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King Mokknokk

A highly regarded expert's page

1,146 posts. Alias of Dave Young 992.


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I think history has spanked Abraham Spalding really hard.

Thank you all for your continued study.

Dead and Company. Saw 3 shows this summer. Delightful!

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I still like ranger/wizard. All good saves, good skills and skill points, full casting wizard spells, minor divine casting, d10 hit dice, full BAB, and a built-in bodyguard.

I'd name him "Magnitude," 'cuz he's a one man party! Pop, pop!

You can find eps on youtube, but they come and go, usually pretty poor quality.

You can sign up for a free trial on Seeso to watch it free for a month.

I love Community and still binge it now and then. This show, while not as funny, still has that playful sensibility that marks Harmon's work.

Yes, it's simply because elves cause cancer. They have leprosy as well.

How much proof do you need?

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Our love of cheeseburgers is the #1 cause of habitat and species loss. We're mowing down rain forests for cheap beef. It's the definition of insanity.

Watch Cowspiracy free on Netflix.

Finally finished it. Loved it! Everything from the opening music to the closing credits, all done very well.

I haven't read any reviews, but I'm sure this show's a big hit.

I'm not into superhero comics. I like this show, though. I'm 3 episodes in already, which means I'll probably finish the season.

I've liked Krysten in everything I've seen her in. She's nailing this.

Mysterious Stranger wrote:
While a focused melee characters chance to hit and damage will be a lot lower when using a bow it still helps. The same thing is true when a archer can no longer use his bow. I have seen high level fighters dealing with low powered flying creatures complaining that they are useless. When I suggested he pick up the bow lying on the ground and use it he said his character did not know how to use a bow. It was just a random encounter with a bunch of harpies and a 10th level fighter was completely shut down because of his own fault. They have an AC of 16 and his BAB is +10 but “He did not know how use a bow”. Even on his second shot he has a 50% chance to hit from BAB alone.

I've never understood that. I've seen players do the same thing.

Or, how about the character with a single weapon? What will they do when the damage type is ineffective? A morningstar does slashing and piercing, and makes a nice backup when you get disarmed, etc. You can use a dagger if something swallows you, but not your greatsword.

Ally McBeal was a great mean boss, though. It was fun to see her again.

Kaisoku wrote:
Honestly, a d12, 6 skill points, & 2 good saves should be his baseline before even looking into his class abilities.

*slow clap* *nods approval*

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I saw the last Dead shows in Chicago. It was an incredible experience.

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N. Jolly wrote:
A highly regarded expert wrote:

Arcane trickster. The ones I've played have done some amazing things.

Hey, I wrote the guide. LOL!

If that's the case, my favorite class(es) is/are:

Synthesis Summoner
...and character creation.

Yeah. All the other classes I like already had guides. lol

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Arcane trickster. The ones I've played have done some amazing things.

Hey, I wrote the guide. LOL!

A ranger could fill in the skilled/other role very nicely.

How about an axebeak? There's a medium version of them, too.

Edgerson wrote:

I need to get to work now but wanted to submit something before I left.

I would like to present Edgerson. I need to go over him one more time before he is ready. If you get a chance to check him over let me know what he is lacking.

Admixture. Love that school! Have an elf I almost submitted, but the grippli thing kinda took over.

Say hello to Sborki, grippli druid!


