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666bender's page

Pathfinder Society Member. 1,332 posts (1,333 including aliases). No reviews. No lists. No wishlists. 2 Pathfinder Society characters.


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Druid is amazing.
Lore warden with a single dip into maneuver master is nice

Monsterous mount add griphon, flying is amazing
Dip 4 as a rogue thug scout and role the debuff department.

A dip into a monk (martial artist if not lawful ) is handy if you up the wisdom.
If lawful, manever master is supreme.

My druid 9, mm monk 2 is a tank heaven.
I full attack, starting with extra dirty trick, attack and free trip or grab...

If you already taking dodge mobility, take spring attack. And shadow eldrich heritage.
Spring attack a single attack and vanish.
Skill focus stealth eith wisdom in a flesh make your stealth nice

A few tips:
Mithral breast plate non magical is your aim.
Shield non magical.
2 lvl3 spells makes it +1/+2 each.
Lvl 8, ac: armor 6, magic 2, shield 2, magic shield 2, dex 2, shield of faith 2:
26 total. No items really needed.
Full move with travel that can also teleport is 40, 50 with long strider.

Much depend on role and the group...
Caster or frotntal?
What god?

Wintermoon was my battle cleric with full plate and shield.
Now i play Hiroshi, a light mithral armor with no dex.
She has med ac but good hp, guided enchant allow some melee.
Bht now i mostly summon and use spells.

2 more options:
Cavalier, wolf or trex pet. Order of the dragon and honor guard. Body guard feat, 2 man trip and grapple beast.

Another, saurian druid. Summon focus tank that focus on control and grapple to tank the foe.

Barbarian. Dr infinite.
1 fighter
1 oracle for fatigue immune at lvl 9
Rest barbarian.
Good offense.
Sunder magic.
Huge hp.
Take power attack and grapple feats.

How? Cavalier got no spells...
Thata the upper side or ranger, or druid.

Poorer action economy.

No sacred summon. No swift action heroism or growth.

Knowledge pool allow any spell right?
Scibe scroll / scribe to spell book.
After a week you got from nothing to all known spells...

All are bothered by it. Especially tjr fighter.
The mistake fix will indeed solve most of it.
Most advice here, for harder encounters will indeed fix the rest.

And btw - the wizard isnt OP, he is at least not well defended...
It just seem a magus need to lose the least to gain high dpr.

Umbranus wrote:
666bender wrote:

another thing, magus has the whole spell list, like a cleric.
they have a power that allow them to gain ANY spell on the list even if they lack it in their spell books. than he use scribe to make a scroll than he copy to spell book...

RAW he doesn't even need to scribe a scroll. As he knows the spell he can write it in his book. But I haven't seen any GM allow it yet. Even with scribe scroll.

@Gloves of dueling: If the fighter is to weak, why not just have the gloves drop?

you cant really stop him. as nothing in the roles \ FAQ forbit it.

that is why i am saying a magus is TOO strong.

the fighter isnt weak, the magus is OP : )

if all character devote the same % of feats to non pure combat feats.
and only the magus stay out there. something is wrong.

i'll add some info.
all can be better, non optimize, not even the magus.
the fighter took 2-3 feats fro performance combat as he is a gladiator.
the cleric took 3 feats for improve familiar
the ranger took boon companion although his cat is a tank, not melee.
the magus took scribe, toughness, improve familiar.

non optimize.
as for the gloves of dueling- items are only found. never bought or created.
the magus need nothing other than fineness, intensify and combat casting.

another thing, magus has the whole spell list, like a cleric.
they have a power that allow them to gain ANY spell on the list even if they lack it in their spell books. than he use scribe to make a scroll than he copy to spell book...

ElementalXX wrote:
666bender wrote:

keen - was a special weapon given by DM, not bought.

magus is int\dex based. he has str of 16 with a belt, dex of 16-18, ont of 18, con of 12 and toughness.

AC is : breast plate, mithral +2 (8) + 4 (dex) +2 (ring) +1(natural) = 25 pre spells.
shield is cast by his familiar from a scroll = 29.
that is really high, highest in the group. and that is pre spells like deflection \ mirror image etc that can be used.

