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A Tomb of Winter's Plunder—Chapter One: Taking the Waters

A Tomb of Winter's Plunderby Tim Pratt ... Chapter One: Taking the WatersAlaeron sat, naked, on a natural stone bench in the sacred pool, the chest-deep water just a bit warmer than his own blood. He leaned into a fortuitous hollow in the rock, closed his eyes—hardly necessary, considering the depth of darkness in the cave—and let the healing waters soothe him. Or tried to. He'd paid enough to be soothed, at the very least. ... The Balneal Springs retreat, nestled in the northern hills of...
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A Tomb of Winter's Plunder—Chapter Two: A Damsel with the Dead

A Tomb of Winter's Plunderby Tim Pratt ... Chapter Two: A Damsel with the DeadAlaeron had been prepared for a violent reaction, and so when Rodrick drew his sword, he tossed back a vial of extract—the one he'd planned to use to help him creep through the barrow undetected. Rodrick was fast, and Alaeron's preparation might have been useless if the man hadn't been standing in the ruin of his dead friend, which necessitated careful footing rather than a headlong charge. ... Alaeron...
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Tags: Carlos Villa Pathfinder Tales Tim Pratt Web Fiction

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A Tomb of Winter's Plunder—Chapter Three: Coils in the Dark

A Tomb of Winter's Plunderby Tim Pratt ... Chapter Three: Coils in the DarkRodrick struck off the dead girl's head with his sword, the blade clanging against the stone floor as it severed her neck cleanly. Her head rolled until the hilt of the dagger hit the floor and arrested its motion. Alaeron choked back a scream. Had the scoundrel gone mad? ... Rodrick turned the dead girl's torso over with his foot, flopping her over on her belly and revealing her back— ... —which was...
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Tags: Carlos Villa Pathfinder Tales Tim Pratt Web Fiction

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A Tomb of Winter's Plunder—Chapter Four: Poison and Knives

A Tomb of Winter's Plunderby Tim Pratt ... Chapter Four: Poison and KnivesI will not, Alaeron said. I won't risk my life to enrich you. ... Rodrick clucked his tongue in disappointment. Ah, you misunderstand me! To go down into the linnorm's treasure chamber is to risk death, certainly. But to refuse is to ensure your death. Because if you do not, I will cut you down where you stand. Ah, ah! Don't reach for any of your little vials or potions, please. Then I'd have to cut off your hands, and...
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