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Cayden Cailean

AZhobbit's page

FullStarFullStarFullStarFullStarFullStar Pathfinder Society GM. 142 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 12 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Liberty's Edge *****

All Rouges and really any PC have a +1 Ghost Touch weapon.

Liberty's Edge *****

Ok folks it is that time. After 3+ years it is time to step down as Venture Captain for Arizona. I am not leaving PFS, but I am getting married later this year and some health issues have helped push this decision. Also I wanted to make sure Arizona was better off now than when I took it over. We have grown our player and GM base quite a bit, I am truly proud of what has been accomplished under my watch. With that I hand the reigns to Tom Martin, one of my esteemed Lieutenants, to take over a Captain. He guys keep me in mind if you need a 12th for the VO FF League, maybe every team won’t have their best week against me next year. Til another time PEACE YA ALL.

Liberty's Edge *****

My first GM game was in April 2009, I had over 200 games run before I got my 5th due to special requirement, which was some time in July 2013 with Day of the Demon(3rd run). Take your time, run allot fo different things, having a 5th star should mean you are elite as a GM, that is the most important thing help your players enjoy the game it's about them.

Liberty's Edge *****

This actually goes into GM and Players preperation. I ran this and prepared a very combat intensive adventure. My table was PFS of 5 characters(one brand new player). I told them this was a difficult adventure and because of this they were well prepared, those that played the Pre Gens from the module were told to be familiar with abilities and resource management. Now there is no gold modification for not completing every encounter, just the loss of access, not a huge issue. The group did well and worked together. Most players went unconcious at some time, but all survived. They did not go through each encounter, but they did complete the final encounter before bugging out. It ran in about 4-4.5 hours. Honestly had this been just a group of Free RPG players I doubt it would have gone as well. Free RPG day is used as a recruiting tool, as far as that goes I am unsure if it would have made non PFS players come back. This emphasizes the importance that VO and GM's have for ensuring people have a good time, death or not. We are in the business of recruiting new players to help the society grow.

Liberty's Edge *****

Phoenix Comicon was a huge success this past weekend. We had 5 VO's there , Myself and the state's Venture Lieutenants Tom Martin, Jeff Way, Chris Mullican, and Jim MacKenzie.

The convention had roughly 82,000 attendess. PFS was a big hit considering it was not in the convention center. We were competing with allot of gaming options.

We had excellent support from players, GM’s, the convention gaming coordinators and the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

Over the 7 slots we has 47 of the scheduled 56 go off, which for a comic book convention is excellent as this was not a “Gaming Convention”

This included 9 tables for the Special Siege of the Diamond City, which went very well.

The convention focused on season 5 with a smattering of season 2, 3, and 4, mostly low tier.

We had 42 new players, based on new PFS numbers, and it is hoped most will pursue PFS at the game days around the state.

We had a table dedicated to Goblin Attacks, which had 16 games run.

We also had several GM’s and tables set for player character generation.

While we had our own room, next year we plan to have Beginners Box and Goblin Attcks set up in the open gaming are to show case and gather even more players.

Liberty's Edge *****

Please welcome the newest addition for your abuse, Rich Chamberlain is now the VL for Yuma, Arizona. Be nice at least for a while, let the illusion get a hold. Seriously though give props for a excellent rep for PFS.

Liberty's Edge *****

MrSin wrote:
Its a conspiracy by humans to make PFS as humanocentric as possible.

Hahahaha ............... you are joking right? Just look at the races they allow in.

Liberty's Edge *****

This will be a great event for Pathfinder and all. Here are some events for it.

60 tables offered including Siege of the Diamond City and Bone keep.

Goblin attacks

1. Badges can be comped if you run 12 hours of gaming at the convention.

2. If you wish to run you need to be approved by myself/Tom Martin/Jeff Way/ Chris Mullican/ Jim Mackenzie ie your venture officers.

3. Conventions require the cream of the crop as far as GM’s, if you don’t have a history of running or just want a dust up please schedule to run between now and the end of May at a game day. If you are form out of town(state) get a recommendation from your local VO.

