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King Mokknokk

A highly regarded expert's page

1,103 posts. Alias of Dave Young 992.


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Same here. It's a fun little show.

How about a mix? 2 levels of rogue mixed in with slayer would give you some more class skills, a rogue talent and evasion. You'd lose 1 BAB and fall a little behind on your fort save, but it's still very rogue-y and tougher than a straight rogue.

Take the TWF combat style at slayer 2, and you're good to go.

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TOZ wrote:
One rank never hurts.

My clerics tend to leave int at 10. I put ranks into every class skill, then bump the ones no one else uses (like Heal). There are usually other characters with way more skills, anyway.

Heal-bot is an under-appreciated role. Channeling works well, even in combat. My PFS half orc cleric of Sarenrae was referred to as the "kick-ass cleric."

He is, too. Last I played him, he was 11th level and utterly ridiculous. Always welcomed at any table, and sometimes the only guy with any melee chops.

Without versatile evocation, it's pretty weak. You blast a little better than other wizards, but not by much.

ZanThrax wrote:

I'm not sure why my old link stopped working. Maybe because I moved the local copy of my skydrive folder?

Anyhow, this new link should work.

Worked for me.

I've played and watched full casters in PFS that lived through level 1 just fine. Don't worry about it.

I feel ya, Aberzombie. I watched my dad go 3 years ago. It's not easy.

A flask of acid or liquid ice can be used as a focus to add +1 to the damage. If you're not an evoker, acid splash is better than ray of frost, since there's no SR.

I liked Spelljammer. It was pretty goofy, but the concept was neat.

Someone (not me) saved it here.

I recommended it as a good thing to have on a scroll for an arcane trickster in the guide. If you've got no other way to hurt your enemy, you can flank an ally and get off a lot of sneak attacks and do some pretty good damage.

Point Blank Shot, Precise shot, and Weapon Focus (Ray)- Even ranged touch attacks miss. The question is, how often do they miss by exactly 1 or 2? How often do you use them? Is it worth two or three feats? Considering all the feats that will do far more for you to keep you alive and contributing, the answer is no. Big creatures have horrible touch ACs as a general rule, and even at a minus, you can usually hit. It isn’t like the old days, when a miss could hurt your allies. You got, or will get a belt, right?

Better to miss with a ray, than hit and watch it not work (Spell Penetration), or fail a fort save (Greater Fortitude), or get slaughtered because you thought you’d make it to 16th level without any armor (Arcane Armor Training). Sneak blasting is a fun feature of your character, but it’s not your raison d'être. It’s not that great.

I don't see any need for Alertness. Take Toughness, instead. Scouts need hit points worthy of their role.

Since you're starting at high level, ignore AAT. That's for surviving low level play, until you have +8 bracers.

Get a wand of True Strike and use it when you have the time. That won't be often, but it helps a lot when you can.

It's better to have Spell Penetration so that when you hit, the spell actually works.


Extended mix. Sooo much better than the album version.


This is a classic guide.

I don't know about you, but I was pissed whan Batman slapped Robin so hard it killed him.

I mean, yeah, Robin could be a moron sometimes, but he was pretty good at his job.

He never complained about his ridiculous outfit. That made him worth keeping, right there.

I may never be able to forgive the Batman.

Do you really have a CR 500?

I take it to mean 30' unless you have sniper goggles.

However, the trickster ability overrides the range limitation, since it says "any spell that deals damage." The limitation would be the range of the spell, and you can add sneak damage if your target is flat footed to you (or you use Impromptu sneak attack).

Tricksters won't have that ability until they're 16th level or so, so it's hardly overpowered.

This is partially answered in the FAQ:

The Surprise Spells class feature allows the Arcane Trickster to add his sneak attack dice to spells that deal damage that target flat-footed foes. This damage is only applied once per spell. In the case of fireball this means it affects all targets in the area, with each getting a save to halve the damage (including the sneak attack damage). In the case of magic missile, the extra damage is only added once to one missile, chosen by the caster when the spell is cast.

—Jason Bulmahn, 05/31/11

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Andrew R wrote:
GentleGiant wrote:

So, we can conclude that it's irresponsible to live on a budget larger than what you would earn on minimum wage. It's irresponsible to have sex without making sure that the woman has taken her pill or checked whatever other BC she might be on AND the guy better double up on the condom, just to be safe. Buying a house that you can't buy with cash is also irresponsible. Buying a car is also very questionable, even if you can pay it with cash, because you might have been able to buy a cheaper (but probably also more unreliable, but that's somehow not the point) one.

