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666bender's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,060 posts. No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.


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My favorite :
Sacred summon, augument summon . (Lvl1-3)
Power attack and vital strike (lvl 5&9)
Scribe scroll / other craft (lvl7)
Divine interference (11)

Or, since you got tactics domain.... Grab expertise and open all the maneuver tree .

saurian melee build:
1: conj focus + aug summon
3: power att
5: natural spell
7: planar wild shape
9: free: vital strike, either toghness or rime spell

attack action:
rnd 1: summon a lizard as standard action and move to position with pet
rnd 2: cast strong jaw
rnd 3: attack once, game over.

hungry monk every time with good crit weapon flurry...
its extra attack EVERY round....

The power side about chat Druids is not because they are the best at melee....
It's versatility .
They can full attack for nice damage.
They can grab, trip poison for effects .
They got reach, climb flight and swim.
They are full casters .....
As a melee Druid I take power attack, vital strike as melee feats
Natural spell cause it's a must.
Planar wildnshape cause it for fee DR .
And some spell boosters, rime frost bite to hinder the boss, augument summon to add more chaos to the battlefield.
Remember - earth elemental can attack with improve cover. For amazing armor class.

thegreenteagamer wrote:
I like Powerful Shape. You're a hybrid caster-melee, well, this certainly helps the melee side of things.

A great feat . For later on, when opponents get huge and up.

The cmb boost is poor, the feat mainly ally grab and trip to keep working Z

Shiziru is a lot better ....
Repose is amazing and katana > scimitar .
True, no dex build - but str > dex for a monk any how ....
Unless you go sohei... And that you can :
Flurry with scimitar with dex to damage and power att and piraña strike - a lot of feats but .... Decent almost same as 2 gander AND learn weapon of sohei 6 for bows - to flurry with bows as well.... Take deadly aim at some point and you are one switch hitter ...
Wp focus ( free), crusader flurry, power attack, piraña strike
Dervish dance , deadly aim, quick draw .
It's lvl 11ready .
Monk free feats will go too prove unarmed, dodge, imp trip, spring attack .

Nice . Q :
Of you take combo of dragon style and dervish dance and cruseders flurry /
Is that mean you gain 1.5 str to damage ?

Dervish dance is 1 handed only .... It's a lot less damage than str focus

Magda Luckbender wrote:
666bender wrote:

Quicken is amazing for fate's favor cleric for swift +3/+3

druid dont have BOOM spell at lvl 1.
Swift Action Divine Favor (with Fate's Favored) gives a +4 +4 bonus at caster level 9+. With Magical Lineage (Divine Favor) it's a 4th level spell. It's Magda's bread-and-butter spell, as it gets her started in CODZilla mode on Round 1.

I agree .... But that is cleric .... As I said, Druid don't have lvl 1 boom spell

You are missing g the point on the Druid earth elemental build ...
Enter the ground for improve cover , getting improve evasion. Huge armor class and no AOO one can ignore you as you spell and hit hard .

yes :)
more than that. grapple has 2 uses:
1) shutting foe
2) damage Vs CMD.
but it mean you are really close to foe that can shred you. \

i found that oddly the 2 best tanks are:
inv. barbarian fro huge DR and reach.
the other is a druid - toughness + earth elemental.

you will grapple, then the feoe cleric will channel energy (negetive) and with your hp you die.
monk need con of 14+& toughness,

Quicken is amazing for fate's favor cleric for swift +3/+3
druid dont have BOOM spell at lvl 1.

Tirn wrote:
666bender wrote:

i think people dont like the cavalier because they make it narrow , a single attack charger.

when they cant charge - they are pissed.
instead, look at it as a strong melee with a full AC, that CAN charge.
first learn nice team feats with your partners, power attack and more.
only than learn how to charge.
make sure mount take dragon style so it can charge through allies.

a good build cavalier is a power full front liner in any team.

mine took 1 level of fighter, and took stalwart feat. he had high DR, great armor class as a small halfling. power attacking with str of 16 was ok. and the wolf tripped a lot with tandem trip.

was he breaking the game? ofc not.
was he usefull? very.
with order of the sword, at level 12 i also was able to charge supreme.

