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King Mokknokk

A highly regarded expert's page

1,180 posts. Alias of Dave Young 992.


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Zeugma wrote:
Joe Dirt.

Run Ronnie Run was a lot funnier, if less well-known, IMO.

Gauss wrote:
Everyone dies. :)

Not everyone really lives!

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Not a movie, unless maybe you watch it all at once, but if you have Hulu, Axe Cop is joyously mindless.

How about a frontline melee guy? You have a paladin, but someone really focused on fighting would be fun in most parties. No one will turn down an extra fighter type; barbarian, fighter, even a ranger.

That said, yeah, everything's covered, so play what sounds fun to you.

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I'm guessing that English is not Cuvico's first language.

I applaud your efforts, sir or madam. As a person who had to learn a second language, I understand that it's hard before it gets easy.

I also realize that I'm woefully behind in all the options available now. Thanks to all of you for your insights.

I've done that and highly recommend it. It's a lot less hassle for the GM, and everybody gets what they want.

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Kobold Cleaver wrote:
V barred Conjuration, too. That's why they can't teleport.

They made a joke about teleport being a transmutation spell in 3.0. V can't cast it now because they went from 3 to 3.5 when it changed to a conjuration spell.

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Elan is at least a 13th level bard. He can cast Mass CLW. He's got at least a level of "Dashing Swordsman," so he's about on par with the others, more or less.

Traditional, other than the Tofurky. Wine for dessert! lol

Taking a level in a 3/4 BAB class when you have another 3/4 BAB class is a weak move, generally.

Another fan of ABP. The only downside might be if you have a full caster who doesn't care about weapons. You'll end up with a +5 weapon you never use.

Still, it's simple and allows for more interesting choices for the big six.

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That there's a nail biter, make no mistake...

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Irontruth wrote:

So, the narrative that people wanted Trump to "drain the swamp" and wanted outsiders....

5 members of congress were defeated in the primaries, 8 members were defeated in the general. Out of 469 races, 43 incumbents didn't run, giving us 423 incumbents running. 410 of those incumbents won. Normally congress (both houses) has about a 96% incumbent victory %, this was 97%, so it was pretty much normal.

If you're of the opinion that most districts are safe for one party or the other and the real contest is in the primaries, well, the incumbent winning % goes up to about 99%.

People didn't vote for change. They sent all the same congressional people back to Washington.

And Trump is appointing DC Republican insiders to all his cabinet posts.

They're more overtly racist than the usual Repub offerings, so it is change of a sort.

I always thought the EC was stupid, ever since I learned about it as a kid. Still do.

It's worked well for Republicans lately, so I don't see it going away in my lifetime. I wish it would.


I don't understand that.

We use it in some of our games. I like it, personally. It lets you get more interesting items than the regular cloak, ring, belt, etc.

Automatic Bonus Progression

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Don't let the bastards grind you down.

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The good news is that Hillary probably won't try to run again. She has the charisma of a dwarf fighter.

White, rural, low-information Americans have been fed a steady diet of anti-Clinton hate for almost 30 years. She never had a chance with them, and you need at least some of them to win.

More white women voted for Trump than for Hillary. That's how hated she is.

Next time, maybe the Dems will wise up and run someone who could have won walking away, like Bernie would have.

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This is what the electoral college was made for.

Angry old white people rule.

Irontruth wrote:
A highly regarded expert wrote:

I blame media consolidation, Citizens United, an ineffectual press, and low-information white women who prefer an accused child rapist to one of their own.

His pretrial begins Dec. 16.

The anonymous woman pulled her court case last Friday, there will be no trial.

I didn't know that until just now.

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I blame media consolidation, Citizens United, an ineffectual press, and low-information white women who prefer an accused child rapist to one of their own.

His pretrial begins Dec. 16.

Killer_GM wrote:
CBDunkerson wrote:
Killer_GM wrote:
Out of control Healthcare costs are what the affordable care act has brought already.

The rate of health care cost increases has DECLINED since the ACA was passed. Logically, if it is repealed, costs will resume growing at the previous higher rate.

It is one of the main reasons the Dems are losing tonight.
Spare me the fiction. My family plan went up $9,000.00 last year. Many other families who actually pay for their own insurance are being bled dry by the insane increases in premiums. Even Bill Clinton admitted it. Its not even debatable.

Look up who put the poison pill in certain legislation. It wasn't the ACA. It was what they did to it.

CrystalSeas wrote:
A highly regarded expert wrote:
The Republicans got out the rural vote like never before. We can thank Citizens United, along with consolidated AM radio, for that.

Here's a guy who's been getting re-elected that way for since the 1980s

The Michigan Congressman who doesn’t return calls, or emails, or tweets

“Walberg seems to have decided that his best strategy is to ignore the mainstream media,” says Jack Lessenberry, a political analyst for Michigan Radio, as well as a newspaper columnist and faculty member at Wayne State University. “Nobody’s ducked the media so successfully as Walberg does.

