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1,037 posts. Alias of Sunset.


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I too am watching.

Wishing those brave few the very best of luck.

Should people generate characters..... in case some of the first few fall behind...? (>_>)

Much cheers to all.

Given the posts above, I do apologize if Suny's accent (Or my attempt at writing in an 'uncommon' tongue) is too much for folks and I am happy to tone Suny's language done a little. *Bows*

*Posts to show interest*


Not wanting to spoil anything... but given what the monster is? Yes, it exudes a glue (Almost like 'Sovereign glue') that makes those who touch it stick to it. So... you touched/gripped it. It 'sweated' the glue and hence you stick. A living trap, in a way.

Posting to make sure the dot comes back after site maintenance. (^_^)

Posting to make sure the dot comes back after site maintenance. (^_^)

Posting to make sure the dot comes back after site maintenance. (^_^)

Posting to make sure the dot comes back after site maintenance. (^_^)

Posting to make sure the dot comes back after site maintenance. (^_^)

Posting to make sure the dot comes back after site maintenance. (^_^)

Dropping out of the running. :(

No time to develop something.

Looking forwards to watching people's exploits, though. :)

Much cheers to all .

*Reads DM's preamble...*




For the DM:

First, yes. I have played and still own (Some where.... >_> ) the 1e edition of Tomb of Horrors.

I have owned the 'reboot'/'Anniversary' edition. Though, sadly, that's no longer with me after a house move ;_;

Third, my shift work is nothing like 'stable' or 'normal'. This has, sadly, brought my sudden drops of posting into conflict with other gamers/games.

Given the higher 'power' level of the game. How does the DM feel about 'templates'?

How does the DM feel about HeroLab? (Which makes generating the basics of a high level character easier, plus the DM can kind of trust the program to not 'forget' things. (Which is not to say HeroLab is perfect, it certainly isn't, but it's quick and fun and gets the job DONE!)

*Cough* Um... I'll add more as I think of them while I am off at, said, crazy 'Night shift on a Friday-night' shift work.

VERY much cheers to ALL!

Posting to make sure the dot cames back after site maintenance. (^_^)

Posting to make sure the dot cames back after site maintenance. (^_^)

Posting to make sure the dot cames back after site maintenance. (^_^)

Posting to make sure the dot cames back after site maintenance. (^_^)

Posting to make sure the dot cames back after site maintenance. (^_^)

Posting to make sure the dot cames back after site maintenance. (^_^)

Posting to make sure the dot cames back after site maintenance. (^_^)

Posting to make sure the dot cames back after site maintenance. (^_^)

Posting to make sure the dot cames back after site maintenance. (^_^)

*Bows* So... She's now caught inside it. It's not going any where but she might. My call of 'lob area of effect spells into the cloud and hope for the best' might work, if we have any AoE spells handy?. ;)

Not wanting to throw an uninvited paddle into the waters, but. The spell was centered on the caster? That means the Grindly Queen is 40' away. Then it'll be moving with the caster, even should they move? So.. an area of effect spell? Just lob it in? Though even with 'concealment' all they can do is make a Ref save for half? Also, you could be all sneaky, like... and attack from beneath the surface? >:) Just some thoughts. Don't mind me (Another player, not the awesome DM.)

Guinevere's post is awesome! (^_^)

Bad guys in the main room, though the room is large and its dimensions not really known.

Two small mooks seen, two medium mooks hanging back.

Something large this way comes.

Oooo! You lucky bugger! Why can't I be...wait... wrong quote....

Have awesome fun at the con and say 'Hello!' to all the Paizo people.

If I could save up enough money etc, yeah I'd go. ;)

Trying not to meta-game:
T'is a pity we dun't have nuffin' ta' throw in't its maw ta' shut it tha' heck up. Jus' sayin'... (>_>) Give it somat ta' wrap it's grabbers around ta' stop it makin' all'a clack-y noise...


