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Dominance through trade.

The western tip of the vast, continent-spanning Padishah Empire of Kelesh, the Satrapy of Qadira serves as the gateway between the wealth and resources of eastern Casmaron and the eager ports and markets of the Inner Sea. Its singular position as the funnel through which Casmaron's wealth flows has painted Qadira's outlook on the world, and from the richest trade prince of Katheer to the lowliest caravan driver of the vast southern deserts, Qadirans recognize that the way to true power and influence is through trade and economic dominance. And no single city or nation is more strategically placed to rule the markets of the entire region than Absalom, which is why the satrap has invested substantial resources and his best agents in ensuring that Qadira gains control over trade in Absalom and—shortly thereafter—the entirety of Avistan and northern Garund.

Faction Leader

Aaqir al'Hakam of House Damaq recently emigrated from Katheer to Absalom, where he has quickly become a major player in the City at the Center of the World's mercantile circles. The handsome merchant prince has established a base of operations out of one of his second cousin Lady Nymara's sizable estates in the Merchants' Quarter, where he lives with his longtime partner Emir Thalzar Gaatan and their three adopted daughters. A cunning economic strategist, Aaqir seems to possess a preternatural foresight into the direction certain markets will take, and he has already become one of the city's most influential traders in silk, lumber, and saffron. Given enough time, the trade prince could likely take over the markets on his own, but he enjoys the power he feels in sending loyal agents to the far corners of the world to gain trade secrets, negotiate on his behalf, and even sabotage the efforts of competitors.

The Qadiran Pathfinder

Rare is the Pathfinder immune to the lure of wealth, but those agents most motivated by money often ally themselves with Qadira in the effort to control Absalom's markets. Pathfinders from Qadira often possess a natural knack for trade, but loyalists from across the region also find their talents in espionage, diplomacy, and smuggling to be a perfect fit with the needs of the satrapy. Most Qadira Faction Pathfinders are neutral-aligned.

Gaining Fame

There are countless ways to earn a fortune, and the Qadira faction rewards Pathfinders for any number of them. Common methods of moving up within the organization include negotiating trade agreements, spying on competitors, using travel as an opportunity to scout out new markets or resources, or even smuggling goods in or out of unfriendly ports as part of faction members' everyday adventuring for the Pathfinder Society. Not all of Qadira's dealings are legal or necessarily honorable, however, and more than one agent with a strong moral compass has found himself at odds with the faction when asked to support the trading of slaves or subvert local or regional authorities.

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