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The Box—Chapter One: Win Some, Lose Some

The Boxby Bill Ward ... Chapter One: Win Some, Lose SomeKostin talked as he circled the box, a cube of black wood a forearm's length across resting on a table at the center of the junk-cluttered attic room. The afternoon's heist had come off without a hitch, and Kostin was still basking in the giddy afterglow of his success; his mind and mouth, as the old Varisian saying went, were determined to outrace one another. It had taken every scrap of will he possessed to leave the box alone until...
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The Box—Chapter Two: Where the Heart Is

The Boxby Bill Ward ... Click here to read this story from the beginning. ... Chapter Two: Where the Heart IsIt had been a busy day. ... Kostin, sucking on split knuckles, tried to look nonchalant as he waited near the entrance to the courtyard. Looks like rain again, he said to the hatchet-faced Sczarni blade that eyed him like a bird of prey studying a mouse. The guard did not reply. ... Kostin nodded good-naturedly, as if they were two old friends completely comfortable sharing each...
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Tags: Bill Ward The Box J. P. Targete Pathfinder Tales

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The Box—Chapter Three: Nothing Ventured

The Boxby Bill Ward ... Chapter Three: Nothing VenturedThe girls were, by any objective standards, far too beautiful for the Point. But in the dim glow of the dockyard lights they did the trick. Silently the trio gestured, gyrating hips that would make the women of the Keleshite Emperor's harem seem bony lads in comparison, their impossible skin as smooth and silver as the moon above. Their black tresses—tinged with a seaweed green—hung in long clinging strands that managed to...
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Tags: Bill Ward The Box J. P. Targete Pathfinder Tales

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The Box—Chapter Four: Nothing Gained

The Boxby Bill Ward ... Chapter Four: Nothing GainedMove back! Kostin shouted, barely parrying a spear thrust to the gut. There were more than a score of the things, each scarcely taller than Shess but like no humanoid Kostin had ever seen. Green-skinned, bedecked with shaggy ropes of dark moss, and armed with crude spears and clubs of human bone, the naked savages fought silently, almost impassively. The sheer weight and surprise of them had pushed Kostin back until he collided with...
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