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A'Mar of House Issola's page

191 posts. Alias of Valegrim.

Full Name

A'Mar Al Kier of House Issola


Kandor Borderlander


Woodsman 1, Armsman 5, Warder 2




5'10" 17 stone



Special Abilities

see below




Kandori common, Trolloc, Old Tounge



Strength 16
Dexterity 16
Constitution 15
Intelligence 15
Wisdom 11
Charisma 10

About A'Mar of House Issola

BAS +8 +3 Str +1 feat = +12 to hit; +5 damage
HP: 84+17=101
AC: BP+Sheild+def bonus+dex: 11+5+2+7+3 = 28
Fort: +7 class +2 con =+9
Refl: +5 class +3 dex =+8
Will: +3 class +1 wis = +4 (use Bonded Aes Sedie's will save +9
DEF: +3+2+2 class/class +warder cloak =+7
Rep: +3
Initiative +4 feat +3 stat = +7
Feats and special:
Shadowsborn Hunter (Borderlander Background) +1 damage fighting Trollocs
Natures Warrior (Blight)(Woodsman) +2 added to attack when in blight
Track (Woodsman)
Noble Born: Diplomacy and Knowledge in class skills (starting feat)
Alertness, +2 Spot and Listen (level)
Combat Reflexes, Warrior bonus feat; 3 attacks of opp.
Weapon Focus, Warder sword Warrior bonus Feat +1 to hit
Exotic Weapon feat; Warders Sword
Improved Initiative; (Level)+4 init
Weapon Specialization; warders sword +2 damage
Armor Compatability X2 (warder and armsman add)
Warder cloak; -10 circumstance to be spotted and +2 def bonus
Power Attack (warder)
Defensive Awareness (warder) retains dex even if flatfooted.

Stealth (borderlander skill)(dex) 5 ranks + 4 ranks + warder cloak
Bluff cha 5 ranks
Acrobtics dex 5 ranks
climb str 1 rank
diplomacy cha 3 ranks
handle animal wis 3 ranks
Intimidate cha 6 ranks
run str 2 ranks
jump str 2 ranks
know geography int 4 ranks
know Wilderness lore wis 5 ranks +2 synergy
know nobility int 3 ranks
know survival 4 ranks +2 synergy
Survival wis 3 ranks +2 synergy
Listen 3 ranks +2 feat
profession; woodsman - furs, wood, meat 2 ranks
ride dex 5 ranks
Search int 3 ranks
sense motive 3 ranks
Spot; wis, 7 ranks, +2 feat
use rope 2 ranks.

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