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Howard, Moorcock, and Moore: Planet Stories™ 2008

Cherryh, Lansdale, Bova, and Delany introduce fantasy classics for a new era.

Paizo Publishing today announced the 2008 release schedule for their science fiction novel imprint, Planet Stories.

Northwest of Earth: the Complete Northwest Smith, by C. L. Moore, is the first time ever that all of Moore's evocative tales of her charming smuggler have been collected in a single volume. From the crumbling temples of forgotten gods on Venus to the seedy pleasure halls of old Mars, Northwest Smith blazes a trail through the underbelly of the solar system in 13 action-packed stories you won't soon forget. All of Northwest Smith's adventures have been collected in a single volume, including "Quest of the Starstone," which pairs Smith with Moore's other famous creation, the fierce swordswoman Jirel of Joiry! Introduction by C.J. Cherryh, the Hugo Award-winning author of Downbelow Station and Cyteen. Available in bookstores everywhere this month.

Almuric, by Robert E. Howard, is a savage planet of crumbling stone ruins and debased, near-human inhabitants. Into this world comes Esau Cairn, Earthman, swordsman, murderer. Only he can overthrow the terrible devils that enslave Almuric, but to do so he must first defeat the inner demons that forced him to abandon Earth. Filled with vile beasts and thrilling adventure in the tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Almuric is one of Howard's few novels, and an excellent yarn from one of America's most distinct literary voices. Introduction by Joe R. Lansdale, winner of seven Bram Stoker Awards and the author of the cult classic novella-turned-movie Bubba Ho-tep. Available in bookstores everywhere this February.

Lord of the Spiders, by Michael Moorcock, dives once more into the matter transmitter for an unforgettable journey to ancient Mars! Pulled back to Earth on the eve of his marriage to the beautiful Princess Shizala, brilliant physicist Michael Kane must once again journey to the Red Planet to reclaim a life of swordplay and high adventure in the tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Introduction by Roy Thomas, former Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comic and author of numerous X-Men and Avengers comics. Available in bookstores everywhere this March.

The Samarkand Solution, by Gary Gygax, is an exotic mystery by the father of fantasy roleplaying. While vacationing in the treacherous city of On, Magister Setne Inhetep—personal wizard-priest to the Pharaoh and part-time detective—stumbles upon a scene of murder by magic at the highest levels of government. This is Gary Gygax at his most thrilling and mysterious! Introduction by Ed Greenwood, creator of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting for Dungeons & Dragons and the author of numerous fantasy books and short stories. Available in bookstores everywhere this April.

The Ginger Star, by Leigh Brackett, chronicles Eric John Stark, Outlaw of Mars, and travels beyond the solar system for exciting science fantasy adventures on the planet of Skaith, a lawless sphere at the edge of the known universe. Raised as a savage on the hostile planet of Mercury and honed into a fearless warrior in the low canals of the Red Planet, Stark is one of science fiction's greatest adventurers and is Leigh Brackett's most famous character. The first in a trilogy of stories set on Skaith, The Ginger Star is a pivotal work of science fantasy from the famous screenwriter of The Empire Strikes Back and The Big Sleep. Introduction by Dr. Ben Bova, author of more than 115 science fiction novels including the 2006 John W. Campbell Memorial Award-winning novel Titan, and recipient of the 2005 Lifetime Achievement Award of the Arthur C. Clark Foundation. Available in bookstores everywhere this May.

Masters of the Pit, by Michael Moorcock. The Eternal Champion returns in the form of Michael Kane, a brilliant Earthman stranded on the treacherous deserts of Ancient Mars! In this sweeping, epic sword-and-planet adventure in the tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Kane and his blue giant companion Hool Haji must travel to the far reaches of the Red Planet to halt the hideous Green Death, an unstoppable disease that rots the mind as well as the body. Masters of the Pit promises stunning locales, disgusting Martian creatures, and relentless action from the Nebula and World Fantasy Award-winning creator of Elric of Melniboné! Introduction by Samuel R. Delany, the Nebula Award-winning author of Babel-17 and The Einstein Intersection and author of dozens of science fiction novels and short stories since the 1960s. Available in bookstores everywhere this June.

Infernal Sorceress, by Gary Gygax, blazes into print for the first time ever. The legendary "lost" Gary Gygax novel offers a new glimpse at a master fantasist at the peak of his game. Gary Gygax, co-creator of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game and patron saint to a generation of fantasy game enthusiasts, is best known in fiction for the wily protagonist Gord the Rogue and the cunning detective-sorcerer Setne Inhetep. The long-awaited Infernal Sorceress takes place on Aerth, a fantastic planet informed by Earth in the Dark Ages and medieval period. It's also the setting for his novels The Anubis Murders and The Samarkand Solution, also available from Planet Stories. Introduction by Erik Mona, Publisher of Planet Stories and the former Editor-in-Chief of Dragon magazine. Available in bookstores everywhere this July.

Worlds of Their Own, edited by James Lowder. The Book of All Flesh, Prince of Lies presents an unprecedented sampler of fantasy and science-fiction adventure tales from some of the best-loved and best-known authors in the genre. Many of today's best (and best-selling) fantasists got their start writing shared-world fiction supporting roleplaying games. This massive anthology collects more than a dozen thrilling tales from R.A. Salvatore, Michael A. Stackpole, Monte Cook, Ed Greenwood, Elaine Cunningham, and more, providing an exciting overview of the original worlds and characters of authors who achieved their greatest fame writing stories they do not own. Available in bookstores everywhere this August.

Swordsman of Mars, by Otis Adelbert Kline, follows Harry Thorne, outcast scion of a wealthy East Coast family, while he seeks the greatest adventure of his life. He exchanges bodies with his look-alike, Martian Sheb Takkor, and is transported millions of years into the past to a Mars peopled with mighty warriors, beautiful women, and fearsome beasts. Sheb Takkor, a great swordsman in his own right, must fight his way across the deserts and jungles of ancient Mars to save the lovely Princess Thaine and to defeat his arch-enemy Sel Han—or die trying! This is the first complete edition of The Swordsman of Mars published since the story's original appearance in Argosy Magazine in 1933. Introduction by Michael Moorcock, author of Planet Stories releases such as Lord of the Spiders and Masters of the Pit. Available in bookstores everywhere this September.

For additional information on these and other Planet Stories releases, visit

Planet Stories™ presents classic fantasy, science fiction, and science fantasy novels and short story collections to a generation of new readers and lifelong fans. Unforgettable tales from acknowledged masters like Michael Moorcock, Leigh Brackett, C.L. Moore, and Henry Kuttner stand side by side with lesser known but no less worthy yarns from tomorrow's superstars. Introductions from popular modern authors like Joe R. Lansdale, Ben Bova, and Michael Moorcock provide amusing and informative entry points to each book. With new releases every month, Planet Stories promises a master class in the genre aimed at building the greatest fantasy and science fiction library ever assembled. Planet Stories is an imprint of Paizo Publishing, LLC.

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