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Establish order, no matter the costs.

The proud empire of Cheliax once spread across two continents, but fell to diabolical rule after 30 years of civil war following Aroden's death. Chelaxians believe their nation superior to the others in the Inner Sea region, and won't let something as simple as the death of their patron god prevent them from attaining their prophesied age of glory. The ruling House Thrune and its allies rose to power amid chaos, and established order with the help of the armies of Hell; they maintain control decades later with the same regimented organization of their infernal minions. Though Cheliax already controls the Arch of Aroden, and thus the western entrance to the Inner Sea, Queen Abrogail II's strategists know that control of Absalom is vital if Cheliax hopes to establish order throughout the region. They believe that victory is well within their grasp, and that it will come on the backs of the weak.

Faction Leader

Paracountess Zarta Dralneen relishes her role in Absalom. She's always found the city rife with sins-in-the-making, and takes pleasure in what she regards as "Golarion's largest cesspool of corruption." She uses her beauty and diabolic power in equal measure to corrupt the souls of her enemies. Zarta paints the veneer of a cultured aristocratic lady on her outside, especially when appearing on official Chelish business, but the promise of soul-blasting sin is an ever-present dance in her sultry eyes, and the orgies of excess she holds at her private villa are legendary affairs that most scorn with curses, even as they secretly yearn for invitations. Despite her reputation as a strict taskmaster, Zarta's known hedonistic tendencies have fueled rumors that agents of House Thrune are unhappy with her performance and that her famous lash may be turned against her if she can't generate real results in the struggle for control and influence in Absalom.

The Chelish Pathfinder

Proud Chelish citizens who see the dominance of their nation as inevitable make up the largest segment of the faction's loyal Pathfinders, though not all who ally with Cheliax hail from within her borders. Many non-Chelaxians find themselves drawn to the faction for its infernal ties, either out of curiosity about Hell and its denizens or because of a respect for the faction's strict organization. Cheliax's drive for power and order at all costs also attracts Pathfinders who joined the Society to achieve their own lofty goals and realize their personal potential. Those unwilling to overlook the suffering of the weak or treat with devils for the betterment of all, however, will likely find membership in the Cheliax faction difficult to reconcile with their moral compasses. Most Cheliax Faction Pathfinders are lawful-aligned.

Gaining Fame

Cheliax faction Pathfinders tend to win the paracountess's favor by delivering messages of intimidation to her political enemies, retrieving arcane or extraplanar relics to aid in further mastery of devil-kind, and promoting the establishment of order, tyranny, and Chelish dominance throughout the Inner Sea region. Their missions for the faction often put them at odds with the freedom fighters of Andoran and the lazy representatives of foppish Taldor. A member of this faction should be willing to do whatever is necessary to follow orders, establish the rule of law, and forward the interests of House Thrune, even when doing so may result in the suffering of those unable to avoid being trampled by the march of progress.

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