4. Conventions are normally 4 hour slots, also unless you are a VO or 3 star or better GM you will not run something you haven’t done so before.

5. We should have 60-70 tables at least.

6. We will have Pathfinder: City of Secrets #1, the new comic from Dynamite Comics and the encounters for it at PCC, also the Author Jim Zub will be attending. KIICCCCCKKK ASSSSS (FYI Thank Chris Mullican for this)

7. The special will be Siege of the Diamond City, run Saturday night of the convention. If you have played it and want to run it let us know.

Liberty's Edge *****

Ran this Sunday and umm some issues,

First need to know the contigency if PC's kill important NPC's.

Second important NPC's should have stats not just class/level or referances to further in the adventure.

Not fond of telling PC's "Well you're boned"(didn't really and made things work), but you get the idea.

Also this scenario can easily run long even at a good pace, be prepared. Big thing is have the maps pre drawn(I did saved about a 1/2 hour) or it will take you a while to do so as they are elaborate.

Liberty's Edge *****

Not sure if this exists, but it would be helpful. Since we have the inventory sheet I thought it would be nice if someoene who be more PDF talented than I create this. As a GM it is very helpful to know what a player has in each slot, to know if they are cheating or just confused. I have seen one for 3.5, but PF has different slots. This sould be great to hand to a GM, so they know and be helpful to a player so they know what they already have filled.

Liberty's Edge *****

2 people marked this as a favorite.

When you sit down and not one person, even the rouge, has a knowledge skill......any knowledge skill!!!! Then you decide just how self reliant is your character.

Liberty's Edge

Just curious is their cannon attack vs. Touch AC since a cannon is essentially a giant firearm? Doubt it, but man would this be fun, make them high level gunslingers quake.

Liberty's Edge *****

The Beard wrote:
DM Beckett wrote:
The Beard wrote:
Sure, you only take half damage from that unholy blight, but you'll also take half damage from its polar opposite.

Which most likely will never ever come up. At most it might be a one time thing from within the party, and probably going to avoid <targeting> the <other> characters anyway.

The Beard wrote:
Neutral characters also tend to be handed alignment infractions left and right (normally undeserved) due to a good number of GMs, for whatever reason, feeling it necessary to penalize them for acting neutral; not acting evil, acting neutral.
??? I honestly have no idea how you figure that. Either in comparison to Good characters, or heck just Paladins alone, but giving benefit of the doubt, I'm willing to wager it's less that the DM has a lack of understanding about what Neutral really is as much as has a different one that your view of it. Doesn't mean they or you are wrong, sort of but the DM kind of wins.

There are actually times in PFS where the party can expect to eat a holy smite or two. Now, regarding the subject of alignment, we're not talking things that could be iffy. The best example I can think of was this CN barbarian I was playing with. The party cleric refused them healing on the grounds that the deities the worshipped were fundamentally incompatible. The barbarian, in turn, chose not to rescue the cleric from certain death. He continued to slug it out with the boss of that scenario (saving the three party members it had grappled and was dealing massive amounts of stat damage to in the process) instead of breaking off to save said cleric. The cleric was subsequently killed. ... The GM gave the barbarian an alignment infraction, forcing them to invest in an atonement purely because of a decision that you'd need a case of dain bramage to mistake for evil.

I am certain part of the barbarian's decision stemmed from the fact that they had earlier been spurned by that very same cleric; I'd wager it's just as likely the...

This is a terrible decision by the GM and the player should have petitioned their local VO. Two major reasons for this is 1. the Barbarian was CN which is a legal Alignment, which alone makes this a poor decision. 2. Was the barbarian Raging? Probably, which can be a seriously mitigating/aggravating factor.

Liberty's Edge *****

Katisha wrote:

I have a PC who is 10th level (29 XP), and she has only ever done HP damage twice - both times to herself (Confusion effects have a "hit self, inflict 1d8 HP" result).

She regularly prevents combats, succeeding at missions by talking thru encounters (even some combat encounters).

And she's neutral (C/N actually - you know that borderline "evil" alignment).