How does his cast his familiar casts with a scroll ? his UMD shouldnt be that high unless he invested heavily in charisma

Dragon. So its a class skill, charisma ans full ranks..also, he has caster levels.

versatile is a matter choice. dont optimize. choose feats and spells for RP .
i tool skill focus (*2 as a human. 1 free at lvl 8) for stealth and knowledge, familiar and improve familiar. yes, it's 50% of my feats, but well worth it - it add fun!

And summon good monsters...
I mostly prefer summoner as it can deal with many things...

keen - was a special weapon given by DM, not bought.

magus is int\dex based. he has str of 16 with a belt, dex of 16-18, ont of 18, con of 12 and toughness.

AC is : breast plate, mithral +2 (8) + 4 (dex) +2 (ring) +1(natural) = 25 pre spells.
shield is cast by his familiar from a scroll = 29.
that is really high, highest in the group. and that is pre spells like deflection \ mirror image etc that can be used.

who ever allow the barbarrian in the created plane???

Diego Rossi wrote:

Let me guess: he never use deadly aim "because it would make me miss".

Well, every time the magus use spell combat he is eating a -2 to hit and at 10th level he is already 3 points behind the ranger. Exactly what he will recover spending all his enhancement points increasing his weapon enhancement.

not true.

the ranger has +1 keen bow.
the magus has +2 scimitar that he makes +4 keen.
ranger :
base BAB 9 + 1 (bow) +2(bard) +4 (dex) -3 (deadly aim) -2 (rapid shot) +1 (haste)+1 (30' range) = 13/13/13/8. favorite enemy can alter it.

magus :
BAB (6) + 4 (weapon) + 3(STR) + 2 (bard) +1 (haste) -2 (spell combat)
= 14/14/14/9
all with 30% crit range.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Seranov wrote:

Again, the problem isn't that you can't do really cool things with a Cleric - it's that the class features that the Cleric has are just "ho-hum" at the absolute best. The best feeling you'll get while playing a Cleric is "I HAVE A FIX FOR THAT" but that isn't always a particularly fun fix. The spell list is very effective, yes, but it doesn't have the same kind of sparkle as the arcane caster spell list. So, while his spell list is absolutely a very strong option, it simultaneously prevents the Cleric from being very interesting.

I think that the suggestion to make Domains work more like Mysteries would be amazing. Have them work like they do now, but be WAY more flavorful, and make each alter the Cleric in a way that means a Cleric of Asmodeus and a Cleric of Sarenrae (for example) are almost nothing alike. That would solve every problem I have with the Cleric (2+Int skill points aside) being just plain boring.

totally disagree here.

who else has commune and divination? unless the DM is a hard-head, it can be the best adventurer problem-hint provider out there.
summons - are amazing.
i agree the stacking roles for buff suck. it is a shame at med-high level, the best buff spells like shield of faith only add 1-2 more, as all have minor rings already - but be creative.
i use shield of faith.... on summoned creatures, making them last so much longer.

Diego Rossi wrote:
Xethik wrote:
I would not recommend trying to enforce the standard to activate flaming/shocking. You could bring it up, but I'd avoid pushing it. It's iffy and there are good reasons it is a debated subject.

True, I think that almost no one enforce it. True, it is a problem only for the guys that can give special abilities to their weapons on the spot (paladin, magus, 1 archetype of the bard, maybe some other guy) as the owner of a flaming weapon can put it in his scabbard already aflame (the flames don't harm him).

If you go that way there are plenty of other problems.
The flaming weapon shed light? Oops, it do so even when in the scabbard, if you became invisible there is a walking flame going around.
You can burn things with it without attacking? RAW, no.

That kind of detail can become annoying very fast.

BTW, the numbers I gave for the ranger are without an animal companion and the preferred enemy bonus. So, unless those too are chosen badly, his numbers should be higher.

A 10th level elven ranger has 3 combat style feats and 5 generic feats.
More than enough for Toughness, Deadly Aim, precise shot, point blank shot and manyshot. He would even have two feat left after picking those. So clustered shot and some other stuff.


