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Blood and Money—Chapter One: Nightwalker

Blood and Moneyby Steven Savile ... Chapter One: NightwalkerIt was well after midnight in the garden. He was not alone. Aphids crept and crawled across his bare skin, and a hot wind blew in from the desert. The unseasonal sirocco was an excuse for madness. Men would use it as a rationale for particularly savage beatings, claiming the wind had driven them to it. Isra had no patience for weak men or liars. He did, however, appreciate the beauty of the well-tended garden. ... The topiaries of...
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Tags: Blood and Money Florian Stitz Pathfinder Tales Steven Savile

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Blood and Money—Chapter Two: The Masquerade

Blood and Moneyby Steven Savile ... Chapter Two: The MasqueradeThe fact that someone wanted him dead was a bitter pill for Isra to swallow, but not a particularly surprising one. Act like an idiot long enough, splashing the cash and taking it as gospel that every woman in the city had been put there for your pleasure, and you were going to incur a certain amount of jealousy. That was just part of the image he had cultivated to hide the Nightwalker from prying eyes. And he was good at it. No...
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Tags: Blood and Money Florian Stitz Pathfinder Tales Steven Savile

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Blood and Money—Chapter Three: Fortune Favors the Dead

Blood and Moneyby Steven Savile ... Chapter Three: Fortune Favors the DeadFor Isra to claim that he was a master of disguise was akin to saying cash was king down in the Nightstalls, capable of buying everything from rare strains of poison to souls, either figuratively or literally depending on which gossip you listened to. It was well known that commerce was the only god worth praying to. That was the essence of the Golden City. ... It went without saying. ... But it was also wonderfully...
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Tags: Blood and Money Florian Stitz Pathfinder Tales Steven Savile

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Blood and Money—Chapter Four: Death in the Family

Blood and Moneyby Steven Savile ... Click here to read this story from the beginning. ... Chapter Four: Death in the FamilyBlind optimism wasn’t a particularly useful trait for an assassin. Isra was neither blind nor optimistic. He knew full well that Faris could not be trusted, no matter how generous an offer his own skin was. ... Isra knew people, be they the rich and greedy of one tier of society or the guttersnipes and backstabbing thieves of another. He lived in both worlds. He was...
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