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A Passage to Absalom—Chapter One: Mulled Wine

A Passage to Absalomby Dave Gross ... Chapter One: Mulled WineThe first blush of dawn cast the Imperial Shipyards into stark silhouette, a forest of black cranes and masts standing on the eastern docks of Cassomir. Along the strand, gulls vied with ravens for the shellfish buried beneath a thin blanket of midwinter snow. The lapping waves left a sensuous border of sand at the edge of the snowfall, like the impression of a woman's lips upon a crystal goblet. Soon the tide would recede, and the...
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Tags: Dave Gross Florian Stitz A Passage to Absalom Pathfinder Tales Qadira

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A Passage to Absalom—Chapter Two: Dry Sherry

A Passage to AbsalomBy Dave Gross ... Click here to read this story from the beginning. ... Chapter Two: Dry SherryPlease, Captain, you must see it from my perspective. ... Captain Qoloth brayed so vigorously that the top of his close-shorn head bumped the ceiling. The Katapeshi stood several inches taller than I and doubtless carried thrice my weight on his broad frame. His prominent jaws and bristly whiskers suggested a parent among that nation's hyenafolk, though my studies at the Acadamae...
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Tags: Dave Gross Dwarves Mike Capprotti A Passage to Absalom Pathfinder Tales

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A Passage to Absalom—Chapter Three: Peach Brandy

A Passage to Absalomby Dave Gross ... Chapter Three: Peach BrandyMy pronouncement of death silenced the room. Everyone else stared as I knelt beside the corpse. I watched for clues in their faces. ... Lady Neverion clutched the nearest arm, which happened to belong to Captain Qoloth. The hirsute ship’s master patted the woman’s hands, but his eyes remained locked on the dead man. His grimace deepened into a scowl. ... Young Murviniel peered around the captain’s shoulder with naked curiosity,...
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Tags: Dave Gross McLean Kendree A Passage to Absalom Pathfinder Tales

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A Passage to Absalom—Chapter Four: Cheap Sack

A Passage to AbsalomBy Dave Gross ... Chapter Four: Cheap SackThe dwarf slumped on the floor of the closet. The manacles on his wrists were newly bolted to the deck to form a makeshift brig. ... “I’d never harm Pekko,” said Jaska. “Without him, I’m out of business.” ... “You’re out of business because you got pinched smuggling poison,” said Radovan. ... “Satyr’s tears aren’t just poison,” said Jaska. “They’re are a key ingredient in remedies for all sorts of ills. For some, it’s the only...
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Tags: Dave Gross Elves A Passage to Absalom Pathfinder Tales Tony Foti Gift Certificates
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