Good advice! I really like the dragon style on the mount, but what happens mechanically when the beast takes the improved unarmed combat feat? seems weird. Even if it does nothing dragon style might be worth it.

DM takes it as a tax feat. he claim improve unarmed cant be used on wolf, but its a path to teach it a single style feat.

also, he dont approve all style, but dragon fit nicely.

Wiggz wrote:
Hyanda wrote:
You all gave me a lot to consider. thanks for taking the time to give me your thoughts.

Consider the Summoning option seriously. It serves a much more varied purpose than simply combat. One Summon Monster IX during a major battle, for instance, will give you a Trumpet Archon and access to his healing spells, after he fights for you and the battle is won, you'll be able to take advantage of his 2 Heal spells, 2 Mass Cure Serious Wounds, 1 Mass Cure Light Wounds, 1 Raise Dead, 1 Cure Serious Wounds, 2 Cure Moderate Wounds, 1 Neutralize Poison, 2 Lesser Restoration and so on... not a bad exchange for a single spell slot.

The build I offered above would be much the same, but without the Intimidate option:

1st - Spell Focus: Conjuration
1st - Skill Focus: Diplomacy
3rd - Augment Summons
5th - Sacred Summons
7th - Superior Summons
8th - Skill Focus: Survival
9th - Eldritch Heritage: Orc bloodline (Touch of Rage)
11th - Divine Interference
13th - Discordant Voice
15th - Quicken Spell
16th - Skill Focus: Knowledge - Planes
17th - Heighten Spell
19th - Preferred Spell: Planeshift (makes for a nasty touch attack)

very nice!

i would also consider travel domain, the mini D-door can bring the fighters into flanks or out of grapple.
is there a glory/travel official god?
of so.... WOW

Why assimar ?
Here it offer little than arcane strike qualify.
Unless you are after angelic wings as well later on for flying warrier ?
Sohei is nice, as a str build .
I would go hungry monk / of the mountain , wisdom and str .
As angel (str /cha bonus ) it's :
15+2=7 str
13 =3 dex
14=5 con
8 = -2 int
15=5 wis
8+2=-2 cha
Lvl 4 add str , 8 wis, 12 dex
Take snake style or crane style for armor class .

Another option , assimar. Wisdom focus .
Learn guided hand - katana .

Tomos wrote:

I agree with Kiinyan. That's just about exactly what I would have said myself.

I would add: a vanilla Cleric with thoughtfully chosen Domains and the Reach Spell feat is a superior buffer.
Take any of the 'Communal' buffs from UC and you have a winner.
Reach Resist Energy, Reach Protection from Evil, and Reach Breath of Life are my favorites.

Also, the channeling feats from Inner Sea Gods give you some fantastic options as a buffer. Layer on supplemental buffs and make channeling worthwhile. Two-for-one is a good plan.
My favorite is Fateful Channel.

Instead of reach go oracle of life for buff spells and heals or , the cleric above with familiar ( eldritch heritage) to deliver the touch spells ...

Or take a domain that add a familiar ( Druid domain )

Wiggz wrote:
Crysknife wrote:
A couple of monks levels are great (and useful also to get crane style).
Unfortunately, Crane Style is no longer a worthwhile option. :-(

Totally disagree !

-1 / +4 dodge and extra 4 vs 1 attack for a dex full plate shield with tower shield (attack unarmed ) has AC .... Of wow.

Wiggz wrote:
Hyanda wrote:

Hello Pathfinders!

I am looking to make a brand new character, and want to make something with insane high defense. I've played many effective skilled damage dealers, so I want the opposite. I want something with high AC that can just laugh in the dungeon boss's face. Not sure the best way to go about this, and was looking to the forums for creative ideas.

Thanks in advance.

AC is not the end-all, be-all. Layered defenses are important - you need DR and strong saves more than AC.

I'd recommend you give My Barbarian Tank a try. Invulnerable Rager & Urban Barbarian with Superstition and the Stalwart feat line. Sky-high saves, good AC and awesome DR. Best non-Paladin tank I've ever played.

