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Paizo Launches RPG Superstar 2012

Open Call RPG Design Challenge Seeks New Talent

Paizo Publishing is proud to announce RPG Superstar 2012, the fifth season of its popular RPG design contest. The search for the newest talent in RPG design begins December 6, 2011 on

"Over the last five years, RPG Superstar has discovered some of the best new RPG designers in the business,” said Lisa Stevens, CEO of Paizo Publishing. "We’re excited to see the great new talent out there, and look forward to working with the winners for years to come!”

RPG Superstar consists of five RPG design challenges spanning several weeks. After a team of celebrity judges winnows down all open call submissions to 32 finalists, members of the messageboard community post their comments and vote on following round submissions until only four finalists remain.

This year’s ultimate winner will write a Pathfinder Module to be published by Paizo. Three runners-up will win assignments to write Pathfinder Society Scenarios, meaning all finalists will be offered professional writing contracts with Paizo Publishing, and an opportunity to begin their freelance careers with high-profile RPG releases!

Last year Sam Zeitlin’s The Midnight Mirror emerged victorious as 2011’s RPG Superstar winner after a week of public comment and fan voting at His winning adventure releases in February as a full-color printed Pathfinder Module.

Paizo has selected four judges to oversee the competition. RPG Superstar veteran judge and Paizo Developer Sean K Reynolds leads a team of seasoned professionals including Ryan Dancey, the father of Open Gaming and the CEO of Goblinworks (designers of the forthcoming Pathfinder Online MMO), Legendary Games president and Necromancer Games founder Clark Peterson, and RPG Superstar 2009 winner and frequent Pathfinder author Neil Spicer. Additional guest judges will assist with each installment of the multi-challenge contest. The judges will critique each round’s entries before the public vote.

Starting at 2 PM Pacific Time on December 6, 2011, contestants will be able to submit their RPG Superstar entry at For the first round, that entry will be a wondrous item designed for use with Paizo's Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Each entry must be 300 words or less, and must include all of the proper mechanics and flavor. Contestants must submit their entry by January 6. Judges will select the top 32 entries to be announced on January 24; those 32 contestants will be assigned a new design task and their entries will be posted on for the public to read, critique, and vote on. The designers garnering the most votes in each round will continue on to subsequent rounds.

Specifics for each challenge will be announced as each round begins. The winner of RPG Superstar 2012 will be announced on April 3, 2012. Complete rules and a submission form are available at Do you have what it takes to be the next RPG Superstar? Go to and start your journey now!

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