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Holiday Yoda Figures Now Available to All!

Some stock remains after Fan Club orders

Hasbro's limited-edition Holiday Yoda figure is now available for all to order, including those who are not members of the Official Star Wars Fan Club.

Any who have not already ordered Holiday Yoda figures from can purchase the 3 3/4" scale Yoda dressed in Santa garb. The figures, which sell for $12.95 each plus shipping charges, come in a display case and include a full-sized holiday greeting card. Orders are limited to four figures per person.

Holiday Yoda is the second in a series of Holiday Edition commemorative figures from Hasbro. This limited-edition collectible is inspired by the 1980's Lucasfilm holiday greeting card art by Ralph McQuarrie, the concept artist responsible for much of the look of the original Star Wars trilogy.

Paizo Publishing, managers of the Official Star Wars Fan Club, first offered the figure to members of the Club who signed up for a 'Lightspeed Pass.' The Lightspeed Pass allowed purchasers to go online and order their figures in smaller batches that helped speed order processing. Next, members of the exclusive subscription service Hyperspace and members of the Fan Club who did not sign up for a Lightspeed Pass purchased figures.

There is some stock remaining, so fans of the diminutive Jedi Master should act now. Those with questions about the figure or the ordering process can email

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