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966 posts. Alias of Sunset.


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Tsiron Ragmar wrote:
Also... How about the idea of a summonerless Eidolon?

I'm actually pretty sure such a thing is detailed in one of the Bestiary's. Not sure which one of four it appears in, though.

At work. Dotting for interest.

Question? Only CR 2 Outsiders? Nothing Fey?

Well..helping stop a spread of undead menaces is one of the good points about 'Clearing the village'.

We have the ship now on our side to help even the odds. The undead seem rather mindless. We know they are there and they are not taking us by surprise. Bring the ship as close to shore as we can and let the undead eat lead from musket and cannon. Would that work?

Wishing every one all the very best. :)


Sounds good. :)

Sissyl wrote:
The idea of mechs is ludicrous, to be honest. Even today, they compare the size and speed of the very biggest tanks (which seem to be on the way out because they are too large and not fast enough), limited firepower due to limited space and the terrain mobility of infantry (but infantry unable to find cover due to size).

I feel I have to disagree with you on a few things.

Many weapon systems, when first developed were actually rather sucky. It has generally taken much time and effort (And not more than a lot of other people shooting at said technology) for it to get 'better'.

Even then, the developers can still make wrong decisions and develop seemingly very strange ideas.

So...will 'mechs' happen? Probably. Will they be walking, 40' tall towers of possible destruction? Probably not.

Remember, the first tanks were not developed to shoot at other tanks. This came decades later. The first tanks were developed to meet the need of crossing shell blasted terrain. Not be destroyed by relative small arms fire, while still being able to suppress/eliminate same said small arms fire positions.

What will 'mechs' do? Assuming something small enough for a human pilot to operate? Then basically become the 'middle' to low end of infantry support.

Something will develop that is NOT a tank...Or helicopter...Or hover-type craft...Or armored truck/car/bicycle....

Though, I actually see 'mechs' developing as an outgrowth of motile drones, myself. Basically an equivalent armored shell that allows an 'operator' or 'supervisor' to be closer to what ever effort the motile drone is performing.

So...Good Sci-fi" Are we talking 'Hard' or 'Soft'? I actually feel there's relatively little 'hard' Sci-fi...with more of it being the 'Soft' 'Star Wars' variety, myself.

I like the older classics. Niven and Pournell. Asimov. Clark. Ian Banks.

Long day, very tired, no time.

So...who used the boat? Taissa and Stefan swam. That leaves Polux, Melthune, Snaga and Shenkt. Theyall fit? Is there the option of hanging onto the side and using the boat as a floating aid?

Much cheers to all.

(^_^) Awesome! Joey

Indeed! Bravo Stefan. :)

Here is the current, quick, work up for "Captain Andoran". The stats need changing since Herolab doesn't do a 30 point buy option. Also equipment needs to be bought. An image/avatar needs to be found. There might also be a 'In disguise' avatar image created, since Captain Rodgers didn't wear the uniform all the time.

SO..with Joe above and Steve here in the offing...

Might I humbly suggest a name for our group?

How about "Guardians of Golarion" ?

In honor of This? (^_^)

Thoughts? Comments?

♫ ♪ Happy Birthday to you! ♪ ♫ Happy Birthday to you! ♫ ♪ Happy biiirrthdaaaay dear Evil. ♪ ♫ Happy birthday to yuuuoooo! ♫ ♪ (^_^)

Kios wrote:

Yeah. It would be above 2 Int with the 30 point buy after racial modifiers, so it would be awakened as a magical beast.

I was thinking a kangaroo since its the same starting CR as a human and they're cool.

At least it's not an Emu. Having something with the brain about the size of a walnut being able to pretty much look you in the eye?

Yah....BIG birds. With BIG honkin' clawed feet! They don't tell you THAT in the travel brochures!

Jus', y'know, sayin'... (¬_¬)

Slowly working up my Captain Andoran.

What does the DM think of this trait?

Must admit, I've always been kind of inspired by This particular image for a long while before the current movies were about.

I was replying to the question in the second part of your post. I shall only reply in such OOC maner in the discussion thread in future to svoid any more misunderstandings.