Sodas, energy drinks and jerky are right out of the question!
In other words, anyone living a better life than Andrew R is Doing it Wrong(tm)!
has nothing to do with a better life, i lack the jealousy so many are afflicted by when talking about social class, i just don't want to be the one paying for it. it has everything to do with be responsible, not party like its the end of the world then demand someone else pay the piper for you. live within your means, try to have a plan, minimize risk. this is not rocket science but sadly most people these days are too damn dumb. wich would be fine if people like me didn't have to bail them out

R seems to have an aversion to acknowledging privilege, let alone its effects in society, given his extreme view of the less fortunate.

I'm sure it's already been mentioned, but Utah's plan could work about anywhere, even in NYC.

Maybe they'll finally catch the ass crack bandit!

I'll watch the 6th season. I'll watch the movie. I'll buy it all at once to watch again.

It's coming back!

On Yahoo.

You can use concealment to make a stealth check. Make it, and you can snipe that round for SA damage. You have to make the check again at -20 to do it next round, but, unlike Invisibility, it doesn't go away once you've attacked. If you have some cover or something to hide behind at the end of you turn, you can try it again next round.

Blur is less useful once you have Greater Invisibility. Until then, it's good because regular Invisibility is gone once you attack. You'll eventually have a ring of Invisibility, but it's still the low-level spell. So, at lower levels, try Blur for combat, Invisibility for scouting.

Sorry it took me so long to see your post! I should probably explain that better in the guide.

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houstonderek wrote:

Gore never came to power, so we'll never know, but he's kind of a weenie and couldn't hold Clinton's used toilet paper, so I don't think he would

have been much better than Bush or Obama, to be frank.

I'm pretty sure Gore would have probably heeded the warnings that Bush ignored, and 9-11 would likely have been foiled.

Bush and co. were planning to invade Iraq before they even got into office, and Gore wasn't involved with PNAC. So, if Gore hadn't been able to stop 9-11, he still wouldn't have invaded Iraq, and millions of lives would not have been shattered.

He would instead have used the world's sympathy to get their help in going after the terrorists, and would have succeeded.

Gore isn't Bush, and that alone makes him the better man.


John Malkovich as Blackbeard? Yes, please! Being John Malkovich looks pretty cool, about now.

Premieres Friday. I hope it's on Hulu.

Let's hope they seize their potential. I just noticed a Defiance marathon on Syfy today, which made me think of it.

Season 2 begins June 19.

Orfamay Quest wrote:
While it's all very well and good to waggle your fingers and say "well, everyone should have a six month emergency reserve saved up," the simple fact is that most people don't, and they still have to be able to handle emergencies.

Particularly impossible if they only make $8.00 an hour.

Cancelled. :( Oh, well.

Why does everything I love always leave me?

Yeah, I'd take those.

meatrace wrote:
bugleyman wrote:

How about any university? They're all liberally biased, you know.

That's hogwash and you know it!

The right are happy to accept expertise from Liberty or Bob Jones...

They like to make them judges. The crazier the better.

thejeff wrote:
OBL was still a CIA asset at the time.

In 1996? I doubt that.

If he ever was. His role in Afghanistan was after we'd been heavily into funding the fight against the USSR there.

That's what they WANT you to think!

Vod Canockers wrote:

This would be the same Clinton Administration that passed on several offers to have Osama bin Laden arrested?

Clinton and Terrorism

Clinton went after the people that committed the terrorist acts, but not the people that ordered the attacks.

It's like going after the mob, you can arrest the hitmen, but if the Mob boss isn't busted nothing is done to stop the crime.

OBL was still a CIA asset at the time.

That sounds good. 2d6 for 2 levels gives you a lot of what you'd want from 3 levels, except you'll not get the saving throws and +1 BAB. If your GM's cool with it, go for it.

Not sure about your 2nd question. Anybody else know?

TheVulpi wrote:
Thanks! I didn't realize that about the SLA. Too late for me as this character, but a good point nonetheless. I don't think my DM would be cool with early entry, I didn't know that anyone allowed that really. Seems like there's an entry barrier for a reason perhaps? Or that's what he'd say anyway. :) I'm fine waiting anyway, almost there! Thank you for all the advice on tweaking this character so she can be all she can be. I'm sort of flip-flopping on taking the Arcane Armor training, seems my AC is going to be low anyway, might be worth it just to skip it and try not to get hit using tactics. :)

These are the kind of decisions you must make for your particular game.

There's no one right answer, and you're in the suck levels. You have the skills of a low-level rogue, and the spells of a low-level wizard. You get very few feats. Great Fortitude will always be good.

Skills first. Spells next.

With Arcane Armor training, go for a mithral shirt and add pluses when you can afford to. A lot of it has to do with what your party can craft, if anything.

