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1,069 posts. Alias of Sunset.


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I must admit to quite often being unhappy with my time zone in relation to most others. :P

Because it is so groan worthy:

"Oleg used to be an adventurer too... Until he took a slime mold to the knee..."

I'm so sorry!

For the DM:
Thank you in return for your best wishes.

That your reply did not bemoan anything about Suny nor my possibly outrageous plans is heartening. :)

So.. perchance a link to this 'Other place'...? ;)

Once, having had a look, I will be better informed as to being able to play there.

Again, wishing you and yours all the very best.

Wishin' every one all'a very bestest! (^_^)

Questions and answers for/to the DM:
I understand your preferences for wishing to play the game where you will.

I must admit to being more inclined to wish for play to proceed upon the Paizo boards as the single, simple page where in all my games up date allows me to quickly be updated when new posts appear in a game and I can add a simple post when time allows in an other wise busy schedule.

What I have envisioned for Suny? Initially she will be a 'support' type of character. The Ninja side of her build will allow for quite a good spread of skill to be taken while the Monk will allow her to be a useful combat flanker and such kind of melee supporting character.

In the later stages of the game? I hope for Suny to captain her own ship. (The Bountiful Destruction) as well as another plan to create a 'false ghost ship' and rumor. (The Swift Wraith).

There's also some exotic gun ideas I'd like to try. As well as the research I've done in regards to torsion siege weapons. Namely the Hatra balista

So... form a simple seeming character I hope for much complexity to develop. (^_^)

Again, I would seek to persuade yourself to consider gaming on the Paizo boards. *Bows*

Wishing you and yours all the very best.

'Red Five, standing by...'

John Mangrum wrote:
Disclaimer Two: I'm typing this right now from my bunk in the great cabin of a replica 17th-century Dutch jaght. There's a cannon roughly seven feet directly below me, and I know how to use it. :)

This above post is why I love reading through the Paizo forums. :D

I am really looking forwards to this. More maps/deck-plans is ALWAYS a good thing.

And, really... it's always a good thing to know how to use a cannon. :P

'Dotting' for great interest! XD

Though, will take a whole to both fully read through the thread and work/stat up an army. :P

MichaelCullen wrote:
It seems that your current crew serves our lady perhaps without knowing it.

Here! I be servin' tha' Lady all'a time! An' with great knowin'....


Wait.. I got's me words wrong agin...Din't I?

What I think, but not sure if meta-gaming:
Actually, I do think the little girl is kind of involved (Possibly). But as a neophyte Summoner, more than anything else.

OR... it's some weird 'Land grab' by/for whom ever owns/runs the logging company....

OR some even stranger combination of the two... :P

Not sure if I should ad a post here or in th' game thread t' keep a gander on whut's going on...

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Scarlet's plans:
So.. I am going to be concentrating on just summoning critters for the first eight levels or so. Then at eighth level (Maybe ninth) I plan on wearing my Eidolon as a giant kind of 'Mech-suit'. Buying the right sort of items and giving the Eidolon the right evolutions Scarlet should be able to be swallowed whole and effectively take no damage while inside.

Neat huh? (^_^)

1 person marked this as a favorite.
GM Angelina wrote:
You guys are awesome! 13 players all posted actions within one evening. :) Happy Saturday, all! :)

I am just lucky in the current falling of my shift roster.

The distribution of free days.... is not as forgiving... as some rosters...

That entry was added just before i headed off to work. This one... just after work, while eating dinner and getting ready for bed.

Remember kiddies! This is why you should pay attention in school. :P

HUZZAH! Our spiritual guide returns! (^_^)

1 person marked this as a favorite.
GM Tacticslion wrote:
Also, excellent! Now I just need to know one more thing...

I would say 42.....

But... I take a size 47 and a half...


Yes, I admit to taking inspiration from said artist. :)

1 person marked this as a favorite.


Not wanting to sound 'snobby' I don't think a Goblin would be a good fit.. Unless you want to 'clone' the character onto a different avatar or such?

A Witch sounds interesting. :)

Very much cheers to all.

Gurukk? (>_>)

At work.

In regards to ship duties. I have some Osprey military books and some other material. Will make some notes and share them around. Will try and find the 'Shift roster' for a tall ship.

From memory, most crew on a ship of sail were lucky to get a solid six hours sleep. :P

And people still ran away to sea because that was deamed a good deal! And lets not mention the 'food' of the day! :P

At work. Will give Sunny's post as soon as I can. (^_^)

Rachel Riptide wrote:
How many crew members do we currently have and what would be a good number for a ship this size?[/smaller]

Well.. from my time playing "Sid Mead's Pirates" MOAR is always better, especially when trying to take the treasure fleet at harbor in Panama. (^_^)

*Raises hand*

What and where are the 'Partial wand' rules?

Much cheers to all. (^_^)



Why not?

