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1,186 posts. Alias of Sunset.


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Is it still raining? Has the weather cleared?

In regards to 'Other' characters....?

I have an idea for a fighter pilot. Might it be all right to go ahead and generate them and their wing-man/person?

Hoping people feel better soon. Wishing every one all the very best. :)

The production values on the Axenar thing look great. If it becomes a full blow reality then, yay! :)


Feel better soon Kasia.

Now that I have a keyboard and a small window of time.

Grrazz would be seeking to issue grenade launchers to the Marines. (Am trying to find an old FASA tech guide image.) Note, things other than explosives can be mounted within a grenade shell. :P

Modifying the main deflector dish to emit (Fire) pulses of gravitons. (Yes, I've seen Starblazers too many times :P)

How 'new' is the holographic doctor and relevant programming? I have an idea for a 'Holographic marine', though such 'robot' troopers would probably not fly given the Federation's history, experiences etc.

Just some thoughts for now. :)


I appologize for not coming across well.

What was/am inferring is that all the parts in the world do nothing if we attrition all our pilots.

Sadly... crew attrition will be the hardest part of our voyage.

*Crosses fingers*

Here's to hoping we lose no one.

In regards to "Things we can do 'in canon'."

I have weird idess and I am unsure as to either how probable or how 'Trekish' they might be. When I have more time I'll post them.

One thing I note is the star fighter parts..... spare parts are all well and good... but with out a way of 'replicating' pilots...... then they'll just be tech sitting on the deck...

I'm not against adding maybe a couple more to the mix. :)

Gah! Tentacles!

Dang, and me not in a position to say something like "That's not a knife..." :P

Dotting with a dot. :)

*Group hug* (^_^)

Hama wrote:

Um. Sooo. About the ship's name.

USS Miyazaki is one of the ideas. Since it is an Akira class, it should be named after either anime creators or anime characters..

Well.. there's also "Astro Boy" or "Mighty Atom" as the direct translation into English goes.. "Tetsuwan Atomu" ?

The first 'Manga' character I believe. So, finding the native language version of those two might suit.

Heck, the characters creator's name Osamu Tezuka might be something?

Dotting for interest...

Has the position of 'Q' like entity been proposed yet? :P

Wishin' folks all'a very bestest! (^_^)

Wishin' tha' Dm especially all'a very bestest!


So, first. Big congrats on your incoming bouncing bundle of life. (^_^)

Second, congrats on your new home and being settled in!

Third, congrats on how well your work etc is going.

Fourth, I too understand how Real Life can roll over a person.

If you wish to keep with us and there are enough of us still lurking about to move forwards, that's good.

If you, perhaps, want to start over or with something new? That's all good as well.

Looking forwards to which ever way things go and again, very big thanks for Dming and really hope your little one is doing swell by the time you read this.

Skimber wrote:
"Spy! It's Gaedren keeping tabs on us. Well, keeping commas, but they become tabs when you import CSV files into Excel. I think we need to put a full stop to this! I won't be bracketed in. I've only got one ass ta' risk, and we need to question mark the @#$%*&."

I dun't know me speakin' right well enough ta' be makin' funnies easy, like.

Though took me a few goes ta' be laughin' at all'a yer funnin'. (^_^)

Here's ta' hopin' every thing be all okeys fer evey one

Sara Marie wrote:

robot chris: so heads up

today’s <redacted> is about Cayenne Cailean

katina: cayenne cailean sounds like a spicy drink

sara marie: "Cayenne Cailean"? Cayden’s cousin from Louisiana?

katina: haha what’s the Golarion version of Louisiana?

sara marie: Lousiana is so special it doesn’t have equivalents
sara marie: can you imagine PCs going through a portal to Louisiana during mardi gras ala reign of winter?
sara marie: possibly at the behest of Cayden Cailean to save his long lost cousin Cayenne Cailean?

lissa: Oh that would be the best... Unless you're chasing someone and trying to find them.

This! This so needs to be an adventure.

Ahhh... and here was I thinking it was a DM who had the old D20 version of the rules and wanted a game.

Much cheers, joy and success at running what is truly a wonderfully/fantastically created reality.

1 person marked this as a favorite.
GM DarkLightHitomi wrote:
Three, for an aquatic game, I created a race called grettles (until I find a better name) that are basically sentient octopi. Most of the development for my new races come during playing them, so I'd like to play one. Physically they are as one expects of octopi, boneless eight tentacled color changing creatures. They are different in that they are not colorblind and they can survive in freshwater, though it is uncomfortable, like being in cloudy or smoky air would be to a human.

I kind of feel your pain.

As a side note Scientist have since worked out how Octopi and Squid change their colours so well and so fast. While their eyes have no receptors for colour... their entire skin surface does!

So.. they see the world through their eyes.. but see colours through their skin! Amazing, huh?

As unusual characters? The two strangest on the boards are an Elf and a 'custom' race pretty much built using templates and NPC classes as the leveling agent.

Wishing all well in finding games.


Small dot

Dun't mind me none. Jus' puttin' in'a place ta' help wiff tha' keepin' watch. (^_^)

Dotting to keep a watch. No time to make a character or such, though I'll be happy to follow along and maybe put up a hand to replace any that might fall behind... Much cheers to all.