Add dwarf , dwarf saves feats /trait ( glory if the old) and ton of hp...

Sorry , rogue need no buff...
They are amazing skill users - meaning there off game is great .
They do nice high damage normally and can add a lot of de buffs .
The fix they needed was given via archetypes.
A thug can have str of 18 and full plate ( 1dip fighter ) for decent damage as one attack.
Scare, shake, sicken, bleed, cripple without saves .

The only fix they need , in my eyes, is using dex for damage ( special rogue talent maybe ?) because oddly str rogue > dex users ( except maybe knife master scout )
The thug/ scout / 1fighter / sap mastering can earth break insane damage .

Dreaming Warforged wrote:

I'm currently playing a gorumite and went through a similar dilemma regarding domains. I went for Evangelist archetype and Heroism. At level 8, swift action for the aura and move action to start inspire courage, leaving a standard action for attack (if someone is in your face) or a buff spell for you or your party.

Oh and I picked a spell storing weapon to add an inflict spell.

Nice ! Although that archetype fit other gods more . Gorum can have heroism, valor Viking style but less of buffing others . Also, giving up some armor and spontaneous healing is a price

claudekennilol wrote:
666bender wrote:
claudekennilol wrote:
If it were me, I'd take Korgess and do Strength-Ferocity and travel. Korgess still uses a Greatsword. He's the god of competition (among other things). Travel gives you an extra 10' of movement which is great for if you're wearing heavy armor.
Korgess ? Where is he from ?

You know what, scratch that. I thought he uses a Greatsword but turns out it's a javelin. (I also misspelled it)

Gods and Magic wrote:

Areas of Concern: competition, bravery, sport
Domains: Community, Good, Luck, Strength, Travel javelin

Kurgess (The Strong Man): This strongman demigod
was a favorite of Cayden Cailean and Desna in life, and it is
commonly understood that those two deities helped elevate
him to divinity after his death; some believe he is actually
their half-mortal son. His traveling priests are welcomed
at temples of Cayden and Desna with open arms.

So if you don't already have martial weapon proficiency then I'd just stick with Gorum. Again, if it were me, since it looks like you want to focus on combat, I'd take 1 level as fighter for the bonus feat at lvl 1 and the point of BAB so you can start off with Power Attack (or wait til lvl 3..ugh) and also get all of the martial weapon proficiencies.

The only good thing about javalin, is guided hand work great as melee and thrown....

Lol, heck - getting a thrown returning 2 handed sword (and keen?) is amazing here ....

Ye, but channel smite is limited...
Great advice !
If I go guided hand for super to hit and spells than no dip out and channel smite is a must.
If go str > wis than might as well channel positive .
Both work amazing with the combine smite domains . Nice.
My only remark is con 12 is way too low .... There is an assimar with con/wis bonus - might be as good as a cha. Build .

nate lange wrote:

{note- i edited the combat numbers, i had forgotten about furious focus}

i don't remember the exact order that i took the feats in but it was very similar to this:

1- channel smite
3- guided hand
5- power attack
7- quicken spell
9- furious focus
11- vital strike
13- arcane strike

traits: fate's favored and magical lineage[divine favor]

i know this leaves out the wings you really want so you'll have to make some adjustments but it worked really well (for me at least) to be able to open combat with quickened divine favor (for +3/+3) at 7th level, and you qualify for arcane strike with the racial SLA which always has a CL equal to your character level so that's some nice free damage in rounds you're not casting quickened spells.

regarding channel- if you take positive channel it'll really only be useful for cleaning up damage in between fights (otherwise you need selective channel, which you can't afford, and you're wasting actions that could be attacks or control spells). between fight healing is what items are for, get the party to pitch in for some wands/scrolls/potions. i went vanilla aasimar and had a pretty decent Cha, so that helped with the save DC (and gave more uses), plus its a Will save so most of the things you really want to hit with it will have a poor save. on top of that, i just figured that even if they make the save its better to do half the normal bonus damage than to channel a heal in combat and have it patch up an enemy...

edit: i'm even hazier on this but i think his starting stats were Str 14; Dex 10; Con 12; Int 8; Wis 16+2race; Cha 14+2race. not your typical melee guy, lol. his AC was never very good, and his HP were nothing to write home about, but he dealt enough damage that most things that came after him could be burned down before he was in really danger and he always had some control spells ready in case he got overwhelmed.