AND I've had a judge tell me that if it were in his power to do so, he would mark her as "evil" - killing her out of the campaign. Because of her day job. You see, she's a courtisan, a "lady of the evening", a harlot, and thus clearly (in at least one judges opinion) an "evil" person.

PFS does not "...punish the good" - PFS just reflects the peoples attitude at each table, at the time they are playing the game. Different people, different attitudes, different times - and you get different "feels" of who is being "punished".

That is hilarious(I aslo have a Sczarni Gnome sorceress who has that as her day job, I call it the publiuc relations bureau of Sczarni), which is why as a GM never impose personal vendettas/opinions on PC's. Just use the rules as written, if something is unclear ask other veteran GM's.

Liberty's Edge *****

Jiggy wrote:
Jason Leonard wrote:
@Jiggy my point is there needs to be a clear defintition of this as an evil or not evil act, I was just giving some possible reasons for it not being one.

Oh! Okay, so the "racism makes it okay" was not your position, but rather a hypothetical excuse someone might make? That makes a bit more sense, then. I also recall a thread once where someone complained about their nagaji (I think?) paladin not being able to use their racial poison ability. Something like "If it's a natural ability of my race, it couldn't possibly be against the paladin's code!"

So now any racial hatred should not be allowed and Rangers should not be allowed to use favored enemy abilities? This isn't the US and it's LAWS have nothing to do with the game. All I did was give some reasons to explain a Coupe De Gras action, that's all. Also "racism" is all over Golarion.

Liberty's Edge *****

Mikaze wrote:
Jiggy wrote:
I'm beginning to think you misunderstand exactly what tieflings/aasimar really are in Golarion. Or maybe it's me; perhaps I'll have another look at the relevant Blood of books later.

Nope, you're remembering correctly. Tieflings and aasimar are entirely free to choose their own path.

Heck, the Blood Of books themselves feature a tiefling cleric of Sarenae and aasimar servant of Zon-Kuthon in their artwork. :)

Excellent references.

Liberty's Edge *****

@Jiggy my point is there needs to be a clear defintition of this as an evil or not evil act, I was just giving some possible reasons for it not being one.

Liberty's Edge *****

Also have you ever had a player hold another player accountable for killing soemone? For example a cleric de-selecting a PC for channeling due their action or worship of an opposing deity?

Liberty's Edge *****

Jiggy wrote:

"You... you just killed that guy! How could you be so evil?!"

"I killed him because I hate him. I hate him, and I hate his entire stinkin' race. Hate 'em all."

"Oh, okay, nevermind then."


This is in refernce to Coupe De Gras not just killing, which seems to occur frequently. I take it from your post you are opposed to Coupe De Gras period?

Liberty's Edge *****

Stir, stir, stir.

Liberty's Edge *****

There needs to be clear definition of what and "evil" act is. To be honest Coupe De Gras is an evil act unless you have the racial hatred trait or something that explains serious dislike of a catgory of creature such as Favored Enemy. Also some racial alignment requirements should be instituted, such as Asimar must be good either Lawful or Neutral. Tieflings should have aligment based on there heretige either infernal or demonic. Also as GM's use these traits, Evil outsiders should attack Asimar first unless they have a really good reason not too, play racial hatreds. As mentions why does Holy work for Neutral characters, they are not affected by Unholy.

The society is not a "good" organization, but netral characters should know that for a mission to succeed they need to work with others. Chaotic Neutrel is on the whole the most selfish of alignments and thus act that way unless something really benefits them. PC's should play their characters appropriately and not just use alignment as a beneficial tool.

GM's know what alignments are at your table and keep your players in check. One thing is making Atonement needed for not just good PC's who do evil or "questionable" acts, but for any PC who goes against their alignment.

Liberty's Edge *****

Whatever the next retirement thread is please include NPC bad guys that have a high level Gunslinger that can drop 150 hp a round, and can we please get some bad guys with Fickle Winds to temper the Archers!!!!!!!

Liberty's Edge *****

Oh and as far as retiring the scenario, stop sweating iit isn't going to happen anytime soon. Just as anyone with the stars to do so run it when you get players, this is a present to those who have stuck it out with PFS. Prep it and run it well.