“It’s a rare phenomenon,” Lessenberry says. “He just has a general distrust and contempt towards the media, and feels it can’t do him any good. His supporters listen to Fox News or Rush Limbaugh, and he sees the people who support him certainly don’t listen to NPR, so he feels it will do him no good whatsoever.”

My House rep is the same. Jackie Walorski. She avoids any press she doesn't control or suppress.

Kobold Cleaver wrote:
California isn't counted yet. Patience, Moonrunner.

Already called. The whole left coast was Clinton, as predicted. That's not enough.

The real money got exactly what they've wanted.

The Republicans got out the rural vote like never before. We can thank Citizens United, along with consolidated AM radio, for that.

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We will be ruled by people who don't believe in evolution, global warming, or that minorities face discrimination. In fact, they consider themselves victims.

There will likely be lots of recounts.

We could see Trump, and a Republican majority in both houses tomorrow morning. Trump will appoint Scalia clones all over the country. A Koch/ALEC wet dream. Any hope for something like democracy will be officially dead.

Mass human die-outs will come sooner, rather than later.

She's gonna lose Michigan. She won Colorado.

Trump took Ohio and Iowa. He's absolutely SWEEPING Jesus land.

CBDunkerson wrote:


Had to stand on line! Well... there was one person ahead of me for about 30 seconds... but STILL! This is deep GOP territory. I've never had to 'wait' to vote before.

Same here. Heavily Republican Midwest small town. I have NEVER waited long in any prior election here. Today, the line was over an hour long at 2:30 PM.

I think it's sad that it took Trump to get that many people interested in voting.

This is so confusing!

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The choices available now are more plentiful than they were when I wrote the guide. You can be an unchained rogue 1/wiz 3, and enter the class at 4th, now. That's a different animal.

I think that's a good thing. I still like the AT in all its possible forms. Same attitude, different mechanics, make it your own. The scoundrel gives you even more options for a sneaky caster.

I'm playing a trickster now, in fact. Still enjoy the heck out of 'em.

I think history has spanked Abraham Spalding really hard.

Thank you all for your continued study.

Dead and Company. Saw 3 shows this summer. Delightful!

2 people marked this as a favorite.

I still like ranger/wizard. All good saves, good skills and skill points, full casting wizard spells, minor divine casting, d10 hit dice, full BAB, and a built-in bodyguard.

I'd name him "Magnitude," 'cuz he's a one man party! Pop, pop!

You can find eps on youtube, but they come and go, usually pretty poor quality.

You can sign up for a free trial on Seeso to watch it free for a month.

I love Community and still binge it now and then. This show, while not as funny, still has that playful sensibility that marks Harmon's work.

Yes, it's simply because elves cause cancer. They have leprosy as well.

How much proof do you need?

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Our love of cheeseburgers is the #1 cause of habitat and species loss. We're mowing down rain forests for cheap beef. It's the definition of insanity.

Watch Cowspiracy free on Netflix.

Finally finished it. Loved it! Everything from the opening music to the closing credits, all done very well.

I haven't read any reviews, but I'm sure this show's a big hit.

I'm not into superhero comics. I like this show, though. I'm 3 episodes in already, which means I'll probably finish the season.

I've liked Krysten in everything I've seen her in. She's nailing this.

Mysterious Stranger wrote:
While a focused melee characters chance to hit and damage will be a lot lower when using a bow it still helps. The same thing is true when a archer can no longer use his bow. I have seen high level fighters dealing with low powered flying creatures complaining that they are useless. When I suggested he pick up the bow lying on the ground and use it he said his character did not know how to use a bow. It was just a random encounter with a bunch of harpies and a 10th level fighter was completely shut down because of his own fault. They have an AC of 16 and his BAB is +10 but “He did not know how use a bow”. Even on his second shot he has a 50% chance to hit from BAB alone.

I've never understood that. I've seen players do the same thing.

Or, how about the character with a single weapon? What will they do when the damage type is ineffective? A morningstar does slashing and piercing, and makes a nice backup when you get disarmed, etc. You can use a dagger if something swallows you, but not your greatsword.

Ally McBeal was a great mean boss, though. It was fun to see her again.

Kaisoku wrote:
Honestly, a d12, 6 skill points, & 2 good saves should be his baseline before even looking into his class abilities.

*slow clap* *nods approval*

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I saw the last Dead shows in Chicago. It was an incredible experience.

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N. Jolly wrote:
A highly regarded expert wrote:

Arcane trickster. The ones I've played have done some amazing things.

Hey, I wrote the guide. LOL!

If that's the case, my favorite class(es) is/are:

Synthesis Summoner
...and character creation.

Yeah. All the other classes I like already had guides. lol

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Arcane trickster. The ones I've played have done some amazing things.

Hey, I wrote the guide. LOL!

A ranger could fill in the skilled/other role very nicely.

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