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Certainty—Chapter One: The Crusade

Certaintyby Liane Merciel ... Chapter One: The CrusadeThere aren't many old paladins. ... Mostly we die. Spend year after year fighting everything from boggards to balors, and sooner or later one of them will take off your head. Or you succumb to rice-water fever while wandering in the bowels of a festering swamp. Or that smiling innkeeper with the dirty jokes turns out to be a secret cultist of Norgorber and slits your throat while you snore. ... Few of us last ten years. ... We don't all...
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Tags: Certainty Liane Merciel Pathfinder Tales

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Certainty—Chapter Two: Valas’s Gift

Certaintyby Liane Merciel ... Chapter Two: Valas’s GiftA grim silence settled over the recruits after that welcome. When another soldier came to lead them to the armory, they followed quietly, their heads lowered like those of condemned men marching to the gallows. ... I rose to go with them, but the scarred soldier waved me down. After the others had gone, and the banners on the walls had stopped flapping in their wake, he leaned back, watching me. Do you know why they have me greet the new...
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Tags: Certainty Kyushik Shin Liane Merciel Pathfinder Tales

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Certainty—Chapter Three: Justice

Certaintyby Liane Merciel ... Chapter Three: JusticeThe first of the Burner's prisoners was a pregnant woman, though I would have thought her long past her childbearing years. She wasn't a day under fifty, and might easily have been ten years older. ... Those years were heavy on her, and the short, dirty shift she wore did nothing to conceal them. Her shoulders were soft and spotted brown; her legs were puffed and lumpy as badly kneaded dough. The weight of a lifetime's grief dragged down her...
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Tags: Certainty Kyushik Shin Liane Merciel Paladins Pathfinder Tales

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Certainty—Chapter Four: The Stone

Certaintyby Liane Merciel ... Chapter Four: The StoneJelani, Adrun, with me, I said. The rest of you, keep going. Whatever the scout had found had terrified the man, and I didn't want his panic spreading to the others. ... Found tracks, the scout said when we were out of the others' earshot. Followed them. He thrust a hand forward, jerkily, as if to hurl the memory away. ... I was about to ask how he had spotted tracks on the tundra when I saw them myself: a line of booted prints sunk deep...
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Tags: Certainty Kyushik Shin Liane Merciel Pathfinder Tales Wizards

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