A ring of invisibility is out of your league for a while, but if you have a ring for your bonded object, you can enchant it yourself for 10,000, instead of paying 20,000.

Here's a 20th level trickster I'm playing right now in a PbP. You'll notice he's crafted the heck out of his ring! XD

Doesn't look too bad. For your feat, I'd take Great Fortitude, as that is your weakest save. Nothing sucks like a failed saving throw! Every little bonus helps.

Spell Penetration would be good at 7th. You don't see a lot of SR around 5th, but you'll see more and more of it as you level up. It'll always be there for you.

Me, too. Great ideas!

FrodoOf9Fingers wrote:

On the flip side, are we to say that the stupid, 5 intelligence orc, is not any worse than any warrior with the same stats, except with an intelligence of 13?

Does not intelligence aid one in battle? This is how pathfinder shows that.

I'm sure it does, but I think it has more to do with situational awareness. If you attach a mental requirement to it, wisdom is probably a better choice, IMO. Perception, etc.

Not that I'm recommending that, but I'd prefer it.

andreww wrote:
...few games reach level 15+.

That's definitely true, and I wish it weren't so. My personal experience with 15+ has always been quite positive. It takes a long time to get through a round, but that gets truer and truer the higher you go.

20th is as fun as any other level, and I do recall fighters getting shut down, sometimes, but when they weren't, they were murder.

Dimension Door with Mr. Melee and put him right next to BBEG. Hilarity will ensue. :D

That sounds fun to me.

Play what you want. You're going to have chances to get some simple gear, and at 1st level, it's pretty tough starting out with nothing, or with max gear and the rich parents trait. Even with awesome starting gear, you still have the same hit points. Gear helps a lot, but 8 hit points is 8 hit points. You gotta play smart.

Even if you play a wizard with no spells, it'll feel good to finally get that first scroll or spellbook, and immediately be able to use it. It's just 1st level.

So, when will we see season 6? The answer is at the end of season 5.

"This summer, or fall, or, possibly next winter. Depends on what fails."

If anyone in your party can gather info, now's the time.

"Casting Classes:

The most effective tricksters are wizards, followed by sorcerers. Bard tricksters really are a waste of time. Just play a sneaky archetype bard and be done with it. Combining bard with rogue in the trickster class doesn't do much of anything for either side of that combination, except reduce your hit points, BAB, and cancel your progression in the unique talents of both classes. What good targeted blast spells does a bard get? He could take the Arcane Blast feat at 10th caster level, but it’s pathetic, even with sneak damage. His other spells are equally unimpressive.

Think about it: A 20th level character with the sneak attack of a 13th level rogue, a BAB of 12, one rogue talent, minor bardic abilities, fewer skill and hit points, and the earth-shaking spellcasting of a 17th level bard. What, if anything, is he good at?

A 20th level sor/wiz trickster laughs at him, and not because he’s funny, then turns him to dust out of pity. If you want to play an AT in some sort of intrigue campaign, the sorcerer AT gets all the class skills a bard does, and will be more effective overall. Just because a bard can be a trickster, that doesn't mean he should.

I’m not knocking bards. PF bards are great, and they shouldn’t bother with this PrC." -A Highly Regarded Expert's Guide to the Arcane Trickster

I agree with Dragonchess Player. You lose too much and gain too little with bard as your casting class.

Don't know why I can't spot the thread when I'm LOOKING for it!

Who can forget that lizardman?

RIP, sir.

Yes, backstory is key here, and there are tons of ways to go with it.

I like Fafhrdnoresman's idea about rage being her main problem. She could have been the daughter of a wealthy merchant, living comfortably in a safe city, and sure to eventually marry well and live a life of coddled comfort.

Her raging temper somehow makes her prospects dwindle until no one really trusts her. She then discovers that rage can work to her advantage in the right context, so she goes off to find her fortune on her own.

Most barbs dump cha. Barbie shouldn't. She's not crude or ugly, and is personable enough at first glance. Maybe dump int to reflect that she didn't need to learn a lot of skills, since everything was done by servants when she was growing up. She loafed in school, and isn't particularly learned for her station.

Can't cook, hates to clean, etc.

All her stuff will be masterwork, as soon as she can afford it. She might wear a mace for a back up weapon when her fancy greatsword isn't ideal, and that mace must look good with her ensemble.

On days off, she wants to party at the best places she can get into, and she'll buy the nicest clothes she can find. She's certain to make a splash, particularly if someone ticks her off!

Just scratching the surface. "Barbierian" has a lot of potential to be a very amusing character.







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You can do fine without blasting. Have you checked out the guides in the advice forum?

I wouldn't play a generalist wizard. Pick a specialty.

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