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Paizo Publishing®, LLC Announces New Six-Month Subscription Option

Dragon and Dungeon to discontinue 24- and 36-month options.

Paizo Publishing announced today a new six-month subscription option for the award-winning Dragon® and Dungeon® magazines. The price for the new six-month option will be $21.95 and will be exclusively available on The new six-month option joins the recently announced month-to-month subscription as yet another new way to get your magazines every month.

Both magazines recently received a newsstand cover price increase to cope with increased printing and freight costs. In order to prevent a similar increase to subscription prices, Paizo has decided to discontinue its 24- and 36-month subscription options. Subscribers currently on those plans will continue to receive their magazines normally.

"Paizo has been fighting hard to hold the line on subscription costs, despite the skyrocketing costs of paper and gas," said Lisa Stevens, CEO of Paizo. "By discontinuing multiyear subscription discounts, we're able to continue offering 12-issue subscriptions at the current price."

Media questions regarding the new six-month option and the discontinued 24- and 36-month subscriptions can be sent to Joshua J. Frost at

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