The Oracle/Alchemist is just a variation on the 'Oracle of life' using the Alchemist to make potions to heal the character up instead of taking Paladin to heal the character up.

Been working well so far in my home Pen and paper game. Life link to the front line fighters and then stand at the back chugging potions to keep the HP up. Occasionally throw bomb over the top to help when combat gets too close. (^_^)

Add 'Angel blooded plume-kin' Aasimar for extra fluff (And wings!) (^_^)

Still thinking hard about the best way to build a Capt A. A few ideas on the forums, but time has moved on and there are a slew of new classes and archetypes to think about.

Also, am now moving into a busy shift schedule, hence providing links to character I can simply 'clone' across into the game.

Much cheers to all.

Dotting for interest.

To save time I have some class concepts.

Monk/Ninja. Example

Oracle/Alchemist. Example

Tower Shield Fighter. Example

I'm also quite keen to try my hand at creating 'Captain Andoran'. A fighter who specializes in throwing an 9Eventually) returning shield. With all the 'trick shot' and 'ricochet' feats I can find. :)

Thoughts? Comments?

Happy to move along. I think it's okay to 'Fast forward' though the things like gaining rooms etc. Might there be time for people to check out various place which might interest them? Such as Madeline seeking to look through the various clock makers etc for bits and pieces? A visit to an Alchemist shop to buy some potions and such? Will the party be able to look through the various departments of the University for things of interest?

I understand that we'll be heading to the Court House to see about this case and all that entails regarding the 'Monster'.

Much cheers to all.[

That will teach me to use the 'Dot' alias more often from now on.

My only comment is that the Oracle's curse can very quickly screw the character.

Having been in a campaign where the character was afflicted with the 'Oracle's blindness'... It became useless in a campaign that mostly happened out of doors.

A character who can only see 60' ever will be rather stuffed.

Then there's the problem with lame. People are already kind of miffed that Melthune has such a 'slow' combat speed. Imagine a crippled oracle who will NEVER move faster than 20' or so feet?

Just things to think about. The Oracle's 'Tongues' affliction is the one with the least baggage.

Much cheers to all.

All the very best Zayna.

*Nods* Am playing an Oracle of Life/Alchemist atm in the Worl Wound Saga.

Coupling the alternating classes with some of the Mythic abilities? Make potions at the drop of a hat that give back maximum HP? Yes PLEASE! XD

Still....Am in the middle of a busy time at work atm so can't really think/develop a newer Suny for the game.

Sorry to be slowing peoples down and all.

Wishing every one all the very best! (^_^)

Sorry, for me the 'dots' are playing up and just saw your new post. Am also at work atm as well as trying to think of something fun to gestalt with.

if by 'Oracle' you mean oracle of life? I've found that they need something to boost/bolster their healing a lot. Like alchemist or such. Just a thought.

At work

Dots seem to have stopped notifying people again. Watch out for that and maybe keep it in mind for the others?

Just woke up and getting ready for a night shift here as well.

Again, wishing every one all the very best.

I must admit that I've had many a game fade away because Real Life took too huge a toll on the DM or many of the players. Such is the sad lot of a PbP.

Hoping things are going swell for every one.

Test posting...

*Nods* Interesting.

*Nods* I understand you're point of view, master Dm Sir.

But....unfortunately, in a PbP some things don't come across very well.

How would you see people making a post using your idea/system?

As a side note...Should I have Sunny not speak while immersed? Though, given hers and Nalgi's nature...? *Shrug*

Looking forwards to feedback/thoughts/ideas.

Wishing every one all the very best. (^_^)

Steven_Evil wrote:

Ok. This is what I've got. Feel free to add suggestions and ideas. We'll invent the language "Underwater Sign Language". Using hand signals and body movements, characters proficient in this language will be able to communicate as well as if they were speaking to one another, though it is utterly dependent on sight instead of listening. Each character who is non proficient who tries to use basic hand motions and signals can try to communicate with another, but will have a 25% chance of the message being misunderstood. For instance, two characters who are non proficient will have a combined total of 50%, rolled at the end of the message. If two characters are using it and only one is proficient, then the misunderstand chance is 25%, rolled at the end of the message. To become proficient, a skill point must be put into linguistics and the language chosen.

