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Krunzle the Quick—Chapter One: Honest Travelers

Krunzle the Quickby Hugh Matthews ... Chapter One: Honest TravelersIt was a good plan, cunningly simple. It just didn't go the way the planner had meant it to. ... A caravan from Egorian arrived in the late afternoon at the heavily fortified caravanserai just outside the walls of Elidir. The merchants who had pooled their resources—and defenses—into the cavalcade of fifty mule-drawn wagons and forty pack animals intended to remain at the way station until the following midday so that they...
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Krunzle the Quick—Chapter Two: Axe? Noose? Garrote?

Krunzle the Quickby Hugh Matthews ... Chapter Two: Axe? Noose? Garrote?Turn and run they did, the leader of the three knife men just missing having his collar caught by the guard captain. With admirable agility, they sped toward the caravanserai gate, dodging around—or under—mules and camels, leaping over bales and chests, weaving between startled drivers and merchants. ... Stop them! Idrix bellowed, and his guards leaped to obey. But horse-archers were at their best in the saddle and with...
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Tags: Hugh Matthews Kate Maximovich Pathfinder Tales Web Fiction

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Krunzle the Quick—Chapter Three: The Apprentice's Eye

Krunzle the Quickby Hugh Matthews ... Chapter Three: The Apprentice's EyeHe descended several flights of steps, took a number of turns along torch-lit corridors, and came at last to the threshold of a windowless cell deep below ground. The glowing orb entered and Krunzle did likewise. Once within, the light blinked out, and he had a momentary glimpse of a small, winged man fluttering out through the open doorway and disappearing along the corridor. ... Krunzle made to put his head through the...
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Tags: Hugh Matthews Kate Maximovich Pathfinder Tales Web Fiction

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Krunzle the Quick—Chapter Four: Caught

Krunzle the Quickby Hugh Matthews ... Chapter Four: CaughtHis first awareness was of the ache in his ribs, that swelled every time he took a breath. He cursed the pain, then thought, No, wait, I'm still breathing. That has to go on the positive side of the ledger. He took a deeper breath and groaned, his emotions mixed. ... Get up, said a voice from somewhere above him: female, but without the girlish tone of the amulet-wearer. This was a mature contralto, with strong overtones of I am used...
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Tags: Hugh Matthews Kate Maximovich Pathfinder Tales Web Fiction

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Krunzle the Quick—Chapter Five: A Diversion

Krunzle the Quickby Hugh Matthews ... Chapter Five: A DiversionHurt a little? Krunzle began. Then perhaps we could— He was unable to continue because his senses were now reporting that his insides and outsides had apparently changed places, and that his entire carcass had subsequently been consumed by a raging firestorm wrapped in a freezing blizzard, then crushed to the size of an ant—and not a very big ant, at that. ... He was next conscious of screaming hoarsely, and then vision returned,...
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Tags: Hugh Matthews Kate Maximovich Pathfinder Tales Web Fiction

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