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Now Playing! — Dead Gentlemen Productions

Paizo Publishing to become the exclusive sales agent for Dead Gentlemen Productions

Paizo Publishing, LLC®, publisher of the officially licensed Dungeons & Dragons gaming magazines Dragon® and Dungeon®, and the premiere e-commerce site for all things gaming, is pleased to announce today that it has entered into a strategic alliance with Dead Gentlemen Productions to become the exclusive worldwide sales agent for the entire line of Dead Gentlemen products.

"The Gamers is the seminal film about hobby gaming, and the staff here at Paizo have always been huge fans," says Lisa Stevens, Chief Executive Officer of Paizo Publishing, LLC. "When Don came to me with the idea of adding the Dead Gentlemen products to the line-up here at Paizo, I jumped at the idea!"

Paizo Publishing will begin soliciting orders for new products and backstock starting June 5, 2006. Fans of Dead Gentlemen Products will be able to buy their complete line-up, including DVDs and t-shirts, on

Dead Gentlemen Director of Operations Don Early is also thrilled with the new arrangement. "We at Dead Gentlemen Productions are focusing on developing and producing creative material, instead of distributing our own products. Self-distribution has been the bully on the Dead Gentlemen playground, stealing the lunch money that is our creative energy." said Early. "We're excited that Paizo has come to our rescue like the lunch lady on a smoke break. Not that Paizo smokes. Um. Right."

Paizo Publishing will also sell Dead Gentlemen products at most trade shows and consumer conventions. The Dead Gentlemen will be unveiling their newest movie, The Gamers: Dorkness Rising, at GenCon Indy later this year and will man their own booth at that show.

Please direct any questions to

Paizo Publishing, LLC®, publishes special interest magazines and gaming products in the field of hobby gaming. Paizo also operates a full-line Internet game retail store at It is Paizo's goal for every magazine and every product to be an event that encourages new and experienced hobbyists and fans to become more excited about their interests.

Dead Gentlemen Productions is an independent film company based in Tacoma, Washington. Their short film, "The Gamers", has been screened to rave reviews in dozens of film festivals and game conventions worldwide, garnering an award for Best Fan Film of 2003 at Gen Con Indy. Their film "Demon Hunters: Dead Camper Lake" was also nominated for Best B Movie of the Year in 2004 by the B-Movie Film Festival in New York.

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