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Steel Sqwire Products To Be Published By Paizo Under License

Award-winning products to be released under GameMastery™ brand

Paizo Publishing, LLC®, publisher of the officially licensed Dungeons & Dragons® gaming magazines Dragon® and Dungeon®, and the premiere e-commerce site for all things gaming, announced today that it has finalized a contract with Steel Sqwire, LLC, creators of the award-winning Flip-Mat and Spell Template RPG gaming accessories, to acquire by license their line of products. All Steel Sqwire products will now be published by Paizo as part of their GameMastery™ line of RPG accessories, joining Item Cards, Map Packs, and Compleat Encounters.

"We have had a close relationship with Jeff and Stephanie from Steel Sqwire, so when Jeff approached me about taking over the business side of his game accessory line, it seemed like a no-brainer," said Lisa Stevens, co-owner and CEO of Paizo Publishing. "Our new relationship will give Jeff more time to invent and develop cool new gaming accessories, while Paizo can take the products to a larger customer base."

Starting immediately, all sales of Steel Sqwire products will be handled by Paizo Publishing. Distributors interested in the Steel Sqwire products should contact Paizo Sales Manager Phil Lacefield Jr. at 425-289-1344. New Steel Sqwire products will be produced by Paizo starting in 2007.

" was one of the first retailers to carry our products. Their experience and expertise in the industry encouraged us to keep inventing. It's a relationship we value and trust to partner with us and continue producing the highest quality gaming accessories." said Jeff Petersen, President of Steel Sqwire. "It's going to be an exciting adventure! I am not quitting Steel Sqwire—I am focusing on what I do best."

Paizo Publishing, LLC, publishes special interest magazines and gaming products in the field of hobby gaming. Paizo also operates a full-line Internet game retail store at It is Paizo's goal for every magazine and every product to be an event that encourages new and experienced hobbyists and fans to become more excited about their interests.

Steel Sqwire, LLC was founded in July 2004 by designer, innovator and entrepreneur Jeff Petersen. Steel Sqwire's initial product, the wire Spell Template, was developed based on the need to provide players with a faster and cleaner playing environment. Their Flip Mat, released in 2005, won the 2006 ENnie award for Best Aid or Accessory.

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