Liberty's Edge *****

The only issue with Eyes is hat it is written for characters who played seasons 0 and 1 mostly. Retired PC's who started characters from the UC and UM, have shown some power game which isn't their fault those books just allow allot of cheese. Despite this it run's well for a 6 player table despte being written for 4, just don't run 7 it will go longer and not be nearly as much fun.

Liberty's Edge

He folks as the VC, been trying to figure out if there is anything up north or in the other cities, please let me know as I am trying to coordiante statewide.

Thanks, Jason

Liberty's Edge *****

3 people marked this as FAQ candidate. 1 person marked this as a favorite.

The main issue for this is which perception determines flanking. The person attacking or being attacked. The person attacking an opponent doesn't know the other person flanking is there unless the have the ability to see invisible. Thus how do they know they are flanking? This needs to be FAQ'd since nothing in the rules for flanking address this "specific" issue.

Liberty's Edge

Liberty's Edge *****

Got myself a new VL hear in Phoenix, Tom Martin, he has the dubious honor of being the player with the most prestige spent due to death at my table, thus he is being made my minion BUWAHHHH. Actually Tom is a verteran PFS player and a great GM, he is also terribly helpful to me a VC and I am very happy he is on the Team, he will be at Paizo.con so treat him right fellas.

Liberty's Edge *****

PFS at PCC is fully reported players and GM's check and make sure everything is correct, if there are issues email me at and I will fix it.

Liberty's Edge *****

I have two who have been retired for almost two years

Handsome Jack Half Elf from Taldor, Fighter, Rouge, Barbarian

Karl Yergos, Human from the land of the Linnorm Kings, Szarni, currently head of their liquidation detail(formerly Taldor, as a member of the Long Axes), Fighter 12

Liberty's Edge *****

Ok this is the final call for GM's If you have not followed the links above and signed up then I don't know what to tell ya. Let me know here also if you are coming.

Liberty's Edge *****

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Umm anyone else notice the fella who started this thread hasn't responded to it in a while.....let it go.

Liberty's Edge *****

I had a great time running this, but two things I didn't like, when a faction mission requires failure by the PC's or presenting a really good reason to talk with someone outside the PC's main operation seems poor in my opinion. Also the main confrontation at tier 8-9 seems to be a bit low on the CR.

Liberty's Edge *****

Netopalis wrote:
Jason Leonard wrote:
On a funny note I GM'd a table where the CN rouge coupe de grad the NPC the Neutral Good Cleric was supposed to speak with to complete her faction mission. The Cleric secretly deemed the Rouge as Evil since he did this without provocation and really had no reason for this other than he was.... whatever. So the cleric decided to never heal the rouge and even used her selective channel to exclude him, once even healing an enemy. The player who was the rouge died in the scenario and did not have enough gold or prestige to raise himself. He said this was equivelent to PVP and thus illegal, and I asked him if he had knowledge religeon, he said no to which I said, then you have no idea what channeling is and thus too bad. I don't think he is coming back.

Frankly, I don't find this to be very funny. If the rogue didn't act in an evil manner, then the cleric was completely out of line. Unless the cleric said, "Don't kill that person", the Rogue was just downing another enemy. Even so, intentionally healing an enemy is *way* out of line. I also feel that this was honestly handled rather poorly if you flippantly told him that he had no idea what channeling was.

Either way, a story that ends in a player not coming back to PFS is not a funny one, unless the player did something really nasty.

The rouge was doing allot of underhanded stuff, and as the GM I even warned him. The Coupe De Grad was done when the NPC was clearly unconcious and other oppenents were up and threatening, his actions actually allowed the main fighter to go down due to his full round action. I wasn't flippant to the Rouge, but he was very upset and almost belligerent to me and some other players. While I am not happy about potentially losing a PFS player, I consider how many would leave if he continues his ways. bad players can make others leave. Hopefully he learns how to play with others and changes his RP style, if not I can only do so much.