1:deadly aim
2:precise shot
3: point blank
5: boon companion
6: imp precise shot
7:clustered shot
9: rapid shot.
next lvl = manyshot.

ok, a few things i gathered.
1) the ranger is indeed sub-optimal. he took boon companion but his pet is only a defensive non attacking wall. and as a elf he has fewer feats.
2) the magus had some mistakes (not using action to add flame&shock, not using action for pool strike etc.)
3) most fights indeed come to us...

the outcome is a big gap of hp pool in damage,

support is a big word.
you want to melee > caster ? caster> melee ?

a few options:
read the reach cleric guide. take decent str or guided hand.
focus on AOO, buffing and summoning.

another way to go, is be a caster, evangelist. buff, summon, save or suck spells and use items .

it all depends on your other team-mates.

and worse, its a 30% crit since lvl 5...

wraithstrike wrote:
Nazrelle wrote:

Looking at 25% crit: I think it's mechanically impossible to have that crit range.

15-20 crit range, but without Keen he can't have it, and improved critical is has a +8 BAB requirement which a level 9 magus does not meet, so this also needs to be looked at.

PS: Actually if one wants to be exact about it 16-20 is 25%, so you are right no weapon has a 16-20 crit range. :)

lvl 9 magus can add +3 worth of enchants with a single swift action...

making his scimitar +5 to hit all or adding keen (+1), shock, flame etc...

Scavion wrote:
666bender wrote:

the archer - is doing 50% of the magus damage.

the cleric - why waste a debuff or summon when the foe will be dead in a round ?

The Archer doesn't need to melee. If the Magus is easily getting full attacks, that's an issue with the encounter. A big one hit monster like a Giant should be avoiding full attacks like the plague since the Magus' AoO are weak and flimsy. Are monsters moving up to the Magus to let him get full attacks? Are they chucking spears/boulders and letting him close before unleashing full attacks on him first?

Also here's a funny tip about applying Flaming/Shocking or whatever to your weapon.

You have to use a standard action to activate them still.

totally missed that part!

the archer - is doing 50% of the magus damage.
the cleric - why waste a debuff or summon when the foe will be dead in a round ?

wraithstrike wrote:

That magus is not OP, and does not do the most damage. It however is good at burst damage.

I dont see the total build, and I dont know how the GM runs combat so I can't say exactly why it is dominating.

It does sound like the GM is using 1 monster fights. If that is the case he needs to use more multiple monster encounters, and that goes for any GM, even if there is no magus.

If the scimitar is a +2 and it is a flaming shocking weapon that means it is +4 for the purpose of pricing and it should not be in the hands of a 9th level character.

Does the magus have an ability to add electric and fire damage to his weapon?

weapon is only +2, the magus add +3 at this lvl... so he add flame, shock and keen...

we have more than 1 fight a day, and more than 1 monster, but the magus is a 1 round = 1 monster dead. every round.
with nice protection spells and more.

our group has a bard, cleric caster-summoner, 2 kukri fighter, archer ranger and the magus. we are lvl 9.

the magus is WAY WAY better than all when combat starts.
he got amazing armor\defences (mithral breast plate, ring +2, dex based). round 1 mostly goes to mirror image.
he he doing about 90+ damage a round, with huge to hit...way more than all the rest.

it feel's useless to do anything other than heal and keep him alive.
are all magus like that?

we mostly have bard song, and haste form the bard.
having 4 attacks (1 spell through the weapon, 1 weapon, 1 bab, 1 haste).
his scimitar is +2, he mostly add shocking,flame and keen to it.
he attack with intensified shocking grasp (9d6), scimitar (1d6), flame&lighting (2d6) = 12d6 with 25% for critical (10d6 more...). add some static bonus (about 7).

than he attack again, using a swift action to add extra 4d6, so his attack is 7d6+7.

and last 2 attacks are 3d6+7 (all with crit of 25%..)

thats... like a charging cavalier but without a charge...

Kirth Gersen wrote:
666bender wrote:

English isnt my natural writing...far from it.