Totally forgot about arcane strike ! Great power !

Quicken seem nice - although at fourth level there are amazing spells ....

nate lange wrote:

i'm a big fan of the Wis based melee cleric!

i played one at 6th and 11th and he was awesome at both. i went base aasimar (for the stats) and channeled negative energy; took strength[ferocity] and destruction[rage] for domains.

at 6th level he had like +4 BAB, +5 Wis, +1 weapon, and usually +3 divine favor (with fate's favored)... -2 from power attack that put him at a respectable +11 to hit for 2d6 +3 Str, +6 PA, +1 weapon, +3 divine favor, +3 destruction smite, +3 ferocity smite, +3d6 channel smite (save for 1/2 of the 3d6), or 5d6+19. plus high enough DCs to still use spells like hold person.

by 11th there were too many different buffs available to accurately do a 'typical' going into combat block, but even just updating the ones from above: +8 BAB, +7 Wis, +3 weapon, +4 divine favor, -3 PA = +17 to hit for 10d6+32 (4d6 vital strike, +6 Str, +9 PA, +3 weapon, +4 divine favor, +5 destruction smite, +5 ferocity smite, +6d6 channel smite). and the one time i had to fight something in an antimagic field rage came in awfully handy. not bad for a full caster, lol.

Seem legit and nice build !

Are you using wis to hit with channel smite &guided hand ?
Ain't the doc for channel so low it's always better to take positive for after combat heals ?

It's even viable after the 10 + 10 Semites are over . Seem as good as heroism really.
I would add sacred summon for "buff time", even without augument summon.
And Ofc angelic wings for amazing endless flight.... So many feats !

2 Q for your build :
Thought on spring attack ? With angelic wings it seem legit.
Worth 3 expensive feats ?

Another , feats :
1-channel smite
3-power attack
5-guided hand
7-sacred summon or furious focus or heavy armor
9- vital strike
11-angelic blood
13- angelic wings
Or 11/13 take augment summons

Feat build #2 :no guided hand, str focus.
3-power attack
7-spring attack
9- angel blood
11- angelic wings

Loup Blanc wrote:
Are you dead set on the Rage subdomain? Personally, I'd just go with Ferocity and Destruction. You lose Rage to pick up the Destructive Aura, which is a decent (if risky) buff AoE, and then you only have a single spell overlap, and you retain the stacked smiting. Wreak havoc on the battlefield while also being some extra help to your allies when needed (especially if you've got some crit fiends in the group, Destructive Aura's gonna be a big help).

Dead set ? Ofc not .

But rage is another stackable bonus ...
Destruction aura will kill my friends ...
But smite (3+wis)*2 is indeed great for a melee cleric .
Pity no animal to ride and charge with a lance ....

claudekennilol wrote:
If it were me, I'd take Korgess and do Strength-Ferocity and travel. Korgess still uses a Greatsword. He's the god of competition (among other things). Travel gives you an extra 10' of movement which is great for if you're wearing heavy armor.

Korgess ? Where is he from ?

Hehe... True.
So, it's ferocity And rage for smite and flavor
Rage and glory for optimazatuon. ( although losing enlarge person hurts ! Sad the ferocity lvl 8 power is the worse of them all, or am I missing something ?)

rage & Ferocity both have stackable smite, with wis of 18 its 14 attacks a day for 1/2 extra daamge. not bad.
i doubt i'd take channel smite (as healing option is always better).
so - smites are nice.

strength surge - sucks! its a poor lvl 8 power!
it add nothing usable, making even the big buff of enlarge person so-so.
lvl 2&3 spell of those domains are the same (bulls' & rage).
so.... wont heroism for stackble heroism buff (spell and aura) add more than the smites?
it's, +2\+2 hit and damage - not to mention it buff the rest of the party.

