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1,160 posts. Alias of Sunset.


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Just bought "Pathfinder cohorts and companions".

The possibilities are endless!



Did... did I just say that out loud...?


Calah Riptide wrote:
Buying the "wild" enhancement on my armor.

I don't think the Captain needs anything wilder than she is. (^_~)

Moved a figure. Hope it was the right one.

I am now having images like this of Suny's current level of healing skills. :P

I'm not missing. I was sleeping. :P


"Dammnit Jim! I'm a Doctor, not a Geiger counter!" :P

Which is a bad pun at the instance that every one is kind of a Cleric... (^_~)

Long, wet, dreary winter is closing its icy grip upon my part of the world. Wishing every one else all the very best. (^_^)

Indeed! *Hugz* To you and yours! Have a great time with your family. Best wishes to all.

*Hovers and waits with antici...*

Well.. at least what ever caused that should become visible, even if for a moment....

*Raises hand*

I am interested. Looking forwards to seeing more.

*Bows and glides back into the shadows*

Sorry.. I know it's a kind of a 'Duuuuhhhh' thing/moment by way of an completely obvious suggestion/solution... but I felt like it was something Sunny would say/point out. Again, apologizes for the character being uber stereotype.

Hoping every one is all right.

Best wishes to all.

Well met alias of Noro. (^_^)

Iraedra Myval wrote:

So... something along the lines of this, then? (^_~)

Nope, I was thinking about disguising her as another centauroid creature, but that picture gave me an even better idea, disguising her as an elf druid riding a giant spider (as a bonus, everyone knows that druids are weird and annoying them risks your harvest :) )


Glad to have been of inspirations.

Iraedra Myval wrote:
Would a hat of disguise work for a drider (to appear as a centaur(I know drider are aberrations and centaurs are monsterous humanoids), but they are the creature closest in form that should normaly not be attacked on sight), unless drider are unknown/uncommon enough in your setting to be not attacked on sight

So... something along the lines of this, then? (^_~)

The good thing is that even 1 point will stabilize every one in the area of effect. ^^


Real life still slowing me down with work. Also have managed to pick up a shed load of Mal-ware, Trojans etc just rescently and so am having computer issues. Will adjust the three characters for the DM's apinions/comments as soon as I am able.

At work.

Doesn't lightning act more like a 'Fire ball'? Making a sphere, not a line? Still... dropping a shere of hurt on the bad guys is still a good thing. (^_^)

Must admit, I too have liked the idea of the Sap adept/master. Though with Suny it will probably be a more 'Disposable weapon/Always crit' sort of build.

While kind of expensive when always using things like "Liquid blades" and wooden weapons.. The ability to thence always make 'em bleed? Yah, gona' has me some fun.

"Boar style" is just the empty handed icing on the cake.

Will be great to watch your build develop Arjun. (^_^)

Late wishing every one all the very best for the past holidays.

Will not be for another week before the above characters can be edited down for the proposed campaign.

Again, all the very bets to all.

Ah well.. better luck next time/

Keep people in mind should others 'fall behind'...

William Nightwing wrote:
*begins to see why he hates sunny and is tempted to cast diminish person*

Should it be wanted.. There is a 'dimmer' switch on Sunny...


Pirate tune

Lessah wrote:
For some reason, this brings my mind to Skarre (from Cryx/Privateer Press) and her Great Rack weapon ...

If I could figure out a way to give a Teifling in Paizo over developed horns? Yes, I'd try for a 'Skarre-esque' style of pirate.

Link to image and some tales of said character.

My own, humble, attempt at writing about Pirates in the Iron Kingdom's setting. *Bows*

Awaits in high dudgeon for whom the bell tolls... (¬_¬)

Has the DM considered the merits of the... weapon... which has been proposed?

GM Bloodied Waters wrote:
, what? Are you asking for a grenade launcher?

*Bows* No... just something that would 'look' cool/interesting. Instead of simply holding the lightning bottle and opening the top.

The character has the lightning bottle 'affixed' to the stock of the x-bow. Holds out said contraption and looks down the length of it.

"See this...? THIS is my BOOM-stick! This a cumulus cloud charged, single-bottle Binbiddle special. Port Shaw's top of the line. You can find this on the sporting goods shelving of the general store. That's right, this sweet baby was made in right here in Port Shaw, Razor-coast. Retails for about... oh... seventy five gold plus some six silver. It's got a walnut stock, cobalt blue steel, and a hair trigger.


A... question for the DM.

There are alchemical items/weapons known as 'Lightning bottles'.

For thematic effect, would the Dm allow said items to be mounted/affixed to light or other wise x-bow 'stocks' and hence be used as such? No other details being needed. Character simply pulls out glowing, flickering item and points it at bad guy/target, pulls trigger and 'Blam', fires the lighting...

I believe it was in the vicinity of (Approx) 11,500 Gp..... Varification needed.

Nice... I have seen that artist on DeviantART. :)

Looking forwards to role playing with every one. :)

Message reads:

Divine bond(Mount), hunter's bond(animal companion), or mount class feature required. (Reminder: the Druid's 'Nature bond'(Companion) ability and the Animal Domain's animal companion ability do not fulfill this requirement.)