Ah, okay, that clarifies things. Thank you, and I apologize for any offense.

Its ok. I try to use auto writing but the foogle phone is a poor keeper.

Kullen wrote:

666bender, did you notice that everyone else in the thread is posting in sentences, and that your posts are in bursts of microbytes? It kind of reminds me of my grandmother, who would sometimes sit there and interject Spanish into everyone else's English conversation, just because she knew half of them wouldn't pay attention.

I'm not saying it's wrong, just that your points would reach more people by following their lead.

English isnt my natural writing...far from it.

Sorry it doesnt suit you... My mind set was to offer another view or advice.

And lastly, there is always imp eldritch arcane to add a single wizard spell to the list, for more fun...

Also, bettrt fun, thats what spells, spell resesrch and such are therr.
Dont take the ""best spells"" take the fun ones...
Guidance at low level for aid another with skill fir extra 3 .
My cleric rp himslef as a helper, he assist the bard and let it enjoy the credit for info gsthering .
With touch of glory, aid and guidance at lvl 9,i add to his diplomacy (normally +17) another 12!
Take 10, he almost reach 40... Allowing ton of information and crowd controll. We once convinced a mob to leave us alone and go and attack the baron who send them...

Command someone to approch the 2 handed barbarrian.
Trip and blind with chain of perdition.
Burning disarm the mighty orc.

Fun is versitile, is not doing 100 damage a round...

Clerics are amazing.
Boring? Dont over optimaize and break the pattern, you will still be decent but not narrow and "likr others".
Take the followig 2 exampels for amazing ideas, both play tested.
The only " house role" is chosing any 2, domains, no archetype.
Domains : travel (trade), glory(heroism).
Trait : wisdom in a flesh (stealth).
Leta see lvl 9-11, cut:

Domains give +9/13 to all cha skills!!! You git diplomacy of 23, and perform better than a bard.
Feats: Skill focus, familiar, improve familiar, scribe scroll, sacred summon, power attack or summon good monsters.
Later levels take eldrich heritage shadow and hide in plain sight.
With 4-5 skills per lvl, and huge cha based boost you are a bard skill monster , for great rp.
You summon, buff and use chain of perdition for maneuvers.
You teleport yihr self and others, heroism the group and hse channelu g as off combat healing.

Lower lvls, write scrolls of protection from evil and shield of faith and always buff and summon.
Later , your skill reach huge pluses, and spells get better.
My familiar, azata, is delieverig touch buffs (free reach spell), reading scrolls, useing a wand, and allowig my round 1, to be :
Move / teleport the fighter to flank.
Standard / summon azata
Swift / heroism all
Familiar / move&cast a buff from a scroll
Summon / full action.
And this is round 1....
Wow, no.
Best / supreme build ? Ofc not.
I need mkre feats for quicken, augument summon and much more...

Oh, forgot, plane shift = we can rest when needed. Later on, i will creste us a demi plane to hide in....

My cavalier shade is differant. Why skip the mount?
I go beast master&emisssry&honor guard together.
My trex mount is the grappling wall that tank and hold opponents.
I take order of the dragon for ultimate protection (bodygaurd for 5-6,to armor),or order of the sword for truck hits.
At level 9-11 i take 3 lvls of shadow dancer .
So... I can tank, move full with medium armors, have a full tank trex . can spring attack and vanish into the darkness.
Can use shadow for flanks and scouts.
And still do ok power attacks and charges wheb needed

can you summon a bralani in wind form and not human form?
can you summon a hound archon as a wolf and not a humanoid form ?