Liberty's Edge *****

I had a similar issue at a GenCon in 2009, playing Sniper in the Deep. We walked into the dockside tavern to gather information on the missing pathfinder. Upon entering we scoped the place a bit, and decided too talk to barthender. Before we could do this the Chelaxian "Paladin" pulled his greatsword invoked flame and announced his intention to murder the bartender in single combat due to some slight to the paracountess, so much for diplomacy. The party let the Paladin do his best, while we took care of the cronies. I was having a great time disarming and laughing my butt off due to the Pladin gett the short end in a very bad way. Our cleric cast hold person on one of the cronies, so I booted him over the rail into the ocean below, FYI my character was CN. The cleric dismissed the spell and we made light work of the cronies. The Paladin was having serious issues so the wizard saved his bacon. Apparently the player took serious issue with me booting the "helpless" cronie into the water and called me EVIL. I pointed out to him that I knew the cleric would "likely" dismiss the spell, but I did not declare murder like him, and pointed out he is Lawful Good and I was not critical of his actions. Needless to say he tried to take every oppurtunity to not help me too complete the adventure and often told me I was evil. Thus when he fell in the water in his full plate, and began drowning due to failed swim and con checks, I did not assist him despite having the best swim in the group(I was also otherwise occupied in lethal combat). The player was a bit angry especially with me for not trying to save him, I sarcastically told him if he has earned enough respect from the paracountess she could raise him. He was not amused, but the GM and the table were. I think this goes to the don't be a jerk to your fellow PC's since you may need them and while PVP is not sanctioned they can ignore you.

Liberty's Edge *****

1 person marked this as a favorite.

On a funny note I GM'd a table where the CN rouge coupe de grad the NPC the Neutral Good Cleric was supposed to speak with to complete her faction mission. The Cleric secretly deemed the Rouge as Evil since he did this without provocation and really had no reason for this other than he was.... whatever. So the cleric decided to never heal the rouge and even used her selective channel to exclude him, once even healing an enemy. The player who was the rouge died in the scenario and did not have enough gold or prestige to raise himself. He said this was equivelent to PVP and thus illegal, and I asked him if he had knowledge religeon, he said no to which I said, then you have no idea what channeling is and thus too bad. I don't think he is coming back.

Liberty's Edge

OK this seems to have gotten a bit .. confrontational, Dust Raven and Sitri, as your resident VC please bring issues to me instead of the board next time.

Liberty's Edge *****

OK first off as the VC for AZ please come to me before the forum's I have mail and FB if needed, 2nd this is not PVP, because the charmed undead is not a PLAYER AND IT IS MINDLESS. Also how do other players know if the cleric in question had SELECTIVE CHANNEL? This is way too much meta gaming. Please end this thread here.

Liberty's Edge *****

Sior wrote:
I grew up in Phoenix but would love to come back for a visit and for this event (you had me at Jewel Staite, haha). Will keep it in mind as the date approaches, however I am unable to promise my attendance. Must speak with the Mrs. about a summer trip.

I met her at a local con in 2006 She is as personable as she is beautiful.

Liberty's Edge *****

OK folks if you will be in the area of Phoenix or want something fun to do over Memorial Day weekend come to Phoenix Comicon. PFS will be offered in force and we are trying to post 50+ tables. We have been running there for the past 2 years and it has been awesome, not only has the Con grown the PFS community has also. There will be allot offered other than PFS, this convention is awesome. This is definately the place to LET YOUR GEEK OUT!!!! This is the link to the website PFS will also be on at I am in the process of getting things organized with the gaming coordinator. Progress to come.

Liberty's Edge *****

In the corner you all notice a tall muscular man who seems to almost appear. You realize most of you only saw him because he allowed you too. He notices the gathering...of sorts, stands and with uncommon litheness walks to the table. He is not nearly as impressive in dress as he is stature, standing nearly six and a half feet tall, he speaks in broken common with a heavy skaldish accent. "Friends" he utters,"Karl Yergos, liquidation bureau", you get the feeling the words Liquidation Bureau were almost read from a cue card and were not naturall for him.

Liberty's Edge

Be advised there is no "public transportation" that let's you off closer than a half mile from the hotel.

Liberty's Edge

My my so what a dilema as to what retired character to play this with;

Handsome Jack of Taldor who would see the Blakros museum burn to the ground rather than have another pathfinder agent perish in that atrocious portal of insanity.


