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King Mokknokk

A highly regarded expert's page

1,060 posts. Alias of Dave Young 992.


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If anyone in your party can gather info, now's the time.

"Casting Classes:

The most effective tricksters are wizards, followed by sorcerers. Bard tricksters really are a waste of time. Just play a sneaky archetype bard and be done with it. Combining bard with rogue in the trickster class doesn't do much of anything for either side of that combination, except reduce your hit points, BAB, and cancel your progression in the unique talents of both classes. What good targeted blast spells does a bard get? He could take the Arcane Blast feat at 10th caster level, but it’s pathetic, even with sneak damage. His other spells are equally unimpressive.

Think about it: A 20th level character with the sneak attack of a 13th level rogue, a BAB of 12, one rogue talent, minor bardic abilities, fewer skill and hit points, and the earth-shaking spellcasting of a 17th level bard. What, if anything, is he good at?

A 20th level sor/wiz trickster laughs at him, and not because he’s funny, then turns him to dust out of pity. If you want to play an AT in some sort of intrigue campaign, the sorcerer AT gets all the class skills a bard does, and will be more effective overall. Just because a bard can be a trickster, that doesn't mean he should.

I’m not knocking bards. PF bards are great, and they shouldn’t bother with this PrC." -A Highly Regarded Expert's Guide to the Arcane Trickster

I agree with Dragonchess Player. You lose too much and gain too little with bard as your casting class.

Don't know why I can't spot the thread when I'm LOOKING for it!

Who can forget that lizardman?

RIP, sir.

Yes, backstory is key here, and there are tons of ways to go with it.

I like Fafhrdnoresman's idea about rage being her main problem. She could have been the daughter of a wealthy merchant, living comfortably in a safe city, and sure to eventually marry well and live a life of coddled comfort.

Her raging temper somehow makes her prospects dwindle until no one really trusts her. She then discovers that rage can work to her advantage in the right context, so she goes off to find her fortune on her own.

Most barbs dump cha. Barbie shouldn't. She's not crude or ugly, and is personable enough at first glance. Maybe dump int to reflect that she didn't need to learn a lot of skills, since everything was done by servants when she was growing up. She loafed in school, and isn't particularly learned for her station.

Can't cook, hates to clean, etc.

All her stuff will be masterwork, as soon as she can afford it. She might wear a mace for a back up weapon when her fancy greatsword isn't ideal, and that mace must look good with her ensemble.

On days off, she wants to party at the best places she can get into, and she'll buy the nicest clothes she can find. She's certain to make a splash, particularly if someone ticks her off!

Just scratching the surface. "Barbierian" has a lot of potential to be a very amusing character.







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You can do fine without blasting. Have you checked out the guides in the advice forum?

I wouldn't play a generalist wizard. Pick a specialty.

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Streets ahead.

Mattastrophic wrote:
Fergie wrote:
I think there is a vast difference between being weaker (or even the weakest) mechanically, and "sucking".

Having played two rogues in PFS, one all the way up to 19th, I can say that the rogue's power level is well-suited for PFS and Paizo's published content. You don't have to worry nearly as much about overpowering the material as you would if you played many other classes. Also, the GM for your Adventure Path has to put less preparation into modifying the encounters to suit your character than he would if you played something more powerful.


PFS tends to bunch parties up in tight spaces. There, rogues can contribute. On more open battlefields, they're just not good.

Vlad Koroboff wrote:
thejeff wrote:

I'm not sure the World Cup is more of a threat than some other things already on the table

FAR more from the point of view of average russian.

You see,economic threats and/or sanctions are silly for the people who survived nineties in russia.
But cancellation of World Cup in population's favorite sport is huge morale penalty.In the election year,no less!
But then,annexation of Crimea is morale boost(Crimea and especially Sevastopol have huge symbolic value),and this is,sadly,not a Civilization game with fixed numbers for these,so we have to wait and see.

