going on about that Tribuni, hmm I wonder what he's gotten himself up to, you know how they are, am I right or what. Hey, you always good at catchin wind of what's going down, why don't you sidle up to the crew, see what they're after. I mean I would go, but you know how I am all obvious, I bet you, though, you could manage to join them, see what he's after. You're a natural, I think they are heading out soon, it could be some juicy stuff, I heard something about stamped orders, I wonder what they say, you think you could found for me?" Minor Quest, learn the contents of the lost orders. 750xp

Maps: SStar Sunday, 23 Rova 4712 | MM Fireday, 14 Pharast 4714 | CotCT Fireday, 18 Gozran 4708
Actions not taken, are actions not performed:
You didn't say it, you didn't do it.

Well, now that have all the general rules under my profile, and at least 3 interested players so far, I will start the discussion thread.

So far I have:
Rev Rosey

As is the case with any homebrew, I'm sure there are questions about my world. I will answer any you may have to the best of my ability.

The game is intended to be political/military -esque, but not heavy on either.

Races allowed, gods, regions, basic knowledge, languages, and house rules are all under my profile.

I will be using the Inherent bonuses system (be sure to turn it on if you use CB). So there will be less magic items, and some treasure may even be junk magic, that sells for your coin reward (5 +1 long swords, equals a 360GP coin treasure).

After char gen, don't forget to roll your appearance score.

I rarely use Skill challenges, it will mainly be ad hoc XP, for a skill that moves the story/events.

Post characters here before we start.

I've been gobbling up PbP content, and am eager to run my first one. I was waiting until I was comfortable with my mapping tool.

I will be using my homebrew world/history/gods, and will be adding information to my profile until most of the basics are covered.

I am a fairly rules-lawyer GM, but at least that means I know them pretty well. Whenever there is a house rule it will be posted, and there are not a lot, some are purely flavor rules, no mechanics (i.e. Eladrin are called True Elves).

The character creation rules will be in my profile. I am looking for 4 or 5 players, who are willing/able to post/respond fairly regularly (from poss multiple daily to at least one every other day).

Please, feel free to ask if you have any questions.

EDIT: No Essentials classes, both not familiar enough with them and don't think they work well side-by side with non-essentials from what I've seen.

EDIT: Starting at 1st level, semi-sandbox style game.

(Hope this is the right section for this question)

I'm interested in trying to run a PbP, but I am VERY visually oriented. What is a good grid mapping tool/method that requires (if possible) neither purchase nor subscription?

Can it be done with something simple like Paint? Or is it a little more involved?

Do I need to have a file somewhere (I see a lot of photobucket and deviantart links) to post/link the maps?

Overall, I think the simplicty of use of the map tool will really determine whether I run a PbP or not.

I am mainly posting because I want other perspectives besides my gaming group.

I just started a 4E (no flame please) Dark Sun campaign and decided I would put out a few house rules. There was one that sparked some controversy within the group.

The rule was that I would be awarding little individual XP rewards for bits of Role-playing and taking in-character actions. I did this because I believe the onus of RP is on the players/DM and not restricted by rule system and wanted to show it in 4E(again this isn't about edition, please). The rule was built around the fact that I had each player give me a list of at least 5 character traits and 5 character dislikes. When I saw an action that was in-character I would award a 1/100th of the XP needed to level (with the possibility of a cap of 5 or 10 to avoid over "Hamming").

Now, I had one player in the group take a vehement stand against this rule.

Before there are any conclusions jumped to, this player is experienced from 1E on, and always a good ROLE-player. He has been the DM for the group for the last 2 years. Lastly, a friend of mine of 7 years. I have gamed for 22 years and have spent most of it DM-ing with multiple different groups, with very little complaints.

Finally to the issue.. He says that this rule makes him feel that I'm "trying to control people's play-style" and being "tyrannical" because people are "forced to ROLE-play" to keep up with everyone else in the group XP-wise. He says that rewarding some players for RP is penalizing the ones that don't. The rest of my group agrees with me, that it's a mostly a non-issue, and at the most could cause up to just 1 level difference within the party at it's fullest. He has made it clear that either the rule goes or he does, and has said that knowing my mentality is one of controlling other's play-style he can't game with me anymore, neither as a player or DM.

I was wondering about other's opinions as a general consensus. I just want to know if others think I'm being unreasonable?

As it stands, I've already removed the rule due to other points made during the month long discussion within the group, but not because of his threat. I feel that my position as DM would always be unbalanced if I gave into the threat, and would always have to worry about every decision being questioned and possibly cause expectation of reversal if threatened.

Dedicated Voter 2013

Pathfinder Comics Subscriber; Pathfinder Adventure Path Subscriber

Now, I'm not looking for names or anything. Just that in another thread..

Joana said "He left over not-playing-nice-with-the-party issues: expecting personal side quests to take priority over the storyline of the AP, and not agreeing that selling captured foes into slavery and killing people in their sleep were evil acts."

.. and I could swear that it was the same guy that killed a few of my groups' diff campaigns. I'm just wondering how many times people have had it happen where one player's one act, just stopped a campaign cold? Either caused a TPK or degraded the whole session into a big disagreement?

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