Well.. in my home games there's the difference between something being 'Innately' evil such as Devils, Demons et-al and then there are creature's who's nature/inclinations are evil (As considered by Humans).

The first can have their alignment/outlook shifted or changed but their very nature/essence means that they revert back to their evil-ness over time.

A creature on the other hand, is subject as much to nurture as well as nature. Of course shifting something's nature when it's been flying around eating people it's whole life? Yah.. Suny is having enough trouble learning to communicate. How much harder must it be to learn to not eat other people? :P

Reijo's actions.

Okay... I'm divided.

People's assessments of the drakes are quite probably spot on. They've evil skinks and pretty much deserve to be turned into handbags etc.

However, and I apologize if I'm being too corny, but Suny's heard Nhati and Vikktora agree to the drakes being given their freedom.

So... on the one hand I feel Suny would stop Reijo... or at least attempt to hold his arm from doing the deed... On the other hand I completely understand Reijo's actions.

Truth be told.. I (Suny) was more of the inclination to be taking the drakes back to the town and having them 'broken in' or other wise 'civilized'.

I'm not trying to play Suny as an air head. More as a 'primitive' type. Also, her outlook is neutral good. The drakes have been rendered helpless. We've established they're intelligent. As for thier outlook? We've no real way of discerning their alignment (Metagaming and all) so... Killing a helpless prisoner? That's... not.. good...

Yes, I do completely understand "Pirates" campaign. I really do. But.. there's a difference between something like a Sauhaugin and a drake.. Well.. other than the scales... :P

Please, correct myself and hence Suny where my mind has gone a wandering.

I thought I'd rather post ideas/comments here, rather than bock up the game thread.

Thoughts? Feed-back? Comments?

Wishing every one all the very best.

? Am jus' sayin' whut t'is every body be knowin'... (>_>)

DM's shiny new avatar is shiny! (^_^)

Suny did post she was doing that.. along with a lot of bouncing and skipping...

Just bought "Pathfinder cohorts and companions".

The possibilities are endless!



Did... did I just say that out loud...?


Calah Riptide wrote:
Buying the "wild" enhancement on my armor.

I don't think the Captain needs anything wilder than she is. (^_~)

Moved a figure. Hope it was the right one.

I am now having images like this of Suny's current level of healing skills. :P

I'm not missing. I was sleeping. :P


"Dammnit Jim! I'm a Doctor, not a Geiger counter!" :P

Which is a bad pun at the instance that every one is kind of a Cleric... (^_~)

Long, wet, dreary winter is closing its icy grip upon my part of the world. Wishing every one else all the very best. (^_^)

Indeed! *Hugz* To you and yours! Have a great time with your family. Best wishes to all.

*Hovers and waits with antici...*

Well.. at least what ever caused that should become visible, even if for a moment....

*Raises hand*

I am interested. Looking forwards to seeing more.

*Bows and glides back into the shadows*

Sorry.. I know it's a kind of a 'Duuuuhhhh' thing/moment by way of an completely obvious suggestion/solution... but I felt like it was something Sunny would say/point out. Again, apologizes for the character being uber stereotype.

Hoping every one is all right.

Best wishes to all.

Well met alias of Noro. (^_^)

Iraedra Myval wrote:

So... something along the lines of this, then? (^_~)

Nope, I was thinking about disguising her as another centauroid creature, but that picture gave me an even better idea, disguising her as an elf druid riding a giant spider (as a bonus, everyone knows that druids are weird and annoying them risks your harvest :) )


Glad to have been of inspirations.

Iraedra Myval wrote:
Would a hat of disguise work for a drider (to appear as a centaur(I know drider are aberrations and centaurs are monsterous humanoids), but they are the creature closest in form that should normaly not be attacked on sight), unless drider are unknown/uncommon enough in your setting to be not attacked on sight

So... something along the lines of this, then? (^_~)

The good thing is that even 1 point will stabilize every one in the area of effect. ^^


Real life still slowing me down with work. Also have managed to pick up a shed load of Mal-ware, Trojans etc just rescently and so am having computer issues. Will adjust the three characters for the DM's apinions/comments as soon as I am able.

At work.

Doesn't lightning act more like a 'Fire ball'? Making a sphere, not a line? Still... dropping a shere of hurt on the bad guys is still a good thing. (^_^)

Must admit, I too have liked the idea of the Sap adept/master. Though with Suny it will probably be a more 'Disposable weapon/Always crit' sort of build.

While kind of expensive when always using things like "Liquid blades" and wooden weapons.. The ability to thence always make 'em bleed? Yah, gona' has me some fun.

"Boar style" is just the empty handed icing on the cake.

Will be great to watch your build develop Arjun. (^_^)

Late wishing every one all the very best for the past holidays.

Will not be for another week before the above characters can be edited down for the proposed campaign.

Again, all the very bets to all.

Ah well.. better luck next time/

Keep people in mind should others 'fall behind'...

William Nightwing wrote:
*begins to see why he hates sunny and is tempted to cast diminish person*

Should it be wanted.. There is a 'dimmer' switch on Sunny...

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