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Paizo Announces RPG Superstar™ 2012 Top 32

Finalists to Design Original Organizations by End of Week

Paizo Publishing today announced the finalists for RPG Superstar, the largest open-call tabletop roleplaying game design contest in history. Judges Ryan Dancey, Clark Peterson, Sean K Reynolds, and Neil Spicer selected the Top 32 from hundreds of submissions in an initial contest to design a wondrous item using the rules from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, available in stores and in electronic form on The Top 32 wondrous items are now on display at, complete with judge commentary and additional comments from 2011 RPG Superstar finalists Sam McGowan, Jerral Toi, and winner Sam Zeitlin. Gamers are invited to contribute their own comments to the entries.

"RPG Superstar is a unique opportunity for gamers to become professional designers and for Paizo to discover new, talented writers," said judge and Paizo game developer Sean K Reynolds. "As a developer who regularly works with about a dozen notables from previous competitions, I look forward to seeing these designers grow and improve over the next four challenges. Congratulations to this year’s Top 32!"

The Top 32 finalists (and their winning wondrous items) for RPG Superstar 2012 are (in alphabetical order):

Chad Bartlett
Gloves of Reconnaissance

Alexander Bennett
Dustings of Darkness

Jim Callaghan
Cloak of the Swashbuckler

Will Cooper
Ghostvision gloves

Adam Donald
Flask of Liquid Sunlight

Bob Drouin
Figurine of Familiar Power

Anthony Guillotte
Bottled Time

Mark Hart
Spellblight Cage

Dan Jones
Claw of the Crawling Spell

Mikko Kallio
Vexing Spirit Lamp

Jacob Kellogg
Cloak of Energy Reversal

N. Edward Lange

Thomas LeBlanc
Metamorphosis Saddle

David Ludwig
Basilisk's Eye Sight

Andrew Marlowe
Cayden's Cup

Jacob Michaels
Haunting Glass
Steve Miller
Night Monarch Vardo

Greg Monk
Shadow Box

Eric Morton
Boots of the Phantom Staircase

Joshua Murphy
Gloves, Charlatan

Jason Neals
Binder of Unbound Forms

James Olchak
Rajah's Silhouette

Tom Phillips
Feywhisper Crown

Sam Polak
Moonlight Flute of the Ghost Hunter

James Raine
Spellbreaker Gauntlets

David Ross
Clockwork Conscience

Daniel Rust
Elixir of Resurgent Flame

Chris Shaeffer
Scent of the Savored Sting

Ian Studebaker-Grey
Silhouette of the Phantasmagoria

Jacob Trier
Sunrise Shawl

Russell Vaneekhoven
Chimaeric Mantle

Mike Welham
Raptoring Gloves

2012’s alternates are Benjamin Medrano, Andrew Newton, and Alex van der Kleut.

The Top 32 will now be required to design a concept for a new organization to the specifications of the RPG Superstar judges and submit that concept by 2:00 PM Pacific time on Friday, January 27. These round two submissions will be revealed to the general public on January 31 with judges’ comments and the public will then get to discuss the entries and vote for their favorite. Voting ends on February 6 and the Top 16 by votes will move on to round three.

The ultimate winner of RPG Superstar, announced April 3, 2012, will write a Pathfinder Module to be published in early 2013. The 2011 RPG Superstar champion module, Sam Zeitlin’s The Midnight Mirror, releases in April 2012.

For a complete schedule of RPG Superstar, including rules and a FAQ, visit

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