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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Superstar Line-Up Confirmed for Superdungeon

Paizo Announces the Twelve Initial Authors and Designers Slated to Create the Emerald Spire Superdungeon for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Paizo Publishing, LLC is thrilled to announce today the stellar line-up of the first 12 authors and designers who have been tapped to create their own unique dungeon level for the Emerald Spire Superdungeon.

Emerald Spire Superdungeon Co-Designers

Rich Baker (author of the Birthright campaign setting for D&D)
Wolfgang Baur (CEO of Open Design, and legendary TSR designer)
F. Wesley Schneider (Paizo Editor-In-Chief and creator of Ustalav)
James Sutter (Paizo Fiction Editor and creator of Kaer Maga)
Lisa Stevens (CEO of Paizo, and co-founder of White Wolf and Wizards of the Coast)
Keith Baker (Creator of the Eberron campaign setting for D&D)
Ed Greenwood (Creator of the Forgotten Realms campaign setting for D&D)
Erik Mona (Publisher and co-creator of the Pathfinder Campaign Setting)
Mark Rein-Hagen (Co-founder of White Wolf Publishing, author of Ars Magica, Vampire: The Masquerade, Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Wraith: The Oblivion, and Changeling: The Dreaming)
Jason Bulmahn (Lead designer of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and co-creator of the Pathfinder Campaign Setting)
Frank Mentzer (Founder of the RPGA, co-author of The Temple of Elemental Evil, author of D&D boxed sets) James Jacobs (Creative Director and creator of the Pathfinder Adventure Path and Varisia)

"These folks have been my heroes, my co-workers, and my friends in the industry. They have created the products that have defined my 25 years in this industry and I am extremely proud to have them working with me to create the most amazing Superdungeon ever!" beams Paizo CEO Lisa Stevens. "The very cool thing is how big this dungeon can grow if enough people back this Kickstarter. How low do you want it to go? Back this Kickstarter, and we will find out!"

The Emerald Spire Superdungeon includes 32 pages of source material detailing the area around Fort Inevitable, one of the starter towns in Pathfinder Online. It will include at least 12, 8-page dungeon levels, designed by Pathfinder superstars, and an exclusive cover for Kickstarter backers by Pathfinder artist Wayne Reynolds. Additional dungeon levels will continue to be added to the book with each $100K raised over the goal. The Emerald Spire Dungeons Flip-Mat Multi-Pack, a set of Pathfinder Flip-Mats presenting each dungeon level in tabletop miniatures scale, will come with the Superdungeon.

The Emerald Spire Superdungeon is currently only available through the Pathfinder Online Kickstarter rewards. When the Kickstarter reaches its $1 million funding goal, the Emerald Spire Superdungeon will encompass 12 dungeon levels in 128 pages, accompanied by 6 double-sided Flip-Mats in the Emerald Spire Dungeons Flip-Mat Multi-Pack. They will be available in PDF format as part of the rewards at and above the $75 "Loremaster" backer level, and in print format as part of the new RPG Print Pack add-on ($100.00). A PDF of Emerald Spire can also be had at the $15 pledge level.

Pathfinder Online is a hybrid sandbox/theme park-style MMO where characters explore, develop, find adventure and dominate a wilderness frontier in a land of sword and sorcery. With the success of this Kickstarter, Pathfinder Online is targeted for a mid-2014 Beta. As stretch goals are reached beyond the base funding level, this target date will move up as more resources are brought to bear on getting Pathfinder Online finished. The Pathfinder Online Kickstarter Campaign is in progress and concludes on January 14, 2013.

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