I only faintly comprehend this issue, but weren't there protests against this action in Russia, too? I read that there were, and the Russian po-po beat and jailed hundreds of them.

Of course, most regular people everywhere don't want war and imperialism.

I think it's fine if you say longswords do piercing as well as slashing, because real ones do. Greatswords, too for that matter, or any weapons that work like that.

It's not a big change.

Hmm. Didn't show up for me. Apologies.

Anybody see it? I liked it.

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Chris Hedges says stuff.

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Andostre wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:
It was pretty explicit.
Also, I are not very much smrt.

Me prblm saem;

Luthorne wrote:
Still, of course, this is all my personal tastes. I certainly know people who much prefer a humanocentric setting, and even like the lack of definition humans tend to have in most settings because they prefer a totally blank slate to work with. To each their own, no?

Egg-Zachary. From start to finish, it's a tale of some characters.

All characters have histories. 1st level characters have very little. They're teenagers who just got their driver's licenses. At 20th, bards sing about their exploits (exploitation?) in taverns across the land.

It's more fantastical at higher levels. Play a character. The race is just detail. Some will care a lot about it and dwell on it, some won't.

Harsk, along with the other pregens, exist to encourage players to hurry up and make their own characters.

At least, that's all I can make of them.

nate lange wrote:
HRE- in my original post i had 1 guy 2WF with waraxes, and another in a reach build with a longaxe (plus one with a longhammer, and one with a dorn dergar... i'm not sure their weapons could be much dwarfier)

Good! Dwarves should have axes!

jk. I could see a dwarf using other weapons, it's just not as dwarfy.

remco- i like that list, but you have 1 too many... my personal preference is sort of to downplay arcane magic among dwarves too, but i worry that you're putting a party at a distinct disadvantage (especially at mid to high level) if there's no wiz/sorc at all...

A dwarf witch or wizard would be fun, I think. I could see a dwarf magus or EK, especially. A little fight to go with the magic.

And axes!!!1!!!lol

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FireberdGNOME wrote:

I would love to play in an all dwarf party. And I would be excited to run one if the players all wanted to do it!

Funny thing, I think the idea sits better than an all Elf party.

We have beards, and axes, and beards, and we invented booze.

What's with all the no-axe, no-hammer dwarves? Get some axes up in this hizzy, stat!

Bob_Loblaw wrote:
DM Beckett wrote:
Abraham spalding wrote:

Simpey -- an idiot's opinion that the world is flat isn't equally valid as an expert's researched position that the world is more of a roundish shape (approximating a sphere).

Everyone is allowed an opinion -- just because you have one doesn't mean that opinion is the equal to another.

It's one of the biggest fallacies out there, and goes by the name of false equivalency.

Wouldn't that be a fact?

That is to say one can prove and/or disprove that the earth is either flat or roundishly shaped. Would not this be the false equivalency?

You'd think it would be an accepted fact. However, this is not a satire site.

Nor is it a hate site. It is a place that kids can access.

The OP has an agenda. It isn't free speech.

Blasters shouldn't try to kill the BBEG. They take out the mooks, and whatever is in the way of the melee chargers. Take out the chaff.

There's no reason to ignore other spells. It's not like all you can do is blast. It just works well when you choose to.

I played a cayma sorcerer in a 3.x game set in the Red Steel world. It worked out well.

I like all the adventures like that; the pillow fort, the space ship, etc.

Hot lava! lol

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aceDiamond wrote:
RJGrady wrote:
There's a reason characters belong to "classes."
I'm starting to feel a surge of communism in the distance due to this post...

*Python voice* There you go, bringing class into it, again!

I've said it before, but all the seasons are a little up and down. It's not all paintball and pillow forts!

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Set wrote:

Still flailing around at the notion that 'The Most Beautiful Girl in the World' is now remembered as a Prince song.


Yeah, I'm old enough to remember this.

