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Reaching Out

Paizo To Send Gaming Care Packages To Dragon and Dungeon Subscribers Hit By Katrina

Many members of the gaming community were hit hard when the Gulf coast was devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Naturally, the most important need is for humanitarian aid for all of our fellow citizens affected by the storm. We encourage everyone in the gaming community to contribute to reputable aid organizations such as the Red Cross and to consider volunteering in whatever capacity each of us is able.

Beyond this, Paizo has decided that we can help in our own small way by creating a care package for our subscribers whose belongings were likely damaged or destroyed in the storm. These packages will consist of a collection of gaming products donated by Paizo and other companies and will be sent to our subscribers that live or lived in the areas hardest hit.

If you would like to contribute toward this effort, you may purchase this Katrina Care Package Donation here at All money collected will be used to purchase additional supplies and help get the packages to our friends in the gaming community.

Go to our messageboard thread Addresses Affected By Katrina to learn more about these efforts.

Those interested in contributing toward this effort may do so at: Gift Certificates
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