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Freedom and democracy for all.

The young nation of Andoran threw off the shackles of aristocracy when its liege nation Cheliax adopted an official policy of diabolism after Aroden's death, and has since established itself as the Inner Sea region's largest democracy. Though free from the tyrannical rule of Taldor and Cheliax, Andoran hopes to see tyranny in all its forms wiped from the Inner Sea region, and its allies ever strive to increase their own presence in Absalom, which they see as the key to ending slavery and oppression's hold on the weak and poor of Avistan and Garund. Through the efforts of the Steel Falcon branch of Andoran's elite military Eagle Knights, the nation aspires to advance its ideals abroad through diplomacy and battle.

Faction Leader

Major Colson Maldris would rather be out in the field, his greatsword drenched in the blood of tyrants and slavers, but the Eagle Knights have another use for him. As a member of the mystery-shrouded Grey Corsairs, Maldris served bravely aboard the warship Trident, quelling slavers' efforts throughout the Inner Sea region. Maldris was the youngest to wear the golden eagle emblem upon his shoulders, and upon attaining the rank of captain he was reassigned to Absalom to cement Andoren ideals in the strategic city. In 4711 ar he was elevated to the rank of major for his effective recruitment and command of like-minded Pathfinders who helped propel the Andoran faction to a position of prominence within the City at the Center of the World.

The Andoren Pathfinder

While many Pathfinders allied with Andoran hail from the nation itself, some come from distant lands only to find their ideals in conjunction with those of the Eagle Knights. Escaped slaves, indigenous peoples oppressed by colonists, and political radicals often fall in with Andoren crowds and soon find themselves working for Maldris while traveling the world on other business. Pathfinders with experience as sailors, prowess in the wilderness, skill in both diplomacy and subterfuge, and effectiveness in battle against those enslaved by undeath will find themselves most valuable to the faction. Most Andoran Faction Pathfinders are good-aligned.

Gaining Fame

Pathfinders with allegiances to the Andoran faction often perform acts of diplomacy, sabotage, and proselytizing while carrying out their primary objectives for the Decemvirate. Whether providing moral support to the downtrodden, delivering messages to agents deep undercover in distant lands, or acting as a thorn in the side of slavers throughout the region, an Andoran Faction operative improves his reputation by spreading Andoren ideals wherever he goes. A member of this faction should be willing to bend the rules of tyrannical law in order to plant the seed of liberty, even when doing so requires employing questionable techniques.

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