ZanThrax wrote:
Here's a link. I copied it into my SkyDrive; that'll let people access it until KBrewer can rehost.

^ ZanThrax was nice enough to share this link.

Rynjin wrote:
Buffy. At the risk of sounding blasphemous, I think all the love for Firefly comes more from the lost potential (GREAT set-up for a second season and a larger universe) than how good it was on its own. Good show, but not as OMGWTFBBQ amazing as it's made out to be.

How dare you speak such blasphemy! Harumph!

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137ben wrote:
Alex Martin wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:
Ross Byers wrote:
He also admitted the prestige class is overpowered, so there's that, too.
Nope, I apparently hallucinated that. Or inferred it from "third-party prestige class found in the discount bin".
I find it amusing that you corrected yourself in the same thread within 6 minutes. Aren't you supposed to wait for someone to yell: "Nu-uh!" first? ;-)
Nu-uh! He's allowed to correct himself! You are totally wrong:)

Nuh-uh! No take backs! YOU'RE wrong!

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Please. It's December. Welcome the zombies, and invite them in for holiday cheer.

GM Kyle wrote:
Tels wrote:
GM Kyle wrote:
Every time Dervish Dance is mentioned, James Jacobs kills a goblin. Think about the goblins.


** spoiler omitted **...

Considering James killed all of those goblins, none Tels.

James Jacobs may well be the cause of the deaths of more goblins than anyone in history.

How does he sleep at night?

With the FAQ regarding racial abilities, a lot changes. I don't feel like going through all of them, but tieflings, sylphs, and a few other races look more attractive now.

"Any other race your game allows should give you benefits that up your two most important stats, and help your magic and/or sneakiness. Ratfolk make excellent wizard ATs, for example, if you’re able to play one." -My super-awesome guide

It's easier to gain early entry, so if you have bonuses to your main stats (or at least no penalties) and can start the class early, you'll be stronger sooner. I'd totally play any of the races U.M. mentioned above.

I was disappointed about the ruling on sneak attack, but, as many will agree, sneak blasting is fun, but hardly the only thing you do as a trickster.

You have a number of ways to jack over your enemies, and it doesn't have to always be direct damage, either.

My favorite part is scouting/spying. It's intense and fun to sneak past all the obstacles and get intel that will help the party win, or sabotage a trap, etc.

Again? Already?
Ginning up the spin machine
A war on Christmas!

So not cool! Maybe Obama really DOES want to destroy freedom!

2 people marked this as a favorite.
Backfromthedeadguy wrote:
I don't get Spanish soap operas. Maybe I should learn Spanish...

I speak Spanish. It doesn't help.

An Innocent Puppy wrote:
The ACA kicked me.

That's an outrage! I demand a full investigation!

Goestheveezle - Old Germanic term denoting events of spontaneous combustion in 3rd century poems.


Tasted like chicken?
Eddie was a unique kid
Tasted like Meatloaf

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I was at the grocery store and reached into a box of Halloween candy to get some bags of it for the kids. Sure enough, there was a wasp in there, and it stung me!

I knew Cosmo was behind it! It's the only explanation that makes sense.

chaoskin wrote:

Master gains a +3 bonus on sight-based and opposed Perception checks in shadows or darkness
my question is will owl bonus will work with darkvision?

I see no reason why not. It's sight-based, so any kind of sight will get the +3, regardless of the sight the owl has.

Eddie is a lie
Frank-n-furter didn't
Eddie didn't die

And nearly hit me,
Didn't even say "sorry!"
Watch out for skate punks.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet is the most photographed of all the People of Walmart.

Mary Yamato wrote:

I much prefer the new skill-point system: you just couldn't be competent at mid to high levels in a non-class skill in 3.x, which led to unmotivated multiclassing. This frustrated me a lot. Consolidating the skills also helped, though our home games always give extra skill points as I think there are still too few.