Grippli Druid 3 
Small humanoid NG 
Init +3; Senses Perception +10 
AC 17, touch 14, flat-footed 14 (+3 armor, +3 Dex, +1 size) 
hp 27 
Fort +4, Ref +5, Will +7 
Speed 30 ft., Climb 20 ft.  
Melee mwk scimitar +4 (1d4/18-20) or 
Melee dagger +3 (1d3/19-20) 
Ranged dagger +6 (1d3/19-20), ranged touch attack +6  
Str 10, Dex 16, Con 13, Int 12, Wis 18, Cha 8 
Base Atk +2; CMB +2; CMD +12  
Feats  Agile tongue, Toughness 
Traits Magical Lineage (snowball), Swamp Rebel 
Skills Climb +6, Heal +5, Knowledge (geography) +2, Knowledge (nature) +4, Perception +10, Profession (trees) +3, Profession (water creatures) +2, Ride +7, Spellcraft +5, Stealth +10 (+16 in marshes and forested areas), Survival +10, Swim +6
Languages Common, Druidic, Grippli, Sylvan 
Combat Gear mwk scimitar, dagger, +1 leather armor Other Gear Wand of CLW (50 charges), antitoxin [2], backpack, belt pouch, rope [50 ft.], vermin repellent [5], waterskin, gp, sp (still sorting out gear...)
Carrying Capacity 
Total Carried Weight: 
Light Load: 33 lbs. or less 
Medium Load: 34 - 66 lbs. 
Heavy Load: 67 - 100 lbs. 
Lift Over Head: up to 100 lbs. 
Lift: up to 200 lbs. 
Push or Drag: up to 500 lbs.
Druid Features 
Nature Bond (Water Domain), Nature Sense, Wild Empathy, Woodland Stride, Trackless Step
Water Domain:
Granted Powers: You can manipulate water and mist and ice, conjure creatures of water, and resist cold.
Icicle (Sp): As a standard action, you can fire an icicle from your finger, targeting any foe within 30 feet as a ranged touch attack. The icicle deals 1d6 points of cold damage + 1 point for every two druid levels you possess. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.
Cold Resistance (Ex): At 6th level, you gain resist cold 10. This resistance increases to 20 at 12th level. At 20th level, you gain immunity to cold.
Domain Spells: 1st—obscuring mist, 2nd—fog cloud, 3rd—water breathing, 4th—control water, 5th—ice storm, 6th—cone of cold, 7th—elemental body IV (water only), 8th—horrid wilting, 9th—elemental swarm (water spell only).

Spells per day: 0: 4, 1: 3+1, 2: 2+1

Racial Traits 
Swamp Stride (Ex), Weapon Familiarity (nets), Darkvision 60'

Sborki is a native of the Mwangi Expanse. He developed an early interest in the huge variety of trees and water creatures found there, and is an amateur nature specialist, studying these things with great curiosity. His interest in these subjects led him to wander the forests and swamps alone. With his natural stealth and fog spells, he was able to evade many dangers, and lived entirely off the land.

He followed the Vanji River all the way to its mouth, simply to see where it went, and what lived in it. Bloodcove fascinated him for other reasons. He saw the damage humans were able to cause to his beloved trees and swamps (and his people), and the reckless pursuits behind it all. This bothered him, but he was wise enough to see that he couldn't stop it. He could only try to ameliorate the damage with education, and his druidic magic.

Sborki knows that Bandrift and company will not care for the forest like he does. He wants to go along both to educate, and to protect what he sees as a threatened wild space. His knowledge of the flora and fauna make him a valuable guide/scout/healer, and he knows what is and isn't safe to eat.

Reason to join in:
Jungle! Grippli! I've loved them since 2e and never played one. This little guy looks like a lot of fun for the setting. If I'm in the game, you can count on my regular and enthusiastic participation.


I'm thinking about a grippli druid.

Masaman Thai curry. Totally vegan, totally yummy.

This is why the Book of Mormon is true.

I've only run into 2 or 3 players who play like that, and I've played with hundreds. They're a drag to play with. It's like encountering a sociopath.

Most people understand that it's a team effort. Everybody gets to shine at some point or another.

Most people who are just starting out will take advice from the more experienced. I GMed a few PFS games (I really don't like to GM, but it was just starting, and there weren't enough GMs), and played with total virgins to Pathfinder. The key was to make it fun enough, they'd want to play again. Some came back, others didn't.

While I don't play PFS there anymore, it's going strong without me.

Present it as a game of teamwork, and players get the hint.

If somebody dumped con, then realized their mistake, I'd let them reconsider. I still play because people were (and still are) patient with me.

LazarX wrote:
A highly regarded expert wrote:

I'm glad we have a way to play bad characters, for those who would like to try it.

Believe it or not, there have been folks running evil campaigns decades before Way of the Wicked came out. This is just pre-packaged, that's all.

Of course.

Evil is a viable alignment for a PC, in the right circumstances. This is a game where it's OK.

I'm not interested, but some people might really have fun with it.

Actors often say they love playing bad guys. I get that.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I'm glad we have a way to play bad characters, for those who would like to try it.

My fantasy time is precious, however. Like most people, I like to be heroic, rather than a cruel, selfish dick. There are enough evil people in real life.