Ross Byers wrote:
yellowdingo wrote:
But is it a dyson sphere without a star, yet making use of the gravity of its own shell thus gravity being even without spin?

There is no gravity within a sphere of uniform thickness. I suppose you could make a dyson sphere heavy enough to have gravity on the outside surface, but why would you?

It would be easier and more pleasant to live around the equator of the sphere, spinning for centrifugal force, and using a glass ceiling to keep the air in.

Well.. if you're going to spin the thing...Then a Niven/Pournell ring is good enough, surely?

As for making adjustments to the ring/habitat so that the central sun doesn't crash into it. I've always wondered (Other than the even more complexity being added) why some sort of adjustable mass balance wasn't included in Nivan/Pournell's idea?

Other than to make more 'good story' as it were. Much like Asimov's original laws of robotics.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

I kind of must admit that seeing people in their 40's getting shifted over job placements and such.... I'm kind of feeling the Logan's run vibe right now... (-_-)

Very much wishing you all the very best Dain. Get well/Feel better soon!

I have tried to type/write out a post... really finding it hard to express myself in regards to the stimulation of the game atm.

In replying I would first like to really thank Dain GM for all the time effort, work and such he's put into the game/Given us.

That being I have said to Dain before, they really should buy a module, or even an adventure path (The collected 'Rise of the Rune Lords might still be about) and 'dissect' it to see how the creators have gone about the business of working/presenting/shaping said article.

I admire Dain for having the skill to put together heaps of information and work out all the myriad stuff that he has. However, comments like this,

Dain GM wrote:
If Melthune and Zayna had helped the authorities in identifying the thugs back in Magnimar then those thugs would have been arrested at the time and hanged. As it was they got free from lack of evidence; they sailed off and waited to attack “your” ship on the way back to Beacon (they thought you were onboard) and were therefore able to get the map and ship’s logs that were sent to Beacon and discover the goblin lairs. I had assumed that a Priestess and a girl who was playing kind of a Crusader would happily testify against Bounty Hunters - when it didn't happen, my plot changed.

Why are/were Melthune and Zayna being singled out in this comment? The whole group encountered/dealt with the thugs. At the time, that was all they were presented as, Thugs seeming intent of making a quick profit from enslaving Taissa.

I understand Dain having tons of material they'd like to see come to fruition....But, perhaps, they are trying to hard?

Note, there's no reason for Dain to throw away everything they've done. They can 'recover/change the colour' of things to slide them into the players later. That the GM knows the attitudes of all their town's folks NPC's is going to be a time saver in the long run.....but ten feeding said knowledge TO the players? Yah.... that's not quite necessary.

That the players are 'Tap dancing on the avalanche that is the progression of the story/novel' is the quickest way I have of summing up my thoughts.

As for where the tale is at the moment? With out a place where their supplies can be stashed and possibly an entry into which they can walk? Yah, things seem far harder/more complicated than we were led to believe.

I, at first when the outcropping/Base was arrived at, thought it was Dain showing the perfidious nature of Goblins. That the little, evil, psychotic buggers can't be trusted.

However, as Dien/Hollystone pointed out Snaga knew about the underwater entry and did NOT give the party this most vital piece of information.

Saying to Melthune/Myself "Are you sure you want to spend all that money on alchemical healing?" when there's no information forthcoming that other alchemical items might (Should) be needed seems.... odd.

At the time, after having had Melthune take a serious/significant hit and with healing being restricted in the game? The healing potions/alchemical supplies seemed to be of almost paramount importance.

As for the 'Magic poor' side of things? Again, I have suggested that Dain look into other settings which are 'grimy', 'grim' and so forth (Privateer Press Iron Kingdoms for one example) and steal shamelessly tale inspiration from/pay homage to said works.

I apologize for the above, rambling post. But....the issues are complex and the solution? It too is difficult and complex.

