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Erik Mona Promoted to Publisher of Paizo Publishing

Phil Lacefield Jr. hired as web store manager

Paizo Publishing, LLC®, publisher of the officially licensed Dungeons & Dragons gaming magazines Dragon® and Dungeon®, and the premiere e-commerce site for all things gaming, announced today that it has promoted Erik Mona to the position of Publisher.

"Erik and I have worked together for ten years now, and I am very pleased to have him in this important position," says Lisa Stevens, co-owner and CEO of Paizo Publishing. "Erik's love of gaming and vision for our products make him a natural for the job of publisher. I can't wait to see what he dreams up for the next ten years!"

As publisher, Mona takes charge of all of Paizo Publishing's products, including Dragon and Dungeon magazines, the GameMastery™ line, the Dungeons & Dragons compilation books, and the upcoming miniatures line supporting Monte Cook's Ptolus campaign setting. He will also be tasked with expanding Paizo's product lines in the future. In addition, Mona will be maintaining his position as the Editor-in-Chief of both magazines.

"After studying these magazines all my life and working on them every day on the editorial side, I'm thrilled to take on the business of Dragon and Dungeon," said Mona. "The GameMastery products and Ptolus minis will benefit from my experience with the world's greatest gaming magazines, and I've got incredible things planned for the near and distant future."

In addition, Paizo Publishing also hired industry veteran Phil Lacefield Jr. to run its retail store. Phil will be in charge of the product mix for the store, its marketing efforts, and managing's relationships with all of its vendors.

"Some said it would never happen, but the right offer from the right company and the right people finally dragged me away from Ohio," Lacefield said. "I'm thrilled to be at the forefront of an exciting new chapter in the hobby/game industry, and I look forward to making the very center of the online gamer universe."

Finally, Paizo is sad to announce that Keith Strohm has left the company as part of his move to Chicago. Strohm's duties will be taken over by Mona and Paizo CEO Lisa Stevens.

Paizo Publishing, LLC, publishes special interest magazines and gaming products in the field of hobby gaming. Paizo also operates a full-line Internet game retail store at It is Paizo's goal for every magazine and every product to be an event that encourages new and experienced hobbyists and fans to become more excited about their interests.

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