lets analyze:
lvl 1 power:
ferocity> rage > tactics.
heroism is... hard to compare, great with UMD .

lvl 8 power:
heroism >tactics > rage > ferocity

looking also at spells added:
lvl 1: Ferocity >rage>glory>tactics
enlarge person > true strike >shield of faith > magic weapon

lvl 2: rage=Ferocity >heroism>tactics
bull’s strength =bull’s strength > bless weapon >aid

lvl 3: glory > tactics > rage=Ferocity
heroism >magic vestment >rage =rage

lvl4: tactics > ferocity >rage >heroism
divine power, > spell immunit> inflict critical wounds >holy smite

lvl5:ferocity = heroism > rage >tactics
righteous might =righteous might > greater command >shout

lvl6: heroism > tactics>ferocity > rage
grt heroism >blade barrier >mass bulls > moonstruck

lvl 7:heroism >ferocity > rage=tactics
holy sword >grasping hand > Power word blind = disintegrate

lvl 8+9, not important

i once played a evil cleric, hag like.
she used fly in a bridge fight, avoiding the BBEG.
all went GREAT until the BBEG used dispel on me...
i missed the bridge and fell to the lava below.

BTW - this was meeting #1....

Finlanderboy wrote:

High strength Human thug rogue with blade of mercy(trait allows non-lethal with a bladed weapon no penalty) Enforcer and Intimidating Prowess. You hit them, they run away.

add spring attack and 1 dip in shadow dancer...

spring attack = move 10' = opponent is flat footed.
use blunt weapon and sap mastery line of feats. (dip 2 fighter for weapons and feats).
you go in, attack once and shadow away.
opponent is sicken\shaken\running\bleeding etc.

no votes?
which among those to take ?
1) rage
2) ferocity
3) heroism
4) tactics

i love druid.
the spell list is full of buffs.
the summon can offer flanks.
the animal companion can offer grapple or bull rush tanking.
or, if domain, heroism (lion shaman) is amazing.
craft wands and you got ton of healing.

clerics are also amazing. glory + X are the way to go.
summon and channel energy for healing.
great spell list.

Any how - our Dm allowed it ....
So, back to topic - which feat to grab ?
Improve initiative is an option, any game changing meta feats ?

Oracle assimar , have fewer times a day

Wow . Totally worth the feat if devil/demon heavy adventures ...

i plan to play archon aasimar cleric of gorum.
we start at level 9 - so much planning is in order.
lvl 11 or 13 i want to gain the wings feat.
the idea is to be a caster that also fight. the way i see "war gorum" is not only charging in - but mastering all the boons of the god to make others better as well, b uff your self, cast, summon and charge in...

i got a real dilema with domains... gorum got amazing options:
1) rage
2) ferocity
4) tactics
1&2 allow many times a day of smite aility. making your attacks hurt.
power attacking, vital strike a large great sword with smite is nothing to make fun at...
3&4 offer less melee more tactical version. heroism offer amazing swift action buff that can effect all including summons, and hold some nice spells.
tactics offer great utility with lvl 8 power.
any one had any experiance? ofc, the added spells are also something to think about.
so, which 2 among the 4 should i take?

second Q:
channel positive for off combat healing Vs negetive for channel smite (and maybe guided hand) feat?

last Q:
option 1: (going well with tactics and glory)
1-sacred summon
3- power attack
5&7-augument summon
9 angelic blood
11 angel wings.

option 2:
1-channel smite (negetive..)
3-guided hand
5-power attack
7- Angelic Blood
9-vital strike
11- angleic wings
this option allow lower str, 14-15 tops, while boosting wis up.

if i take the feat, and normaly i channel positive, can i choose to harm evil outsiders?

first of, nice! i love the angel wings feat for... all classes really.
aasimar can make amazing monk with wings...

a few Q's to the people here:
many mentioned barbarrian... why? what aasimar has to offer there?

i wonder what is a better build for a divine caster of gorum?
what is the most effective oracle ? (angelkin)
1) oracle of battle, maneuver master favorite class for great buff.
2) oracle of life, versatile channel and favorite class for healer and smiting.
3) oracle of nature\lunar with big animal tiger killer (favorite class)

what is the most effective cleric of gorum ? (aasimar of angel kin)
1) rage & ferocity, channel smite (negetive) for mega added bonuses for each round - never ending and spells...
2) heroism & either ferocity or tactics for knight like summoner\warrier.