I like at-will cantrips, and also the school, domain and bloodline powers that give low-level casters something to do once their few spells are gone. They aren't perfect yet (my sorceress has a notably useless one) but they're definitely in the right direction.

I like CMB/CMD. We always avoided manuver-using characters because the 3.x rules seemed so broken. In a recent Pathfinder game we actually had the scene where two characters open a door behind a guard's back, grab him, drag him through the door, and close it before anyone notices (okay, the Silence spell helped)--using the rules as written.

I like the attempts to unify the monster rules and to clarify what, for example, increasing or decreasing a monster's stat does to its abilities.

I really, really like that Paizo seems to listen to its players. I hadn't had that feeling about WOTC/TSR for a long time.

I agree with you.

Skills work much better. Fly? Look at the classes that have it as a class skill. They can cast Fly. Class skill, measured as a skill.

The roguish classes got devalued by this change in mechanics, but they're still useful. They're just not the only character in the party likely to have a good Bluff check.

In most parties, they still are.

Adamantine Dragon wrote:

thejeff, I totally, completely, sincerely promise you from the bottom of my heart.

I. Am. Not. Joking.

These people have woken me up about the modern workforce.

"These people," then, are the problem. There's nothing else at play.

Kool aid.

Mitt Romney sleeps well at night, blissfully unaffected by the real human turmoil he caused to make his millions.

He's not alone.

Adamantine Dragon wrote:

I have been looking at this all wrong!

I feel like a fool. While I personally will be retiring in a few years, and I hope to hang onto my current job until then, my two kids are currently struggling to get their own lives started.

And many of YOU PEOPLE are either the people, or are representative of the people THEY WILL BE COMPETING with for jobs and promotions.

So FORGET what I said about hard work, perseverance and short term pain! That's all total bourgeoisie b*+##!!$! You are on to me man, heh, you caught me. It's all a scam. Hard work never mattered. Hell you all work tons harder than you should have to. In fact you should all take a break, relax, kick back and pat yourself on the back.

If you have a job, you need a raise. Go tell your boss you work too hard for the money, and deserve more. It's true isn't it!? So why not just be honest about it? And you probably need more time off too while you're at it.

Please, please, totally forget all my silly, old-fashioned nonsense about hard work, learning new skills and looking for more challenging job assignments. It's pure bunk. You know it. Heck you've lectured me about it for several days now.

You win.

I haven't felt this good about my kids prospects in a long, long time.

Thanks to everyone.

I accept your concession and will add this: Your kids have a decent shot at a middle class income. You clearly don't have the connections to do any more for them.

If they can read the tea leaves, and have the capital, they can do better. Perhaps they'll rise to the investor class. Maybe they'll be charming enough to be accepted at the country club. Who knows?

This is America, after all.

I can speak for myself, too. Winning the birth lottery is still the statistically best way to wealth.

Where did I imply that hard work and perseverance didn't improve your odds? They simply aren't a guarantee, especially in the last few decades.

And you're still playing the class envy violin. "Bad luck" means a crappy economy with little to no chance for meaningful advancement for the majority. You can be as ambitious as Madonna, if you like. If there's nothing there for you to aim at, you're stuck.

You may know your business better than anybody, but the boss's son will be giving you orders soon enough.

thejeff wrote:

And even more importantly, from my point of view, even if it was the "incredibly smart and hardworking" who climbed to the top of the pile, that doesn't do anything to make the lives of the vast majority on the bottom any better.

I don't really care if the elite are chosen by strict meritocracy, pure luck or simple inheritance,...

This is the problem we're seeing now. Not enough decent jobs out there. Most people I know don't dream of mansions and limos. They'd just like to have enough security to get by.

If you go straight from HS to minimum wage, you're not going to see a livable income for a very long time. That's just how it is.

I'm totally in favor of raising the minimum wage. An ambitious person might be able to save enough to take a few classes, or at least keep the rent paid.

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