I understand that Sunny was too bright. I have now seen that Melthune is also possibly unsuited to the game in a different way. I broached the idea of 'adjusting' this feat => Ray Shield so as to give Melthune a better/fighting chance against the weapons which are hitting her touch AC. It is feat intensive, being at the top of:

Sheila Focus
Missile Shield(Dex13)
Disruptive(6th level fighter)
Spell breaker(10th level fighter)
Ray Shield(Dex 15)

So as to deflect one bullet hit per combat round.

It is, however, achievable and given the level and amount of feats involved I don't think too over powered

There is also the feat where the shield wielder is effectively granted 100% cover. It's name escapes me at the moment

Again however, Melthune in the current game might also be unsuited to that which is required.

So, I apologize for the rambling post but there is much to think about.
very much cheers, best wishes to all.

Again life has me in a busy period when we have come to an important crux in things.

A couple of more days should see me clear and in a spot to be read, ponder and reply.

Very much cheers and best wishes to all.

*Pumps fist in air* Boo-YAH!

Rilly busy right now! Will post soonest as I can. Maybe twelve hours or so.

Very much cheers and bestest wishes ta' every one. (^_^)

Some times, if a game lie fallow for too long, then participants will not see new posts marked on their main Game page.

Perhaps a 'PM' around to every one?

Much cheers to all.

At work. Sorry I haven't had time to work on Sunny. :( To help out/Carry her weight in the fight/give people an idea as to her abilities. Her first level is in "Unarmed Fighter", so her Bab is at least 1. Very much cheers to all. (^_^)

Putting in a small dot as a place holder/Starting point. Will let me keep track of what's happening and easier to work Suny in. (^_^)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

*Looks around at prospective ages being bandied about...

Don't make me yell at you youngsters to be getting off my lawn....


At work.

Thumbs down to mythic.

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Also...would you be against adding a 'stock' and fireing mechanism to 'Bottled lightning' (An alchemical thing in the SRD) to create a one shot at a time ranged weapon?

Sorry for the weird ideas but thought I'd post them and help a bit. (^_^)

1 person marked this as a favorite.

Just a note to the DM. Are you aware/familiar with the 'Wand rifle'? It was created/detailed in a module a while ago, though I admit to mot having seen it since.

Basically a stock who's trigger acts as a mechanical UMD for any wand locked onto it.

Also adds a +2 to hit with ranged ray attacks.

Again, am at work but though it worth bringing to you attention. You adventure being set in the Alkenstar area of Golarion. (^_^)

Okay, again thanking you very much for all the work and effort you've put in so far.

I am always happy for another Sunny to find a home. :)

Even if for only a little while. I think what tarnishes things (Especially for PbP) is when games fade. I really do understand Real Life rolling over people, but the lack of closure. *Shrug* Nothing one can do about that.

So! Here's to ADVENTURE! (^_^)

:P GM Set

Christopher Anthony wrote:
Sharaya wrote:

Katina: They could not have possibly [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] in [redacted].

Those [redacted] look like FREEDOM.
This post is so redacted it's [redacted] [redacted].

Of course you know..... this means we have to go [redacted]?

Hello? (>_>)

Now that is awesome, right there. :)

I do apologize if sunny is too bright.

Please, let me know and I'll twist the dimmer switch a little...Or a lot, depending on people's comments.

thunderbeard wrote:
@,: The Fleshwarped template lets you grow at least one set of tentacles.

Oh..I'm pretty sure with the Race Building points I can have a fair whack at working up some sort of tentacle-y Scyllia type thing.

Though, with all this talk of Succubus, Erynes and Nymphs...I'm tempted to look up that 'Emo' cave Nymph that was detailed in one of the Betiaries now. :P

Much cheers to all

Might try my hand at making an equivalent of the 'Scylla'. Game needs more tentacles.

Heh...or maybe a baby Moon Beast? (^_^)

Much cheers to all.

Dotting as a dot for now.

Sadly, no imediate idea for a creature nor class.

Shall consult the Bestiaries when possible. As a question? Has any one chosen Drider yet?

Much cheers to all.

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