Playing evil just doesn't appeal to me. If it sounds fun to you, do it.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

This comic is just so fun!


I typed t i t s.



Tequila Sunrise wrote:
Rynjin wrote:
To defuse the political aspects, maybe people aren't "offended" by any particular message, but just don't like that touchy-feely hippy dippy crap?

Hm, possibly, but that might be a touchy subject too.

Just last month I was griping to a couple of guys about a paper I had to write, and how the professor wasn't being overly helpful -- it was an advanced course, to be fair -- when one of them exclaimed "Oh yeah, I hate professor whatshisname, and his hippy dippy crap!" And my thought was "Whoa, dude, you just took this from first gear straight into fifth!" I didn't question the guy, but the following questions did cross my mind:

1. What do demanding professors have to do with hippy dippy crap?
2. What's crappy about hippy dippy stuff?
3. And what's to hate about hippy dippy stuff, even if you think it's naive? The goodwill to all mankind? The 'live the change you want to see' idealism? Not having a simple moralistic answer firmly rooted in traditionalism to all of life's issues? Or maybe it's the fear of bell-bottoms making a comeback?

I'm sure there are answers, but I'm somewhat of a second-generation hippy myself, so this attitude is always bizarre to me when it crops up.

I've always wondered. What's so funny about peace, love and understanding?

There's a certain darkness to hating on people who want a kinder world, and wouldn't hate on you.

I'm sorry that people can be so useless.

You clearly worked hard on this, and created a very good guide.

No one will ever agree on everything. That's no reason to tear down what others have made.

It will be the greatest even in the history of cinema.

I've often thought that Teleport and Greater Teleport should be 6th and 8th level spells, respectively.

You get D.Door at 4th. It just makes sense.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

Because I am the Seeker.

I have the Sword of Truth, so I don't carry a bow, but I always have one when the plot calls for it.

Just play a straight arcane caster. Make the ranger stealthier, if need be, with all that magic a trickster doesn't get.

You lack a skill monkey, but the ranger can be stealthy. Make him invisible now and then. He can survive an unfortunate trap, usually. He can even find traps, depending on the build.

The cleric will do support. The arcane caster will help the party win.

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The US is the only extant military empire. It is also the leading police state, with more people locked up than any nation on earth.

Keep the serfs fighting and blaming each other.

Judge Judy makes over 40 million a year.

Who else is in your party?

David Koch.

5 people marked this as a favorite.

The real sponsor of the bill is ALEC. They sponsor lots of bills. Hell, they write them.

Wow. Libertarians are so ridiculous.

They want a war so bad, they don't even care how it gets started.

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Just a Guess wrote:
HardMaple wrote:
Give specific examples of why these legislators and governor want to legalize gay discrimination.
They are christian fundamentalists.

Preaching politics from the pulpit and voting in droves. We have tons of them, and they're uniformly ignorant and bigoted.

3 people marked this as a favorite.

My state rep. is one of the guys behind it. He's a 20-something home schooled religious nitwit. Thoroughly disgusting. -Wesco-details-the-Religious-Freedom-Restoration-Act.html

Same here. It's a fun little show.

How about a mix? 2 levels of rogue mixed in with slayer would give you some more class skills, a rogue talent and evasion. You'd lose 1 BAB and fall a little behind on your fort save, but it's still very rogue-y and tougher than a straight rogue.

Take the TWF combat style at slayer 2, and you're good to go.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
TOZ wrote:
One rank never hurts.

My clerics tend to leave int at 10. I put ranks into every class skill, then bump the ones no one else uses (like Heal). There are usually other characters with way more skills, anyway.

Heal-bot is an under-appreciated role. Channeling works well, even in combat. My PFS half orc cleric of Sarenrae was referred to as the "kick-ass cleric."

He is, too. Last I played him, he was 11th level and utterly ridiculous. Always welcomed at any table, and sometimes the only guy with any melee chops.

Without versatile evocation, it's pretty weak. You blast a little better than other wizards, but not by much.

ZanThrax wrote:

I'm not sure why my old link stopped working. Maybe because I moved the local copy of my skydrive folder?

Anyhow, this new link should work.

Worked for me.

I've played and watched full casters in PFS that lived through level 1 just fine. Don't worry about it.

I feel ya, Aberzombie. I watched my dad go 3 years ago. It's not easy.

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