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Pathfinder Society

Grand Lodge

Loyalty to the Decemvirate above all else.

Regardless of a Pathfinder's nation of origin, all members of the Society consider the Grand Lodge in Absalom a second home. It is in this vast complex of sprawling towers, libraries, and reliquaries that so many Pathfinders receive their training, and within the Grand Lodge's walls, the masked leaders of the Society secretly guide the organization from their chambers at the peak of Skyreach's central tower. While many Pathfinders find their loyalty to the Society but one of several alliances to outside political or religious factions, most Pathfinders hold the strongest allegiance to the will of the Ten and the Pathfinder Society itself. Those who do not taint their dedication with distractions from other superiors are the pride of the Grand Lodge, and are rewarded for always putting the orders of the Decemvirate before their own personal wants and desires.

Faction Leader

Venture-Captain Ambrus Valsin controls all the goings-on inside the Grand Lodge in Absalom at the behest of the Decemvirate, serving as the lodge's chamberlain or steward. Meticulous with details and annoyed by inefficiency, he makes a point of supervising all important duties within the Grand Lodge, and keeps a long list of relatively safe but time-consuming jobs on file, ready to assign to novice Pathfinders to keep them busy and out of the way of more experienced agents. Because very few Pathfinders escape his attention, he is disliked by almost everyone who is new to the Society—though those who have been around a few years realize his assignments also help these rookies test their new training in the field without significant risk of death. Tall and meticulously groomed, Ambrus doesn't appreciate backtalk and reserves particularly strenuous assignments for those who annoy him.

The Grand Lodge Pathfinder

Grand Lodge Pathfinders are the purest members of the Society, and represent the key tenets of the organization above all else. Whether focused wholeheartedly on exploring lost ruins, delving into newly discovered crypts, or negotiating the sale of valuable relics from the grips of those who don't respect them, loyal Pathfinders have an insatiable sense of curiosity. Their desire to see the Pathfinder Society grow and prosper makes them excellent teammates for larger expeditions, and they often go to excessive lengths to ensure their fellow Pathfinders receive any aid they need. It's no surprise, then, that the pages of the Pathfinder Chronicles have been filled with the exploits of Grand Lodge Pathfinders since the Society's founding. Those with ambitions of someday attaining fame comparable to the great Durvin Gest find this faction a perfect fit. Most Grand Lodge Pathfinders are neutral-aligned.

Gaining Fame

Pathfinders loyal first and foremost to the Grand Lodge and the Decemvirate find themselves well rewarded for carrying out the will of the Ten no matter where it takes them or what the task. Those Pathfinders who put the wellbeing of the Society above their own and who embody the values of exploration, cooperation, and accountability rise quickly in the ranks of the Grand Lodge. Often, the acquisition of lost knowledge or forgotten treasures directly benefits the discovering Pathfinder; thus, those dedicated to the Decemvirate take their orders as advice on how to maximize their own success.

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