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AJCarrington's page

Goblin Squad Member. Pathfinder Society Member. 217 posts (232 including aliases). 1 review. No lists. No wishlists. 2 aliases.


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Thanks Sharaya!

Many thanks Katina! Could you please process the shipment for the items in my sidecart?

I would like to reinstate my subscriptions (I put them on hold back in July).

Is it possible to "catch" up on the products that have been released in the interim?

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DragoDorn wrote:
No Print/PDF bundle?

Haven't been since ~June 2015 when distribution shifted to Tor books. Digital versions are available through most e-book channels.

The details on the new Valeros sculpts look pretty nice. If they hold true to the production minis, I will definitely be picking some of these up. I'd actually prefer them unprimed, but easy enough to remove the primer if too thick.

Awesome!! Any word of #53?

Great to finally see this here!!

@Rite Publishing - any chance we will see issue #50?

This sound like a great initiative...really looking forward to seeing these adventures.

Quite interested in this one...I LOVE dice and the designs previewed on the page look pretty nice.

Currently listed on Amazon (Kindle) for $9.99; print version up for pre-order with a release date of June 02.

Per the description, I think it is s soft cover (also matches the POD offering over on DTRPG).

Has anyone experienced problems opening this file on their iPad? Normally, I use GoodReader and have no issues with Paizo PDFs...but this one (adventure and maps) are thrift me for a loop. I can open in Acrobat (though super slow), but GoodReader just hangs.

On my PC, no problems...looking forward to diving into with my group :)

Thanks Liz...much appreciated.

With the PDF having been just released, are there any plans to have a combo hardcopy/pdf option available here? Thanks in advance.

Thanks for confirming Bill...much appreciated!

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@Bill - an plans to include buy-in options for some of the other books/KS projects you've done? I think you offered that last time round...hoping you might do so again as I wasn't able to participate.

Missed the KS, but looking toward to picking this up.

Thanks! Downloaded :)

Viking Frog wrote:

Hi All,

First off, I'm very sorry to those of you who haven't received the email with your subscriptions. Sometimes things "bounce" back and are never really delivered.

If you are a subscriber to either Rappan Athuk or Cyclopean Deeps and have not received the latest installment of one or both of them, then please submit a request form here:

As long as you have an account on the Frog God Games website I can add your files to your account so that you'll have access to them. If you do not already have an account you can make one here:

Once the files are added you can view and download them by logging in, going to "My Account" then clicking on the "Files" tab. This area stores everything you purchase from the FGG website.



Chris - I send an inquiry through the support forum a couple of weeks back, but haven't seen anything yet. Could you take a look? Thanks.

Marc Radle wrote:

So, how big is the 4XL? Meaning, is it really a tent, or is it one of those "more like a 3XL" things?

Also, what does washing and drying to to the size? Does it shrink down at all?

Wearing mine right now :) The 4XL seems to be a "good" size, when compared to some of my 3XL shirts, which it find can vary a lot.

Very nice...seems like it's been a while since we last saw some new wallpapers. :)

Rite Publishing wrote:

Its out now Pathways #35

This was a screw up on my part I thought #34 was out on paizo, it was on DrivethruRpg and, but for some unknowable reason it did not get uploaded to on time.

Thanks - downloaded and in queue for reading. :)

Any idea as to when you guys will have Issue 35?

Interesting thread...will be monitoring on a regular basis ;)

And backed... ;)

Picked this guy up yesterday at my FLGS...very impressed with the way the miniature turned out. Looking forward to the White Dragon coming next. :) excellent suggestion.

They just posted on FB that the projected has been submitted fir approval.

Is this sale only valid at DTRPG?

Thanks Kthulhu

@Rachel - noticed that the download site you guys are using no longer has the files for Slumbering Tsar. Have you moved these to a new location?

Agreed...this would be great to have as the art is something that Paizo really outdo themselves with.

To the OP, all current (new release) AP PDFs come with a separate file covering all the maps...very nice tool t have.

Those look really nice!!

Nice to see some of Jason's work again! To be fair, all of the art is looking excellent. ;)

@Wolfgang - sent you a PM. Thanks.

Wolfgang Baur wrote:

Hm, the backer PDFs and Kobold Press store preorder PDFs have all gone out. :/

Send me a PM with your email or name, and I'll look into it.

Does this include those of us who backed Midgard Tales?

Download includes FOUR files: a full color version AND a stripped black and white version for easy printing, and by popular demand both files are available in classic vertical (portrait) orientation as well as our legendary horizontal (landscape) orientation.

What is the difference between the two listed versions? Based on the description, I get the impression that both landscape and portrait orientations are in the same download...???

It is a compilation of a several PDF-only releases...available from CGL or DTRPG. Description on their website should give a breakdown of the details.

Thought that the latest update indicated that the the fulfillment tool would ready in the next week or so.

Get as much of my Pathfinder-related products through Paizo as I can...simply easier to consolidate as all my downloads are in one place.

Wolfgang Baur wrote:

Because the book has sold out at Paizo. There's still some copies left at the Kobold Store, and we'll try to get it back in stock at Paizo as soon as we can.

I'll look into the bookmark issue.

Thanks for confirming. ;)

Was wondering why the print/pdf combo was not longer available?

Votes already in :D

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Victor Gonzalez wrote:
Boooo. It seems clear to me that many in this community would welcome/are looking for a "fillable" "auto-calculating" sheet with all the discussion of HeroLab on this topic. It seems to me that Paizo may be penny wise but pound foolish on this approach.

I would be far more interested in getting a print template I could output my HeroLab characters into.

GeraintElberion wrote:
Fine for some dice but not for pahfinder dice. AFAIK

Yep...thanks for the correction. It appears that they only offer them in complete sets...likley due to licensing requirements (both the Earthdawn and Savage Worlds sets are only available in sets).

It has been a long bad... :(

I just went to their site, selected a color pattern for their dwarven dice and saw the set and individuals available for adding to your cart. Strange this isn't working for you...??? Will post some links when I get home.

You can purchase direct from thief website, though shipping costs are expensive. As well, not sure if all lines are offered individually, but think most are.

Should have my sheet up later today.

Strangely enough, I find myself waffling over class...fighter vs wizard...think I am going to go back w/ my original choice of fighter. Sorry re the confusion...

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