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Faithful Servants—Chapter One: Down at the Clever Endeavor

Faithful Servantsby James L. Sutter ... Chapter One: Down at the Clever EndeavorThe Clever Endeavor wasn't the best bar on Axis. Nor was it the cleanest, or the cheapest—and definitely not the friendliest. It was a bar you went to when you didn't want to be seen. ... Not that there weren't always customers. The place had a pretty decent crowd of regulars, and new folks stumbled in from time to time as situations warranted. But everyone there knew the first rule of the Clever Endeavor: even if...
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Tags: Carmen Cianelli Faithful Servants James L. Sutter Pathfinder Tales

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Faithful Servants—Chapter Two: A Walk in the Park

Faithful Servantsby James L. Sutter ... Chapter Two: A Walk in the ParkSo talk. ... The two men—for Salim had returned the eidolon's amulet, and the snake-man once more looked like an axiomite—walked shoulder to shoulder through one of Axis's many parks. To either side of the cobblestone path, trees and bushes of a hundred different varieties stood in a riot of color, each with a neat little placard giving its name and world of origin. Several were surrounded by decorative fences,...
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Tags: Eric Belisle Faithful Servants James L. Sutter Pathfinder Tales

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Faithful Servants—Chapter Three: The Penitent Man

Faithful Servantsby James L. Sutter ... Chapter Three: The Penitent ManThere was the usual moment of darkness and cold, the terrible feeling of being drawn through space like a fish on a line, and then the light was back and the amulet deposited them safely. ... Right in the middle of an angry mob. ... Salim looked quickly to Connell, but the eidolon was already holding his own pendant. Before Salim could say anything, the eidolon’s disguise as an axiomite melted into something less...
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Tags: Carmen Cianelli Faithful Servants James L. Sutter Pathfinder Tales

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Faithful Servants—Chapter Four: The Greatest Gift

Faithful Servantsby James L. Sutter ... Chapter Four: The Greatest GiftSalim slipped through the pools of shadow cast by branches and shrubs, trusting to his robes to break up his outline and make him invisible. Around him, the sounds of the night creatures were sporadic and tense. Expectant. ... Connell slid along beside him, still wearing his peasant disguise. Salim had to give him credit—the eidolon was surprisingly graceful. Ahead, the manor house stood huge and whitewashed at the...
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