I think this could make for interesting role play as your characters create the language themselves by trial and error. What do you guys think? one thought is...

That ocean/Aquatic creatures/races would already seem to be able to communicate in their native environment. To the point that there is also an 'Elemental' language of 'Aquan'. As for the mechanics of "How?", hey it's magic. :P

If the DM feels that there should be a sign language, that's okay by me. My Sunny character is kind of built around not speaking well to begin with. So another language for er to mangle is quite all right. ;)

Happy and glad to read other people's thoughts/ideas.

Wishing every one all the very best. (^_^)

Perhaps continue to chat about this item in the discussion thread?

Heh. Hope you smashed it out of the park. :)



*Holds minutes silence*

Another small part of growing up slips away.

Dot making a dot to have a dot to be all dotty with. (^_^)


*Salutes* No worries, Master DM, today is another working day, but only a short one for me. Will be able to look in and add small posts as time progresses.

Much cheers to all.

*Bows* Just getting Melthune's actions in before I have to head off to bed and get some sleep before the new working day. :)


No! Don't divide by tha...

Nods* Yes indeed Gromsch.

Wishing every one all the very best.


Fast-forwarding through the mundane things definitely sounds/seems like the good idea.

Still at work.


Taisaa? Would you perhapse like to move your ooc comment here to discussion? Or would you rather have Taissa say it to Melthune's face?

Well...there was an Elf walking around just rescently who seemed to have experiance at sailing. Jus', y'know, sayin'. ;)

As for the ship? I don't care about it or its fate one bit. Zayna's idea is as good as any.

Sadly, even with an effective +4 (Or -4 to AC) it's not going to be enough I don't think. :/

*Nods* Right.

So..technically, which is the closest/quickest foe to attack?

Would not reducing the potential number of enemies be the best choice?

Though, technically, I think from a numbers point of view reducing from the 'weakest' to the strongest is a better option..

Much cheers to all.

Am all good with things. Melthune has about 80 Gp to help with provisions and stores. Like Sunny suggested, maybe tweaking the sails is a bettrr piority? As opposed to twerking the sails...... 'Cause that stuff jus' in't right. (>_>)

Off to a Night shift. Will be able to keep looking in and adding small posts through out the night. Much cheers to all.

At work atm. Not able to post for another eight or so hours. Will join in fun when I can. Much cheers to all. (^_^)

'Thoughts' on combat.

I think Melthune's AC should be on par with the melee guy. So she should be able to 'pin' him in the combat.

I thought 'Bolas' did blunt damage, hence the pup might just be K.O'd? Sadly, he's behind Melthune so unless her perception check next round is up to snuff, she's probably not noticed the plight of the little guy.

Much applause to Hack for getting in the face of the ranged guys.

Zayna? With your effective 'Move out of reach' of sabre guy by your five foot step, do you think getting to the corner at P:14 is an option? The ranged guys should have to take a round to at least change or pull new weapons. Hack should give you 'soft' cover simply by being a body in the way. The corner should give you 'partial' cover.

Much cheers top all.

We'll see how the dice roller favors every one else...(¬_¬)

*Waves arms frantically in the air* AAAAAHHHH! CHANGE! *Continues to run around waving arms in the air...*

*Waves arms frantically in the air* AAAAAHHHH! CHANGE! *Continues to run around waving arms in the air...*

Shenkt "Hack" Corchran wrote:
I am not suggesting that the class does not have its merits, but I would caution accepting any applicants outside of the parameters that have been clearly set in the recruitment thread. Every character does not have to be an enormously complicated build. It defeats the purpose of bringing on a new PC that we can all be happy with.

*Nods* I do understand. I pointed out to Dain GM that the Oradin did not seem to be a sort of build they would want in their 'gritty', 'grungy' "Magic is hard/awe-inspiring" type of game play.

An Oradin resembles something more akin to a World of Warcraft healer. Able to 'bubble' allies at a distance and help reduce the harm that befalls them. With the right amount of healing potions/salves and other ways to regain hp quickly, the version I am playing in a Pen and paper game is alleviating a LOT of damage and, while it is chugging down potions at a prodigious rate, is still feeling quite healthy itself at the end of the day.

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