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Mother Bears—Chapter One: Waking the Bear

Mother Bearsby Wendy N. Wagner ... Chapter One: Waking the BearKran tapped his slate, louder this time, and Jendara gave in, looking up from her ledger. The boy's blue eyes gleamed as his chalk squeaked, underlining the word please a second time—his equivalent of begging. Jendara's lips moved as she read the note. ... You want to play marbles on the beach? With some village boys? ... He nodded his head, making the yellow tassels of his cap dance. The tip of his nose was pink from the...
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Tags: Florian Stitz Pathfinder Tales Web Fiction Wendy N. Wagner

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Mother Bears—Chapter Two: Ill Tide

Mother Bearsby Wendy N. Wagner ... Chapter Two: Ill TideWhere's my son? Jendara's voice rumbled like a great beast's growl. Vorrin gripped her elbow, hard. ... The boys stared back at her for a second, then bolted. ... Come back! Jendara yanked her arm, but Vorrin kept his grip. ... They won't talk to you, he snapped. Hell, you scare me. ... Yul chuckled. You're right, mainlander. The boys will run home to hide. We'll go door to door. I know their fathers. ... But as he led them deeper into...
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Tags: Florian Stitz Pathfinder Tales Web Fiction Wendy N. Wagner
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Mother Bears—Chapter Three: Fires by Day

Mother Bearsby Wendy N. Wagner ... Chapter Three: Fires by DayJendara followed Tam's light, feeling the cave's blackness like velvet pressing against her skin, her nostrils. She wanted to run outside before the cave smothered her. But she couldn't stop thinking of that horrible wail. It wasn't Kran—he could make a few sounds, but none so loud or carrying. She reminded herself of that fact again and again. ... It still made her skin crawl. ... Remember, Tam called over his shoulder. Keep...
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Tags: Florian Stitz Pathfinder Tales Web Fiction Wendy N. Wagner Gift Certificates
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