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Paizo Publishing®, LLC Launches GameMastery Item Pack: Relics of War Concept Contest

Be the most creative and win!

Paizo Publishing, LLC announced today that they are launching a five-week contest leading up to the release of their next GameMastery Item Pack set, Relics of War. The contest is broken into five one-week installments. Each week, participants will be provided with one card image from the upcoming Relics of War card set. Contestants must then generate a description for that item, including powers and history, and then post their idea to the Relics of War contest thread on the messageboards.

Since GameMastery Item Pack cards are designed for use in any fantasy setting, item powers and histories may be submitted using any currently published game system. "These cards are usable by everyone, regardless of their campaign, play style, or game setting," said Jason Bulmahn, Project Manager for the Item Pack line, "so the contest is equally flexible."

Winners will be determined by the staff at, and each week's winning entry will be posted on the GameMastery website ( along with the card's image. Additional rules and details can be found on the GameMastery messageboards.

The first week of the contest begins today, October 16, 2006, and runs through Sunday, October 22, 2006. One winner will be announced at the end of each week, and each winner will receive a free booster display (12 boosters) of Relics of War after the set is released. Further rounds of the contest will take place on the following dates:

Week 2: October 23, 2006
Week 3: October 30, 2006
Week 4: November 6, 2006
Week 5: November 13, 2006

GameMastery Item Pack: Relics of War is due in stores in late November; it may be preordered online at or at local hobby stores everywhere.

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