Karl Yergos Linnorm Archer who has the social graces of a goat and looks to match.


Umm those of you who are playing the 12th level tier for this got any suggestions?

Liberty's Edge *****

Phoenix Cactus Comicon 2012 was a huge success. Considering this is not a formal gaming convention and all the other attractions available I could be none more pleased.

The convention went from Thursday the 24th through the 27th. We had 8 slots with 18 tables that went off, each table averaged 5.2 players, most we new to PFS. In fact we had 30 new players, more and more each slot. Turns out word of mouth spread well and the new players had such a good time they continued to come back and brought their friends. I attribute this to the EXCELLENT corp of GM’s I had at my disposal, no arguments and slots ran as scheduled. Also the most important thing everyone had FUN!!!!!

One really great thing is I had 5-6 players from the Prescott and Flagstaff area of northern AZ and it is hoped we can get a gameday rolling up there. So if you are one of them and read this get hold of me ASAP.

These are the scenarios run

Slot 1 5-24
2-03 Rebel’s Ransom
3-07 Echoes of the Overwatched

Slot 2 5-25
3-05Tide of Twilight
07 Among the Living

Slot 3 5-25
55 Infernal Vault
55 Infernal Vault

Slot 4 5-25
17 Perils of the Pirate Pact
33 Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible

Slot 5 5-26
First Steps Part 1
3-19 Icebound Outpost
51 City of Strangers Part 1

Slot 6 5-26
First Steps Part 2
52 City Of Strangers Part 2
Master of the Fallen Fortress

Slot 7 5-26
47 Darkest Vengeance
3-18 God’s Market Gamble
29 Devil You Know Part 1, Shipyard Rats

Slot 8
03-01Frostfur Captives

Liberty's Edge *****

Phoenix Comicon 2012, May 24-27. Guess where. Not huge PFS, but allot of fun. We will have 7 slots 2-3 tables each. This is a big convention otherwise, if you want to check the website and guest list, many sci fi A listers. Check the event calander. Or email me at the VC email.

Liberty's Edge *****

Hey folks just wondering if there is any PFS being done in this area? Basically if you are north of maricopa county please let me know. As the VC for Arizona, I just want to know what is going on up there be it home game or gameday. Thanks Jason

Liberty's Edge *****

We have a good contigent here in Phoenix, just finished up VULCON this weekend, did allot of recruiting and actually ran out of PFS # cards. I will contact your soon.

Liberty's Edge *****

Seven Samuri.....Magnificent Seven. Same thing, Players had a really good time, even had a samuri and musketeer at the table.

Liberty's Edge *****

OK folks as your VC I have secured some new locations for our gamedays which are posted at under a a gathering of players yahoo group. If you are not part of this group please get on it ASAP. Samuri Comics has a new location in the east valley and it is where our new PFS gameday on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. If you are in the area and not sure about gamedays let me know on this thread I will find you.

Liberty's Edge *****

hogarth wrote:

With regards to the original post:

This kind of thing hits close to home for me; for me, nothing sucks the life out of a game faster than being suddenly surrounded by an impenetrable GM pity force field(tm).

One of my PFS characters was in a somewhat similar situation once. He died in the first encounter of the scenario (oops). At that point, I wanted to stay dead until the end of the scenario and get raised afterwards. However, I ended up letting the GM cajole me into getting a Raise Dead and rejoining. From there on, we stumbled through one painful encounter after another and we were only "saved" by heavy, heavy GM pity-fudging (e.g. enemies declining to focus their attacks on wounded PCs, overly sympathetic readings of how monster special abilities work, etc.). It was a mess, and it soured me on PFS for a while afterwards. Sometimes a clean death is more fun. :-(

This is a good reason why GM's need to know the module very well and know they party strength. While I havenever fudge rolls or intentionally tried to keep players alive during a combat. I have had them find some consumables in treasure that help them during the adventure, nothing serious, but a few cure potions or maybe a lesser restoration, simple stuff. A GM should always gauge the survivability of a party, but remmeber that sometimes bad things happen.

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