Wind Form (Su) A bralani can shift between its humanoid body and a body made of wind and mist as a standard action. In humanoid form, it cannot fly or use its whirlwind blast. In wind form, it functions as if under the effects of a wind walk spell. It can make slam attacks and use spell-like abilities in either form. A bralani remains in one form until it chooses to assume its other form. A change in form cannot be dispelled, nor does the bralani revert to any particular form when killed (both shapes are its true form). A true seeing spell reveals both forms simultaneously.

another option is :
cavalier 4 (take horse master ) > monk 2 > lore warden rest.
take the feat that allow a griphon.

here is the best "combo style" i could master:
human. 17,14,14,10,10,13 human after racial .
order of the dragon (see in the end - what do i do when i dont trip) or order of the hammer (lets add some grapple shall we ? )

cavalier, archetypes: Beast Rider + Honor Guard (they mix...)
feats: power att, reflexes. team feat = tandem trip.
this lvl you are a full bab with a mount.
mount takes tandem trip as well.
you can do great damage + trip + roll twice trips.

lvl 2 :v
free feat bodyguard and dragon order offer some team friendly.
mount takes power attack

lvl 3: monk of maneuvers
feat: boon companion
free imp unarmed, imp trip
now you full attack & trip free (or soon, grapple free. ) cmb = full bab.

lvl 4:
lore warden 1
, mounted combat

lvl 5:
lore warden 2
feat expertise + ki throw + improve grapple
mount feat ???

lvl 6:
lore warden 3
+2/+2 cmb\cmd

lvl 7: cavalier 3
greater trip
you now position opponent where ever you wish, with trip.
you can grapple well.
you got a tough mount.
you are power attacking with good (18) str.

lvl 8: cavalier 4
mount gets's better now. take a tiger.
mount feat ???

lvl 9: cavalier 5
feat : the one that allow free grapple after a trip.
you now attack full attack > free trip > free grapple.

lvl 10: cavalier 6
feat greater grapple.
mount feat ????

I used and tryed with great results 3 builds:
Lore warden with 3 dip shadow dancer. He has spring attacks, reach, and hips.
No trip foe hr is still a fighter with power attacks... He also know greater grapple.

2. Battle oracle aasimar. Huge cmb, no trio is still full caster...

3. Cavslier with tandem trip ac.

is this mean that chain of perdition also receive bard ?

Rikkan wrote:
Well it strikes as a spell not as a creature and it seems really similar to spiritual weapon which is effected by inspire courage as explained in this faq


so, with our bard - this spell aint bad.
lvl 4 that can :
1) block a passage and cant be harmed
2) flank - adding +2 to the fighter
3) can reach the back area to attack the back caster
4) with a bard, has nice to hit and doing 1d10+3+2 damage.
5) threat.

it's a nice spell - not over powered but nice

I got the azata for my cleric.
As she has my skill ranks, she is a master performer and diplomatic.
She cast scrolls and assist with touch spells. Its like quicken and reach spell together.

The chain has reach, can be any where in range( mid air?) and can drag and reposition / action of moving target that dont provoke.....
This can position my allies and not the foe....
Can it be placed in mid air?

Taking more focud on summoning.
Wonder which stat arrey:

Is a bit more wisdom worth losing dex (init, ac) and str (to hit and dmg as a will fight 20% of the time)

Ughbash wrote:


Sacred Summons gives you a standard action instead of a full orund.

Vulpinal does not HEAL it removes disease 3 times a day and lays on hands 6 time a day.

Its a 5th level spell.

It is probably a little less useful in combat then a Bralani (also summonable with the same spell) but a little more useful out of combat. Seems reasonably balanced to me.

How is a bralani even close?

It got 2 ligbting bolts and a bow.
Healing be can heal 3d8+6×2 or avg of 36.

The agathion on the other hand :
3 holy smite (way better area thab lighting)
3 charm monster (ultimate controll the brute spell)
3,dispel evil that allow auto dispel magic and effects
Heal 6×3d6 or avg of 60.
Also, with 3 knowledge of 21, he is a summoned sage!

the spell create a construct .
it says it's an ally, and can flank.

as a construct, will it gain benefit of a bard's singing ?
aura of heroism from glory domain ? on-vulpinal

with NG sacred summon it's a sdandard lvl 5 spell to bring a creature that can :
dispel evil
holy smite

wow.... just... wow of a feat.

Gevaudan wrote:
Keep in mind that you have planar ally spells. They are costly, but incredibly powerful.

true, but supreme cost and poor spell cast time mean not a common using spell.

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