It was just something 'different' from using/posting as Suny all the time.

Just to point out but the Numinerian 'Technology guide' has rules/ideas for cybrrnetics. Maybe have a look and do a bit of reflavouring?

Much cheers to all.

At work

Will post when I can. Sorry for being slow at adding stuffs. Will try harder, honest.

Vey much best wishes and cheers to all! (^_^)

1 person marked this as a favorite.



*Grumbles* And I would have made it too... If not for those pesky kids...


Congratulations every one.

It's... not actually a Paizo-an/Golarian language? Sorry 'bout that. At its simplest? It means 'Hello! Need help?' (^_^)

1 person marked this as a favorite.
Okrin Ashweaver wrote:
Ended up swapping Technologist for Amateur Gunslinger, snagging me the Quick Clear Deed thanks to it. Also moved around my spells a little bit - if we have more than one android, I'll change Bless to something else, as it won't help the androids one bit.

The data log indicates the presence of more than one constructed life form......

While the poster knows that Phineas is quite the noble, endearing and wondrous fox. The slightly snooty, naive temple raised girl which is Arabeth is still having trouble getting past the idea of 'Cute pet'.. (^_~)

The wand 'cheese':

So... with two traits and a met-magic rod.. a wand can be rafted that does 2D6 electricity damage, as a ray, with a range of 50' feet (50 sots). All for 350 Gp.

Does the DM think allowing such an item for a starting character is too much?

Note... this is a 'standard' price and the character is in no way crafting said item (Since, technically, assuming the rod could be 'borrowed' the crafter would actually make it for half this price)

DM's thoughts/ideas/comments?

Awaiting some DM adjudication on some... things... (>_>) and thence items can be finalized for the character.

Much cheers to all. (^_^)

Ware the attack of cheese!:

SO... while perusing wands to buy for a certain magic item... It was noted that buying one of 'Scorching ray' would be way above a starting charter's pay allotment.

Then thoughts turned to various lower level spells... and meta-magic feats to adjust said spell's range etc... and thoughts turned to certain traits.

For example =>magical Lineage

And the idea for a wand of 'Shocking ray' formed within my mind.

By combining the trait with the meta-magic feat one can still have a wand for 750 Gp that has a range of 25' and does 1D6 electrical damage.

Just a passing fancy/thought....

Much cheers to all.

DM Crustypeanut wrote:
Dotting! ...

Oh noes! Tha' machines! They's multiplyin'!

I too am watching.

Wishing those brave few the very best of luck.

Should people generate characters..... in case some of the first few fall behind...? (>_>)

Much cheers to all.

Given the posts above, I do apologize if Suny's accent (Or my attempt at writing in an 'uncommon' tongue) is too much for folks and I am happy to tone Suny's language done a little. *Bows*

*Posts to show interest*


Not wanting to spoil anything... but given what the monster is? Yes, it exudes a glue (Almost like 'Sovereign glue') that makes those who touch it stick to it. So... you touched/gripped it. It 'sweated' the glue and hence you stick. A living trap, in a way.

Posting to make sure the dot comes back after site maintenance. (^_^)

Posting to make sure the dot comes back after site maintenance. (^_^)

Posting to make sure the dot comes back after site maintenance. (^_^)

Posting to make sure the dot comes back after site maintenance. (^_^)

Posting to make sure the dot comes back after site maintenance. (^_^)

Posting to make sure the dot comes back after site maintenance. (^_^)

Dropping out of the running. :(

No time to develop something.

Looking forwards to watching people's exploits, though. :)

Much cheers to all .

*Reads DM's preamble...*




For the DM:

First, yes. I have played and still own (Some where.... >_> ) the 1e edition of Tomb of Horrors.

I have owned the 'reboot'/'Anniversary' edition. Though, sadly, that's no longer with me after a house move ;_;

Third, my shift work is nothing like 'stable' or 'normal'. This has, sadly, brought my sudden drops of posting into conflict with other gamers/games.

Given the higher 'power' level of the game. How does the DM feel about 'templates'?

How does the DM feel about HeroLab? (Which makes generating the basics of a high level character easier, plus the DM can kind of trust the program to not 'forget' things. (Which is not to say HeroLab is perfect, it certainly isn't, but it's quick and fun and gets the job DONE!)

*Cough* Um... I'll add more as I think of them while I am off at, said, crazy 'Night shift on a Friday-night' shift work.

VERY much cheers to ALL!

Posting to make sure the dot cames back after site maintenance. (^_^)

Posting to make sure the dot cames back after site maintenance. (^_^)

Posting to make sure the dot cames back after site maintenance. (^_^)

Posting to make sure the dot cames back after site maintenance. (^_^)

Posting to make sure the dot cames back after site maintenance. (^_^)

Posting to make sure the dot cames back after site maintenance. (^_^)

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