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Lantern Lodge

Spread the wisdom of Tian Xia within the Inner Sea.

As of August 15, 2013, the Lantern Lodge faction is no longer a playable faction in Pathfinder Society Organized Play.

While the Pathfinder Society makes its home in the Grand Lodge of Absalom, its membership comes from and travels to all corners of the known world. Outside the Inner Sea region, one of the highest concentrations of Pathfinders is on the continent of Tian Xia, and specifically in the metropolitan city of Goka. Most Tian Pathfinders operate independently of their brethren in Absalom, but occasionally agents cross the Crown of the World, make the treacherous naval voyage south around Casmaron, or simply teleport to travel between the two hubs of activity. The Lantern Lodge represents Tian interests in the Inner Sea region, ensuring that Pathfinder Society agents far to the east of the Decemvirate's direct view are considered in organization-wide affairs.

Faction Leader

One of Absalom's newest venture-captains, Tian adventurer Amara Li hails from the bustling Tian city of Goka. She established the Lantern Lodge in the Petal District, from which she coordinates expeditions to her homeland in Tian Xia, as well as the operations of Tian Pathfinders who have traveled to the Inner Sea region for their own exploration. Rumors speak to personal financial difficulties that have prompted her recent efforts to increase cooperation between Pathfinders in the Inner Sea region and Tian Xia, though Li is far too proper to discuss such matters in public. A stickler for tradition and propriety, Li is known throughout Absalom for her meticulously executed tea ceremonies, the impeccable cleanliness of the Lantern Lodge, and her unshakable poise.

The Lantern Lodge Pathfinder

The same principles of exploration, reporting, and cooperation that dictate the life of Pathfinders from the Inner Sea region also guide the actions of Lantern Lodge Pathfinders. Most members of Venture-Captain Li's slowly growing organization either hail from Tian Xia themselves or are native to the Inner Sea region but interested in exploring the east. Those Pathfinders from Goka, Minkai, and the Successor States, among other Tian lands, often possess class archetypes not seen in the Inner Sea region, and as such provide valuable, specialized assistance to expeditions in Avistan and Garund. Though they also participate in missions with non-Lantern Lodge Pathfinders, most members of Amara Li's lodge enjoy adventuring with one another, as their sense of solidarity and camaraderie is strong. Most Lantern Lodge Pathfinders are neutral-aligned.

Gaining Fame

While Lantern Lodge Pathfinders participate in normal missions throughout the Inner Sea region—seemingly without ties to Tian Xia at all—Venture-Captain Li frequently finds tasks for them to carry out while engaging in other activities. These include diplomatic missions to allies of her cause throughout the Inner Sea region, retrieval of long-lost Tian artifacts she hopes to see return to Goka for study or display, or the elimination of enemies who hamper the Lantern Lodge's efforts in one way or another. Lantern Lodge Pathfinders are Pathfinders first and foremost, but Amara Li rewards them significantly for dedication to her and her lodge while they carry out the will of the Ten.

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