Broken Zenith wrote:
The favored class bonus for aasimar oracles is really, really good. I would definitely check those out. By level 10 you can channel like a levee 15 cleric or have a level 15 animal companion.

or have HUGE cmb with maneuver mastery and greater feat really fast.

this feat is...silly....
Prerequisites >>> since non of the players are naga.... you need constrict to get it and... you GAIN constrict with the feat...

Final Embrace (Combat)
Your coils are particularly deadly, allowing you to constrict opponents of your size or smaller.
Prerequisites: Str 13, Int 3; naga, serpentfolk, or creature that has the constrict special attack; base attack bonus +3.
Benefit: You gain the constrict and grab special attacks. Your constrict attack deals damage equal to your unarmed strike or primary natural weapon melee attack. Further, you can grab and constrict opponents up to your size.
Normal: You can grab and constrict creatures one size smaller than you.

TheBulletKnight wrote:
Could you use it in conjunction with the attack you get at the end of a charge?


Charge is full round action by itself.
There is a FAQ on it

AndIMustMask wrote:
666bender wrote:
AndIMustMask wrote:

posting a few (largely unfinished) monk builds for posterity.

doc here

i made some QA: you have written greater grapple without taking expertise. how? its not on the list of bonus feats for monks...

sorry i didnt reply here--i didnt notice it amongst the other posts.

did you mean greater trip? looking at the swordmonk v2 he does have it before combat expertise (which im surprised isnt a monk feat). i'll do some finagling and squeeze it in somewhere (edit: done, redid the stats accordingly)

main aim was to get the whole engine going by 13th. taking a look back at the build i've gone over it and refitted the feats; moving channel smite WAAAAAY down the build to make room for expertise and grabbed the ki throw line for lategame goodies.


Also consider domain strike - repose is amAing with it.


Viral strike is amazing .... For some.
Here are some tactical use , by class:
A fighter will want it combined with felling smash, greater trip and vicious stomp ( with one dip of monk). You move fully, attack hard once >>triggering trip>>>and 2 AOO . All with full bab. Amazing really. Only fighter has enough feats for it.

A barbarian will want it for the feat if full damage .

A Druid want it with string jaw for one hit kills.

3/4 divinne caster with enlarged great sword want it as attack 2 will miss

If you want full builds I will link you

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Lore warden 3 , thug-scout 3 .
Amazing skills . Great free feats . Some sneak attack. Ok cmb. Hit once with spring attack - doing 2d6 and 1d6 sneak and free sicken . Use blades of mercy - for shaken as well with enforcer . You attack and debuff while shadow drain str. Great build.
Fit the super shadow debuffer. After 4 levels of shadow I would continue thug.

Another : urban ranger 6 : skills and great bab. Trap finder . Favorite enemies and more .

Another : monk of many styles and the mountain. 2 , lore warden 4 . Amazing saves and toughness. Good defences with 2 styles combined ( crane and snake for example) - using spring attack with snake style that block one attack is just superb.
The lore warden offer specilaZe , cmb boost and more. Threat reach and close for huge control. Be assimar if don't want lawful.

Saigo Takamori wrote:

I would think about Improved Initiative. Lunge will not be that usefull (with your shapshifting you will already get control of a large area), Rime spell is kind of ''one trick pony'' and quick wild shape not that usefull (3-4 time a day, and only if you are not already in some wildshape?)

As a druid, you are a caster that can change de battlefield easily if you have the time, and Improved init may help you play first to summon/ change the area/ nuke the monster.

Sadly I am menhir , not a shaman archetype, so although summon is great , going first with it has no meaning ....

It's a shame only Druids lack standard action summon.
(Cleric , wizard and summoners do).
I like going last , as I walk the back normally. I can position and act with the haste and bard ....

We have special house role for retrain a feat every 4 levels .....
SO , what's the best feat ?

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