What? Revolvers exist... shot-guns exist. Or is your Razor Coast not quite sitting within Paizo realms?

Two levels of 'Titan Mauler' allows for the wielding of two handed, 'large' weapons one handed... Just saying....

Edit: Well... the original wording of Titan Mauler allowed for wielding two handed weapons one handed. I see that's now been edited/redacted to specify 'Melee'.... (¬_¬)

It wouldn't so much be the weapon being built for the character..... It would be more the character built to wield the weapon. Think of a "Role playing A-10".

*Wonders how the DM feels about.. Exotic Weapons....* (¬_¬)

AAAH! Ghosty!

'Disturbed man'? He has NO face! He's more terrifyingly disturbing opposed to disturbed.:P



Though an also all together disturbing lot of ideas/images.....

Help wanted!

Putting more 'City' into the "City of fallen stars":

Okay... so there are some interesting things for the players to do/interact with detailed in the book, what I am sort of thinking about though is more 'dressing'.

As in... the parties first walk down 'Light street' and the sort of things that can be used/said to help describe both the feel of the town and the people wandering about their-in.

So... would there be groups or 'Posses' of Barbarian types flaunting it all about?

Would 'Average Joe commoner' shy away from a group of well heeled looking party members?

Possible ideas for stat locations for NPC stats? (Other then, maybe, the NPC guide and rehashing stat block No: 1178 ?

If all the food and water is imported. How is it distributed/sold? Does a Barbarian run town have the Golarion equivalent of corner stores spread along Light street? How far 'back' from said establishments would such amenities likely be?

If the party wanted to actually buy property in the city. What might be the encounters? Would it almost be "Strongest takes what they can hold"?

Thoughts, ramblings and musings all appreciated. :)

Does the party know anything about the town? Does the girl we've rescued have any knowledge of the place?

I'm sure the adventure path will have some explanation of what things to roll with. (^_~)

Looking forwards to the race.

1 person marked this as a favorite.


How did I miss this game returning?


Interesting/amazing job there Master Dm of winding things up and moving things along. :)

Though, I'm a bit confused.

We've lost the combat ship?

We've escaped the previous encounter?

We're sorting things out as people/crew come to terms with developments?


Very much cheers to all and maybe a 'Role call' or 'Roster' of who've we've got left.

Players and NPC's alike?

*Salutes* (^_^) No worries.

Hope every one has oodles of fun. :)

Much cheers to all.

The 'Xane' I am proposing is a large 'hitter'.

Much cheers to all.

Hello. :)

I post to show interest.

My proposed character concept, however, has not met with much enthusiasm outside of a bare handful of games.

Though one version continues along strong Here which I link through for your entertainment.

For the DM, keeping the post 'small'.:

So.. basically Xane is built by adding 'templates'. Giant, Half-dragon, Advanced (sometimes).

The stat increases from said templates are 'split' or 'spread' further over levels so as to slow down its development even further.

Now, since templates do not generate all the other things that a 'Class' level does I pair the part template up with one of the NPC classes, generally 'Warrior' for the other things like 'Saves' 'Bab' etc.

Now... if all this reading has your eyes rolling and your concentration evaporating, I completely understand and would wish your game all the very best.

If, on the slim chance, you're interested in knotting out the idea further? I'll be more than happy (And available for the next three or so day! (^_^) ) to hammer things out.

I humbly hope my post has piqued the prospective DM's interest?

Very much cheers and best wishes to all.

Does...... this mean I've been doing it wrong....?

One of the nice things about the "Iron gods" campaign is,

A) Modern/Futuristic pistols. Obviating the need to reload as often.

B) DM house ruled cybernetics to allow multiple arms for dual-dual wielding pistols. :P

Though, for 'vanilla' style Gunslinger a 'Returning holster of reloading' might be a magical item to investigate/research.

Basically the 'Slinger takes 'Quick draw' and buys a pair of the holsters. Thence invests in four pistols.

Quick draw, fire, drop. Holster pulls gun back into pouch and reloads during the nect turn.

Next turn 'Slinger quick draws/pulls second pistols, fires, drops.


Just an idea. :)

*Offers more Kitty nibbles* (^_^)

How does the 'level spreading' idea work for the possible DM?

I am thinking of more than one template for Xane... (>_>)

*Waves to Hotaru* (^_^)

I'm quite happy to take 'level penalties' for 'spreading' templates over multiple levels.

So the 'Giant' template is,

Rebuild Rules: Size increase by one category; AC increase natural armor by +3; Attacks increase dice rolled by 1 step; Ability Scores +4 size bonus to Str and Con, –2 Dex.

So.. at the first level no size increase. AC increase by 1. No increase in damage dice step. Ability score of +2 Str and Con. -1 Dex. The character takes a 'class' level in something like 'Warrior'.

Then, the next level gives the 'rest' of the template and a 'class' level in Warrior or Expert.

Hope my explanation is clear enough?

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