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Paizo Nominated for Seven ENnie Awards

ENnie Award voting booth opened today.

Paizo Publishing®, a leading publisher of fantasy RPG accessories and quality board games, is pleased to announce their nominations for seven ENnie Awards. The ENnies are annual, fan-based awards celebrating excellence in RPG gaming. Now in their seventh year, the ENnies have grown to become a spotlight annual award ceremony at Gen Con Indy.

Paizo received the following nominations:

Best Miniature Product: GameMastery™ Flip-Mat Tavern
Best Regalia: The Art of Dragon® Magazine
Best Aid/Accessory: GameMastery Combat Pad
Best Aid/Accessory: GameMastery Critical Hit Deck
Best Free Product: Savage Tide Player's Guide
Fan's Choice—Best Publisher: Paizo Publishing

Paizo also received an honorable mention in the Best Adventure category for the Age of Worms Adventure Path™ that ran in Dungeon® magazine from issue #124 through issue #135.

Voting for the ENnie Awards opened today. Anyone can participate and voters are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the nominees before voting. To vote, visit or visit the ENnie Awards website at

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